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Found 361 results

  1. Hiya. I am expecting my 457 visa any day. I'm a nurse with my Australian nursing reg sorted and a job waiting for me....I was also very impatient as I am already in Australia. :-S Anyhooo I really want to top up my nursing diploma to a bachelors but it seems to cost a fortune as I'm not Australian or a PR. :-( Gutted. Anyway around this? I love studying and hate the thought of waiting years until I get my citizenship (that's if I don't get chucked out for being impatient). I just think life is too short and I want to study and work my way up in the career I love. Any help and advice would be great. Thanks for reading my waffle. x
  2. Hi there i am a newly qualified nburse moving to Perth to start work at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hopsital in the theatres as a scrub nurse (when my AHPRA registraton eventually comes through that is..), just wondered if anyone has worked there , has any good or bad points about the hospital or working as a theatre nurse in Oz and knows of any local accomodation readily available. i hope to be in Perth by February 2012 however my date is everchanging due to lack of response regarding nursing registration. Kirsty
  3. Hello all, Just signed up to this today so this is my first post, but my husband and I have been reading threads on here for a while and there seems to be a lot of good advice going around so I thought it was time we tried to get some for ourselves!! :laugh: I completed my nursing degree in the UK in September 2011 and have been working as a registered nurse since my registration was confirmed in October 2011. My husband and I are very keen to make the move out to Australia as soon as we can after spending around 6 months travelling there a few years ago - we both fell in love with the country and lifestyle! We both used our working holiday visa while on that trip so would be looking at probably a 457 visa if sponsorship from an employer can be found. I am really looking for advice on what we should be doing first! I'm a bit confused about the registration process in Australia and what the differences are between the NMBA, AHPRA and ANMAC!? I've got the form to register with the AHPRA as an overseas qualified nurse. Is this a good starting point? Am I right in saying that due to having completed my degree and secondary school education in the UK that I do not need to complete the English test? I have started to apply for a few jobs but am jsut not sure when to be doing what in terms of registration and visa applications etc. Any advice or information from those who know or who have been through it already would be hugely appreciated. Thank you in anticipation! The Reids.
  4. Guest

    Student Visa with dependents

    Hi, I'd be really grateful if anyone could help with this. If I was to be granted a student visa to allow me to study nursing in Australia, would I be able to bring my husband and children. From what I have seen it looks as though I would have to prove that I could provide for them financially, which I can't, I would be reliant on husbands ability to bring in a wage. Do you think that this is even a possible avenue to explore. Other wise I intend to study here and register with APHRA when I qualify, but I would like to study there if poss. thanks in advance
  5. Guest

    Help for a confused nurse?

    Hi Nurses I am a little confused can anybody help me? :unsure: I only work 19 hours per week - so I think I would not have enough points for a 175 or 176 visa (as it states 20 hours on immigration website) I guess they check your payslips for hours worked. (saying that I stay late most shifts!) If I have to go for a 457 sponsored visa what do I need to do 1st - register with nursing board of Oz? apply for visa? or find a job/sponsor? :confused: I need to save up so am looking at leaving end of the year or early next year. When do I need to start the visa process please? To save costs I would like to do it all independently (rather than through a visa or nursing agency). I am a single parent to a six year old girl hoping to take a career break from NHS and do a year on the Gold Coast and rent out my house - incase it doesn't work out...but secretly hoping it will :biggrin: Thank you very much any advice gratefully received :notworthy: nurse pom xx
  6. Hi guys, my names Ashley. I'm a mental health nurse working here in Glasgow. I'm 24 been qualified and working for addictions and child protection for the past 2 and a bit years. I'm planning to move to Melbourne in a years time the now (Oct 2012) for good however i'm coming out to Melbourne for a holiday/visit in march 2012 for 3 weeks. My flights are all booked. Would anyone kindly meet up with me for some drinks and show me around the city. Will be travelling myself. Highly appreciated it. Thank you
  7. just wondering if anyone can help... already sent off skills assessment stuff to ANMAC and partner has sent his to TRA.. i have just started a new job training to be a Health Visitor in the UK, which is one year full time.. Do Australia recognise Health Visitor qualifications? I have heard the closest job to a health visitor out there is a Child and Family Health nurse.. if anyone is in a similar situation or can shed some light on this for me, it would be much appreciated :smile: Many Thanks, Dani
  8. hellsbells712

    Nurse interview questions

    Does anyone have any idea of what sort of questions get asked in Oz for nursing jobs ????? Only 1 consolation won't need to do presentation. I hate interviews.......Gotta start practicing
  9. Im a a registerd nurse i have done my EILTS had overall socre of 7. I am planning to work in Ausrallia.I am currently in the UK.I need help as to where to start ,who to contact any help will be appreciated am new to this forum.:biggrin:
  10. Hi, I am a nurse with 5 yrs acute medicine experience and 3 years Urology & plastics surgery experience, looking desperately for a permanent post to start in feb, Geelong area....i am not having any luck, despite excellent references and experience. Agencies coming up blanks. Any suggestions or leads, gratefully apreciated.
  11. Hi... I have been thinking of staying in Oz for about a year...I'm 25 years old and a Mental Health Nurse (qualified in 2009). I have been offered post in Melbourne and about to send in my registration application to APHRA... will do it on monday!! woop woop!!:chatterbox: I am going to hand in my visa application as well in the nxt 2-3 weeks...so scared as im going there alone and confused about some of the things they are asking im doing the 457 visa...lots of things needed to be done as well....eeeeK!! im glad i found this website!! - A :hug:
  12. Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help me out with the process of moving over to join you?? I am a 29 year old student mental health nurse due to qualify in March 2013. I have been with my partner for 7 years, and he is an Aussie. We fully intend to move back to Melbourne as soon as I qualify so I am starting to prepare the information gathering for visa applications, ANMC stuff and sending our cats over! Plus his extended visa runs out in June 2013 so we have to be gone by then~! I am going to be applying for a de-facto visa and we will have no problems supplying all of the evidence needed so thats fine- although the cost of applying for it is a disgrace!! So I know i need to register for a skills assessment with the ANMC but have no idea what this entails or how I go about it. Will my newly qualified self have any skills that can be assessed?? I know I need a medical too and have sorted the nearest place here to me in the UK so thats ok. Do i need to sit the IELTS test?? Is this a requirement of the ANMC?? I hope to get all the information I need and start to get each done next year so as soon as December 2012 comes along I can start applying for jobs and fingers crossed get one to go over to in March once qualified! Anyone who has emigrated and can help with my queries would be very kind. Thanks guys Gem xx:jiggy:
  13. Hi guys, can't quite believe that I've bagged myself a job and head over to Melbourne with my two boys (11 & 3) around March April next year... Soooo excited but sooooo nervous at the same time!! Hoping to use this site to get as much positive gen about the land I've been working my ass off to get to since my wee brother made the big move in 2007... Left the RAF in 2008 to start my nursing degree which I completed last month and I've been offered a position plus 457 sponsorship on a Graduate Nurse Programme with a Hospital in Wantirna, VIC. Subject to gaining Nursing Registration with the infamous AHPRA that is!! ANY help, advice, ANYTHING please pass it on!!
  14. Hi all If possible mods could this be made a sticky to help future enquiries? We are just about to start applying for nursing jobs at hospitals in the sunshine coast, Gold coast and Brisbane. It would really help us a lot if the nurses amongst us could just briefly post a contact name and e mail address on whom to contact regarding employment. To keep it concise if we could keep it to just the info and no banter that would be brilliant. LOL:policeman: That way it can become a definitive list. Many thanks JOHN AND LISA
  15. Hi! My name is Laura! I moved to brisbane last year with my boyfriend, and we're working on a 457 visa. We're gonna be here for at least another 1-2 years then carry on travelling the world! :-) I'm 23, and i'm a nurse, working in the community and my boyfriend is also 23 and works in a printing factory. Its quite frustrating that we haven't made as many friends as we thought we would. I work solo, so i don't really meet anyone. And in my boyfriends job, everyone is really old apparently, lol. It can be a little lonely as i'm used to having girly get-togethers, and i know that my fella wants some guys to hang out with and do 'guy things'. - plus he's not the best shopping companion! ;-) I just wondered if there is anyone in brisbane who could do with a new friend? Any girls who might like to go shopping, or for dinner or after work drinks, or even just hang out at the beach sometime, or any guys who like surfing/golf/fishing, or even if you're a couple in the same boat as us, we'd love to meet you! I'd also love to meet any other nurses out there to compare experiences as i have many questions! :-) Thanks!!! Happy easter everyone!! xxx.
  16. Hi all, I wonder if you guys can help?? I am a 29 yr old English lady and my fiance is Aussie. We have been together for 7 years and lived together for 5 years and have two cats I am due to qualify as a registered Mental Health nurse in Feb 2013 so want to start getting a checklist together ready to move to Aus as soon as i qualify. I dont think I would qualify for the sponsored visa as will have no work experience as a registered nurse as want to go asap. I think the de- facto visa is the one for us...although we dont want to get married for a few years yet! Has anyone any experience as a newly qualified nurse and obtaining a job?? How long roughly would it take to apply and be granted a de-facto visa as will probs need to start after xmas.How and where do you have your medicals and is the police checks the same as a CRB?? Any information or experience will be fantastic. My fiances visa runs out in April 2013 so we have 2 months after i qualify as extra time! Thanks so much Gem xx
  17. LauraHaylor

    Dental Nurse Registration?

    Hi, My name is Laura and Im trying to find out if anyone knows if you have to be registard to work as a dental nurse in oz? In the UK it is illegal to work as a dental nurse if your not qualified and registard. Is it the same in oz and will a NVQ in dental nursing be a valid qualification?
  18. Guest

    Nurse Midwife timelines!

    Is there any midwives or nurses what have applied on the 175 visa? What was your processing times and how long did it take to get a case officer? Please advise as I was once told these occupations get fast tracked but im now a bit concerned that this is not the case!
  19. Hi Guys, just wondering if any nurses have applied for 175 and how long it takes? My friend said it would be fast tracked with me being a nurse but I'm not sure if this is true. Thanks Lou
  20. Guest

    Nurse LAFHA

    Hi I am due to start work as a nurse in Perth. They don't seem to know what LAFHA is. I would like to know if any other nurses have been able to sort out LAFHA and if it has saved then tax, Thanks Lisa
  21. Guest

    nurse moving to oz in march.

    hey, im very new to this. Im a nurse from the uk, moving to sydney in march next year after a 6week break in china. Any other immigrating nurses here? AHPRA have my registration forms and are processing them (money gone from account etc) and im on with booking my medical. Just looking to chat or get advice from any other ppl in here in the same position. Im very anxious about the move but excited. hope everyone is good shelbert85:confused:
  22. Hi guys. My names ashley from glasgow. I'm young, single and seriously thinking about making a move to oz to work. I qualified in 2009 with my degree in psychiatric nursing. I have now nearly 2 years of working with addictions and social work regarding child protection cases behind me. I have no ties to stop me however the thought is naturally daunting. I've lived in perth, western oz for a few months back in 2009 and wasn't impressed. Beautiful place of course however i am a city chic and was told by backpackers whom i met in pubs in perth then i would like Melbourne better as it is more modern and cosmopolitan. Is this the case? Would love to hear from folk. Thanks
  23. Guest

    Nurse registration

    can someone please adivse on where i have to sent my nurse registrtion application form, do they all go to canberra and how long does it take?:wubclub:
  24. dani5

    anmac/ANZSCO confusion nurse

    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem: I am a registered children's nurse with 12 months experience but since qualifying, i have worked in the community setting in public health. I have to do my skills assessment with anmac and identify an ANZSCO code. Trouble is there are two potential codes i could use?! 254414 - Community Health (this is where my experience is) or 254499 - paediatrics (this is what my qualification is) I also have done post graduate modules in public health to support my practice. Has anyone else been in this situation who can offer advice? Many Thanks!! :biggrin:
  25. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem: I am a registered children's nurse with 12 months experience but since qualifying, i have worked in the community setting in public health. I have to do my skills assessment with anmac and identify an ANZSCO code. Trouble is there are two potential codes i could use?! 254414 - Community Health (this is where my experience is) or 254499 - paediatrics (this is what my qualification is) I also have done post graduate modules in public health to support my practice. Has anyone else been in this situation who can offer advice? Many Thanks!! :biggrin: