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  1. My husband, daughter and I are moving to aus on 30th April 2011. We were going to base ourselves in Buderim. Any info on the place would be great. We would be looking to rent. Picked Buderim for it's position. We would like to be near mountains, beach and country. We have visited Aus four times since 2001 and did not get a good look at Buderim. Thx
  2. hefbat

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Hi there, the ACT board is pretty inactive at the moment, so I thought I would see if I could get a few posts on the go for people like us who are moving to Canberra in 2015 who have ACT-specific questions about their upcoming move, and for those already in Canberra interested in providing guidance, advice and support. INTRO: We're a family of four, with two twin 18-month-olds, who are moving sometime in May 2015 from Edinburgh. My wife (who is English) has got a job with a uni in town, and I (American/Brit) am going to be watching the kids full time at first before hopefully finding some political/third sector work in policy/comms 2 days a week, which is the arrangement I've got now. MOVING WHERE?: Right now looking at Inner North/South - Belconnen, Ainsle, Dickson, Red Hill. Primarily interested in places close to wife's work, with decent restaurants, coffee shops, places for little ones to play - both a house with a yard and public playgrounds/indoor softplays. From research, inner north seems a bit more colourful, inner south a bit older. Have no idea if that's a fair assessment. UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Best record stores? Places to see local bands? Where to watch Scottish footie? Where to watch American football? Anyone know of a fiddle society? Any 'new to town/expats social groups? Good softplays? First 'wow, we're not in the UK anymore' experience? Anyway, hopefully this will generate a few responses and a few new people posting! Cheers Mike
  3. MrsMoo

    Moving Schools UK-Oz-UK

    Hello to all PomsInOz My husband has just been given the opportunity by his company to move us to Canberra for 12+ months. Relocation package is excellent etc but...there is a big but. My twin sons, aged 13, are currently in Year 9 at school and, if we go, would completely miss Year 10 of their GCSEs, having to go back to the UK to start Year 11 having missed half of their modular assessment and probably jeopardise their GCSEs entirely. If we were able to stay longer in Australia, say for 2 years, to the point where they were 16 (the equivalent time to finishing their GCSEs) would they leave their Australian school with any qualifications that would allow them to return to the UK and do their 'A' levels? If the above all sounds like gobbledigook, just say :embarrassed: and I'll try and rework it. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi guys, My Girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Australia (NSW) around October this year (we still need to book the tickets!) and were wondering where we should consider moving to. I have a PR visa (my Dad put me on his when he moved to Sydney 5 years ago and it expires in November so I have to be there before then!) My Girlfriend has a 90 day working Visa. My Dad has lived in Sydney for 5 years now, we would like to move somewhere that isn't too far from him maybe maximum 45 mins drive from Sydney. We would like to be somewhere that doesn't feel too far out from everything (beaches, shopping centers, gyms etc) and would like to find work fairly quickly. Where would be the best areas for us to consider moving to? I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 25. Thanks a lot! Matt
  5. ashleyjames473

    Hi all, any advice welcome

    Hi there, My name is Ashley, living in London, and I'm a qualified midwife. Moving out to Darwin to be with my partner, hopefully very soon! I have been offered a position in a Darwin hospital and am waiting on my visa. Once I receive my visa, apart from booking flights etc. what are the next steps? Any advice at all would be great.
  6. Hello there, my husband just accepted a job in Darwin so looks like we will be moving, all going well with the visa applications. Just wondering if there is anybody else out there looking to make the same journey? Don't think I'll actually believe this is happening until I'm on the plane!
  7. Hi, Sometimes life is really strange, 2 years ago a girl asked me to come down to aussie but it didn't work out and here I'm today with a job offer to Australia and about to move to Australia with my new girlfriend I found out yesterday that I was selected for a job as project manager for a huge project so me and my girlfriend from Sweden got sponsored Visa to Australia. We are getting apartment payed for 3 months, they are paying for the shipping of our stuff from here, health insurance and a lot of other benefits to move. The job is located in Brisbane. This project needs to be completed within 14 months so the contract is only 14 months but I have the possibility to get my job extended. This is a dream come true for many people I guess, get awesome well paid job, Australia etc.. and for me, but, im nervous. I'm swetting all the time, thinking of my family and relatives, because I'm very attached to my family, what if something happens to me, can I handle the job, because I will be responsible for a project with is veeeeeeeery expensive, my head is spinning faster then the earth It self... For those who have migrated, have you been in same thoughts or for those who need to do same trip as I? Have you been nervous, what were your biggest fears. Please share your stories and thoughts.
  8. markp

    Brisbane property market

    Hi Everyone, My family and I are on the verge of deciding to move from the UK to Brisbane. We're hoping to live in one of the family friendly suburbs not too far from the city. Can anyone give any advice on the property market? Is it changing much? Are prices going up? Staying flat? Also, is there a good time during the year to buy? We're trying to work out when to move and I'd like to try to buy at the best time. Thanks is in advance for any advice. Mark
  9. markp

    Brisbane property market

    Hi Everyone, My family and I are on the verge of deciding to move from the UK to Brisbane. We're hoping to live in one of the family friendly suburbs not too far from the city. Can anyone give any advice on the property market? Is it changing much? Are prices going up? Staying flat? Also, is there a good time during the year to buy? We're trying to work out when to move and I'd like to try to buy at the best time. Thanks is in advance for any advice. Mark
  10. :wink: If you are moving overseas can highly recommend ReloUK especially if you live in the South East (West and East Sussex, Kent, Essex, Surrey etc) This is a company on the up and the man at the helm, a really clued up businessman goes above and beyond to make sure you get the same quality service as the big guys (John Mason, Pickfords etc) and ReloUk are nowhere near as expensive. We moved out here and the service they provided was faultless. Always good to go on recommendations. We dealt with Billy Cook, Consultant working out of the Pevensey office and he was so helpful at explaining the moving process and made our experience of moving 9000 miles away far less stressful. Plus no breakages or damages...always a plus.
  11. Sam Aldis

    planning my move

    Hi, I'm planning on a one year working holiday in Australia starting next March and wandered if I could get some advice on the average cost of living and job availability in Melbourne? Thanks in advance, Sam
  12. Hi, Long story short : I lived here in Qld 10 years ago, had 2 children, got divorced then moved back to uk to be near family. x is Australian so he stayed. Now my situation so far is, I moved to qld in August this year with my 2 teenage children, 13 & 16. They have settled well into the lifestyle. They get to see their father who is Australian more often. I have managed to find a job but am unable to find full time hours in the area I chose to live. I left my house in the uk thinking I could rent it out as renting has never been a problem is the area. But then changes happened to the school and families are moving elsewhere. Sadly this has not happened and my funds are dwindling paying mortgage there plus rent, bills over here. The housing market there is not looking good to sell. The outlook of staying looks quite grim. So realistically thinking, I'll be going back. My eldest has also missed 4 months of gcse course work in the 2nd year, so am concerned as to will she be able to catch-up in time for exams. Any suggestions???
  13. paullym

    UK job situation? How bad is it?

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks for all the other threads in this forum. It has really helped us out knowing that we are not the only ones with this feeling of being constantly in 'limbo' and feeling like we don't belong here. I came out in Brisbane in 2000 and have been based here ever since. Here I met OH (also an expat, but German in origin) in 2004 and we have lived here since then (bar a year when we travelled around the world). We have just recently had a babe and feeling we should return home has become much stronger, as well as OH's mother not being too well at the moment. We want our respective families to enjoy being with our daughter. As such we have made the decision to return before the end of the year. However my family is giving us equal encouragement to come but negative views about the UK job climate. We appreciate what Australia has and the lifestyle on offer. As such its a difficult decision to make, and its been compounded by the fact that with a secure job here in Brisbane we could be giving up a lot for an uncertain future in the UK. So we would value any advice that you may have. I suppose our main question to help us move forward and follow through on our decision (or delay it!) is how the UK job market is looking and how it may be looking 6 months down the line... It would be good to get some information from people in the UK or those who have just returned, as an internet search about it is not bringing up much. I am working in IT and my OH is a commercial accountant working with SAP looking for work part time. We are predominantly looking at London, which is where all the work seems to be, but would move anywhere south of Manchester. Thanks again for any help... Good luck in your choices. Paul
  14. Hello everyone! Not quite sure what to say or even where to begin, but heres a background story Graduated with my masters degree in neuroscience from seoul national university here in south korea. I'm originally an american who grew up in nyc, chicago, london and dubai. And have been living in seoul for the last 4 years. first working for samsung and then getting a masters degree. I really want to move to Sydney next because i hear you guys don't have a winter (i'm physically allergic to the cold and can't stand winter anymore!) and from what i hear from other Australians that Sydneys very nice all year long. the problem= I want to move out to sydney and work in the pharmaceutical business (since i've been working in a pharmacology lab for the last 3 years) it would be nice to work in the business side of the industry. I've looked through the skilled list, and the only thing i qualify for is medical laboratory scientist. However, I dont want to continue that line of work until after a phd. I have applied to several companies but I need to get a working visa for them to accept me as a candidate. But I'm not quite sure which visa I can even qualify for, and I've spoken to the embassy and they keep on telling me to just apply for the working holiday visa. however from what i've read that only allows you to work for 6 months and once you accept the visa you can't be nominated for any other visa afterwords. any ideas how to proceed?
  15. Hello! I'm 19 and planning to move to Australia in 2015/6 but hopefully as soon as possible! All my family are staying in the UK but I want to go for the job opportunities, lifestyle and the weather of course! Slightly worried to go on my own so if anyone has done anything similar at my age I'd love the advise! I'm currently training to be a property manager over here and will look for similar jobs out there. I've spoken to a visa company and they have said I will be able to get a visa 6 months after I've qualified. Right now I've saved £5000, but I'm wondering how much will be needed to rent for around 6 months first and then put a deposit down on a property? What percentage needs to be out down on a house over there? I'm also wondering if anyone knows if you have to take additional exams to be a property manager in Australia? If anyone has a suggestion on either Brisbane or Sydney that would be fab! Hoping to visit in March so any places to travel to in between the two will also be greatly appreciated! Thank you Abi
  16. Hi I'm supposed to be moving to Melboune at the end of this year. I've never been to Australia before and I'm currently in the UK and I'm not looking forward to leaving my friends and family behind and the whole idea of it just scares me even though i am excited at the same time. Obviously I'm upset that I have to move at this time because I've just left secondary school and am supposed to be attending college in September with my friends so I'm sad to be missing out on that. It would be great if there's people my age who are going through/been through a similar thing and could give me some advice ? Also, it would be great if someone could tell me about melbourne and if it's actually any good? I'm really into art and I've heard melbourne is good for that? Thanks
  17. Guest

    Moving to Adelaide

    Hello, My name is marie, on the 26th May I will be moving to Adelaide with my husband and two girls. We are all from Liverpool, well my husband's a scouser and I come from belfast. It has been two years since we first started the application and finally we have the visa and have just sold our house. Still doesnt seem real yet. Have to say getting a bit nervous, starting to question if we are doing the right thing. The house prices have become so expensive since we first looked into moving to oz. I'm hoping to have a job before I leave, I work as a mental health nurse. My husband works on the railway but is willing to put his hand to anything. I think my husbands biggest worry is leaving his mate and his beloved football, I wont be able to bare him if the reds get to the final of the euro cup. I cant wait moving to a city that makes beautiful wine. Has anyone got any friendly advice as we could do with some right now. We are feeling very confused and I know I have so much to sort out before we leave but I really dont know where to start. Help please !!!!! Marie :spinny::v_SPIN:
  18. Hi we are moving out of our rental house in Perth (Carine) and only going 2km down the road to another rental place. We are trying to keep costs down. We hope to do a few trips ourselves in the car with boxes, but larger stuff like beds, book cases and tables, settees will have to go with a removal company. I have found one firm who will do it for $125 an hour (all in) - do you reckon this is the going rate - or can anyone recommend anyone else? We always like to go on recommendations. :cute::cute::cute::cute:
  19. loads of work for our trade out in oz, would be good to get a pomy gang together, the only trouble is there plasterboard is 6 m long :!: :!: shouldn't be talking about doing to much work as iam trying to get away from the rat race 8)
  20. Hey!! i am moving from Karachi, Pakistan to Canberra by end -October and was wondering of anyone else from the region is in the same boat....if so then lets use this forum to connect!! Tc
  21. Tez

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Hi, my family and I are moving to Hervey Bay next year and I wondered if anyone there had information on pre shools as I have a 4 year old who would have started school in the Uk in September but now will have to wait till she is 6 in Oz. She is so active that I need to find something for her to do ? Are there any leisure centres that do classes etc for the young ones? thanks Tez
  22. Melmell13

    Want to move back ASAP.

    I'm 25 years old, moved to Aus when I was 18, horrible, horrible age to move country. I am completely, 100% done with this country, just wondering if there is anyone on here around the same age as me that has moved back recently and has any tips? I'm looking at living in Bristol and I'm just wondering what the jobs/ housing etc will be like for someone of my age that hasn't lived in the country for 7 years. Also, trying to organise my passport which is turning out to be a total nightmare :dull: PHEW!
  23. xlornax

    move back for parents? ??

    Im looking for a bit of advice and opinions. Myself and my husband came to aus in july 2013 on a 457..with intention of staying a year and then returning to uk. However we have traveled around aus quite a bit, had a few jobs, got PR now and fallen in love with the Brisbane area. We would like to stay here. The worry is that we would build a life for ourselves here and then my mum or dad would become ill or one would die and I would want to be there to care for them...then what would I do? My life and possibly family/work would be here..I couldnt just leave. If we returned to the uk (which we also like) I would be around for them. Right now they are healthy-ish..although 65 and 70 and have been very good to me. The option of them moving here isnt there. But I could set up home and settle in uk and they could both get hit by a bus and not need me! Should I plan my life around what my parents may need one day or not? They would tell me to do what I want and what makes me happy...but in a few years..if they are ill or widowed being there for them is what i will want..I think! But right now I want to stay where the sun shines! can I settle here long term? How do other ppl do this? Anyone been in that situation? Would I regret being so far away? Thanks for any thoughts Xx
  24. I'm moving my family - English husband, two boys born here in London - to Melbourne, where I'm from originally. I've been in London for over 10 years, and I must admit, I'm more nervous about the move than my husband. I know hardly anyone apart from my small family, and while I may be able to pick up a few old school friends, I'm not sure really. Anyone else out there have an australian wife/husband who's brought you back to Oz? Just wondering how other couples have found it...
  25. Captain Zeb

    Tips for Sydney

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I are moving to Sydney in May. We were wondering if there were any tips anyone could share with us. We are moving from New York - I'm a Brit, my wife is Peruvian-American. Anything we should be prepared for? Obviously, we have done some research and know that the cost of living is high in Sydney, but we were looking for any other tips people had. Where should we meet people to make friends? What things might surprise us about living in Sydney? What clubs do people join? Are there things/places we should avoid? Any etiquette points we should be aware of? Any help is much appreciated! Best, Robin