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Found 359 results

  1. I work for the NHS and I am planning to go to Oz on a 457 visa and in case i don't like it i would like to have the security of returning to my current trust in the UK. I am thinking about asking for a career break of 18 months or maybe 2 years, i figure by then I'll know if want to stay in oz and apply for PR or return to UK. Has anyone applied for a career break before and what sort of reasons do they give for refusing you one? I know I'm eligible to apply for one just wondering how likely i am to get it and anything i can do to increase me chances. What sort of things are taken into consideration? Thank you
  2. Ive just read some posts that have made me scared!! At the moment i get nearly 8 weeks annual leave and use it to travel and take full advantage of it, sometimes taking 4 weeks at a time, my oh is the same....i was thinking i would have same in Oz and get to explore the country...but apparently most people only get 4 weeks a year??! I currently work for the NHS and will work for New South Wales in a hospital...will i still only get 4 weeks?! That will be a shock! The woman at the interview told me about annual leave but i cant remember what she said, i will contact my job but just wondering if anyone knew... xx
  3. Hi! I'm hoping to move to Australia with my Husband (hopefully by autumn 2013) to work as a nurse in Victoria. I've just started to look into visas and job vacancies and, perhaps it's just me, but I'm getting so confused with the whole process! I am probably going to apply for the Temporary Work (skilled)(subclass 457) visa. I'm trying to figure out the best ways of finding job in Australia, and a suitable employer to sponsor me. So I've joined this forum to chat with other nurses/skilled workers who may be able to advise and give me tips on moving to Oz. Thank You :biggrin:
  4. Hi, My family is seriously looking into moving to Perth (well Butler area) but i'm unsure what jobs/grade I should be looking into. Im currently a Band 7, community Matron / Advanced Nurse Practitioner, I have a few degrees, post grad and Masters and im a Registered General Nurse and Learning disability nurse trained and a nurse prescriber. I have the emergency and minor injury medical care (clinical Medicine Masters), I work with people with chronic health conditions/end of life and im also a registered nurse specialist in emergency care and primary care, Learning diability and Epilepsy. (I've been busy ) Do I have to start from scratch in aus? Do I have to redo my specialist qualifications to be able to work as a practitioner in aus? Do nurses prescribe in aus? What is the wages for the grading that I could be applying for. Im really confused and it all hinges on what my wage will be if we can actually do this as I have an elderly mother who I finacially support in the UK. I have googles like you would not believe but im not getting any where fast. Thanks for your help in advance. Sal:v_SPIN:
  5. Hiii, I am a BAND 5 nurse in the UK and have been a nurse for 15 months, I have started applying for jobs in Brisbane as I now have my registration to practice nursing in Australia (finally!!!) and just wanted to check what grade I am in Oz if I am Band 5 in the UK. I'm worried i'm looking at the wrong jobs so any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Kirst xx
  6. Guest

    Nursery Nurse

    Hello im a qualified nursery nurse with a NNEB im moving to Perth in July 2009 and wanting to look for work, i understand i might have to do an Austrailian Training course, has anyone any knowledge or advise on this, or know the type of wages i could expect? Thanks, Carla x:wink:
  7. I am posting on behalf of a friend who would like to work in Australia as an Enrolled nurse as she has not done her full Nurse training. She currently works for the NHS as a Band 4 assistant practitioner and wondered what further skills or training she would need to apply for a Enrolled Nurse position. If anyone knows a link to another post with advice or can help I would be very grateful Thanks :notworthy:
  8. What a total nightmare that was! I applied in March and it has been driving me mental ever since!!! :arghh:I finally got my registration on friday! :biggrin:I'm so happy as I love nursing and Australia. I'm just waiting for my visa now. Hope I get it as I'm already in Oz. :twitcy: My advice would be....apply asap because it takes 6 months if you're lucky, well mine took a tad longer as my 1st application was never received. Also with your application if you are English you don't need to do the ielts exam, you just need a letter from your secondary school (on headed paper, dated and signed) stating that you were taught and assessed in English. Also your uni transcript must include how many hours in practice and theory you did in surgical, medical, community, mental health, elderly, child and midwifery if you did those. I'm an adult nurse so I didn't practice midwifery and child, just so you don't stress and think you need to. If you have been offered a job before getting your Australian nurses reg (like me), get a letter from your future employer with the job offer and start date and send to AHPRA (will need to be the orginal not a photocopy...you will also need a copy for your visa so either get 2 from your empolyers or visit AHPRA with your copy if you are already in Oz-hope that makes sense), this will prioritise your application. If it is prioritized it only takes 4 to 6 weeks! (with I knew this!) Make sure you get a notary to sign all the photocopies of your certificates, passports ect. Telephone your application assessor on a regular basis if you don't hear anything. I hope that will help someone. If you are looking for a job, you don't have to apply through an agency. If you apply yourself, you don't need a medical. I applied directly to the hospital. Here is a link if you fancy NSW. I was in London at the time of applying and had an interview over the phone at 4am one morning. Phone interviews are much easier as you can do notes and be prepared. I had policies and handy hints written and stuck all over my wall. Anyway I'm waffling, here is the link: http://www7.health.nsw.gov.au/healthjobs/Default.cfm?ID=1233 Here are the payscales too. Happy days! http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/nursing/employment/nurse_award_wage_rates_11.asp Good luck :smile: Emma xxx ## please note, you don't need a medical for AHPRA. You will need one at a later date for the visa process. ##
  9. My husband and I are both nurses. I am still waiting to hear back from ANMAC about us both needing to go through ANMAC with my husband as the primary applicant or not? This would obviously be a considerable sum if we both had to go through this. So what about if my husband just did ANMAC and we got our PR visas and went out to Australia, could I then register my UK awarded nursing degree in Oz? How would I go about this? Would I have to do IELTS and ANMAC and get my skills verified? or would i be able to just register with APHRA?
  10. As I've said before, my husband and I are nurses. He will be the main applicant for a 189 PR visa. We have a billion questions because we want to be absolutely sure we are doing the right thing and know as many details as possible. My next question is about his skills. He has been qualified for 15 yrs plus. The past 4 years he has been none clinical and is currently a band 7. He's worried that because he hasn't been clinical for some time, his skills will not be verified. Prior to leaving the wards, he was a band 6 with experience of acting up to a band 7. I would really appreciate as many opinions as possible, and if at all possible, experience of someone who's been in a similar situation. We don't want to get out hopes up. Leaving his current job and returning to clinical is not really an option. Thanks. Kirsty
  11. Kirstyaa

    ANMAC help for a nurse??

    Hi, My husband and I are both nurses, hoping to apply for the skilled independent visa 189. We have a growing list of things we need to do, within that list on ANMAC it says about our nursing qualifications - we have to produce our graduation certificate and 'transcript of training'. Number 7 on this link. http://www.anmac.org.au/userfiles/file/international_docs/On-Line%20Application%20Information%20%232%2018%20March%202011.pdf What exactly does that mean? Transcript of training? pre registration qualifications? as in gcse's/a levels, or a declaration from where we did our nursing training?
  12. Hey all, I have been in oz since april, I also applied for my reg with QNC in april. I was due to start work 3 weeks ago. NMC in UK were so late and tardy in sending my verification I lost out on being granted reg with QNC by one day! Now AHPRA (formed 1st july) do not have the processes in place to assess overseas trained nurse's applications at the moment. so I cant work, I dont know when I will be able to and I can't get any sense out of AHPRA! Thinking there most be some people in the same boat? Annie:wacko:
  13. Hi guys! New here. Been reading some posts for the last few days and wondering if I could get some feedback! Basically, long term, long distance but fully committed boyfriend and I want to finally live in the same place. But also have the freedom to come and go together or separately, travelling here and there. I just finished three years of training as a nurse last year so had no way of living near him, and he was paying off a mortgage by working in the arctic. Needless to say, both my UK and his Australia will not accept this as a full time committed relationship by their criteria. I now have a years experience as a nurse and was thinking of the 189 visa, so that I'm not committed to a particular State, work-wise. This new scheme is baffling me a little. It seems to want all the paperwork done and ready, i.e., medicals, ielts, skill assessment. But the medical quotes I've received want an application number off me before they can proceed. I want to know I've got my planning in the right order because I know if you get an invite to an expression of interest, you are time limited to reply with the full whack of documents. But then again i dont want stuff like medicals and ielts tests to expire if its a long wait. And at what point do I need to apply for nursing registration? If this whole process takes years, i could have to renew it before even using it. What a pig. Talking of long waits, im beginning to think my original idea of getting hitched is much more straightforward, faster, but he doesn't believe in marriage. I'd still have to jump thru a few hoops to get nursing registrstion, but at least I could do that with residency already in place. Soooo, sorry bout the rambling, but if anyone's got experience of getting their stuff together for thus new 188 visa who can share the process with me, that'd be great. And nurses, did you have to get all your medicals, ielts, nursing skills assessment, etc done before submitting an EoI? Cheers guys! Vix
  14. Guest

    Nursing 457 sponsership Victoria

    Hello all New to PIO. Hope I am not posting in the wrong place. I am a nurse with 9 years experience, keen to get to Melbourne, but the employers seem to want candidates entitled to work in Oz. Was keen for 457, as its best for my situation, and I hear it comes thru quicker. Have been looking for past 4 months DAILY. Checked on SEEK, as well as individual hospital websites - kinda disheartened. Ideas anyone? AHPRA is even sorted.
  15. Hi guys, I have recently received my AHPRA reg (slow painful process!). We are hoping to be in Australia (Queensland) next April/May (ish). We are putting our house on the market immediately after xmas and hoping for a fairly quick sale! Im currently in talks with two hospitals who seem keen to interview me during their next recruitment drive which will be Jan/ Feb I believe. Both have said they can offer sponsorship. My question is 'has anyone recently gone through the 457 process?' How long does it take from beginning to end? Just wondering if we are being unrealistic in hoping that we can come out by April/May? Also I understand that as a nurse I need to have a full medical, but as my partner and two children will be on the visa too, will they need a modified medical? Any experience on this would be appreciated! :biggrin: Thanks, Emma x
  16. Just saw this on FB-- thought Ill share-- dedicated to the wonderful nurses here on PIO.
  17. Hello all just looking for some advice pls, today i got offered a job by by old employer:biggrin: as a nurse in sydney. She has said will sort 457 visa with Hr soon and my nurses reg is currently in application. i have 2 children 5 and 6 months and am wondering about schooling. Originally was heading for queensland on a permanent visa but would take around 18 months/2 years to prepare. We could though be over in next year if sponsored and get PR in two years time and as ive previously worked with my boss/hospitalbefore know ill be fine with the job. Major concern MONEY many of our sydney friends have moved to queensland, i would earn around 70'000 and my other half who installs aircon ? in england??!! ha could get work he says as knows people, has qualifications etc. but schooling aand childcare?? please give advice :jimlad: x x x
  18. Hi, My Wife finishes her Nursing Diploma and will qualify in March 2013 and we are looking at the various implications of Visa's etc. Does anyone know if she can apply for the Skilled 175 Visa before she actually qualifies??? Also will being a newly qualified Nurse with little 'Work Experience' matter whem applying for the Visa? Anyone who has been in a similar position would be great to hear from you, it's all such a minefield of information. Thanks in advance Paul
  19. Laura81

    Nursing job and visa question

    Hi, I have just been offered a staff nurse job at prince of wales hospital, randwick, nsw. HR has contacted me saying she 'usually' applies for a 457 visa. Is it just the PR visa that's an alternative? There is my partner and I, we still in UK at the moment in the process of selling up but when we come out we hope to stay. Are there other benefits to this such as lower tax, medicare, ability to buy property?? Feel a bit out of my depth
  20. Guest

    Nursing in Alfred Hospital

    Hiya, The OH starts work in the Alfred hospital beginning of June, are there any nurses on the forum who currently works there? Please can you answer a question or two… What’s it like to work there in comparison to UK (Scotland)? Accommodation within 15-20 miles, we’re looking at renting? What is the work/life balance like? Oh, if there’s anyone who works or has contacts in a change/project management environment (banking), would hugely appreciate address/name I can send off my CV/Resume to. Thanks Kenny
  21. Hello Everybody.... My name is Nicola Chamberlain and I am 27 years old from Surrey. I am currently in my Final Year of my 3 year Adult Nursing Diploma at University, qualifying in September 2012. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some advice. I am wanting to move to Sydney, but am curious to know if there is much employment for newly-qualified nurses within Sydney? Also, any made the move already and have any advice for prospectove expats? Thank you very much. Nicola :biggrin:
  22. hi all just a question for u as a nurse with ten years experience i have a diploma in nursing and just wondering what would you advise PR visa or sponsorship??? i have a partner and 2 children and am 31. money is tight bt would be hoping to get to Oz in nx two years if able. hubby works in airconditioning so could get work once there though i was gonna get visa through nursing??? short and sweet sorry bt was originally doin visa myself bt read some posts on diploma nurses not as valid as degrees and now nt sure??!! thanks in advance x
  23. Hi all :wubclub: I was just looking to hear about peoples experiences nursing in an Australia and how it compares with nursing in the UK. At the moment i work in a hospital environment in Scotland and feel that its becoming more and more stressful due to cutbacks, increasing workloads etc. My job satisfaction is pretty much non existent which is sad really as nursing can be so enjoyable and rewarding under better conditions. Im hoping theres light at the end of the tunnel, please dont burst my bubble :laugh: x
  24. Hiya. I am expecting my 457 visa any day. I'm a nurse with my Australian nursing reg sorted and a job waiting for me....I was also very impatient as I am already in Australia. :-S Anyhooo I really want to top up my nursing diploma to a bachelors but it seems to cost a fortune as I'm not Australian or a PR. :-( Gutted. Anyway around this? I love studying and hate the thought of waiting years until I get my citizenship (that's if I don't get chucked out for being impatient). I just think life is too short and I want to study and work my way up in the career I love. Any help and advice would be great. Thanks for reading my waffle. x
  25. Hi there i am a newly qualified nburse moving to Perth to start work at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hopsital in the theatres as a scrub nurse (when my AHPRA registraton eventually comes through that is..), just wondered if anyone has worked there , has any good or bad points about the hospital or working as a theatre nurse in Oz and knows of any local accomodation readily available. i hope to be in Perth by February 2012 however my date is everchanging due to lack of response regarding nursing registration. Kirsty