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  1. Hi Poms, I am very confused about my eligibility for LAFHA and need some help................!! I shall give you my Oz life story so hopefully all the facts are there: I arrived in Perth in Dec 2010 on a working holiday visa, where I stayed with friends until Jan 2011. I then travelled the East Coast for a few weeks and arrived back in Perth on Feb 5th. I had decided to settle in Perth and try to find gainful employment with sponsorship on a 457 visa. After a week and 2 interviews I was offered a job with a 4 year 457 sponsorship visa. I have since looked into LAFHA and my basic understanding seems to tell me the following key points: 1. I am temporarily employed in Oz by my employer for 4 years whereby it is intended I return to the UK or apply for residency 3. I am obviously not an Australia citizen 2. My usual place of residence is England Given the above, am I not eligible for LAFHA allowance? I have not yet signed my contract so contacted my HR Manager querying my eligibility and she quite simple said "You do not qualify as we do not require you to work away from home" basically saying that the office is in Perth, and Perth is my usual place of residence.............?? Can someone please shed some light on this for me as I need to understand what I am entitle to before I sign my contract. Also, the actual funds that are awarded in the form of LAFHA, are they paid out of my employer's pocket? or are they received essentially from the government in the form of a tax break? i.e would my employer be having to fork out more money to me, or would they simply be undertaking a paper exercise with regard to my taxation Any help on this would be greatly appreciated : )
  2. Hi all... Really sorry if I'm going over old ground here but I'm just hoping to finally get some things straight in my head after lots of confusion! My boyfriend Craig and are desperate to move to Perth. Craig is a plasterer with an NVQ2 and 8+ years experience. I have a fair few questions so I do apologise in advance but I'd be so grateful for any answers! I don't qualify for enough points on my own, so I'm hoping I can go out on Craig's visa, despite not being married. We've lived together for 2+ years so we've read that we can be considered as a de facto relationship – is this correct? If so, what evidence of our relationship should we start to collate (if any)? Can Craig go straight to the TRA with his NVQ or does he need to get an AQFIII? If he needs an AQFIII, is it better/cheaper to get this in the UK or in Aus? Do you know how much it's likely to cost and can you recommend any companies? We are hoping to apply for state sponsorship from WA, then apply for our PR visa (176 visa I think?) what is the process for this – is it straightforward? We are hoping to do this without an agent to avoid the fees – is this advisable? How likely are we to mess it up going it alone?!! I've read that we will need $20k per applicant plus $5K per dependant (so $25K for us)We're both young (I'm 23) and don't have a house to sell so we're going to have to save the money – will our bank accounts be checked to make sure we have this money when we get the visa (as we may not have it all by then!!)? How long is the whole process likely to take if we start now? Once again, so sorry for all of the questions and massively appreciate your help at this scary / frustating / exciting time!! Thanks, Rhianna
  3. Hi all, I m now in australia on a 457 visa. i studied here for 2 years and then i found a job and have been on 457 visa for abt 2 years.i applied for my 176 family sponsored visa in May 2009, and it was changed to state sponsored in Nov 2009. if i leave the country now and never come back( i dont wanna come back here anymore till i got my 176 visa granted), is it gonna be a problem for my application later with recent work expericene thing and the other stuffs. Regards, Chan
  4. Loopieloo

    Advice needed!

    Is there anyone who is a 13-16 year old who i can talk too? need advice desparately!!
  5. hello there, Are there any essex people living on the northern beaches? Married to a west ham fan, with teenage daughter who is eighteen and son age twelve we arrived here august 2007, fortunatley were getting used to it here,because its been so hard and i really feel for those who have just arrived here it takes at least 2 yrs to settle...hope to hear from you thanks emma:unsure:
  6. hi all, been very lucky and have 176 permanent visa and have got a job lined up in nambour hospital, just got an offer on our house, and hope to complete by end on january 2012. NOW PANICKING..... dont know how to get temporary accomodation in nambour area (or surrounding areas) also where do we get our belongings sent by our removal firm if we dont have an address. :jiggy:
  7. Can anyone help please, we are looking to get a rental in Mindarie for as soon as possible :wideeyed: 3/4 X 2 budget approx up to $550 p/w
  8. We are urgently seeking Engineers (Mechanical, Structural and Construction), as well as discipline engineers. These positions are in Gladstone Central QLD, and would appreciate any interested parties to get in touch with me . We are looking for people with 6-10 years experience ideally. ******We are an approved 457 Sponsor, with possibility of sponsoring right candidates
  9. brill

    Help needed for 457 visa?

    Hi, I am a Pakistani doctor want to go Austraila on 457 visa but hav few queries here What exams are required for APHRA registration ?and what steps are required for working there?Where I should apply?any agency???????????????????Any doctors here to guide.......... Guidance would be appreciated.......................
  10. Hi there, I am a newb, so hopefully i get the terms right and someone can give me some good advice. I am currently on a 417 visa, which expires in february. I have applied for the 175 skilled visa - but I understand this can take quite a while to go through. Is there any way I can get a temporary visa / another visa / some mechanism to stay in oz whilst my 175 is processed? I am currently working and can get a letter of support from my employer... thanks for any help you might offer... bio
  11. Guest

    Advice needed

    Hi everyone This is my first post on here just thought i would give it a go because i keep getting contradicting answers from various people and migration agents. Im currently working in Perth as an Architectural Draftsman on my working holiday visa. Ive started the process to get an RSMS 857 visa but it is on hold until they change the labour market testing. My job was advertised for 1 month insted of 3 but they are apparently reducing this to 2 weeks. Does anyone have a clue when this will be passed as i am running out of time rapidly. My WHV expires in february. Also im nearing the 6 month limit for working for 1 company. Does anyone know if this can be extended and how to do this? The only other option i have been told about if the rsms takes too long is a 457 but my employers dont contribute any funding to training schemes. Does anyone know if there is a way round this? Any assistance would be great. Cheers Dougie
  12. Hello:biggrin: Hope some can help us, we are looking for 3bed 2bath and 2 car garage, in the Mandurah region. We don't have any pets. Regards Julie
  13. ..My OH s ex signed a dec form infront of a solicitor allowing us to take his 3 children...Jenny 13..Sam 10..Jemma 8 i also have a signed dec form from my son s Father to take Tristan 16 yrs..Andy s ex told the children she will miss them but wants the children to go to have a better future..she s shown the children pictures on the net where we are going and promised them they will see her in the holidays and they will come home for holidays to the uk!! Now we have been given a case worker and been asked to apply for police CRB s and Medicals in the next 28 days!!...His ex has now changed her mind after she realized that with out the children she would not get any money from child tax credits or my OH!!..We had to attended court today they did nothing for us...his ex gets legal aid..we couldnt afford to pay a solicitor with my ex still paying off his divorce bill and just having paid our agent and visa s its all been to much..The thing is what do we do next ? The children still think they are moving with us to Australia! The judy today says the mother can change her mind right up till we leave!! we now have to return the childrens passports in 14 days and they must not attend a medical!! The judy says once we have our visa s we can appeal? they will re look at the case!! i just dont get it...Jenny 13 yrs phoned her dad tonight very upset and confused she wants to live with us in Australia...what can we do? we need to go for our medicals or we lose our visa s :-((( with out our medicals we will not be granted our visa s :-(( How can after 4mths she be allowed to change her mind?? please if anyone understands how ive wrote this..( sorry im stressed and very tired) got any help, advice..know what we should do please,please reply :-(((((((((( wendy xxx
  14. Hello everyone, I have spent some time reading through many posts in all the forums. I am Doris currently living in Essex and hoping to get sponsorship to move to QLD with my Husband and 2 children. My Husband Dave is an Auto Electrician with 20 years experience. I really need some advice on what our next step should be. We have decided that we are going to try for a 457 visa so that we can get a relocation package. Can anyone tell me how to go about finding a sponsor? We are hoping to attend the expo in February, but apart from that I don't really know what else to do.
  15. The above position is available on a 4250ha property situated approx 100km north west of Goondiwindi as part of a progressive family farming enterprise. The successful applicant should be able to demonstrate: - Sound ability in property management including opportunity fodder crops and broadacre farming,mechanical & welding practices. - Sound knowledge of cattle breeding including good record keeping. - AG Vet/Chem Cert required. - Good communication skills. - Be able to plan and carry out a hands-on operation this is not an office job. - Must be able to perform under minimal supervision and manage other staff. - HC/MC Licence an advantage. 4 bdr, air conditioned brick home. Primary schools approx. 20km. Secondary school in Goondiwindi. Pm for info
  16. can anyone help ! i have struggled to land a job that befits my experience and knowledge, 27yrs in commercial construction. having ran my own successful Plastering company with more than 20 spreads working for me, being the preferd plastering contractor to several top tier companies in the UK for 10yrs or more, then moving into site management, and having my own property development company business. I have come up against closed door after closed door because, so ive been told "i dont have any Australian experience" so in order to get some i have done labour agency work, i have worked on the Airport link project, Civils Roads and tunnels, a little out of my comfort zone but in order to get the experience needed i took it on and then moved on to one civil roads job after another, and in the mean time have been told by everyone that i meet "its not what you know its who you know. Well i dont no any body high up in any companies here so im stuck ! is there anyone out there that can give an hard working pom a shuve in the right direction ? i can send you my CV (resume) and cover letter, i have certificates from the UK and refferences, I am getting my skills assesed by RPL for a diploma in Project management and im doing a Cert4 in OH&S, as i was also a Health & Safety co-ordinator in the UK, any positive response would be very much appreciated Many thanks my fellow poms, a very bewilderd pom !!!! Me and my family love living here, but i need the right job ! i dont mind going to the mines, if someone out there knows a way in !!!! MIKE
  17. Hi All, My name is Kirk and I work at a small recruitment company in Sydney dealing mainly in temporary Warehouse recruitment. With Christams fast approching my clients are ordering like crazy. I am in need of Fit, Reliable, Hard working people to undertake all the day to day duties involved in running Warehouse's (EG Unloading Trucks & Containers / Picking & Packing Orders / Making Gift Hampers ETC). If there is anyone who is already in Sydney and is happy to undertake this type of Casual on call work please send me you resume Make sure it has you Australian contact details on so i can get back to you :wink: We should have a fair workload on until Mid December. Look forward to hearing from you Cheers Kirk
  18. DaviesFamily

    Skills Assessment Needed for 457 Visa?

    Hi Guys Although we've been trawling through the PIO forums for a while now, I've never written a question before, so I hope I've put it in the right place. My husband has got a possible job interview with Queensland Fire & Rescue Service as a Mechanic, we have approached the subject of a 457 Visa with them and it sounds like it may be a possibility. One thing I'm a little confused on is whether he needs to do a skills assessment or not - it seems the answers varies dependent on the job role? He'll be coming over as a Motor Mechanic which is on the SOL for Queensland. Also does anyone know if the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service has ever sponsored employees before? I would be grateful for any feedback! Laura
  19. Guest

    New to Canberra - Friends needed

    Hi I'm 38 and have come to Canberra on my own to live the Aussie dream. I've been here just short of a week and am feeling a little homesick already. I have secured a house share and have one flat mate but I don't want this to be the only friend and of course she has her own friends. I haven't a job as yet as came in on the 176 visa. so I don't think thats helping and once I get a job I may feel more in a routine and such like but for the time being its dam hard knowing there is no support network in this town. Any help would be greatly accepted. Thanks Dottielott
  20. Guest

    Visa needed by Jan 9th 2012

    Hi all We have been planning on moving to Brisbane for a while. We landed back in England last night from our recent holiday there and whilst there I was offered a permanent job, the issue I have is that they want me to start on 9th January 2012. Does any one on here know of any way to get a visa of some sort that quickly to be able to work in Brisbane until I can get a perm visa sorted Im 32 so I don't think i can get a working holiday visa Thanks in advance
  21. I just had my first driving lesson in 16 years and I was not impressed with the instructor. He seemed careless about road safety/rules of the road. Not what I expected. Please tell me this is not typical? We just moved to Sydney (Ultimo/Broadway) from London (Hackney), and our few friends here have no experience of driving schools. I would really welcome a personal recommendation for a school or instructor. Needs to be for a manual car. NB when I had lessons when I was younger I was up to test standard (failed for stupid reason), plus I've cycled a lot in central London. I'm not imagining his slackness. Can anybody help?
  22. We are a family of 5 from the country in Ireland, and like many families in here, We are experiencing sever financial difficulties I have missed paying my mortgage this month and last month, we live off credit card from the 2nd day of the month and our financial situation will only get worse as the time goes by. Although, I am working full-time, the base salary does not stretch much more than social welfare, which is a big price to pay for not being able to spend time with my 3 children. My partner can not find full-time work where we are from either. Thankfully, I have been offered a really good job with a company I have previously worked for (in the UK) in Sydney with excellent promotional prospects back in March 2011 to start in October (which I will never get anything similar here) and the chance of a life changing for the better experience for us all. We are currently in the Visa process , however, we have hit a Major stumbling block, the Visa Agent is looking for the consent from my ex partner for my son or a court Order stating that my ex has never applied for guardanship in the past I cant get this information for 2 months the courts are off till Sept. in Ireland and I cant afford a solicitor. (I am the only legal guardian), My ex-partner who is an M.D. of a firm will not consent, even though he left me and my son a week before my sons first birthday in the U.K (he returned to Dublin) My ex is not even aware of the sickness my sons has had through the years, the most recent requiring a hospital visit with suspected meningitis, my sisters were immediately in contact by phone (from Sydney and Korea and both have very responsible jobs). My sons dad has now, instructed his solicitor to bring legal proceedings with regard the "Guardianship's" to block me from taking my son from Ireland, the court will look at the "best interests of my son", so it looks like it could ruin our chances of being able to provide for my 3 children and our future in Ireland looks very bleak, with no pension, health care and one house that we will not be able to pay for soon. I am at my wits end and I have even suggested family mediation with my ex, which he agreed to attended last week (unfortunately, as I was leaving the office to attend this meeting, I received an email from his solicitor about the legal proceedings). I am crying now as I am writing this becuse I cant figure this out on my own. How will my in my sons "best interest" effect my other 2 children and my son? How long does this process take and will I lose the job offer in the interim? having a job offer in Sydney where my sister (who is also my sons Godmother and like a second mum to him) in a company I have worked for before with benefits and excellent working conditions is not an opportunity we cant afford to miss out on. I fear I am at that point where the company pull the offer, and we lose out Big Big time! Any advice is greatly needed URGENTLY and appreciated? :sad::mad:
  23. Since moving from uk to au my husband has changed into a violent stranger. He abuses me verbally and threatens me constantly. He has physically hurt me on one occasion and i am now scared to speak or even look at him in case it provokes another outburst. Often his black moods last for days. i have absolutly no family or friends here and am desperate to go back to uk but frightned he may stop me taking our children please please any advise would be great as not sure where to turn
  24. Are there any doctors / physios or medical people out there who can help me?!! A couple of days ago my 12 year old daughter landed badly on her leg at gymnastics and hyper extended her knee. It swelled up and she can only bend it a small amount and cannot straighten it. She can hobble along on it, but she says it feels like it's going to collapse on her all the time. So my friend the Google doctor tells me this is a classic ACL injury. So yesterday we went to the docs and she sent my daughter for xrays and an ultra-sound. The xrays did not show a break (I did not expect them to) and I am not sure what the ultra-sound showed. When we were having it done the guy doing the ultra-sound said there was some damage to the cruciate ligament, but it did not look like a massive tear. He also said that what the ultra-sound could tell us was minimal, as it can only really see the outer parts of the knee and apparently the cruciate ligaments are further in. He suggested that if the scan did not reveal anything that an MRI would be needed, as there was obviously something going on with her knee. So later we had a phone call from the nurse at the surgery saying that everything was fine. OK I said, that's great news, but my daughter has a very swollen knee and is struggling to walk, so what should she be doing - resting or keeping it moving? She had NO idea and said she would talk to the doctor. She came back later and said when it stops hurting she can have physio on it. OK - so now we have "everything is fine" to "needs physio" so I was completely confused. I asked her how long it would be before we could expect it to feel better - her answer "when it stops hurting" yes I said, I get that, but are we talking days? weeks? months?. She just did not have a clue. So now I have my VERY active 12 year old, unable to walk properly, in pain and I have no real idea about what treatment she should be having and whether she should be moving, resting or what?! She was supposed to be on a Guide camp this weekend which she has had to pull out of, so she can have a quiet weekend and rest her leg, but what then? How long to I let it hurt for? How long to I wait to see a physio? Do I accept what the doctor says? I am completely at a loss here. She is a netballer and obviously needs her knee back working again asap in order to continue playing. HELP!! Any advice would be really useful! Love Rudi x
  25. BritChickx

    Self Employment Advice Needed

    Me and Paul are working self employed using Paul's ABN, but we're not sure what we should be keeping track of and what expenses we can claim back? We're going through a lot of petrol! And do we start putting the tax money by now? If anyone is self employed here any tips would be handy