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Found 95 results

  1. Guest

    newcastle house prices

    Am I right in thinking they are really high, even compared to the UK? Can anyone tell me if in the UK we were to sell our house for £160k and wished to buy the next one for £250-260k what kind of price should we be looking at in Newcastle? Is it as simple as converting £250k into Aus dollars? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey! I'm from Kent, living in the Newcastle area with my partner who is Aussie. We have no children and I'd love to meet people in a similar situation to me as I'm struggling to meet new people! I'm pretty easy-going, enjoying a few drinks in a pub, listening to live music etc. Would be great to meet like-minded people, especially from the UK who understand what it's like to be living here and feeling a bit homesick at times! I'm 27 and my boyfriend is 28. He's lived in the area most of his life, so already has a social group. I get on well with his friends, but it'd be nice to meet other people and develop my own friendships too! I'm going back to the UK for the whole of April, but it would be good to start chatting to some people and hopefully arranging a meet-up when I'm back
  3. Hi We are immigrating to Newcastle on the 9th of April from England I have emailed quite a few schools to see if I can get my little boy into Kindergarten and still no reply from any of them I also tried to call them and no answer. Has anyone had the same experience or give me some advice pls? I am still confused as to how the system works out their our little boy is 4 years old since Oct last year will he get into Kindergarten when we get there? Many thanks Marial
  4. Guest

    Just joined - hello!

    Hi, I've just joined PomsinOz, despite being here now since last August. Just back from a 3week visit "home" to the UK and am utterly knackered - I am never travelling solo with a 2year old again! Anyone else live in the "country" north of Sydney? Not too far from Newcastle? Be good to hear from you if you do.
  5. Hi all, We have a dilemma! we are returning to oz in July 2010 and were intending on living south of newcastle or around the top of the freeway. i (Mark) have not been promised a job but do have a company (in newcastle) interested in me and have said for me to keep in contact and to chat with them near the time of our move. however, i recently had a reply from another company i contacted and they are "very interested" in me to the point that i have had 1 telephone interview and the MD is coming to london in april and wants to meet up!, now this company is based in taren point post code 2229. this company have stated that they would be keen for me to live south of sydney and i have never visited that area or know what it is like? also i have 2 teenage daughters so high schools need to be looked at. your coments and views on either or both areas would be very much appreciated. cheers guys Mark & Tracey.
  6. Hi Folks, i was just wondering is there anyone who would like to meet up some time, as i feel slight home sick and would like to meet up with a few u.k people my age it would b great if you could come forward much appreciated Thanks for ur time x
  7. Hi there well the adventure has begun and to be honest it has not got off to a good start. We landed last Tuesday tired but excited yet it all seems to have gone down hill since then. we have a holiday rental in the port stephens area but the likelihood of a more permanet one in this area is looking doubtful. We have therefore decided to look in and around Newcastle ( better for work for me). But i just can't seem to get excited I just want to cry all the time and to be honest if anyone offered me a ticket back home I wound snatch it off them and be on my way. I know we have not been here long enough to form a proper impression and all it seems to have done is rain. yet I just don't seem to be feeling it. It has always been my dream to live here and I feel sort of let down. I also feel I have let my family down too. I am already dreading christmas. I am desperate to love it but as I feel now I think we will be heading back within the year. Is there anyone in the Newcastle area who can give us help or advice?? We have 3 young boys (8,6,3) who need friends, a school and some structure not to mention a bit of fun. Oh yes and parents who need some adult conversation!! I am sorry If this is rambling but I just need to get it off my chest, I just hope we haven't made the biggest mistake of our lives. Well off to get ready now, another day of house hunting ahead!! Thanks for taking the time to read this Love the Stanleys xx
  8. abz123

    Coals to Newcastle...

    I have read enough posts to know that "if there's room in the container, bring it", but is taking my BBQ to Oz going a bit too far? Can I get calor gas for it or will I need / can I buy a new regulator? Is it worth it? On a similar issue, should I bring my washing machine? My wife lived in Perth with her parents back in the late 80s and she remembers everyone having top loaders but looking around, it looks like Australians are moving over to front loading machines. A space issue?
  9. Hi Pls can someone advise me if there is a website to look up schools like ofsted reports in England or similar. Also some good names of good suburb areas to live in Newcastle we are just waiting for 457 visa and my hubbys work office will be based near New Lambton. We would like to be out of the city a good bit like but not sure of the areas and the relocation company wants some areas we would like to live in. Many thanks:biggrin:
  10. Is anyone attending the above in Newcastle this weekend? As it was by invitation only I didn't think for one minute we'd get a reply when I registered on the site, however, was wondering if anyone has been in the past, is it worth attending? Don't want to travel to Newcastle if it's likely to be a waste of time. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Jen
  11. Hi Pls can someone advise me where is the best place to rent in Newcastle suburbs outside the city. We are moving to Newcastle in the New Year and have been told by the company my husband is going to be working for that its hard to find good accommadation I have looked on domain.com.au but there are only few properties there we can do without a pool for the first year but would like somewhere nice that dosen't cost a fortune any good websites to look at pls or suburbs my hubby will be working near New Lambton? Many thanks for any info. Maria
  12. Hi, I've been living in Warners Bay now for 9 months and have 2 boys aged 5 and 10,my eldest has settled well and has met lots of friends and is always at friends or they come here, whereas my youngest has not got many of his own, he's always annoying his brother and hijacking his friends so it would be nice to meet mums of children of similar ages in the park or for coffee. :arghh:
  13. Hey Gday Mates are any of you heading to Newcastle in the next month, or recently arrived? emotions are everywhere as they have been for the last year or so, but now it is proper happening were at the top of that rollercoaster!! Scary but exciting at the same time!! oh my goodness, were flying out on 3rd Nov to Hong Kong for 2 nights Cathay Pacific then onto Sydney 2 nights then think were getting a train to Newcastle (train is a bargain!!). We have not even sold the house, we have no jobs sorted yet!! But well were doing it going to have an adventure!! woohoo!! Just hope it all works out. Would be fab to hear from some Poms in Newcastle!!:wubclub:
  14. Guest

    Mums in Newcastle HELP!!

    Hi, we are living in Warners Bay with 2 boys aged 10 and 5 whilst my eldest has settled well and has made lots of friends my yougest has struggled I put it down to his age and as they get older I guess thats when sleepovers comes into play,but at the moment he wants to be like his brother and gets upset when he sees him with his friends.If there are anyone at all out there in Newcastle with children of a similar age who want to meet up in the park or just for a coffee give me a shoutas I'm sure he's sick of playing with his Mum.:arghh:
  15. :jiggy:Hey Gday mates, we fly out to Oz in 14 weeks oh my goodness!! Heading for Newcastle NSW , Is anyone else flying out around that time. Going to Syndney for one or two nights stopping off at Hongkong for 2 nights on way. My emotions are like a rollercoaster! We have not sold house yet but just gonna have to leave it to sell probably, anyone want to buy a bungalow in Stoke on Trent? We have pickfords giving us a quote next week as were sharing a container not sending much out as going to start a fresh so its all exciting and nervewracking at the same time. Goodbye for now from a soon to be Aussie aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!:wubclub:
  16. we are moving back to perth from newcastle uk any 1 doing the opposite need a house in washington area i need 1 in perth northern sub mindarie preffered if so contact me via this forum cheers ray
  17. sandramcd

    Newcastle Mums Meet?

    Hi there, I was just wondering if there were any Mums out there in Newcastle who fancied meeting up for a coffee some time? If the weather is nice, Swells at Merewether is great or if it's awful I've been introduced to a fabulous place in Warners Bay called Wicked Chocolate... Let me know if there are any takers!
  18. Hey Gday Mates, Hubbie and I will be arriving in Sydney 7th Nov and prob will be heading to Newcastle / surrounding area on the 8th Nov wondered if you have any reccommendations on rental agencies or holiday lets for when we first arrive. Any other info on the newcastle area would be fab, we booked flights yesterday so now we need to sort shipping, accommodation. Jobs etc.... :arghh: stressfull, exciting and nervewracking at the same time ......
  19. Guest

    Newcastle, NSW ... finally

    We're all booked up ... at last !!! We will be in Newcastle for 6 weeks on a scouting trip to see if we want to make the big move !! Anyone got any advice on what there is to do in the Newcastle area for twin boys of 5 (bearing in mind that it will be Winter!).
  20. Hi We are moving over soon and have been considering Newcastle, I would be grateful to hear from anyone living there. Info on schools etc... Cheers Loz :notworthy:
  21. Hi just wanted to know if anyone if flying from Newcastle on flight no EK036 Emirates, on Friday May 1st? my dad and brother will be on this flight, so just interested to see if anyone else on here is on the same flight Sarah x
  22. :wubclub:Hey gday mates!! Can any of you guys recommend a shipping and storage company? were moving to Newcastle nsw and want to send a few household items such as saucepans, clothes and hubbies tools. Wondered if any of you have had good experiences with a company who are reasonably priced. We should be moving around October time. Hope you can help!? x:unsure:
  23. We are hopefully heading off to Newcastle NSW in march april , if we can sell the bl**dy house! It would be nice to know someone else out there befor we go.. Yvonne.
  24. I am driving across in 10 days time, just me and my dog. I have a sat nav, and the route is 3900km. Basically I cut across Victoria to Adelaide and onto Perth, I think this is the best route. Has anyone done this? and can you recommend any hotels/motels truck stops to stay at along the way. Cheers:smile:
  25. Just registered, new at all this so still trying to figure it all out. My husbands company have offered him a job in Newcastle so we are thinking of making the big move Down Under! We like the look Lake McQuarie, would be great to live near the water. Got 4 year old twin boys who would be starting school there. Interested in any advice anyone can offer. We should be going out end of Feb to get a feel for the place and then moving out permanently around June. Any suggestions on areas we should consider living? Looking for somewhere with plenty to do for 2 active boys, with good schools, and an easy commute into Newcastle CBD.