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Found 470 results

  1. Guest

    Rutherford nsw help

    Hi all we are moving shortly to Maitland NSW. OH as a job in Rutherford we need help and advice on this area what is like etc. Have been on internet researching it looks loverly but would love to here from someone who knows the area. We have to sort out schools there are two in this area Rutherford Public School or Telarah Public School Does anyone know what these schools are like. We will be renting we get there but these two schools depends on what part we choose. It's getting closer we have our visas and OH new employers want us out there for March. We are hoping house will Rent After trying to sell but no joy. Selling things on ebay to get a little extra cash for move. Got cars to sell it's all go but exciting. Really hope someone can help. Jo :chatterbox:
  2. Hi guys, We are planning on moving Down central coast in about 5 months, just waiting on the house to sell! Seems we're not alone in that! My partner is fully qualified chippy and we have a skilled migration visa. He has over 10 yrs experience, I'm just trying to find out what he may need to put in place to be able to work on site in oz. Here in the UK think they need health safety card Ect, he has them all. I've been tearing through the Internet and just can't find a clear answer to what he may need, as I don't want that holding us back when we arrive. Trying to have everything in place before we leave, seems the sensible grown up thing to do:) Also just wanted to ask if anyone is a chippy in central coast, how you found the job market, is site work hard to find? I guess we chose central coast as it seems to have it all. Not to far from Sydney, amazing beaches, family orientated, and growing suburbs, which I thought would be key for OH. thanks x
  3. Londoner76

    Where in Sydney should I live?

    Hello all, I am just wondering where would be a good location to live. I will be working in the CBD and I also need to get to the Norwest area at times for meetings? I love the Manly area but I have heard that this would be a difficult commute. I was thinking about Neutral Bay or Cremorne, perhaps even Mosman. Would this be reasonable? How hard is it to get to the CBD from Mosman using public transport? Thanks.
  4. tanay

    NSW Processing time

    Hi, I have applied for NSW Sponsorship on 11th Feb 2013(date on which document reached to NSW office). I have yet not received any response from NSW. Could anyone guide me, what would be the probable time to receive response? I have applied under Software Engineer category and that category is left with 1200 open position only. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bushtail

    Where to move to in nsw

    hi everyone, I've just registered and am not sure if I'm even on the right page but I hope I'm not upsetting anyone by being in the wrong place. We've decided to join your forum as we have a daughter living in Sydney who has just received her residency permission and is already nagging us about moving over to Oz. We've been thinking about it anyway but there are masses of things to find out. The main thing is , where is the best area for two folks in there 60's to live. Not too far from Sysdney, not too hot , not too cold, somewhere where we will be welcomed into the community and be able to give smething back. Better stop there for now as the message is getting very long. Any advice welcome. Thanks. Bushtail :wacko:
  6. Does anyone have any experience of secondary teaching in NSW high schools? I know that you initially have to do a load of paperwork to get approval - I've been through that and wasn't given it and am so now doing further study which the NSW Ed Dept has said will be sufficient. What I would like to know is what happens on the pre-employment induction course and then what happens next? I have heard that once you have approval to teach, you don't apply for a job at a school but have to go to whatever school you are sent to by the department and that could be far from where you live and usually not very pleasant - is this true? If so how do you get a job in a school you want to work in? Also I did apply for jobs when I was in Australia in private schools and lack of HSC experience was a recurrent problem - is this sorted out by doing pre-employment course? As far as wages go, do they take into consideration the years that you have been teaching and put you on the equivalent step on the pay scale? I've also been told that with vacancies, Australians are usually given the jobs before migrants and also if there are to be job cuts, it's the migrants who go first, anyone know anything about that? One more thing, is the current economic climate affecting jobs in the public sector, such as teaching? Sorry for the bomardment of questions, we're planning to return to Oz at the end of the year to have another go at migration, after a pretty disastrous first attempt - largely caused by problems with my job.
  7. Guest

    Visa Update NSW

    I originally started this in migration issues but thought that i`d put the same one in each state so that you can all see whose heading where and get advice from people heading to the same state as you! SO: Names: Visa Type: How far into process: Job: Where ya heading?
  8. Hi, Can anyone help in providing information on the licensing requirements for painters and decorators to work in NSW (over and above the requirements for visas)? I am trying to find out exactly what licensing is needed to actually start work in NSW as a painter and decorator, and how to go about getting this. I have found a lot of information on TRA certificates, etc. for visas, but after doing some research, I know that a trading certificate/ license and blue card will also be required to actually start work. Does anyone have experience of this and could tell me more, or could refer me on to someone/ somewhere for help? Most websites also refer to the Australian qualification of BCG30603 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating being required in order to get a trading license for NSW. Is a TRA certificate be acceptable instead of the BCG30603 Certificate when it comes to getting the trading license? Any information would be appreciated - it's all v confusing! Thanks
  9. Hi! I'm hoping to move to Australia with my Husband (hopefully by autumn 2013) to work as a nurse in Victoria. I've just started to look into visas and job vacancies and, perhaps it's just me, but I'm getting so confused with the whole process! I am probably going to apply for the Temporary Work (skilled)(subclass 457) visa. I'm trying to figure out the best ways of finding job in Australia, and a suitable employer to sponsor me. So I've joined this forum to chat with other nurses/skilled workers who may be able to advise and give me tips on moving to Oz. Thank You :biggrin:
  10. jyotikhtr

    NSW State Sponsorship Data

    Dear All, Whosoever is applying for NSW State Sponsorship. Please fill the below the excel in below link. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArviwOkQc_pFdFoxeU94QXVKTkFOSV9SM05CdXFxU3c#gid=7 This will help all of us as well as others. Regards, Jyoti
  11. Hi guys i have a slight dilemma. My son is sitting his english GCSE's this summer (hes in year 11) and we are thinking of moving to sydney so i can be with my aging parents and he wants to finish school there because we are originally from sydney and have an australian passport. A school we think that looks nice is the Barker College ; It appeals to both me and my son. Unfortunately ive heard mixed answers to this question on yahoo and now i want to know for real whats the answer : i want to know if he can use his (good) GCSE results to get into Barker. On Yahoo some people say yes they can be converted, others say no, they dont mean a thing in australia:arghh:. I also know that school starts/ends differently;that it ends in mid july over here, starts september, while in sydney school starts/finishes january/december or somewhere along those lines. Because of the school start/end difference should i send my son 1 term (up till december) to start his A levels, or should we just make the move to sydney, settle in? If we do the 2nd option, do we have to start school right away or..... we've got until around april to decide if we will move back home to sydney. thank you guys so much for your help! :biggrin:
  12. Nerd

    189 vs 190

    Hi, I've just received my 189 invitation (eoi with 60 points as a developer submitted on 7th of July). On the other hand, I've sent a request for sponsorship to NSW. I've heard that it takes about a month for them to give feedback on my sponsorship request. Moreover, they say that 190 visa is processed with higher priority (I think about 6 months faster). So my question is what's the best scenario for me? should I wait for my NSW sponsorship request and then apply for 190 visa (along with its limitations) or should I apply for this 189 visa right away? I would highly appreciate any ideas.
  13. jo123

    school fees!!!

    Hi everyone, My OH has been offered a job near newcastle, NSW, and our 457 visa application is now lodged (woo) but just got really depressed looking at the school fees for our 10 yr old daughter. We are not even a tiny bit religious but i could pretend to be if it meant getting her into a good , cheaper school. So, my question is this, Is there anyway around paying the fees? If not, can anyone recommend a good catholic school near belmont? Thanks. Jo:sad:
  14. Hi everyone, its a long time since I last posted, so long I've forgotten my account details and the email address I was using! Anyway I'd almost given up hope of ever getting a visa or getting our money back after applying back in August 2008, but yesterday I received an email from DIAC - probably a lot of people did as it was pretty generic but it basically directed me to the SMP program. Since I haven't kept up to date with all the changes since late 2009, I had no idea what is was or the options available but on investigation it appears my job - ANZSCO 262113 is on the SMP list for NSW! So the question is, is this a valid route i.e. apply for sponsorship, change visa to 176, move to cat 3 and get a visa within 12 months? or is it risky, its another $300 and since they had $2100 four years ago, then changed the rules and kept the money, is it possible they could do the same thing again? If you successfully get sponsorship do they have to change the 175 to a 176? Is it possible they will change the rules for 176 processing or are they trying to get through the backlog so they can move on the new Skill Select system? I know nobody can give definitive answers but has anyone any experience of doing this recently? Thanks Rob
  15. Gorgeous car for sale! Very low mileage, full leather interior and beats the Golf GTI! Selling due to relocation back to the UK. Can provide lots of information upon request. NSW, 2010 plate, $27000 or sensible offer.
  16. I was wondering if anyone knew whether it is more economical to buy a car in Queensland rather than in NSW with a view to driving it down--Road trip cum car purchase rolled in one! Is it any cheaper with regard to taxes and stamp duty in Queensland?
  17. Hi fellow PIO people I have a question (or three) about NSW state sponsorship. I want to apply for state sponsorship as an accountant as I have a positive skills assessment from the ICAA in that occupation. My questions are: Has anyone here recently applied for state sponsorship with NSW? Do they reply within their 3 to 4 week timeframe? How strict are they? I meet their requirements in that I am a Chartered Accountant at the time of application with 3+ years experience at a big four firm in external audit - but from the sounds of things, for example, VIC is incredibly strict and rejects people left and right? Did you get a grant? Specifically, did you get a grant as an accountant? If you did, what was your work experience background? I'd really appreciate some feedback on the above as I am stressing a bit. I have to wait until January to apply for NSW SS because I don't yet meet the 3 year minimum experience requirement in my occupation. Thank you!
  18. Let's hear it from the denizens of NSW... especially sydneysiders.
  19. csdub

    NSW state sponsorship query

    Hi, I have a positive skills assessement, Ielts results and meet the work experience requirement and my points so far add up to 60. Can I apply for NSW state sponsorship and get 5 more points to total 65? Or do I need to reach 65 poiints before i can apply for NSW sponsorship? Have booked to resit the Ielts exam in August to get hopefully get more points! I'm pretty sure I need to get the 65 before applying for the sponsorship but would love to hear I'm wrong?! Can anyone advise? Thanks, Cara
  20. Hello all just looking for some advice pls, today i got offered a job by by old employer:biggrin: as a nurse in sydney. She has said will sort 457 visa with Hr soon and my nurses reg is currently in application. i have 2 children 5 and 6 months and am wondering about schooling. Originally was heading for queensland on a permanent visa but would take around 18 months/2 years to prepare. We could though be over in next year if sponsored and get PR in two years time and as ive previously worked with my boss/hospitalbefore know ill be fine with the job. Major concern MONEY many of our sydney friends have moved to queensland, i would earn around 70'000 and my other half who installs aircon ? in england??!! ha could get work he says as knows people, has qualifications etc. but schooling aand childcare?? please give advice :jimlad: x x x
  21. Hi there, We're trying to get our visa application in before the 1st July date where they're introducing the new system. We've started our skills assessment with ACS and were planning to apply to NWS for SS. Can people share with us the rough processing times for applying for their 175 or 176 visa to getting a CO, to finally getting a visa please? And if you could put whether it's a 176 or 175 visa in, that would really help us decide whether to just go for the 175 without the SS! It's just that we're worried we'll miss the boat if our SS application with NSW takes too long, and the new guidelines being such an unknown! If anyone has gone through the NSW SS application recently too, any info on difficulty/time etc would be most welcome too! Thank you all!! K&C
  22. Hi All Maybe I'm naive but I have never ever come across this in the UK. I'm in childcare and I was really sick just before my shift started before 7am in the morning. Now you have to be 'clear' for 24 hours before coming back to work, when working with children. When I called my boss to say I was ill, I was told that I had to find someone to cover me. What! Sorry?! I've never heard of this, wasn't advised when I started the job. But I didn't have phone numbers or details of colleagues who have a day off - hopefully waiting and willing to drop everything to cover for me on their precious day off. So has anyone else had this happen to them? Where is the NSW employment law that says a sick employee HAS to do this instead of the management? I'm not in a union or anything and to be honest if I was I'm sure my bosses would find a way to get rid of me. I can't believe this happens in Australia - one on hand I understand this sort of thing can be a problem for a small company but companies employ real people who do get sick, so this surely should be factored into their business plan. Anyhoooo any help, advice and/or constructive feedback would really be appreciated as this is my first job here. BEGal
  23. The Pom Queen

    Fruit Picking vacancy in NSW

    Cherry and stone fruits orchard. 100 jobs mid Nov to Xmas- 5 week season, also Feb-Mar Pay by piece rates, varying $100 to $180 per day for good pickers. Working hours 6 to 8 hours a day. Village of Wombat (5km)or town of Young (10km) Wombat has a pub, general store and post office. Camping facilities (incl showers, kitchen & laundry) on site. Hotel accomodation and caravan parks in Young. Contact: Wendy Batinich tel 02 6384 3222 or 3266 fax 6384 3341 'Cherrymore' Wombat Road, Young 2594 Location: Australasia Duration: Feb Mar Nov Dec Job Type: Fruit Picking
  24. belaroy

    NSW Police

    Hi, I have been reading various threads for a while now but can't seem to find anything about NSW Police. I am an Aussie who moved to the UK ( Dorset) after meeting my English (now) Wife in 2000. I was quite happy to be living in the UK and it has been very good to me, however since having a family I have come to the conclusion the UK seems to be running out of opportunites for the future generations and I do worry for them. No pension till 67 at the minute and more than likely much older by the time the kids are that age..etc etc We are in the early stages of researching moving to Oz ( it was easy enough getting to the UK but there was just one of me then) so I'm nervous too as its been 11 years since I lived there and I have my family to look after. I am looking at joining NSW Police. My family and friends all live in Wollongong but we don't necessarilay want to live there - around 45 mins away would be nice. I joined the Police in 2005 so have almost 6 years experience in the service - mostly on patrol. After now seeing that our pay and conditions and pensions are being torn up ( I agree with some of it though !!) Essentially I am trying to find out take home pay scales, shifts worked, work loads, work/ life balance etc and how my skills transfer across / how long will the course be and the like. Would I be better off sending my application off before going to Oz or waiting till I get there?? Has anyone joined NSW Police or know any ?? We have no issues with visa's as I understand the kids can get Oz passports due to me and the same for my Wife. Any info will be gratefully received, as although the NSW Police website has a bit of info it is difficult to find the little bits of info that help to make a more informed decision. cheers :biggrin:
  25. Me and my girlfriend are seeking some advice on which suburbs are best to live in. We will be leaving the UK and moving to Sydney around august. We are both young 22&23 so want somewhere quite busy with stuff going on (doesn't have to be slap bang in the centre ) but not too far out and affordable. I will be working in bankstown, but I'm not to fussed about the commute as long as its not too far out. Any advice would be much apperciated