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Found 361 results

  1. Carolyn Maree Ferrando

    Anaesthetic Nurse/Technicians

    Anaesthetic Nurses / Technicians Name your destination in Australia! Here at Hawthorne health we currently have a number of positions for experienced Anaesthetic nurses or technicians in most major cities in Australia. Anaesthetic nurses are in great demand in Australia and we find that there is a shortage for this skill set across Australia. We currently have positions in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide Perth, Brisbane, Darwin as well as regional Australia. Desirable Criteria 2-3 years experience in Anaesthetics· Experience in theatres as a Scrub/scout nurse or Anaesthetics and recovery · Experience in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Singapore desirable Why use Hawthorne health? Here at Hawthorne we are able to offer you a unique personal service. Depending on your circumstances we are able to arrange relocation support and allowance should you require it. Know someone who is of interest? Make a referral and receive an Ipad mini or other rewards we have. http://www.hawthornehealth.com.au alex.hall@hawthornehealth.com.au
  2. Carolyn Maree Ferrando

    Midwife / Registered Nurse

    Registered Midwives – Permanent residency opportunity. A great opportunity for experienced midwives to live and workin Australia on a permanent residency visa. Our client, a large regional public hospital in Australia are searching for midwives who like to relocate and assist them in filling one of their much needed midwife positions. What we are looking for: 2-3 years plus experience as Midwife AHPRA registration (in process) Wiliness to relocate in the near future What’s on offer: Regional permanent resident visas Some of the best salaries in Australia High Superannuation (pension fund) Regional salary allowance. Relocation allowance negotiable Why use Hawthorne health?Here at Hawthorne we are able to offer you a unique personal service. Depending on your circumstances we are able to arrange relocation support and allowance should you require it. Know someone who is of interest? Make a referral and receive an Ipad mini or other rewards we have. http://www.hawthornehealth.com.au alex.hall@hawthornehealth.com.au
  3. Carolyn Maree Ferrando

    Theatre Nurse / Scrub Scout

    Sponsorship Available! – Regional Australia - APPLY NOW! Sponsored position Work Full time in Australia Excellent opportunity Here at Hawthorne we currently have an exciting position for Theatre nurses, Scrub/ scout Anaesthetics or recovery. Our client is a well respected hospital based in regional Australia. Desirable Criteria· 2-3 years experience in theatres· Experience in theatres as a Scrub/scout nurse or Anaesthetics and recovery · Experience in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Singapore desirable Another great opportunity to secure a sponsored role in Australia. IRONS graduates with relevant theatre experience will be considered for this role Know someone who is of interest? Make a referral and receive an Ipad mini or other rewards we have.
  4. Hey peoples, I'm feeling totally overwhelmed and lost about what I need to do! I'm currently a 3rd year student nurse (adult branch) from the UK (Scotland) and finish in december 2012. I'm looking to move to either Melbourne or Brisbane after I finish this year. I would like to secure a place on a Graduate Nurse program for newly qualified nurses. What do I need to do? Obviously I need to register with the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Council but what about visas? I keep reading about 173, and 476s and stuff and have no idea what you are all talking about :err: lol Can any body help? Are there any agencies that help newly qualified nurses make the move and get a job in a hospital with a good training program? Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you can offer some advice or help!
  5. Hi im a 3rd year student childrens nurse and will qualify in september this year and hoping to migrate to Australia as a newly qualified nurse. Im bit confused as im aware you do need experience before moving but iv also been told by a coordinator from the perth childrens hospital that they do take newly qualified nurses. I really want to move over to Australia once ive qualified but im very confused and not sure where i can get any advice from. Could anyone help me please? thanks dani
  6. Be aware This is the longest thread ever..and not interesting to most people!!but it would have been to me if someone had written it before I left lol xx I'm a mental health nurse and my husband has various unskilled work experience. This is our journey of arriving in sydney in July 2013 on a 457 visa. In October 2012 when I had been qualified for one year i contacted HealthStaffRecruitment. I applied to Ahpra in November and got letter of eligibility 8 weeks later. HealthStaffRecruitment arranged an interview for me with New South Wales Health in London in December and I was offered a full time post with 457 visa sponsorship in a new hospital in Sydney, the Concord Centre for Mental Health. All paperwork, visas etc were complete by April. We flew with Emirates/Quantas via Dubai and Perth from Newcastle costing £1300, that included one night stay over in a Dubai hotel and transfer from airport. We were allowed 30kgs each and one carry on bag each of 7kgs plus an extra handbag for laptop/documents was allowed. The flight from Dubai was late leaving so we arrived in Perth late, that resulted in us missing our connecting flight, however it was no problem and we were booked on another one a couple of hours later. We arrived in Sydney close to midnight and missed our transfer so we paid for a taxi to the staff accommodation where we were staying in Concord which is about 10km west from Sydney centre, it cost $80. The flights were great, we ordered special meals and they were beautiful! Service was exceptional and entertainment was good. They are strict with hand luggage weights, they carried out random checks just as people were boarding the plane and some people had to leave things behind despite being told at check in it would be ok I had previously asked how much an extra 25kg bag would be and was told with 30%discount it would be £680...so I down sized my wardrobe! We saved £6000 for coming, we changed it for dollars with ICE which gave best rate at the time and free next day delivery. You can take up to $10000 in cash without declaring it so we we chose to carry it on us. We opened a bank account with Westpac and deposited the money, we needed Passports, an address and at least $20 to deposit. They set up online banking and gave us a statement/letter too which was great for proof of address for other things. We collected the cards and pin numbers from the bank 2 days later. There is no overdraft and to have one there is a monthly fee and other banks appeared to be the same. They offered us a loan while we were there which we refused. The staff accommodation was only $70 a week but we wanted our own place. We looked at places within the budget of $300 to $400 a week and within 5km of work. There was lots available, studios, one bed and two bed units, furnished and unfurnished. Estate agents said we just had to check on line for viewing times and turn up, however 3 hours into our search we saw an ad on gumtree for a furnished place we liked for $400 a week, we had missed the viewing so we called and it was an estate agent, he asked if we wanted to view straight away, it was beautiful, big balcony, all newly fitted and huge for a one bedroom with secure underground parking, we loved it. We filled in paperwork, paid a total of $2400 which was the bond (4weeks rent) and 2 weeks rent in advance. Don't pay agent fees, council tax or water rates. We were given the option to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever we liked. We did give names of previous landlord however this was not checked, all we needed was ID, print out of visa and my job offer letter stating my salary.That was it, we moved in after less than one morning of looking! We live in Burwood now, 10 mins bus ride to work and 15 minute train journey to CBD. I found renting here a lot more straightforward than in the UK, they also don't come to check the property every 3 or 6 months like they did in UK. I feel safe here too which is important I went into Sydney city centre to finalise Ahpra registration and was charged $20 per hour parking! I didn't have an appointment just turned up with passport, eligibility letter, print out of visa and proof of address. We took a seat while the lady at the desk done a final police check and after few minutes that was it. I didn't pay anymore money and was told renewal was due 31st may 2014 as is with all nurses. Later that afternoon I got an email saying registration was complete, it gave log in details for Ahpra website and in 4 to 6 weeks they will post out certificate. Went to Vodafone and got a Samsung galaxy express for $40 a month, get unlimited free texts in Australia and internationally, $250 worth of calls a month and 500mb of Internet data which is plenty for us as we rarely use the phone, we just wanted it for a work contact and my mum likes a daily text! Signal has been great with Vodafone. Dodo was cheaper with free unlimited access to Facebook, twitter, etc but they wouldn't give us a contract without 6months proof of banking in Australia. They have 4G here too. Applied for TFN numbers online which was easy, need passport number and address. They gave a ref number to use till TFN's arrived in post, we got ours in 10days. Home Internet is different to UK, not really any good unlimited offers and more expensive, virgin appears best so far but we haven't got Internet yet as I cant find a good deal for us There is loads of free wifi spots around though. The weather is beautiful, i liken it to a Scottish summers morning on a good day, bright and sunny but also nice fresh feeling, can be cool in the shade. It's not cold in the flat even though we have no heating, i usually wake up too hot, it can get cooler at night but nothing a cuppa and a onesie cant fix RTA said we are to use UK driving licences for 6 months and then as long as we haven't left Australia for any period of time we can change them for NSW ones. Driving here is ok and everything is well marked, roads are wider. People appear less courteous than in UK. At Medicare we showed our visa print off, driving licences, passports and had a short form to fill in. The lady gave us a number to use until the card arrives in 7-8 weeks. I went to a bulk billing doctor to make an appointment and was told I could be seen straight away. Consultation was free with Medicare or $50 without. We hired a car for a week with Red Spot, cost $280. We looked for a car for ourselves with a max budget of $2000 with at least 4months rego left. We searched gumtree and went for a 1995 Mitsubishi magna, low mileage, very good engine and reliable however not a great looker but we love him and christened him Barry or big baz to us lol, he cost $900 with service history and 7months rego. Petrol is about $1.50 to $1.60 per litre. We haven't found things overpriced or much more expensive, mostly the same except rent/Internet. In Sydney centre it was obviously expensive but in the surrounding suburbs we have spent surprisingly little to what I thought we would. Got fantastic big thick pillows $5 each, double duvet for $20, got pack of 12 coat hangers for $2, Kettle for $10 and 5 piece pot and pan set for $25 from Big W. Food shopping, clothes, shoes, hairdressers, all same as what I would pay in UK. Gumtree has been great, we went to garage sales and got lots of second hand things for cheap/free. We got 2 good bikes for $60, Vacuum for $10, iron for $10, got a 2yr old Tomtom satnav for $25, there was new ones in target for $119. We got a 2 year old 32inch flat screen LG Tv, a dvd player and solid wood tv unit for $200 and a stereo for $30. In a lot of the shopping malls parking is free for first 2 or 3 hours and there are lots of malls within close proximity. The suburbs round here are beautiful, the houses are omg! It would be perfect for a family, so gorgeous. We are spending approx $5 for a meal for both of us eating in each night. Eating out, the cheapest has been $15 for the two of us and the most expensive was an all you can eat buffet for $45 for 2. My husband got a hair cut and style for $12. Finally smoking, my fag ash husband gets 25g of tobacco and bag of filters for $16. One thing i didn't expect is the amount of Chinese/Asian people, I expected it to be multi cultural but it doesn't appear to be that, just Asian! Nearly all the shops are Chinese, eating out has been difficult with little options, i also got mild food poisoning on our first day But we see that as a good thing as we will save money eating at home! In the quieter areas of the suburbs there appears to be less of an Asian influence. We went into a hairdressers and my husband was refused service as we were white, the Chinese lady was very rude and clear about this but hopefully it was a one off. The train cost us $32 to go a few stops but the bus is reasonable with great service, it costs $3.00 to get me to the next suburb. The buses in sydney centre don't accept money so need to buy travel cards, we didn't realise this but the bus driver said not to worry and took us nearly all the way home for free I went to meet the HR manager from my work, and wow the mental health system they have here sounds amazing, it makes my old job in Devon feel like a third word country! I was so amazed and excited by the thought of these much improved services for patients I could have cried lol the hospital is very modern too, although i've not started yet so who knows. I was told that as soon as I want to apply for permanent residency they will support me. There sounds like there are a lot of options work wise and I got to pick the area I wanted to work in. He told me that I will earn a lot more than my salary states due to enhancements for certain shifts, and i will get paid fortnightly. When I asked about the dress code I was told 'as long as you can't see through it it's fine' lol. I was told to be aware that i may feel undervalued initially as tasks I'm used to doing in the UK are the doctors responsibility here, I don't know how I feel about that. My start date has been put back a week to the 6th August due to some paperwork fluff. There is loads of car washes advertising vacancies, my husband went for one and it was 10hrs a day 7days a week for $450 a week, another was 8 hrs a day for $40, he turned down these jobs (been there done that in the UK) however we kept the option open. He went for a job as a removals man, it sounded like a con though and he didn't get the job anyway. He went for a job as a paintball marshall, he got offered that job but it was casual and doesn't start for 6weeks and we needed something sooner, again we kept that option open. He went for a job in a garage too but didn't get that. He got an interview for a youth worker in a residential children's home, it does a 4 step recovery programme for PTSD, we had applied a couple of months ago through Seek and they told us to email when we arrived, we did and he got the job He's had his working with children check and starts on Tuesday So that's it, 2 weeks in..feel like we've been here months but still much to learn. I probably wouldn't visit sydney on holiday as its nothing special touristy wise, (we have done the main ones),but it appears to be a beautiful and interesting place to live. And my dad will be glad to hear we still have plenty of cash left Randoms: The money feels like plastic and they don't have one or two cents so if something is $9.97 they round it up or down. I have seen loads of young women out as 'workmen' with hi vis jackets on working the roads/traffic control. Toilets have an option to half flush or full flush..luv it! Cyclists go on the motorway! People don't expect tips. I was told by someone that because I work for the government things will be easier for me like getting rental accommodation, loans etc..don't know If that's true. Target, Big W and Coles have great bargains! Its no where near as expensive as I had braced myself for. You get electric/static shocks if you touch the underside of the escalator rails in malls The posh australian accent sounds Americanised. People are happy to help if you don't understand something. There is a lot of ads about keep Australian jobs for Australians and reduce the 457s which made me want to hide! But it's not affected us so far. I saw an ad at a circus for 'performing lions' hope that's not usual...there is also a shop with cats and dogs for sale, lots of young and old dogs alone in tiny spaces, it appears to be accepted so I just avoid walking past Water pressure here is amazing. We have noticed our skin is a lot dryer and tighter feeling, i feel like my skin is ageing right before my eyes! And my hair is all dry and full of static..it's never been like that TV is ok, quite a few british programmes, radio is great. Seen a fair few overweight police officers. Its dark by 17:30hrs. Nurses were on strike the other day about staffing levels. Most people we have met so far have been friendly and welcoming If anyone has any advice for us it would be much appreciated or any questions. Thanks to pomsinoz as so many questions i had were answered here and it would have been made a lot harder for me to move, get a job, etc without this site, I read it obsessively for months lol xxx
  7. I'd sent off for my QNC registration weeks ago, paid all the relevant fees...and waited...well I emailed them last night to say that I still wasn't no the online register, and I recieved a reply this morning saying that I was now registered with them, and they apologised for the delay!:smile: I think that they might have forgotton about me until I gave them a nudge! Doesn't matter though! Least I'm now registered, and I've checked online, just to make sure! I'm gonna start applying for jobs now! Something else to concentrate on now! Mags:wubclub: x
  8. lordscythe

    EOI for visa 189 - Help Please

    1. I was assessed by ANMAC under the ANZSCO 254418 Registered Nurse (Medical) when I worked at a hospital. Then I worked as a Utilization Review Nurse in an office after, which I need not submit to ANMAC. Is this considered as related to my nominated occupation when I answer the EOI for visa 189? 2. From a business short stay visa, I am currently on bridging visa A for student visa. Is Australia my usual country of residence in the EOI? I’ve been staying in Australia for almost 7 months and returned to my country of origin for 1 month in between. 3. I recently had my medical exam this February for the student visa. How can I use the same HAP ID for the visa 189 application? Thank you!
  9. Guest

    theatre nurse jobs

    hi just in the process on the 176 visa. I am a theatre nurse of twenty years just want to pick peoples brains as to where in queensland are the best hospitals for working. Are there any other theatre nurses in the process of moving to queensland would luv to hear from ya xxx :yes:
  10. Hi everyone, I am looking to move to the Perth area towards the end of the year to live with my cousin. I'm currently an RN in the US on a workers visa (I'm actually British). I'm pretty much looking for any insight on the nursing field in this particular area. I am just starting out my research and don't really know anything at this point as far as job availability or average salaries, so any wisdom or experiences you can share would be invaluable. Many thanks, Jae:cute:
  11. Hi there everyone, I'm a 27 year old, Intensive Care Nurse planning on moving to Australia around November of 2014. I previously went to Australia on a working visa 8 years ago and have always wanted to go back. I'm heading over there around November 2014, on my own with a plan to travel around for a number of months before starting my job. Has anybody else relocated on their own? Have you got any advice? How have you found leaving your family and friends? Is there anyone else with similar plans to me? Thank you, Lizzie
  12. nursealex

    Nurse without a clue!!

    Hi, I'm a registered nurse planning on making the big move to Oz all being well next summer with my partner. I've just started looking into the registration paperwork for the AHPRA, and to be quite honest, it's giving me a headache! (Maybe why I've been putting it off for so long...) I have several questions, hopefully someone who's been through the process may be able to shed some light on the subject? The application asks for my priciple place of practice. Do I state my UK work address? It does ask for Australian principal place of practice, but I obviously don't have one as yet. IELTS - Will I need to do this? I have completed all of my education in England, and it states on my university certificate that the nursing course was taught in English. Thaks for any help and advice in advance :wubclub: Alex
  13. Hi..I am thinking about applying for 190 visa and im reading myself round in circles...I dont need work experience for extra points or for my anmac skills assesment but do I need it for the visa itself?...I do have experience but not 3 years..I've read you dont but on queensland goverment website (the state i want to sponsor me) it says 3 years work experience needed so im confused. Can someone clarify for me please? If I need 3 years then I'll need to apply for 189 n suck up the ielts again and get the extra 0.5 I needed in speaking my visa should be straight forward enough but im getting stressed the more I read n go on different websites lol thanks
  14. Hello All, My partner might be transferred from the UK to Australia by his company next year. I think it's a great opportunity for both of us and let's put it that way I don't think that refusing is really an option. However I am still doing my nursing programme and I have another year to go... So I'm not really happy with the timing... I know that life throws things like that and you have to embrace it but it's quite hard to think that I'll have made all those sacrifices for nothing. Has or is anybody else facing the same challenges on this forum... if you are, I'd like to hear from you. I was also wondering if anybody else had already faced this issue and was able to re-apply to a nursing programme in Australia with the transfer of their academic credits from their UK college ? Is it also true that once qualified and registered with the NMC a nurse needs to have at least 3 months of post-registration experience before registering with the AHPRA ? If anybody has some answers, I'd love to hear from them :-) Thx Geoff
  15. Hi This is my first post although I have been reading many threads and gaining valuable information over the last few weeks. I have AHPRA eligibility and have got a permanent residency visa and am now applying for jobs. I am a sister in post anaesthetic care unit/recovery room. I have seen a job advertised but it states that I need to send a 'statement' and not just a covering letter. Does anyone know what this statement involves and how I should write it? Sorry if this is a silly question but I want to make a good impression and get it right. Thanks so much
  16. please can anyone clarify. to get 5 points I need to work for 3 years over 20 hours a week on a contract. I have worked as a nurse 22 hours a week sometimes extra on a contract for the last 4 years. is the three years experience needed for points based on full time hours as I was told on my ANMAC skills assessment that my work would only count for approx 18 months. does anyone know how this is calculated, is full time 35 or 37.5 hours a week? and how I can calculate how many more months I would need to work for to be considered the equivalent of 3 years full time? thanks:biggrin:
  17. Hi My gf and i are wanting to make the move to Australia. We are thinking possibly Melbourne as Perth and Sydney seem out of our price range and we are not sure about the tropical north! Also there dont seem to be many opportunities on the gold coast? Maybe im totally wrong! Anyway where do we start!? My gf is a qualified nurse working in HDU with 1 years experience. I am a mature student biomedical scientist and will complete my degree (with IBM registration) in July next year. I believe that my gf will be able to gain sponsorship and i will be able to go with as we have lived together for 3 years. Im not sure how wise this would be though. Would i need 2 years post-grad experience to get work as a biomedical scientist? I believe that i will need 2 years experience for AIMS membership but on some of the job descriptions it is not described as being essential? I am concerned that we might make the move but then struggle if i cannot find work or am unable to work due to a lack of experience. Is there anyone else in a similiar situation or any BMS's working in Oz? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Hello. I am looking for some advise please as I have heard on here via an agent that hospitals in Perth prefer you to have Nursing as well as Midwifery. I am starting my training in the UK to become a Midwife but am now unsure as to do the Nursing first then the Midwifery add on. I really want to be a Midwife not a Nurse but will obviously do it, if it is a requirement and guarantees me a job in Perth. Any advise or links to threads regarding this would be greatly appreciated as I can't find them. Thank You in advance Vikkey xx :confused:
  19. Hi everyone! I'm a nurse with a couple of questions in mind with regards to the 457 visa. 1.) I'm single, will my parents be qualified as my dependents to accompany me for the 457 visa? 2.) what are the usual requirements for parents for such visa processing as dependents? 3.) Will they be able to come with me to Australia on the same date? 4.) Do all employers agree to having their sponsored nurses bring their dependents? or is it a case to case basis? Thanks everyone!
  20. I have my eligibility letter which i need to complete by going in person to the office, i planned to do this in August and start work on a 457 visa ( in process), however my current job has just offered me promotion in a new unit and i was thinking that i may put off Oz for a year..can i go to Australia on holiday this year, verify my registration and then return to work in the UK..then when i go to apply for jobs in Australia in 12-18 months time i will still be registered and ready to start?? Would that work out ok? I definitely still want to go to Australia and was really looking forward to it but now this opportunity has come up at home, i feel i should take this and go Oz next year, however if that would not be possible i will just carry on with my initial plan of moving to Australia this summer. Thanks for any info
  21. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has been successful in gaining their NMBA Nurses registration by submitting only a statuatory declaration to say that they've completed 20 hours CPD? I have read a lot of posts by nurses saying they've submitted quite detailed evidence to back it up, but I'm not sure if this is necessary after reading the FAQs page on the NMBA website. See Q.11: http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/documents/default.aspx?record=WD10%2F123&dbid=AP&chksum=%2BLKwi5LxlcRx%2Bsyaf3LHag%3D%3D Don't want to waste any time as will be arriving in Perth in around 3 months time and will need to start working ASAP or we'll be screwed! Any feedback from those who have their registrations hugely appreciated! Thanks, Mandy x
  22. TheClarkeFamily

    Nursing Homes/Care Homes

    I am an RGN, qualified in Feb 2007 and have worked in the NHS but over the last few years have changed to Nursing Homes as its more flexible around my daughter. I also find the work more enjoyable. What are care homes/nursing homes like in Australia?? We are aiming for Perth. Would I find work easily enough??? Is it similar to UK homes?
  23. Shugster8

    Nursing salary in NSW

    Hi I'm a band 6 mental health nurse prescriber working in the Uk. I am considering immigrating to Sydney on a 457 visa. i realise this question has been asked before about the salaries for nurses in Sydney and NSW. However I was wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate of the weekly pay after deductions such as tax? I have 8 years experience and would on $72000 according to NSW healthcare pay rates. I was also wondering if australia recognised the nurse prescriber qualification I studied in the UK? i would be grateful if anyone could give me any information. thanks
  24. Hi Everyone I am seriously hoping someone can help me with this..... Me and my family already have our state sponsored visa, on my partners quals. We were lookin to be movng this year , i decided last year that i would like to change my career path so the situation really is do i train here in the uk or wait til i am in australia. I have already passed an access programme which is equivalent to a levels but not sure if this is accepted in australia???? I have tried to contact a couple of universitys in oz however the reply i have had is i need to apply before they will advise on my qualifications etc. ALso does anyone know a rough costing of training to be a midwife in australia?? Thank you in advance for any help!!!
  25. zidden

    Nursery Nurse

    Looking to find out if the NNEB qualification that was available in the UK until mid 90's coupled with 15+ years experience qualifies for the assessment in Early Childhood Teacher (Kindergarten Teacher). There was no known Degree certificate at this time in the UK for teaching in the ages from 0-8 as Primary Teachers were qualified to teach from 4-12. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.