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Found 1,303 results

  1. australia94

    Arggggggh A little help needed

    Hoping that someone on here can hopefully give me some advise. So that I can stop banging my head against a brick wall. (firstly apologies for the essay) I am able to claim 60 points with no problems at all Age 32 - 30 points Degree - 15 points Work experience - 4 years as Primary School PE teacher - 5 points (assessed by AITSL) IELTS - 10 points - Just got my IELTS scores through and unfortunately I got a 7.5 on writing, reading 8 listening and speaking were 9. So now I can only claim the 10 points on offer rather than the 20 I was hoping to claim. No worries I thought, as we could claim the extra 5 points from my partners skills as an NVQ assessor / teacher in Childcare. But after looking closer it now appears that she is on Schedule 2 of the SOL. Which unless I'm wrong we can not claim points for as I am on Schedule 1 of the SOL. Its looking like I will have to try and sit the IELTS test again. However I am hoping that someone could advise me whether I can claim the 5 extra points for the 5 years previous work experience. On top of my 4 years as a PE teacher I worked as a learning mentor for 6 months in a secondary school in 2006 (I already have a work reference). When I graduated in 2005 I worked for a year as a teacher / teacher assistant in the morning and as a PE teacher in the afternoon at a primary school. Despite my role officially being a TA I worked as a teacher most of the time, planning, marking and teaching a lot of the lessons. The reason I left in the end was because they would not pay me a teacher wage for the job I was doing. I have spoken to the assistant head, who is willing to write a reference letter for me (the head is in the process of retiring and handing over to the deputy head). I have given her the information and details on the DIAC website about the format. She has asked what I would like to have written for the reference. She would happily write that I was a teacher rather than an teaching assistant and a PE Teacher if I asked her. Or could she use descriptions that were ambiguous so that it would cover both roles. I am unsure of how to approach this but after looking on the DIAC I have now seen that it states that :- For information on assessing authorities providing advice on your skilled employment and assessment of your educational qualifications for the purpose of awarding points by the department, see the department’s website http://www.immi.gov.au/asri/ I am just a little confused, does this mean I have to send off the references to have them assessed and verified by the AITSL. Or can I just add the reference to the Visa Application without it being assessed by the AITSL? How does the assessment body decide on the outcome? Do they contact the work reference nominee, who else do they contact? I do not want the assistant head getting into trouble. Finally would a learning mentor and Teacher / Teacher aid be classed as a closely related occupation to that of a teacher? I am just so frustrated now. I have been stomping around the house all day like a bear with a sore head. Looked at all possible ways and am now stuck. Hopefully someone has been able to understand my rage fueled plea and will be able to give me some advise. Sorry about the length of the post (blooming essay)
  2. Karl Lynsey and Kids

    Advice needed.........

    Hi any help and advice greatefully welcome....... Hi my husband karl 38, arrives in redcliffe area, brisbane on saturday, he is a qualified carpenter of 22 years. Firstly whats the work like over there? Is there plenty of it? Does anybody know of any jobs going at the moment or of there is anybody wanting to team up as part of a gang. Looking for friends, and advice on which bank to open an account with how to get the correct licences to work any info would be great.. Thank you
  3. young2682

    Now in the east, help needed!

    :wubclub: Hey all, My were meant to be staying in the western suburbs (my hubby was originally going to be working in sunshine) but now he has been transferred to Hallam on the East side! We will probably stay there to begin with to save money as he can cycle to work but long term we are looking at Berwick, does anyone have any advice/info on this area or similar? We are a young family with 2 children (3 & 4.5) so want plenty to do and good schools etc Any advice would be gratefully received! Many thanks :wub:
  4. Hi, Well we have been in oz for 6 mths now. OH secured work easily as an air con engineer working in the city. He enjoys his job and the lifestyle that it brings(pub on a Friday!!) Once again he has been asked to become a supervisor but this time they came up with a serious package. $6ph more-sounds great but he will lose his ability to gain overtime as it is salaried. So a chance that some weeks he will be worse off with more responsibility and bringing his work home and not getting paid for it. The plus side is a car allowance so he could buy a twin cab yute rather than have the single cab yute that the company already supply. He has to let them know by Friday. What would you do?? Any advice would be great!
  5. Guest

    Help & Advice needed

    Hello Everyone, I have just spent a couple of hours reading through the posts on this thread and with so many of you getting your visas I'm more determined than ever now to get started! Myself (28) and my fiancé (32) are desperate to get out to Perth. My OH is an Envionmental Engineer (recognised on the SOL) and I am a Retail Manager (obviously not on the SOL! Although I do have a Town Planning Degree which I've never 'used' due to recession etc etc). SO, my OH will apply for a skilled workers visa and I should qualify as his de facto (we'll not be married yet before we go though - does this matter?) We have no kids and are renting in Dublin City Centre. I was made redundant my OH is on the verge of getting pushed into a 3 day week so we need to go NOW! We don't have the money to use an agent / agency for visa app. - we need to 'go it alone', but I'm desperate for some advice on where to start! Which visa do we need for (fingers crossed) pernanent residency? How do we apply? Online? How likely are we to get our vias? What are the total no. of 'steps' involved? And most importantly, what is the shortest time we can get visas in?!! We're screaming to get out of Ireland! Any help / advice on where to start would be MUCH appreciated! We'd love to be gone by Christmas! Is this unrealistic? L xx
  6. Hi Guys Just going through my checklist here and about to put my form 80 and police checks up on the evisa system but I have now read that I have to post tem is this the case did you have to post them when apliying online? Any feedback much appreciated Thanks In advance
  7. We are urgently seeking Engineers (Mechanical, Structural and Construction), as well as discipline engineers. These positions are in Gladstone Central QLD, and would appreciate any interested parties to get in touch with me . We are looking for people with 6-10 years experience ideally.
  8. In around 2 months time me, my fiance and our 1 year old little girl will be moving over to Perth. I'll give you a little bit of background information but basically im looking for help and advice on everyday things such as general costs of food, internet, mobiles, cars etc .... As said above we will be moving to Perth from Newcastle in around 2 months time, It has all come about quite quick and now that things happening very soon im just starting to wonder about a few things .... My main concern is my age, We have been together a very long time and having our little one certainly wasnt planned, but we were both in great positions, I had a great job and we seemed to be very settled! I am 20 and my partner is 29. I am worried that ill not really find anyone around my age who is in the same position as me to make friends with? When we do go over we will be renting furnished accomodation for the first 6 weeks while we find somewhere more permenent. Any adivce on the best subs to live in ? We are looking at Ashby or Tapping at the minute. Anyone that can give advice on the general cost of things would be greatly appreciated ! Also with us having a little one, any adivce or help with anything like that would also be a great help ! I hope you've found time to read my long post ! Thank you !!! :laugh:
  9. 2 Bricklayers required, must be neat and speedy trowel. Good rates of pay. To start asap Mainly Brisbane Northside with some southside travelling occassionally. Must have own transport Please feel free to pm me Thanks Phil
  10. Hi all i have already put in my family sponsored 176, but my brother has asked me to post this question for him. He is hopeing to put in for his family sponsored 176 next year, what he wants to know is, if my dad is sponsoring me and my family can he sponsor my brother and his family also? or can he only sponsor one of us at a time? Also, he has his qualifications for his trade but he wants to know if the vetassess outcome is counted as a qualification on his visa application? i didn't think it would be but thought i would ask anyway.
  11. Are you considering a big lifestyle or career change? Are you fed up with working all hours and not feeling enough benefit? Is money not buying you happiness? Do you have lots of 'stuff' but not much headspace? Do you want a different kind of lifestyle for your kids? Well a new series for Ch4 wants to hear from you. You might already have plans to emigrate across the globe or to an affordable part of the countryside, or to work for yourself... or you might not know what you want yet, except that you want to make a big change sometime soon. If you have lots of passion and think there's more to life than what you currently have we would love to hear from you. Please message me for more information. Many thanks, Helen
  12. Guest

    Urgent advice needed please

    Hi All, my name is sharri, im new to the poms in oz site. So here is my dilema! My husband and emigrated from Scotland to Christchurch NZ Nov 2009 to live the dream? now living the nightmare !...... Its time to get out of here for our safety and sanity. Looking into moving to Auz, possibly Canberra and advice on some of the nicer towns to live near the city would be great. Dont want to live in heart of city, 30min max will be ok. Sorry i know nothing about canberra other than what i have read on the net which is its a great and safe place to live so as much info as poss be brill. I am a Registered Nurse and my hubby is auto electrician/mechanic and manufacturing engineer. I have already started my Trans Tasman Registration and been in touch with an agent to find me work under the 457 visa. Initially i will be doing the journey alone as a lot to tie up here sell house etc. But hoping to be there in 6mths. :sad: Thanks to all that can help
  13. Hi - I've just submitted my De-facto Visa application, and was wondering about a couple things if anyone out there could help!: - If approved, will I need to submit my British passport to get the Visa Label, or is it done electronically once I arrive? (my partner and I are leaving in October to go travelling and submitting my passport might be difficult). - Police checks - I know the Medical Check can be done now if I choose, but I do not know where to start with the Police check. I need to get police checks from Canada and UK. Anyone know who I need to contact or what the first steps are? - Lastly, I want to be sure my De-facto Visa application was recieved by the London office. Does the office usually contact you to confirm that it's been recieved, or can I ring them? Thanks in advance for any help! Sheena
  14. Hi PIO gang, We are in Brisbane, north of city. New arrivals, we need just household stuff really! Anyone having a clearout or has fridge freezer or coffee table etc etc or ANYTHING really we will gladly take it off your hands! We are in Warner area but travel isn't a problem, will collect and ready to barter for stuff! Hope to hear from some people....... Many thanks :biggrin::eek:
  15. i'm a bit confused about what they mean by," prepare,mark and cut raking brickwork".can anyone help me out please? Lewis
  16. Hey all, I'm moving over to Sydney at the end of the month and getting my head around which area's to live is hurting my brain! To start off with, I'll be supporting the OH and have put an upper limit of $450 a week for a bit. I was thinking somewhere around Newtown or Marrickville to get a base and then shop around as I need to get to the CBD for work. I've read some decent things about Newtown (and some bad), but not a lot about Marrickville...thoughts? I'll be in a hostel for a couple of weeks when I arrive, so can do a bit of shopping about. Eventually when the OH is up, running and working, I'd like to end up near the beach, but not just yet. Any other suggestions will be warmly welcomed. FYI, I live in London (Putney) and travel about 50 mins to the city every day. Thanks! Adam
  17. Guest

    Travel companion needed

    My sister is keen to come out to visit us but is very nervous of travelling alone. Is there anyone who has relatives coming out from mid-October from Manchester who would be willing to let her accompany them. Stop-overs are OK for her and we would book her on the same flight etc. It doesn't matter where they are landing in Oz. We would come and meet her anywhere at all, although Brisbane would be perfect. Hope someone can help. Many thanks Jean & John
  18. Hi We have just moved to Embleton been here 3 weeks and im so lonely when OH goest to work. Im getting panic attacks i hate being on my own but havent the confidence to go out shopping or anything. are there any clubs that i could join? to fill my day? im even too scared to look for work. Im now thinking i want to go home and its taken us alot of heartache and soul searching to get here. I dont want to worry OH about it i want to get on and grow as an individual. I didnt think i would feel like this so soon. any ideas would be appreciated love Linda xx:cry:
  19. Hi All, just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for finding a short term rental/holiday let in perth SOR ive tried all the usual sites like stayz, aussie move, lets-perth etc and i cant find any suitable properties that are available, im frantically searching as i am waiting to book my flights and i gave my notice in at work today. Any information would be greatly appreciated Donna xx
  20. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and hope soon to be landing in Western Australia with my 12 year old son. Can anyone please tell me what year he would be in over there - in the UK he would be going into year 8 in September. Also is anyone familiar with the Nedlands area or surrounding areas? Can anyone recommend any good schools? Thanks!
  21. Guest

    Advice needed on Visa Type

    Am looking for some helpful advice from everyone on here. My wife and I are looking at making the jump down under and have started to look at the Visa Process. I am a Chartered Engineer specialising in Project Engineering mainly int eh aerospace industry. My wife is a fully qualified History Teacher but has also taught Geography, General studies and Latin amongst other subjects. I have just turned the dreaded 40 and my wife will next Year. We have both in excess of 15 years experience since qualification We're looking down the skilled Visa route. Ideally I would like to get sponsored but realise that we may need to apply cold turkey and then find jobs on arrival. What we're not sure about is whether we both need to apply for skilled Visa's, or does one apply for a skilled and one for a spouse visa or even if one applies for a visa does the other need to? Any help much appreciated Ashley
  22. We are a family with four adults and two children desperately trying to find some reasonably priced accommodation for end of march '12 for three weeks. Proving very difficult because of the size of our group and the houses to rent through stayz etc are proving to be quite expensive. Was quoted $6500 for one of them! Tried the big4 caravan park and that was extortionately basic. Ideally we would prefer an apartment or house with three bedrooms. Anywhere in Melbourne or suburbs. If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful. I suppose I am looking for a cheap break equivalent to the haven caravan price of £250 a week for the six of us but just can't find anything cheap in Oz. We are going out to validate our visas and are on a very tight budget, but we want to entice our teenage daughters out there so don't want anything shoddy!!
  23. Hi I'm trying to find out about job oppurtunities within the Electricity Industry I was offered a position with Energex in 2006 but unfortunately couldn't take up the role ( due to now ex wife !!!!:mad:) I've since re married and have a little baby daughter my wife and I are considering making the move !!! She's a Nurse Practioner and I'm a fully Qualified Linesman/Jointer with Live line and Barrier training i know I'll need to obtain my electrical licence is there any way I can do that from the U.K ???? I have seen plenty of vacancies but am unsure as to weather they will take international applicants can anyone please advise me on any of this !!! Many Thanks !!!!
  24. hello guys i am currently in the process of trying to move to australia, just needing some help on the best way to do this? e.g. money, job, insurance, visas etc. Any help would be very helpful thanks
  25. Greetings All, I mentioned in the " is honesty Always the best policy thread" Our situation in that Thorn having followed dept guidelines had informed our Housing Association that he would be coming to the UK for three months to help me submit my Visa & get everything ready for my move to Australia. His Return ticket is booked & payed for, & he is due at Heathrow in just under two weeks. Having informed the Housing they threatened to take away our little home, Thorn has been to several different meetings with various departments & the final result is that they WILL take our home away if he leaves the country for more than a month. This is being decided by one man who had a choice to allow our decision, but has chosen to make Thorn homeless again & this means I wont be able to submit my Visa & go to Australia. We have about a week to sell up the home Thorn has made for us in Brisbane , Everything will have to be sold. What we need to know is How can he stay in the UK he is coming on a Tourist Visa, with a three month return ticket. If after this he was to leave the country for say a week in Europe & then come back into the Uk could he remain in the UK for a period of time while we look into getting him a Spouse Visa for the UK instead. This is not what we wanted but we are having so many problems just getting the most basic requirements in Australia we can't even get started. We haven't seen each other for 18 months & Thorn has worked endlessly to get us established in Brisbane, but has been constantly let down in both Housing & work issues everything we have done has meant a legal fight with one dept or another. & this last one will more than likely drive Thorn out of his own country. This is what our lives have been filled with for the last two years endless battles with beaurocrats. We have very little money so our choices are heavily influenced by department policies all the time. We really appreciate any help we can get with this. What would you guys do, with a week to sell everything you own & a life changing decision to make ?