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  1. Hiya Guys, I moved to Sydney about 4 weeks ago and starting to miss my friends and family a bit. I work in the CBD and living at Bondi Beach so if anyone regardless of age or sex fancies metting up for a drink, let me know! I enjoy the outdoors, bars, fitness and laughing :biggrin: Oh and I'm male 36 from London, UK
  2. crispysince70

    Great advice needed.

    I'm in the process of buying a business. Now the problem I have is that when I take it over it will have lots of loyalty cards in circulation. How it works is that you make 5 payments for your haircut and you get the 6th one free. So when I take it over I intend dropping the price by $5 ( from $25 ) and discontinuing the rest of the loyalty cards. However, I do not intend to alienate the loyal clientel that I've just paid a shed load of money for so if for example the cliets have 5 signitures and are due their free one I intend honouring it. So any ideas on what to do about the remaining cards in circulation? For example if the client had 4 signitures and only needed another one.? What would you do? I can't afford to lose loads and loads of money untill they run out, so I don't intend signing anymore, but I don't want to upset the loyal clientel either. Chris x
  3. Guest

    Advice needed re shipment please

    Hi guys Im heading back to Kent, UK very very soon and had one quote from a removals firm initially. They have quoted me a 40ft container which will cost me $10,000. Does this sound reasonable as I think its very expensive? Could anyone recommend anything else? Im happy to pack the house myself (although will need the boxes etc) or shall i try and sell some furniture? God, I was expecting between $6,000 and $8,000 so to hear $10,000 Im really shocked. Please please please help Michelle:mad:
  4. My husband, 2 yr old son and myself arrive in Mackay on Nov. 20th and we have had 0 luck finding a rental. If ANYONE knows of something please send info my way. I am interested in apartments or units for our 1st rental. Perhaps after we have been there 6 months and accumulated some additional belongings and furniture I would seek a house. I appreciate any help. Shannon
  5. happytimes

    Advice needed urgently :(

    Hey, So i've been on this alot with questions about 457 visa and everyone has been a great help! So our visa is being processed (boyfriend getting sponsored and i'm going de facto) but yesterday my boyfriend lost his job :no: This led to alot of discussions last night about what to do, leave, stay, hope for another sponsor. We just don't know what to do. Our WHV is up in 5 weeks so this is not giving us alot of time. Anyone been through this before or have any advice. It's such a blow bcoz i really don't want to go back home to no job. :cry:
  6. Are you looking for casual work???? We are looking for casual laborer with floor laying experience preferred for immediate start in the gold coast area, Good rate of pay, dependent on experience and work availability. Contact andrew on 0450521468 Elite flooring solutions
  7. Hi. We are a family of 4 and I have a baby due in March and we have just had our visas approved and flights booked for 14th December. We are heading for Joondalup but because its holiday season we cant find any place to stay while we look for a house to rent for our family.! Does anyone know of either a family who may be going away and want to rent us their house, does anyone have a room or two we could rent for a while, or know of anyone who has an empty rented place? Do they do an equivelant to B & B's over there? lol ANTHING ??!! Failing that can anyone loan us their carport? - we could get a few sleeping bags :eek:
  8. We are in a dilema and can not see how to get around it! We applied to the TRA in 2006, to have my husbands skills recognised in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. At the time of his applying to the TRA, he had already got 11 years under his belt, although no qualifications. Needless to say, he passed with flying colours, as it took only a little over 3 weeks for us to hear about the TRA's decision. In 2009, we decided to complete our application, with the intention to move in 2010. Even though there were health issues at the time with my husband, again we were granted a 176 Visa and were delighted. We were amazed at how smoothly everything was going, baring in mind our visa took less than 6 months to be granted. In April 2010 we sold up our home, packed up our belongings and moved to Perth. My husband was working a few days here and there for my brother, who has an Air Conditioning Company. However, in May 2010 he thought it was time he applied to the TRA, to get his trade recogognition certificate. We sent all the evidence that we thought was required, not including previous documentation that had been seen prior, back in 2006. We sent evidence from then onwards 2006-2010. Unfortunately, the application was refused. It was refused on the basis he had not supplied at least 7 years worth of work experience. Which with hindsight I can understand, although I do not know why they could not look back at the evidence we sent in 2006. It was obveous he had more than the 4 years I had sent, or he would not have passed the TRA in 2006. It was only several months later we picked ourselves up again and decided to reapply. We sent references going back to 1995, which included 7 companies over 16 years. We included the original document stating we had passed the TRA, Evidence that my husband had been self employed for the past 4 years in the UK from 2006-2010. This included documents from our accountant confirming the nature of his business, copies of the businesses public liability insurance along with employer liability insurance for each of the 4 years, the Tax returns to HM Revenue and Customs for all 4 years, and detailed references from the companies he sub contracted to in the UK. The copy of his Skill Card which showed him as an Experienced worked in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. He also included a 4 page Affidavit that went into great detail about his day to day duties, explaining how he would go about removing a fridge or installing a chiller or a VRV etc... We sent this off in May and it was lodged on the 23rd May. We had not heard anything for 6 weeks, then when I rang I was told I'sd be lucky if we would hear anything in another 6 weeks as they had had to draft in extra staff to contend with the backlog. In this time, my husband was offered a good job on the strength of him getting the license, which came and went because the TRA had taken too long. Anyway, we were told last week that the application had been unsuccessful again! The reason being they had assessed him under the "7 year rule" and he didnt meet the criteria. They explained he would need to provide a day to day explanation of what he did from his sub contracting companies, on letter head. Even though these companies had already clarified he worked for them and included the kind of installations he carried out and detailed equipment he used etc. We are exasperated!! We sent of 16 years worth of evidence and it still isnt enough! We have spent everything we came over with trying to survive on rubbish pay, to now be told my husband can not work in his trade. Why would we pass the original TRA, if he did not show he had the experience? What further annoys me is, we could not have even applied to the TRA for this certificate from the UK. We had to apply from Australia. If we had known before we moved here that my husband would not get this certificate and subsequent license, then we would never have come. We gave up a beautiful home, a good business to now be in rental making do on a poor wage. Working in a job he is not happy with. Why accept the evidence first time around, then not the 2nd? My husband has done supermarket re-fits, cinemas, multi storey office buildings, colleges, the welsh assembly and lots more, yet he can not get recognition for his trade. He knows fridgies out here that do not have that experience, yet have the ticket... it is soo frustrating. We feel like we have been falsely brought over here. We have spent the best part of $80k and have nothing to show for it. We are at our wits end... I am writing this to find out if anyone else has had these problems. If so, is there any advice they could give? We are at a point now where we could easily go back to the UK, if it wasnt for the expense of doing so and the fact we have no home to go back to now Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  9. Guest

    Mirror Order Needed

    I have been granted permission to remove my children from the UK to Oz on the understanding that I get a mirror copy of the court order done in Australia within 90 days (Jurisdition of leave) I have tried repeatedly to get someone who knows what this is to help.. I've been to lawyers to The Attorney General.. From Canberra to Perth and back again.. Some say that it's not needed as the head of state is the same in UK as it is in OZ (The Queen) Others just tell me that they don't deal with International matters.. Nobody seems to know what to do with me or this order.. The problem being, I only have 90 days to register it otherwise my childrens father has threatened to take me back to court an revoke his permission (the kids would have to return to UK.. He doesn't actually want custody of them tho, which means I would have to return to England with them as I am their main carer) If anyone has had a similar situation, or knows the right channels to follow, I only need to register this document or get a mirror copy or it.. I would be very grateful.. I'm lost and just keep getting sent round and round in circles.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!! I'm at my wits end and time is ticking away
  10. Hi All, I'm new on here but have been reading many forums from you guys and I must say thank you all so much for the info you give. I've learnt so much about moving to Oz. Myself my husband and my 3 children (18,15,and 13) would love to get the chance to move out to Perth. My husband is in the Building industry and has been offered a job with a sponsorship on a 457 visa. However our employer has never sponsored before so we are still waiting for his approval, which is taking so long ! It's 11 weeks now is this normal? It's driving us all mad because we're in complete limbo. We can't plan anything. We're not sure if it's our employer that's holding Immigration up or Immigration holding him up, I know that he said to us they're asking for an awful lot of info from him a lot more than he anticipated! What would be the reasons they wouldn't approve his business please? He is a small building company that hasn't employed many people before, he has mainly used sub contractors. But he wants to expand to a larger business with my husband who is a bricklayer by trade but has experience in project managing large projects. We have 2 dogs to consider and we were hoping to fly out before the changes to the quarrantine from 1st Jan. I have them booked in for December because I thought this process would be completed by now ! Just don't know what to do whether to cancel this booking in case he gets refused. My oldest daughter is 18 and needs to plan Uni if we don't go she needs to apply in the UK by Jan, and if she goes to Uni in Perth I think they start in Jan ! I managed to get my other 2 kids into school over in Perth too again they were suppose to start in Feb. Now I'm not sure whether any of this is going to happen! Arrrgghh Any way sorry to ramble on but any advice would be great. Thank you in advance
  11. i have my working visa in place . and plan to travel in jan to oz. any job info for positions in perth.???
  12. We leave the UK on Boxing Day and busy trying to make sure we are all sorted. What do we need to do about insurance for the first couple of weeks. I guess we can't take out holiday insurance like we would if we were just going on a holiday. We are coming over on a business owner visa and so not sure that we are entitled to medicare. Any advice you could give us would be great! Thanks, Natasha
  13. Hi there, My husband is a dentist and he is going to apply for the limited registration of dentist at AHPRA. We feel quite confused for application and documents needed. 1) CPD Would it be okay if my husband only provides the record of the CPD activities? Is it a must to sign by someone else? If so, who will be the right person? What sort of activities will be counted? 2) Police Check? Does he need to provide any police check showing that he has no criminal records? 3) From Limited Registration to Full Registration He passed the OET in August 2011 and plans to sit the Clinical Exam of Australian Dental Council within three years. Does he need to sit the OET again if pass the ADC exam but the OET result is more than 2 yrs? The English standard is supposed to apply to all applicants for initial registration. 4) How long does it take to complete the registration? Thanks a lot for your help. Hope that everything goes fine!! Fingers crossed. Juliana
  14. Going to Melbourne via Thailand on the 8th Nov, land in Oz on the 15th. So excited but nervous, meeting my mate in Mel so not as bad as going on my own. Anyway if anyone could answer these Q's i'd be grateful. Which bank account would you open before you go? Do you think £2000 is enough to get me started, with an extra £1000 approx due when I am already there, but that will go mostly to paying my return. What will jobs be like in Melbourne before Xmas? Who is a good health insurance to go with? What should or shouldn't I pack (20kg allowance) Any useful tips? Thank you!
  15. Hey guys My daughter's chap has arrived from the UK on a WHV and is hoping to find work asap. He's a carpenter by trade with 10 years experience. Can anyone tell me what colour cards are needed? He's been told about red, white and blue and isn't sure which ones he actually needs. Thanks in advance!
  16. MelbournePhom

    457 Visa - Advice needed!

    Hey everyone, glad I found this forum it looks useful. I have been working in Australia since May 10th this year on a Work and Travel Visa (subclass 417) as Web Developer in the Melbourne CBD. I have a restriction on my Visa meaning I can only work for each employer for a maximum of 6 months, which means I can only work up until 9th November for my current employer. I approached my boss about sponsorship of the 457 Visa, he was happy to sponsor me but it doesn't seem possible as I am a contractor and not technically "permanent" (although he said he would offer me a 1 year contract). I spoke to my contracting agency and they are not eligible to sponsor employees. I now have 2 options, any advice would be greatly appreciated: 1. Find a way to stay at my current job and get a 457 Visa. Does anyone know if ANY contracting companies can offer 457 sponsorship, as mine can't. 2. Start looking for a new job. However I would only be interested in working for a new employer that could sponsor me for a 457 Visa. When do you think I should mention this to the potential employer? On my CV/cover letter or at the interview? Cheers.
  17. Hi all, Just sign up to PIO as i have a issue at work that is coming to ahead. Details so far. I been sponsored and in oz for just over 3 years. I move here to see if my relationship with my very long distance (uk to oz!) girlfriend for the UK would work. She is from the UK, has been here for 6 years and is now a aussie citizen. Last year we went back to the UK and got married so we're happily in Australia, with my wifes brother and parents now over permanently over here. I am sponsored with an 457 visa. It was a 4 year visa and i have until August 2012 until it runs out. I have applied for the partner visa (sorry, ive forgotten the number of it) and the forms were put through approx 2 months ago into the Sydney office. I hear scare stories of a year for this to come through!!:arghh: Anyway. The job promised things that have never happened, which i let go really, but due to this i have been doing 2 peoples jobs, so the stress gets to me and sometime i can be short with the manager and owner. Not in a bad way, but pointing out i have a lot on my plate. This is never is in front of or directed to the clients. Because of this i have just received a written warning. I basically want out of this and have wanted to for a while before the written warning on friday but im worried that i going to be pushed before i can jump and that they don't really want to hear my side of the story and want me gone. I understand i will have 28 days to leave the country if they sack me, and that they technically cant cancel my visa (but i guess them sacking me does the same thing!). What options do i have? Is it going to be another 7-9 months before i get my residency (all the health and police forms are done so no waiting)? Can i get a bridging visa?, which one do i get? I basically would like to be free to apply for jobs. Any info would be much appreciated.
  18. Purple Princess

    Migration Agent Needed

    Would any one be able to give me the contact details for a good Migration Agent please? I live on the Gold Coast, so would one local to me be more beneficial, or can it all be done by post/phone/internet nowadays hehe!!! Thanks in advance Purple Princess xxxx :hug:
  19. Purple Princess

    Help Needed

    I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction please? I am currently in Australia, (2 years in December) and so far we love it!! My family and I came over on a student visa and I have now completed 2 years of my degree with 1 year left. We have settled here, daughter in the local school and have purchased our own home. I am looking for advice on options for us to stay permanently in the country and think that I can apply for state sponsorship as my job has appeared on schedule 2 of the sol. Providing I get IELTS I would have 70 points. However, it would be my intention to stay at Uni and finish my degree, and possibly pick up part time work (which is what I'm doing at the moment). Is it possible to get state sponsorship and not work or only work part time? Or, would it be better for me to stay on my student visa and look at permanent migration options after graduation? My only concern with this is I hit the big 40 in February next year which would reduce my points total. I would be happy to speak to a migration expert if anyone knows of a good one on the Gold Coast??? Thanks in advance :notworthy:
  20. Hello! I am a registered nurse with 6 months work experience and would like to apply for a 175 visa as soon as I have the required 12 months work experience! I Sat my IELTs test last week and just awaiting the results :nah: and am now thinking about the next step! Would a reference from a junior sister be acceptable? As it just says 'your manager' on the anmac website?! Also, the transcript that is required, does this have to come direct from the university? I have my degree transcript but this does not state practice hours undertaken throughout the course or any details of modules etc just simply the module name and what marks I achieved, therefore would a letter from a tutor suffice along with this official degree transcript?? Just wondered what others have done!! Could I please also just have any general advice any of you can offer on the anmac assessment! Thanks in advance!! :smile: xx
  21. I am in the (long) process of applying to register to practice as a nurse in Australia and would like to know from others who have been through this before me: The AHPRA ask for evidence (20 hours per year) of continuing professional development. They ask for this to be documented. I have certificates but am going to stuggle to demonstrate some of the training I have done from 2006 and prior to this. Has anyone else stumbled at this hurdle? How strict are they in the documentation? (apologies for posting this before on the wrong part of the forum, I'm a newbie)
  22. I'm considering a move west away from the busy-busy, expensive-expensive life in Sydney. How is the IT job market in Perth? I have 18 years industry experience in both technical and managerial roles, mostly in financial services. I'm open to long term contract or permanent. I've been on Seek looking and it certainly comes behind Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane (in that order) in terms of number of jobs available. - Is IT a growth market at the minute in Perth? - Are there many IT jobs in the mining industry? - are they usually city based? do you need prior mining experience? - Is the contract market bouyant? Look forward to your replies. Rucati
  23. Guest

    TRA Advice needed.

    I'm currently on a working holiday visa living in Melbourne working as a barber and my employer has expressed interest in sponsoring me. Will I need to get a TRA cert to process the 457 visa? I have no formal qualifications in the job but have 9 years experience working in barber shops.How hard will it be to get a TRA cert without formal qualifications? As Barber is not specified as a separate profession as hairdresser will I need to meet the full requirements to qualify as a hairdresser? Im getting a headache trying to find the information online any help would be appricated.
  24. Myself and my family have been living in Sydney for 5 years now. A job opportunity has come up on the Sunshine Coast based out of Maroochydore. We went up for a bit of a fact-finding mission a couple of weeks ago and loved it. However, I do have a few questions and I'm hoping that there are some boards.ie people that may be able to give me a little guidance relating to the potential move. 1. There seemed to be a glut of property on the market. After doing a little digging, I understand that the property prices are falling up there. To coin a phrase, I don't want to catch a falling dagger and introduce a negative equity risk that would tie us to one place, as we would like to go home. What is going on up there, why are property prices falling? Will they fall much further, and how long is that piece of string 2. What is life like on the Sunshine Coast. It seemed like a very nice place to live and raise a family, but you can never really tell what a place is like from a weekend away. Can someone recommend some nice/affordable areas to live, or more importantly, can someone recommend places to avoid like the plague? 3. Is there much to do up there? 4. What are schools like? 5. Having lived in Sydney for 5 years, I'm no stranger to heat, however, how hot/humid does it get on the Sunny Coast? I really appreciate any information that people can provide. Thanks
  25. We have our meds booked at the much praised (on POI) Bridge clinic in Maidenhead for tomorrow morning. We have children of 2 and 6 whom we have chosen not to vaccinate following extensive research on the pros and cons. My question is whether this will be covered in the childrens medical and if we tell them the kids are not unto date with vaccinations, will this be a problem? I would also appreciate any information on what actually happens at the medical. I know that adults need a chest x-ray and blood tests but that's all I know - what else happens and in particular what kind of examination do the kids get? Can anyone tell me if the medical officer writes to your GP for general medical information. Many thanks in advance for replies. Jay