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Found 322 results

  1. debbie13

    north v south brisbane

    :wacko:Is there a difference of opinion betwen suburbs to the north/south of brisbane. Don't mind travelling 45 mins or so to work, just can't make up my mind.
  2. Here are the flood maps for Anstead North flooding_anstead_north_flood_flag_map.pdf and Anstead South flooding_anstead_south_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_anstead_north_flood_flag_map.pdf flooding_anstead_south_flood_flag_map.pdf
  3. Hi, My wife just received AHPRA eligibility email for nursing registation. She is working in Neuro ICU as band 6 in London NHS trust and we are planning to move to Sydney. We are not able to decide Royal Prince Alfred or Royal North Shore which one to apply as only these two have Neuro ICUs. In term of renting RPA is better but don't know how these both hospitals are. Hoping to get advice from nurses working for these two hospitals. .....Mansawant
  4. For those that care industry sources say Costco is heading for North Lakes in Brisbane. As well as another Ikea and the new Masters hardware chain. Personally I think the location is too far away from central Brisbane to be much use to me but those who live up in the North Lakes/DBay/Redcliffe area might be pleased.
  5. Hello After much deliberation, our family of 5 have decided on a suburb north of the river and one south of the river that we feel would really suit us as a family. Job offers aside, we've been chatting to a few Aussies about suburbs and searching on forums for info from fellow Brits. Can someone honestly say what they feel about the NOR/SOR divide, differences etc. I know it's a personal thing, but the general feelings are so different, we're just confused as to the whole issue. It seems such a big deal and we just don't get what it is about!! Some say that NOR is the 'posh' bit for Poms, some say the total opposite! Some say both are the same and it's the individual suburbs that count. So really just to understand what the whole deal is, could anyone explain clearly?? What would your honest choice be and why (it may not reflect our situation, but it's just good to know a little more and hear some honest opinions!). Of course, we're going to see what happens when we get there, but not having been to Perth, we wondered if we could find out people's views beforehand. Any opinions most welcome :wink:
  6. The Pom Queen

    Best Fishing Jetties in the Far North

    MOWBRAY RIVER Between Clifton Beach and Port Douglas this short section of the old road is a top spot for mangrove jack and barramundi. It is best fished on a half tide in. PALM COVE JETTY Probably the best known and most productive jetty, this is a considerable structure and has all the wanted facilities, including night lights and water. OLD BARRON BRIDGE Accessed via the servo at Stratford this is a popular spot and stretches a third of the way across the Barron River. Limited facilities but some good river species available. MARLIN MARINA, CAIRNS The seaward wall of this marina complex sees some big barra, jacks and grunter taken regularly. Please remember to take away all your rubbish on this, and all other jetties. CARDWELL JETTY Only fishable half tide up due to shallows that surround it. This platform can produce some excellent barra, jacks, queenfish and salmon. LUCINDA JETTY Located 28km northeast of Ingham, this long jetty has an adjacent small service jetty which is open to the public. Expect to catch barra, fingermark, queenies, jacks and mackerel. NEW PUBLIC JETTY COMPLEX Ports North are in the process of developing this much-needed facility near the new Cruise Ship Terminal and it promises to be state of the art. May open mid-December.
  7. Hi, We recently moved to Australia, from Europe. We have found a nice house in North Epping. I would like to enroll our son (14 years old) in a decent co-ed public high school. I would like to ask if anyone knows which high school nearby is the best/decent (public, co-ed)? I found Carlingford high, Cumberland (Pennat hills) and Ryde Secondary college (Ryde) as an option and can not decide between them. Can anyone help with advice which is the best (decent, quality, nice teachers, schoolmates...) Thanks, Cathy
  8. Hi, We are breaking our lease where we currently rent and returning back to the UK at the end of October, if any one is planning on settling in the area please take a look at the link, the house is near the golf course and less than a minute walk to a large park/ bbq area. We have been here nearly 2 years but have decided to return back home to the family. Here is the link: http://www.bowmakerrealty.com.au/index.cfm?pagecall=property&propertyID=1858109 We have looved living in this house and have had no problems, we rented from it being newly built too. Please let me know if you are interested. You can PM me if you prefer. Thanks, Kim :smile:
  9. This is just me thinking out loud because me and Harpodom have a bit of banter and throw a few sweeping generalisations around about northers and southerners.(uk) Do you think theres any REAL differences in mindset/attitude? I dont really tbh,"maybe" ive found southerners a bit less outgoing,a bit less likely to engage a stranger in conversation in the pub kind of thing. This is just my own experiences working in various parts of the country,London,quite a few areas from Harrow to Mayfair,Bristol and Bath,Reading etc. In the city i come from the people are(in general)very outgoing,wear their heart on their sleeve,if we like yer were not embarrased to tell yer,probs the same in reverse as well:laugh: To some we actually have a bit "too" much to say for ourselves,the playwright Alan Bennett once called us the norths cockneys,personally i'l take that as a compliment because east enders were the freindliest people i met in London. So do you think we have little differences/traits? i know i wont be bothered about walking into a pub in Aus on my own and having the craic no matter how many other brits there is in there or not. Also do you think where your from in the uk has any influence on how you settle and make freinds etc in Aus?:unsure:
  10. The Smith Family

    Schools in Brisbane and North Lakes

    When we visited Australia last year, we drove around North Lakes and the schools, can someone confirm that depending on what side of North Lakes you live depends which school they can go to as there are 2 state schools and 1 private there from what I saw. Does it work the same all over Oz as here where it is in catchment areas as we are looking at areas we want to go to but also want to look into the schools that are nearby. I guess with private schools like here, you do not need to be in the catchment area at all. We are still unsure exactly where to go, although we like North Lakes, any advice on nice family areas with good amenities for 6 and 7 year olds and a social network for us adults North, South, East or West of Brisbane would be great please. Also, any advice of what the schools are like in North Lakes or other areas would be great, our boys are 6 and 7 at the moment and love their sport but I guess all schools in Oz are into their sport!!
  11. Hi I have been given 3 potential dates, 24 Sept / 8 Oct / 22 Oct, to carry out my Bench Joiners practical Assessment (ANZSCO 331213) at a college in North London. Is anyone else going and if so have you any idea what we might be expected to do ?
  12. Hi all. My name is Lee and my wife (Sam) and I along with our 2 children (Sophia, 11 and Joshua, 4) are currently undergoing sponsorship to come out to Perth. I work in the Offshore Industry and have been lucky enough to be offered 457's for us all. We are currently going through the tough process of getting my step-daughters father to give us permission to bring Sophia with us. He has proven to be a very unreasonable man over the last 9 years so we are not expecting an easy ride. Annoying because if he'd given permission we'd be able to move in a month or so. We are awaiting mediation then no doubt court so I have found a lot of the information on here very helpful so far. We are looking at the Clarkson area at present and will rent for the first 2 years (I believe this means we will get LAFHA?) and we are chomping at the bit to get moved. We will probably bring our car with us if it isn't too much trouble and we are getting quotes for a 20 foot container at around £3000 plus insurance. Pickfords were recommended but they are quoting closer to £6g! Just wanted to cast a net to see if anyone had anything in common with us or if they had any advice on the car/container/mediation/courts/Clarkson/kids. Lee
  13. Hi folks, Can anyone share their experiences/give feedback on the above school? We are arriving next week and will be contacting this school to see if they have any places. Thanks in advance.
  14. Fantastic location just above the beach, bar was like a Pommie pub on New Year's Eve. Failed to win, AGAIN. If the lady selling the tickets had come to me before the blokes on the other table I'd have been a winner. I asked her if I would still keep my prize even though I was English! Good tucker in there too. Schooner of Coopers Green $5.60. Kids welcome in the bar too. I'm not a member, just signed in as I'm outside the 5 kilometre limit, living in Surry Hills. They have a members' badge draw too so it's worth joining if you go regularly.
  15. Hi, my husband is going out to Perth next month to establish work, house etc before myself and our 2 boys move out. We are looking to see if anyone has a room to rent for 1-2 months when he arrives and finds a permanent rental. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks Valerie :biggrin:
  16. Georgiajoe

    Perth north or south

    Hi all, Please can anyone help!!! Looking to move to Perth next year ( visa permitting) As I work in the construction industry ( plumber), does anyone know if the north or south have the main developments, growth etc. As work , areas etc will be a big say on where we stay. Thank you
  17. 2 Bricklayers required, must be neat and speedy trowel. Good rates of pay. To start asap Mainly Brisbane Northside with some southside travelling occassionally. Must have own transport Please feel free to pm me Thanks Phil
  18. Hi all Just thought I'd add what we found in case it helps others, on a recent reccie trip over in advance of our move this coming November I will be working with an employer in Chatswood, travelling on a 457 visa, and have other friends and family living on the North side of Sydney - so knew we were looking for a North Shore location, which at least cut things down a bit. Important things to us as part of our move are cutting down the commute (currently I do 75-90 minutes e/w into London from Suffolk - bleurrgh), finding a really good school for our son who's nearly 5, a nice sized and quality spec family home, and the general "feel" of the area. Hard to describe - even harder to give a brief to someone to help with! We were fortunate enough to have the services of a relocator, who arranged appointments with schools and some houses to see what sort of price we'd have to pay for what we wanted in an area we liked. They drove us round for 2 days and were massively helpful, so it was a great service. No idea what it costs - my employer is paying - but very handy indeed and I know we're lucky and most people don't have this luxury Initially we thought we wanted to live somewhere near the water, so pencilled in suburbs like Lane Cove, Northbridge, Seaforth, Middle Cove, Castle Crag - and we visited all these. We discounted Mosman on account of overpricing (Sister in Law lives in Cremorne, so we know it quite well) Lane Cove I liked quite a bit, but my wife wasn't so keen. She found it a bit urban, whereas I quite liked the variety of housing and the handiness of the shops. Northbridge had nice houses, we weren't so keen on the shops and facilities, and we found the streets narrow and steep with very few pavements, which we felt might be an issue for small kids. This applied to most of these waterside suburbs to be honest, and wasn't something we were expecting. Northbridge also seemed very expensive for what you get. Castle Crag and Middle Cove were much better in this respect, and the shopping "village" in Castle Crag was really nice. But streets still a bit narrow really. Seaforth again similar in terms of steepness, but there are tons of facilities there and it seems like very good value - but you have to put up with Spit Bridge & Military Road traffic So we were a bit stuck - our relocator had arranged appointments in the Upper North Shore and initially we weren't keen as it felt a long way out to us. But as soon as we turned off the Pacific Highway and into Wahroonga, it felt really nice - lovely villagey feel around the train station, very leafy and green with mature trees, wide streets, pavements, nice houses - to be honest it ticked every box for us. So the next day we concentrated on this area and looked around Turramurra and St.Ives and some of the suburbs further down. I know this sounds odd, but these three suburbs actually felt quite villagey to us, it's probably the amount of bush and green space, and we realised that's what we wanted - the suburbs further in towards Chatswood - Gordon, Killara, Roseville - felt much more what we'd think of as suburban, which isn't really what we're after. We went out there with an open mind, because we know where we currently live (mediaeval house in an old village) isn't something that can be recreated in Australia, but we were surprised with what we concluded So we're settled on looking for somewhere to live in Wahroonga (ideally) or Turramurra/St.Ives for second preference. Let's see how we get on when we land in the early Summer! As for schools, we visited Northbridge, Seaforth, St.Ives North (public) and Wahroonga prep (private). All of them seemed pretty good to me, of the public schools St.Ives North looked the best in terms of organisation and facilities, from what you can tell from a 45 minute short visit any way, which obviously isn't much. I would say the standard of primary education looked a bit better than that commonly available in the UK Hope this helps someone!
  19. hey all just joined about 5 mins ago ,i have been on bib whitch is great for sure but havnt seen a lot of irish n or s about ,is there anyone on here that is gettin ready to go or already there i could ask wee bits and peices about ,areas and stuff schools ,that sort of thing ,bye for now hannash:unsure:
  20. Hi guys any help would be gratefully appreciated.. Looking to relocate to Victoria and have earmarked Ringwood as an option.. We are hopefully moving with family.. My Husband is a joiner and we have 2 little girls aged 6 years and 18 months..My sister in law and husband are also looking to move with us she is a primary school teacher and they also have 2 children.. Just wondering what the job situation is like and amenities and how far the nearest beach in ??? Thanks again in advance just a little bit excited xx:jiggy:
  21. I am just starting the process of trying to get quotes for our shipping. We're in Aberdeen. I'm waiting to hear back from a few more companies but have so far had 1 of the big ones say they couldn't tell me when someone would be able to come out to me as they are so busy and have noone in this area, and another two who have also said they don't have anyone up here. One said they will be in touch if they are coming up, but both have said if I let them know the cubic feet from the other quotes I get they will give me a price! :arghh: At least Shore Porters are coming out next week, they've got no excuse :biglaugh: but don't want to go just by their volume estimate :sad: Just wondered who anyone else from up this way used, and would you recommend them?
  22. Howdy guys and gals, I'm a 33yr old guy looking to widen my group of friends here, been in Sydney a few years now. If anyone wants to say hello or point me in the direction of where Sydney hides it's quirky people, send me a pm :smile: Terry
  23. Hi everyone, We arrived in perth on wednesday on a 176. Just wondering whether the meeting at Kings park is going ahead on 10th July??? Also if anyone would like to meet up would be great, we ahve 2 children age 8 & 5 & we are staying in Mindarie but we would travel to wherever would be great to see some poms who could give us some advice about this dauntitng adventure!!!!!!!!!
  24. Hi I'm due to board a plane in around 6 or so weeks as I have got myself a job at one of the wa uni's. Am I deluded/biting off more than I can chew in travelling down the highway at rush hour??? When is rush hour? To beat the rush hour here in the uk I leave the house at 7am which I'm more than happy to do if it means I can get from a-b in around an hour and a half. I have been considering getting the train then a bike in a bag and cycling the rest of the way.... I really want to live joondalup - butler areas mainly as our hearts are set on these and rent is a tad cheaper :smile: Any advice? Cheers :biggrin:
  25. Hi - I'm moving from London to Sydney in early March with my (Aussie) husband and my 2-year old (baby # 2 due in June). I'd love to get in contact / meet up with any mums who might be around in that area (probably Lane Cove / Willoughby / Chatswood), so would be great if there are either any established groups already meeting that we could tag along to, or any mums who might like to meet for a coffee / park trip. Do send me a message if this sounds of interest! Caroline