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Found 95 results

  1. hello everybody, (that should really be g'day i guess!) im joe and the mrs is deb...hence the rather inventive name! we're about to move to oz on friday so its all a bit scary at the mo (in a good way) ******** and the oh is from brissy originally, so got in on the spouse visa very easily, thanks to marrying the right person! we're moving to port macquarie after a couple of weeks in bris with the in laws, and unlike lots of very orgainsed people on the site we've got no house, job or business to go to so its all gonna be a big adventure thats for sure! any PIO'ers who are based in port if you have any pearls of wisdom to share, we;d be very grateful to hear them. cheers joe and deb
  2. pdr222

    Moving to newcastle

    Hi i'm Pam and i'm married with 2 boys a 2 year old and a 5 year old. We were granted our skilled indepentdant visa finally in Dec on my husband being a mechanic, and are flying out on 27th april to Newcastle NSW. My husband still needs to get a job and we're hoping he can get some interviews for when we get out there. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get jobs before we get there. any advice appreciated Pam
  3. is anyone living in or going to;........... morriset? dora creek? swansea? caves beach? blacksmiths? if so would you be as kind as to tip us off with your thoughts on these places. also any info on secondary schools in these areas much appreciated. kind regards mark & tracey x
  4. Guest

    Soccer in NEwcastle

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has contact details for where soccer is played in Newcastle. I hear there are a number of teams in the city but no one seems to be able to point me in the right direction so far.
  5. Hi this is my first time using this site so sorry for any mistakes. I'am looking for any info at all, I have been offered a job in Newcastle NSW and judging my what I have read so far the money isn't bad at $100k+, I'am an engineer (of sorts). I'am married with 2 kids, 1 aged 15, and so I would like to know what the schooling is like, (do I have to go private). My other daughter is 18 and has passed some exams for a career in child care, and my wife works for a charity that cares for abused women are there any opportunities for them to carry on there careers. Basically I'am looking for any info at all, financial,to rent or buy a house. Thanks Dilly
  6. Hi there I am new to the boards. I require a little help advice. Myself my husband and our 4 kids are considering moving to the newcastle area. My hubby is a resident but has been living in the uk for 3 years. He however is next to hopeless at telling me about the area what to expect. Basically We need to know of areas to avoid so far Hubby has said to stear clear of Stockton and Carrington. We need a family friendly area where rents are not OTT. Good transport links would be handy as I cant drive. Hubbys parents are in Kotara south so would be good to be able to visit them reasonably easily. What is it like raising Kids over there? Will i notice any diffrence in my cost of living? Basically tell me what you can about Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs. What about the emigrating bit? Does it cost a fortune to ship your stuff. honestly i will be grateful for any and all advice. Many thanks x
  7. fraggles


    hello for anyone thinking of moving to newcastle nsw i was on you tube and found some good home made vids thought i would share with anyone intrested YouTube - Newcastle NSW Australia 2007 YouTube - Newcastle, Hunter, New South Wales YouTube - Getaway - Newcastle NSW
  8. dave and ange

    Newcastle or Brisbane

    Hi all, We have very recently got our Visas and are hoping to be living in sunny Oz very soon. Only problem is, we don't quite know where to settle. We have been told by an Australian friend that we should seriously consider Newcastle but we had already been thinking about the Brisbane area. Does anybody have any opinions on these areas and suggestions on good areas or suburbs suitable for older teenagers (16 & 19) as we really need to start making firm decisions.
  9. dave and ange

    Job prospects in Newcastle

    Hiya! Does anyone know what job prospects are for primary school teachers and joiners in and around the Newcastle area? Thanks for any info.
  10. Hi all, just moved here and wondered if anyone would like to meet for chat and coffee. It would be nice to talk to anyone else who is just starting out or who has been here a while and could give us a few tips. Yvonne.:wubclub:
  11. Hi everyone, I'm flying to newcastle in 19 days and booked into a hostel for my first two weeks. Was wondering if anyone had any good tips for how to find rental properties. I will be by myself so would like to find a spare room in a house with other aussies. Are there any websites people have good experience with? Or know if newspapers have rentals that would be suitable? Thanks!
  12. Que Sera Sera

    Newcastle NSW

    Hi, can anyone give me any information on Newcastle NSW. I have been having a good look at it and the surrounding areas on the web and it would seem at the moment anyway that there are lots of Jobs for my OH in and around that area. Does anyone know the area and can tell me areas to avoid? We don't want to go inner city but would prefer beachfront or close and nothing too rural preferably close to schools. Any ideas you lot?
  13. Guest

    Newcastle jets

    Ok so my football mad family are looking at our soon to be local team how cool we will be able to afford season tickets!!!! But my question is is the football any good? Is the atmosphere family friendly. Ok its not gonna compare to anfield but hey ho hoping the liverpool connection will shine through! Anyone go to the games? Anyone heading to Newie and gonna go to games?
  14. markandtraceyessex

    newcastle western subburbs

    anyone have any info on area's like; edgeworth cameron park & maryland? or advice on any area to steer clear of. also is anyone heading out to the newcastle area that wants to have a natter, compare / exchange info etc. thanks in advance mark & tracey
  15. Guest


    Hi, first post I'm living in NZ and hoping to move to Newcastle end of this year or early next year. Unfortunately we have a house just built in the middle of nowhere to sell and NZ isn't exactly a sellers market atm! We've chosen Newcastle because we have family there but since visiting last year have decided it's awesome. We've traveled up the East coast years ago and holidayed in WA. Hoping to do teacher training at Uni of Newcastle, husband is a nurse, so hopefully won't struggle to find work. Loopy.
  16. :wub:Gday Mates! Anyone thinking of emigrating to Newcastle NSW? We have recently sent the big application and aiming to go around OCT to DEC. If we get accepted (subclass 175) My Hubbie Marc is an engineer (Fitter) and we have heard there are plenty of jobs and also it looks quite arty and cultural. With plenty of bars, restaurants etc... Would be brilliant to get some info on the place if you have ever been or are thinking of going! :v_SPIN:
  17. Hi, We're looking into moving to the Newcastle area and are coming for a visit to the area on March 25th! Does anyone have any advice on where to stay? Looked at many resorts with conflicting reviews online! we're looking to stay in newcastle for about 5 days, moving north towards Brisbane for a look around after that! If it sounds vague, it is!! :jiggy: Help appreciated!! Thanks Barbie333
  18. Wondered if you know if there any Engineer-fitter jobs going in around Newcastle thinking of going there, I m interested in a job in the arts as have an art degree and desperate to use it!! Please let me know if you know much about the area. Is it a good place to start a family?
  19. Guest

    Medicals in Newcastle

    Hi, we are waiting for our police checks and have just read that there is quite a long waiting list for medicals as some docs only do them certain months of the year. Anyone any ideas of the names of the docs surgeries in Newcastle upon Tyne and should we book them now to be on the safe side. Naive as I may be I thought Id call up one day for appt and get appt the next!!!! Thanx
  20. Guest


    Hi there we are still looking for the place to settle that will suit us as a family. We are looking all over but Newcasle NSW looks a possibe area of intrest at the moment does anyone have any knowledge and info on this area??