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  1. Guest


    Hello all, We have finally received our PR visa and are ready to take the plunge! However, we are pretty much clueless on all of the stuff that needs to be in place before, during and after we get on the plane. Since this site is so massive I have struggled to find some sort of emigration checklist that gives us an idea of what's in front of us. I'm sure they exist so I am hoping that someone can point us at the threads that are most helpful for the following: 1. The Move - prep & pack, flight preferences, shipping prefs, etc... 2. Arrival - What to do first, second, third... 3. Settling In - Rental advice, bank accounts, tax numbers, etc... 4. Jobs - Scheduling interviews whilst still in the UK, finding a good recruiter, what goes in your pay package, etc... Any other links, suggestions, advice, warnings would be appreciated! Many thanks, - Kev
  2. Guest

    Oil & Gas

    Hi Looking for some help here. where is the best place in Australia for a Oil & Gas Jobs. I am looking for a Sponsorship
  3. Hello to all, We are a French family of 4 (including son of 3 1/5 years and daughter of 16 months). After almost 7 years of procedures..... we finally got our permanent resident visa (subclass 176). Departure is planned in August 2012. We plan to go to Sydney, unless an opportunity for a job occurs somewhere else in Australia.... I found the website through search engines and although it seems more dedicates to UK people doing the move..... I hope you'll accept us. Now that the big moves finally becomes real..... many questions on going! So thanks for the useful informations on the website!
  4. Guest

    Moving to Highton, Geelong

    Hi - My name is Mary Ann. We landed in Melbourne New years Eve and are currently renting a holiday let in Hampton. We are hoping to settle in Geelong as soon as we can secure a rental. We are looking at Highton, Waurn Ponds or Wandana Heights as we have got a space for our daughter Jodie who is 7 at Bellaire Primary School, Highton. I also have a 4 year old boy - Adam and my husband Rob is an Electrician. Be great to be in touch with some families from the UK.
  5. littlem

    wobble about moving costs!

    Apologies in advance but this is a wobble, panic, petrified, financial cost freak out! We are finally in Cat2 waiting for a case officer. Over the years i have had a rough idea (i thought) of costs once the visa arrives to get ourselves and possesions over to Oz and cover us for a few months till we get jobs established etc. Anyway i have finally sat down to work it all out as we have a date in mind that we want to go (obviously once we have the visa) and it has just completely freaked me out. Way more than i had figured. Now we have some money, not loads but also not going out with $500 and a dream. But i never thought we would be looking at £20k This is what i have worked out for us to get there and live for 4 months, all apx costs but pretty close to the real thing i think and converted at $1.6: Flights x 4 £2500 Container £4000 Hire Car 2 wks £500 Cheap car £2500 Furnished rental 4 wks £1500 Rental $400 wk first 3 months £3000 rental bond £1000 Bills/spends first 4 months £4000 School uniform £500 Ambo cover/utility set ups etc £500 So £20k gone, now once we have the visa we will start applying for jobs and hope to be working withing the first 6 weeks, but scary thought if not. I just needed to share this as it scares the hell out of me. Thanks Michelle
  6. Hi everyone, I have just read Angel Cake, and Ali(moderator) has just also made a new thread about this book I suggested to her. Any of you who are interested the author is above with the book title. Cathy Cassidy also has a website, so if you are also interested in her other books which include some moving, just visit her website. And if you want to read the book and finish, just give me feedback and tell me how the book was. I am sure you will love it. From Princessoftheworld20 :biggrin::wink:
  7. Guest

    Moving to Alice Springs

    Hello Everyone! I am moving to Alice Springs in a month's time and would love to hear any tips or advice any of you might have. Rents seem very expensive - what's the chance of getting a house sit? Thanks all Barbara
  8. Jaime Mack

    Moving to Traralgon

    Hi I am moving to Traralgon with my aussie wife and baby and just wondered if there are any other pommies in that neck of the woods. cheers Jaime
  9. Hi Guys Moving to Berwick hopefully in November. Came to Melbourne in May and decided Berwick was for us. It's now getting to the point where we are both worried about not having any mates and having to spend all our time talking to each other or the dog! Anyone out there who has regular meets etc, let me know as would be great to meet up when we arrive! Also any general Berwick info - when we visited we got as far as the Berwick Inn!! Caroline, Gaz & Tony (the dog)
  10. Guest

    Moving to Mornington Oct 11

    Just thought id start a thread for Mornington as we are moving there this Oct. Anyone else would love to start to build a network of friends and vise versa. Age group 30-35 Me -housewife HO- chef 2x boys 1/half & 2/half Hobbies- biking, hillwalking, running(although not doen much since boys came along!!) reading, tropical fish, dogs, family. Cheers Maz
  11. Hello everybody! I hope you're all well. My partner and I will be moving to Brisbane in March and, since neither of us have ever lived their before, we're wondering what to expect and if you lovely people have any recommendations for places to visit/ things to do there? My partner is from Adelaide (born and bred) and I'm from Wales, UK. We don't have any children and are both 28 & 30 (respectively). Any suggestions would be most helpful, and equally if there's anyone moving to Adelaide then feel free to ask for more information; we're happy to help :biggrin:
  12. We are moving to Perth Summer 2011. Got Reccie in April for 2 weeks and we can not wait. I am a PE teacher (33) and my huspand is in recruitment (32), we have 2 kids (2 and 6). We have a few friends in Perth already but I would love to share this scarey experience with others. Jxx
  13. hi , my name is robyn and im moving to perth next august , ill be 16 then and just of finished my GCSE's. Any one in the same situation ?:smile:
  14. Guest

    Help re: Moving to Melbourne

    Hi My family and I are hoping to move to Melbourne. We are just awaiting the outcome of a job interview for my hubby. If he was successful then we would need to make potentially some life changing decisions in a short space of time, hence we need to help on our research. We have 2 young children and a dog and would be looking eventually to buy a house but would rent first, however: 1. Which suburbs have good primary schools. 2. Does Oz have Ofsted reports like the Uk? 3. Would we need to have secured accommodation before we can apply for a school or can we do this from the UK? 4We would be looking to rent a modest house in a reasonable area first and would need to be accessible to transport, CBD, beach although we are not opposed to travelling and living in the outer suburbs if value for money is better. Are outer suburbs better value for money? 5. My daughter wears glasses and would need to see an optician annually, is this covered via the Oz healthcare as it is in the UK? 6. In order to get a mortgage or a loan for a car would we need to be in Oz for a while to get a credit history before we could apply for a mortgage, loan etc? I'm sure I will have loads more questions and help help/advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hello all, Very open title I know but it's because my google research hasn't got me very far! So we had decided on Perth but hubby's sis is in Melbourne and he'd like to be closer to her. I'd prefer rural, the kids will want activities such as swimming, horse riding and sports teams and dancing, hubby prefers city living but with his own space. Tough call I know but does anyone have any ideas of where we should start our search? We're hoping to come out sometime between June and Sept this year. We prob won't be able for a reccie together but himself may get out before moving day hopefully. All suggestions will be greatly received. Thanks DM
  16. sedgecl

    The Moving Experience

    Well, What can I say…What a day…I never knew that this experience would be soo exhausting and we are only at the start... As they say when it happens it all happens at once. We sold our house on Friday, on the agreement that the buyer can be in within 6 weeks, suits me and the family fine. (Not sure its gonna happen thought….lol) Really could cope with it all at the weekend made me feel quite ill, think its all the mixed emotions, having to tell the parents, even though my eldest told the OH parents before we did that the house had sold….ooops… telling the children, re-homing pets and the list goes on. We have decided not to take our lovely pets as will feel that the Freddie our Tibetan Terrier will suffer badly, some of you may think that we have done the wrong thing, but he suffers with separation anxiety. My OH and I feel that the flight would be too hard for him and then before he arrives at Adelaide he would have to stay in quarantine for 30 days at Melbourne, poor Freddie can’t even handle a weekend at the kennels, so he wouldn’t be able to complete the long journey and separation. My friend who is Godparent to one of my boys is going to have him, as her boy really wants to have him, so fingers crossed this will work out, at least we know where he is and we can see him on Skype. My eldest thought that it would be best if his cat stayed with a friend and asked if they would look after him, this is his decision and I am pleased that he has chosen to do this. So for those of you out there who have the same decisions, please don’t feel guilty if your pet can’t cope then let them stay with someone who will love them for you. This morning I started looking for Short Term Rental Accommodation in the Seaford area, easy you would think, but all accommodation seems to be booked up. We were planning to migrate in June, but as the house sold sooner than expected we have brought our plans forward and hope to be in SA between 5/15 March 2012. I’ve been on the phone to Oz this morning to see if I could book anything, but sadly no joy and I have emailed lots of other rentals…so fingers crossed something may happen. I’ve managed to book the shippers who have been great, they have given me a good price and have got me booked on the cargo ship at the end of Feb. Solicitors are all ready to go, they are working on tying up the business sale and house sale. Halo are arranging the money side of life and the pensions should hopefully be organised by our FA. Thing is I can’t believe that it has taken me just about all day to organise all of this and I still have lots more to do. There is so much junk in the house, where on earth do you start….When do you hand your notice in at work, what happens if the sale falls through…..Boy the list goes on. To those of you who have taken the time to read this, Thank you… I just felt that I wanted to share my day with you, I’m not complaining, just can’t believe how much there is to do. The whole experience is so exciting… I am really looking forward to our new adventure, make new friends, new house, new life…etc… :biggrin:
  17. NATandALDO

    Moving to Melton, VIC in new year

    Hi everyone My husband I are making the big move to Melton, Victoria from Surrey in the new year and just wanted to say hi to you all. We've not been to Melton before so if anyone has any advice/info please do not hesitate to share it with us :wink:. My husband is moving out in January with only a job and a bank account so I will be joining him in Feb when he has hopefully sorted out somewhere to live, a car, a phone, etc!! We are in our early 30s; my husband is a teacher and I am a registered social worker. Would be good to hear from anyone who has some advise :biggrin: Cheers Natasha and Aldo
  18. My husbands family have been very hostile about us moving to oz. It has been in the planning for 3 years and now they know we are going, have become hostile, they have said to my husband he is deserting them and that they are changing thier will...... has anyone else had this kind of reaction. My family, although they dont want us to go, have been very suportive....:shocked:
  19. hi im im a solid plasterer from leeds with nvq's levels 1&2. im moving to the goldcoast in january. im writing on here just to get an insight into how they go about solid plastering in the goldcoast and if there is much demand for plasteres in this area. ive been told everything is mainly tape an joint an no wet plaster at all except for rendering. if anyone could help that'd be great. or if anyone knows of someone setting on that would be better lol cheers. kieran
  20. Hello. Quick query which may pose more problems than is worth, but im not sure on the logisitics of the potential impact. When we move to Oz, we always planned on selling our house, exchanging it to $`s and using that money downunder. BUT.,., since our initial thoughts. The house asset rewards is only about £20K and the exchange rate is poor so wouldnt want to exchange it until I really had to. Savings we have, and can rely on for 6 months.,., maybe more. So, would it be viable for us to rent our house out. It would take more £ in rent than what i pay to the mortage. Whats happens tho if i do this, and i then land in OZ, do I have to declare this for taxing, or any other money related incidents i should be aware of.:policeman: Sell, or Rent??? Does it matter to OZ what i do? Cheers.
  21. Guest

    Moving To Gold Coast!

    hiya, im a 14 year old girl and im moving to the gold coast in October and i was wondering if anyone else is? :eek: post back if you are :3 maddy xo
  22. Hi there, we are moving from rental to rental and stupidly gave back all our moving boxes to Crown when we moved here from NZ. Does anyone have any moving boxes in the Gold Coast/Brisbane we could borrow/have? Many thanks in advance:cute:
  23. Hi Just wanted to ask, does anyone have any regrets on moving from OZ back to the UK? How did the kids go on the move? Did they settle back ok? Is the UK as bad as the doom and gloom you hear of on the news? Thanks :wacko:
  24. Alan H

    Moving Car

    HI everyone quick question. We just bought a Mitsubishi outlander and now we are considering moving to Australa Anyone had experience with moving a car to Australia ? Sydney is probably where I'm headed Alan.
  25. Report in the paper this morning that they are finding red backs in England and some of our crazy ants. Evidently they are emigrating with our luggage and I suppose in containers. Redbacks love dark places so easy peasy to get into the lounge suite.:laugh: