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Found 1,303 results

  1. Dear members are we covered under RHCA agreement or not I mean pregnancy support etc??,as we are uk residents,and also did adding new born baby in Australia to the parents visa,is free,or we have to pay.?
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend anywhere to rent a 4 bedroomed house i Geelong as part of our validation trip in Feb, we have tried Stayz.com and Geelong bay escapes, need to be central Geelong. Thanks
  3. Keira huggins

    Oooooo help needed

    Hi guys As of 1am our lives have been switched from Sydney(which is where I have done all my months of research) to Brisbane, my first choice:biggrin: But I am now struggling with time frames. I will be blunt. This is what we, ie me, hubby, 12 years old son who is sport ad and dog require Family friendly with good schools, sports, clubs, rugby, football Decent commute to BCD And most of all, a community which does not cost the earth to rent I appreciate I am asking the earth but any pointers would be the equal to a small miracle Thanks in advance Keira
  4. According to a report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on September 29, 2011, immigration is still the key factor in population growth despite a general decline in net migration. The ABS revealed in a statement on the same day that Australian's population "reached 22,546,300 people at the end of March 2011, growing by 312,400 people over the year." "This is down from the previous year where the population grew by 374,600 people, and is the lowest growth since the year ending March 2006 when an increase of 299,269 people was recorded," quoted from the statement. The statistics showed changes to Australia's population from the past 12 months to March 2011. With 167,000 people immigrating to Australia during the period, immigration accounts for 54 percent of the increase in Australian population growth. The figures indicate that immigration is still a key factor in population growth despite the fact that overall population growth rate has slowed to 1.4 percent. Although the current growth rate is slower than in the last two years, it is equal to the average population growth for the last thirty years. KPMG demographer Bernard Salt projected that Australian immigration numbers would stabilise over the coming year at a slightly higher level than the current growth rate.
  5. Hi, can anyone help with any advice? How long after you sign on with someone should things start moving? We signed on with a financial company (who sub-contract a migation agent themselves) almost eight weeks ago and are no further along in the process than we were when we started. We've made a first payment to this company. Although we have spoken to the visa agent, we've not had any separate paperwork to sign from him. Is this normal? :unsure: He seems to have a very good rep from what i've read on the PIO forums. Two months and no progress, are we just being impatient!???
  6. Hi all, We will be arriving in OZ in early 2012 on an employer sponsored 457 temporary residency visa that is valid for 4yrs and the employer has agreed to sponsor us PR after the 2yr qualifying period as per DIAC rules. Will we still need FIRB approval before we can buy a house? We are dead keen on buying as soon as we arrive is possible.
  7. Guest

    Used car Needed- Mackay area-

    My husband and I are moving to Mackay on Nov.4th. We need a vehicle which my little family of 3 could fit into. We are definately on a budget- Please if you know of anything out there- message me. Thank you
  8. Hi can anyone offer any advice on where to live?? We are hoping to be moving to Sydney in October. My husband is an electican and I have to children aged 5 and 2. I have lived in Sydney about 10 years ago stayed in Manly which was lovely but very exspensive. My husband seems to think Cronulla would be a great place but that seems very exspensive as well. We have friends that live in the west who say it's very cheap to live but my husband say's it's quite far from the city and dosen't want to be out in the sticks. Can anyone shed some light on where might be good for families and afordable, not to far from the city. Many thanks Maddy.
  9. Hi guys, am new to the forum and I pose this question as just had some major news dropped on my toes. My husband has been interviewing for a job in Sydney and things are looking very positive. My dh informs me that he would go out there on a 457 visa, initially for 3 months in order to find housing, schools etc, the we would follow. I have been reading (as best as I can) up on the visa and the processes and all I can is "CONFUSED":err::err::err: Can anyone please advice how much it is going to cost us, not the sponsor but us as the prices look incredible!!! That is before medicals, police checks and putting the pooch on a plane. Any help, guidance and divine inspiration would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Keira
  10. Hi All Hoping for some input!! I moved to victoria last week from the UK & have started my job hunt!! I used to be a property manager in the uk & to do that job here in Victoria you need an agents representative certificate!! I can undertake this on a week long course at a cost via the real estate institute of Victoria. Has anyone done this already? Or think I should? Let me know your thoughts Thanks Em 
  11. I am in the (long) process of applying to register to practice as a nurse in Australia and would like to know from others who have been through this before me: The AHPRA ask for evidence (20 hours per year) of continuing professional development. They ask for this to be documented. I have certificates but am going to stuggle to demonstrate some of the training I have done from 2006 and prior to this. Has anyone else stumbled at this hurdle? How strict are they in the documentation? :unsure:
  12. Guest

    help needed - Partner visa

    hey guys pls help me out here. Im planning to apply for the partner visa (onshore). when do i need to do the med exam, n police check?
  13. Guest

    Advice needed please

    Hi everyone I am knew to this site and just wanted to say hello and ask for some advice really. I am due to qualify as a peadiatric nurse in April 2012 and desperately wanting to start my career over in Australia with my teenage daughter and partner asap. After lots and lots of research I have narrowed it down to 2 places....Perth or Queensland (Gold Coast or Brisbane). It seems I will be able to find a job alot sooner in Queensland (6 months post grad experience) than it will be for Perth (2 years post grad experience) but cant help thinking is Perth worth that longer wait over Queensland??? Perth looks like a beautiful place to live, lovely weather, slower pace of life, great for bringing up more kids and nearest point of call flying to and from UK, if and when needed. BUT on the flip side to that so many people say it feels so isolated over there and once youve done everything there life becomes pretty boring and is so expensive to fly to other places such as Sydney, Queensland, Cairns for a change of scenery. The gold coast looks absolutely stunning and so much to do for kids but I know my partner would not like to be on top of tourists day in day out. Are there residential areas on Gold Coast that would get us away from this??? Is the weather better on the gold coast or brisbane than it is in Perth? I dont mind a bit of humidity but hate it when you feel like you need to shower every 15 minutes because its that hot and sticky!! Will appreciate anyones feedback, thank you xx
  14. Guest

    Urgent help needed please

    A recruitment agency has asked my the following question: what would be your expected daily rate in £ in the UK? I am clueless what is a rational rate!!! I don't want to quote something on the high end since, although I have good experience and abilities, I don't have UK based experience and realize that in any new place I need to start a bit slow and work my way to the top. At the same time, I don't want to sell my self short, and don't want to end up with a rate with which I am basically hand to mouth. I want to be able to afford middle class living conditions while saving up money as well. I know this isn't related to going to Australia, but I do hope people will like to share their thoughts. Looking forward to suggestions...
  15. Guest

    Help needed and advice please

    hi Guys im new to this site so help me out. my partner and i are wanting to live in oz. partners a nurse and im a physio, does anybody know the cost of the best visa we wold need.been on so many websites and all say something different. just want to get funds in place before we get the ball rolling,and then how long does it take. any help would be most appreciated
  16. Hi All, We hope to move out of our rental, in three weeks time, (as the owner has sold the house) we are living in Monterey Keys, we are looking for a new rental either in Helensvale, Pacific Pines or Oxenford? I have look on Realestate ect, and there is not a lot on some out of our price range would love a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom and a pool if possible. Thanks Paula :hug:
  17. Guest

    savings needed?

    hi we are in the very early stages of looking into a move to Oz. We are thinking we would rent out our house in the UK but would be making the move with no savings. Our thoughts are my partner would secure a job before we leave to ensure all essential costs are covered inc. cost of mortgage of our uk home in case we cannont rent it out! would be good to hear if anyone has made a similar move and how you found it? or if ths sounds quite unrealisitc! :unsure: thanks
  18. Well, OK, 'Revolver' is equally as good! As soon as Billy Idol came on the radio I knew it was time to put on a CD. Why do they have to play his version of Mony Mony for God's sake?
  19. Hi John My name is Richard, I have recently moved to Perth from the UK to continue my career and experience life that this wonderful city has to offer. I am currently looking for part time work or causal hours in Perth and I am available to work straight away. I am keen, hard working with a positive attitude and always aims to provide a high quality service. Should you require further information or a copy of my CV please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards Richard
  20. Guest

    what forms needed for PCC??

    hi all i have lodged application for 176 on 6th september. Not yet recieved co but thought would get things ready for when we do!! Just bit confused as to what forms i need for pcc??? i have printed off the ones for police checks but unsure if i need also declaration of character etc.. there is a form 80, do i need this?? it :confused:doesn't seem to be clear??? please help anyone collette xx
  21. Hi all, My husband is an Electician and we have our state sponsored visa and will be moving to Victoria as soon as we have sold our house. We have heard it will be difficult to get work as he will have to be supervised until hes has completed the 12 months gap training etc. We just wondered if this is true? Is it hard to find work if you are unlicenced? and also how much would he expect to earn before and after he is licenced per year? As we are trying to figure out where we will be financially, what sort of amount we could borrow for a mortgage etc. If anyone can help please let me know. Also if anyone has any jobs going let me know lol!!! Many thanks in advance. Natalie :confused:
  22. Hoo2Victoria

    Help! Pen Pals Needed :)

    Hello. We're almost at the end of obtaining our Visa. We will need to enter the Country before 23rd December 2011!! We're heading for Victoria and would love to chat with POMS in Victoria. I look forward to hearing from you all. Claire
  23. Hey everyone, just signed up to this forum after reading through various bits over the last few months. We have just booked a plot of land @ the Hunt Club in stage 83. It's scheduled to be titled in Feb 2012. Would like to know how is the estate and came to know that getting internet connectivity is a bit difficult? Also will be helful if some one can recommend me, so that we can have a rebate of $2000; that's $1000 for me and $1000 for anyone(one who recommends) ie who lives in The Hunt Club and has recommended you to purchase land here.
  24. All round baker need for wholesale/retail bakery,good hours,salary neg.Start mid Oct. 2011.Suit permanent or working visit.Sorry only UK bakers may reply.
  25. READ31

    Visa Help needed - WA

    Hi all, I am a recruitment consultant with over 3 years experience, i don't have any qualifications in the area however I have seen there is State Sponsorship offered for WA in my job, and it only says 3 years needed. Just need some help if i were to apply and have some questions. My family in Perth have said there is loads of recruitment work, so once I have received state sponsorship, (if i get it) whats next? Do i need more experience, to apply for next stage, am very confused. Is it only 3 years i need?? Also am trying to take the VETASSESS test to begin the state sponsorship process, how do i even find my job? I can't seem to find the right area to take my specific test!! Thanks to all,