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  1. Guest

    Moving to Mandurah WA Shortly

    Hi to you I'm Ali, my partner is Chris and my son is Gregory (12 in April) and we're on the move to Mandurah in WA in the next few months (hopefully sooner rather than later). Still some things to sort here but once sorted we should be out in the sun in April this year leaving the wet, grey and cold behind us. Can't wait! We plan to move to either the Halls Head area or South Yunderup but we'll wait to make up our minds on that after we've arrived. My son will be going to the new school in South Yunderup, Austin Cove Baptist College so if anyone knows anything about that or about that area then it would be great to hear from you. I'm just keen to get chatting to people who are in the vicinity and get to know new friends and to hear your news and views. Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes Ali :laugh:
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a 26 year old female Environmental Consultant and I'm going to be moving to Sydney (from Manchester) at the end of October. I'm really, really excited about coming over but I don't know anyone in Sydney, and as I'm coming over by myself I thought I'd post a little message to try get to know a few people for when I get there! I’m easy-going and I love reading, films, theatre, cooking (and eating!), arts and crafts, music, walking, having a good old chat over a glass of wine and loads of other things! Any advice or friendship you could offer would be gratefully received, so please get in touch if I sound like your kind of gal (in a non ‘Lonely Hearts Column’ kind of way!) Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon, Ellie
  3. Sarah and family

    Family considering move to Sunshine Coast

    Hello All, I came across this webpage and finding it very useful. My husband and I are considering a move to Australia, Its a crazy big move for us as we know no one there and will be leaving everything we know behind in the UK. We don't really know too much about the visa situation but I know that my husbands profession is on the skills list. I'm not really sure on the next necessary steps to make, I have read mixed messages Re the visa application as I have read I should get an agent to help with the process? and others say save your money for the move and complete it yourself? Which I have no idea on the first steps? And also with regard to how much money we will need to emigrate? Housing situation is also something we want to know more about, we own our house (have a mortgage on) in the uk and would sell and move to Aus, does anyone know if we can buy in Aus straight away or within like a year so we can rent first to be sure on area etc. I have also been looking into areas and loving sunshine coast, permitting that my husband can get work there, We need to look at schools for our two children (6 and 3) and would love to be within walking distance. Here in uk they go to a catholic school and love the link between church and school but not sure if this is a possibility in oz? I have spent to long researching and we are looking at booking flights to go out in 2013 to investigate the area, schools jobs etc. its all very scary but a move we would love to make, We also have to tackle telling friends and family our plans (which is the bit i dreading the most!) If anyone had any advice or is in the same situation, I would love to hear from you. Just realised I may gave gone on a bit so apologise in advance Many Thanks Sarah and Family in uk
  4. I am moving go Brisbane From Yorkshire but I don't know which places are best to live In. I have 4 children and the oldest is 17 years old. I want a new surbub that is still developing with new houses. I am not very fond of old places so new places are ideal and I want a place that has parks and nice schools for the kids. I was going to move to north lakes but I have been advised against it. What places could you recommend ? I have tried to search for new survive online but I have had no luck so please help!!
  5. Guest


    Looking to move over to aus, i have partner plus two children were under 30 and kids are 1 and nearly 3. I think the uk has had its day my partner cannot find a job in the uk she has no skills but is currently going to college learning about payroll, im mechanic started out in cars but now has moved to hgv/plant. I have companys ringing me asking if i want to live/work in aus car dealership offering 60k is this enough to live on? also hgv company offering 78k at most or a mining company offering 90k Were looking to live in the the vic area?
  6. Hi Folks, Hoping to emigrate to Perth Wa Autumn/Winter 2011 My Wife Angie, Myself Jamie and our Young kids 5 and 2, Anyone from Aberdeen Scotland planning on moving there to? Be good to hear from you if you are Cheers Jamie
  7. Hello there I'm 14, and my dad has been working abroad since I was 11, so my family decided to have him closer to home with a better job and better quality of life, we'd move to Australia. I don't know much about life there, so I'm a bit reluctant to go, so it would be nice if I could get the advantages/disadvantages of moving there from the UK. We're planning to move to somewhere in New South Wales. Also, I go to a grammar school, is that going to affect whether or not I'll be put back a year like I've been told I would be? It's supposedly a higher level of schooling in the UK, but I don't know whether that matters or not. Thanks
  8. Guest

    Thinking of moving back to Oz

    Hi everyone. Just joined the forum looking for advice/opinions on moving back to Australia. Moved there 3 years ago and only lasted 3 weeks and hated it so much I moved straight back. Now I thinks I may have done the wrong thing. The UK is sinking fast and I want out but my fear is that i will go back to Australia just as the recession hit there:wacko:.
  9. Hi one and all. My visa has finally arrived, after a long wait of 4 years. whoop whoop, I have planned to move end of Jan and played my move card to my company. Excellent, you say, well they have come back with a good offer plus development and career growth. In the UK I am relatively comfortable, house, car good job etc. 4 years ago when I lodged the visa I would have gone in an shot, now, I am having second thoughts. Having worked very hard to achieve relative comfort in the UK, do I really want to give this up and start again in Oz? Any advise from those that have made the move would be welcomed. (I am mid 30s, no kids so the move would be easyish).
  10. Guest

    moving to Warrnambool

    Hi guys, it looks like Warrnambool here we come (fingers crossed) when house is sold. I'm after as much info from people who are already living in Warrnambool as to their opinions, good and bad places to live, what schools are like from kinde to secondary, tafe - anyone got kids going their and what do they think of it. What are the towns/villages etc like around Warrnambool, I know they're about 12 - 20 mins away from the centre - does anyone find this to be a problem. Shopping and entertainment - what's it like any good for kids 16 to 20 yrs - is there enough nightlife for them. I would love to hear from people who have made the move already - how are you finding it - who helped you - which shippers did you use - are they any good - how did you go about renting - did you get any help from Regional Victoria. I think that will do for now but if you can tell me anything please do. Thanks in advance, Helenx and the rest of the terry family.
  11. Hi Everyone ! Me and my finance and our little 1 year old girl are moving to Perth in October Im 20 years old and looking to meet other young mums to make friends with. Anyone out already or going out soon, let me know x
  12. cowgirlfromhell

    Living Cairns area?!

    I would love to hear from anyone living in the Cairns area who can give me the right information on suburbs and flood prone areas!? Also removal companies from interstate? We are looking to move from Rockingham, WA to North Queensland next year and need help on deciding whether very far north Queensland is a good idea compared to say, Sunshine Coast?? Advice on living in Cairns CBD is ok and what areas are best? Thanks so much to anyone that can reply! Kate:confused:
  13. When I finally get to Oz (and it is actually looking like it might happen now) I was thinking......who would I most like to sit down with, have a beer and chat to..... and then who would I least like to........... I would most like to have that beer with Bobj :yes:..........and least like to meet .............................................................................................. the Funnel Web Spider :shocked: What about you?
  14. Hi all anyone on here has moved from Adelaide to Melbourne or the other way round? Looking for a moving company but one that can lift furniture if needed up a few floors into the air if it doesn't fit through stairs - 60/70s type of apartments. Already been given one quote of someone that can do that ... Just wanted to compare. Anyone else had the issue of furniture not fitting through the stairs? Been told that even a queen bed could be a problem.
  15. As said... trying to decide between John Mason and White & Co Anyone have any advice... recommendation or NO! comments... How far off the quoted cubic feet were they ? Thanks
  16. The Pom Queen

    Moving to Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide

    Then don't forget our sister forums. www.lifeinvictoria.com www.perthpoms.com www.pomsinadelaide.com
  17. hi everyone, as a way of "giving back" to this forum and to the wonderful people who helped us so much when we were planning our move over from London, I thought I'd outline our experience and observations thus far. If anyone has any particular questions, I am more than happy to help. We did the "sell the house, ship our stuff and send the pets" thing. House: in London, took 4 months from the date when offer was accepted to the date we finally moved out. The house sale was probably the most stressful part of the whole "leaving" London part of the journey. Stuff: we shipped a 20 foot container on 15th June, and our local shippers advised us earlier this week that it is due to arrive in Brisbane on / around 22nd July. We used PSS and they were absolutely brilliant (though we are yet to see whether everything makes it over ok!) We have also shipped our two vespa scooters in the same container. Cats: We flew our two cats over - they were collected on 10th June, arrived in Sydney 15th June and were flown up to us on 15th July. Both are absolutely fine for the experience, they were back to normal in hours of being with us. We used Golden Arrow in UK and Dogtainers in Oz (to fly them from Sydney to Sunshine Coast) and highly recommend them both. Observations on arriving in Oz and trying to get organised: I suggest that after you sort out somewhere to stay for the first few days, the next thing to do is get a mobile phone. A couple of tips: 1 - be aware that to get a prepaid SIM card, you still need to show photo ID and give an Australian address (you just need to give it, not show proof of it). If you don't have an oz address when you get here, see if you can give a friend's. Its only for a prepaid card. 2 - bring an unlocked mobile phone with you. Even an old one will do - this will save you loads of money. And its way easier to unlock phones in the UK than in Oz, from what I have gathered. Another suggestion: internet access. I suggest if you can, you bring a laptop over with you. When you get here, you can buy a USB stick / dongle like they sell in the UK, from say Telstra. Again, you need ID and address (but not proof of address). This will work out to be cheaper in the long run than using internet cafes (if you can find one), and is probably way more convenient. if I think of more observations that might be of help to people, I'll add them. Any questions, fire away, regards sg
  18. Hi all, Would really appreciate the benefit of your experience on this one. We had our visa granted about 4 weeks ago and we are unbelievably excited about making to move to Perth. As we have limited funds, we decided to wait until I secured a job (VET teacher/lecturer) before making the permanent move out to Perth. However, so far, this has proved more difficult than I first thought. Despite having mountains of experience and qualifications and a diversity of skills, I am even struggling to get shortlisted for even a basic teaching role. I have changed my CV to suit, tailoired my letters to meet the criteria in the format that the Aussies are loking for, but time after time, they are shortlisting Aussies over me and after speaking to a number of employers (who have been brutally honest), they are stating that I am a risk to employ because of not being there for a face to face interview and the chance that I might not come (which isn't that case). I completely understand where they are coming from and know that if I could get my foot in the door somewhere, I would be fine. We have sold everything (and I mean everything short of our clothes and a few small bits we want to take) and are currently residing with family. Not the most ideal situation. We also have a 16month boy to consider. We vhave enough money to cover costs for the first month, possibly 2 at a stretch. Our dilemma is this: Do we sit and wait until I eventually get offered a job. Or, do we book our flights, apply for jobs notifying them of when we are arriving and do some serious job seeking when we get there. Any advice you guys could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  19. The Pom Queen

    Moving to Melbourne

    Then why not join our sister forum www.lifeinvictoria.com
  20. AhmedAndEmy

    Moving to Bunbury Soon

    Hello Ladies/Guys, My 457 granted 3 weeks back and i will be moving coming Jan to Bunbury. I would like to meet new friends. I love partying, sports and going out.. I'm not sure yet if i am going to rent or share any advises or recommendationn Thnkxxx
  21. Hi All My husband has a sponsored job offer on a 457 visa. We are planning to move to Bunbury early next year, we have 3 children age 15,12 and 9 all girls hoping to make a better life for them, like all other parents we are worried that they will be able to adjust and make new friends and that the Australian kids will accept them. The kids are currently in afrikaans schools and can communicate in english how difficult will it be for them to adjust ? What is your oppinion, should we first visit Bunbury before moving there? (people here in South Africa are trying to discourage us.) All we want is the best for our children and hopefully a safer future. Everyone is so excited and can't wait for everything to get finalised. Please Help? Thanks MarieSa and Family:goofy:
  22. My dad's been offered a job in Perth and the company he's going to work for have sent off visa applications for our family (dad, mum, little brother and myself). We're waiting to hear if the visas have been approved and then will hopefully be in Perth before Christmas! I was wondering if anyone could help me with what to expect when I move, how easy is it to settle in? what are the schools like? is there plenty to do? did anyone miss their friends when they moved and if you did how did you get over it/make sure you kept in contact? How easy did you find the move? Any other information on the move, Perth or any other aspect of moving to Australia would be greatly appreciated from everyone! :ssign16: Thank you, Emiley x
  23. Hi All, New to the forum/site but have a few questions that i'm hoping some of you guys may be able to help with! Myself and my other half are thinking of moving to Oz late next year (2013), having looked around on the net at the skilled migrant process, I am unsure on what is the best option for me to get skill assessed on. Below is a bit about my experiece and qualifications: HNC Building Services (HVAC), C&G 2079 F-Gas (Air con), Qualified UK Gas engineer through the ACS/gas safe scheme, 7 years working within the M&E industry working on mechanical services. Aside from my qualifications above I have also got the Engineering Technician status from CIBSE which has a mutual recognition from engineers australia as a chartered engineering associate. I suppose, what i'm asking is what people would recommend as the best route to take in getting out to Oz next year as a skilled migrant? What trades are more in demand? Would it be as a general Plumber based on the above skills (even though I have no formal plumbing qualifications)? Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks
  24. Guest

    Moving to Albany

    Hey I would just like a review on Albany western australia from any teens/parents with teens living there and what high school is like there in comparison with high schools in the england. Thanks:)x
  25. hey, Im a teenage girl from the uk, hoping to move to australia in a couple years time. I'm quite worried about missing friends and family in the uk. I'm also excited about living a new life and experience a complete different way to life! But thing is, my parents are divorced and my step dad is originally from australia and wanting to move back with my mum and my two younger sisters. I havent actually told my dad yet, but im delaying it because i feel that i will have pressure put on me and i dont want to be put in that situation. I know that he could visit me and i could visit him, but i know money is tight and it wont be easy. I'm close to family in britain and will miss them millions! i just need advise from anyone who has ever been in this situation or could give me advise and ideas on what i should do. Also I would like to know from teenagers on what i will expect and is there much too do, and whats it like there. Is it easy to make friends because i know when moving it can be difficult, and whats education like because i would be in college when i move? I really would like to hear back... Laura