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Found 132 results

  1. Hi, i moved to Sydney 8 weeks ago, settled into our new house in Mosman, was hoping to meet some new people. If anyone is in the same boat drop me a message be great to hear for you. Andy.
  2. I just read a thread on those that are moving back to the UK after not liking a new life in Oz. I just wondered are there people have lived there a long time and love it and wouldn't return? There must be:wink:
  3. Hi Me and my OH have already got our visa which we validated in August last year, but we have had to delay everything as my OH got diagnosed with Bowel Cancer early on this year. I was wondering if anyone else has moved to Aus after receiving treatment and getting the all clear for cancer. Would love to get some advice on how you got on and if you still got screened when you moved. Thanks for you help. Lynne
  4. Hi everyone, I may have the opportunity to work for an Australian company if I move back to the UK however I'm confused on how and who I'll pay tax to. The company is Australian and doesnt have an entity in the UK, I will be working from a home office and the Australian company will be paying me into my UK account. Has anyone been in this situation or have any knowledge of how the system works and where I will pay tax? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi all, new to the forum, just moved to Geelong from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK on a working holiday visa. I'm 26 years old and would love to meet some people of a similar age from old blighty especially geordies! :biggrin: Been here for 2 months now, still looking for a job, I'm qualified with a masters degree in Media and Journalism and have plenty of admin experience but am finding it very difficult getting work out here as if it weren't hard enough back home!! anybody in a similar situation? or have any advice to offer i'd appreciate it! all the best, Symon
  6. Hallo! I'm a 24 year old lad, just moved over too Point Cook from Manchester around 3 weeks ago with my GF (21) and her family. We are planning on staying in the area for around 6-7 months working, before heading up the east coast. We have been doing the usual tourist stuff, heading in to Melbourne regularly, Aquarium, Zoo's, Old Melbourne Gaol etc, just wondering if there is anything going on locally for more day to day entertainment (and a more cost effective way of keeping entertained!) and any more people around our age. Cheers Josh & Amy
  7. cp7

    Just moved to Melbourne

    Hi there we have recently moved from uk . I am working in Werribee, 2 kids 12 and 8 now settling into school. My husband just started work. I t has been full on for the last 4 weeks. Need any advice on clubs etc for kids, meeting up with people. Where we live very quiet! Wyndham vale, lots of houses though. PIO has been very helpful in past. It would be good to hear from anyone with hints and advice. Thanks Carol
  8. Guest

    just moved to mornington

    Hi, heard there are a lot of poms in mornington, where do you all hang out. im 40 something and need a social life!! helllp.:arghh: like the bay, beach, wanna snorkel, boat, absorb the rays in summer , play pool, drink wine, swim etc etc etc etc any one out there . Tracy x
  9. mansukhpatel

    WA Migration Site Moved

    WA skills migration site has moved. Use the link below http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration
  10. Hi all, new to the forum, just moved to Geelong from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK on a working holiday visa. I'm 26 years old and would love to meet some people of a similar age from old blighty especially geordies! :biggrin: Been here for 2 months now, still looking for a job, I'm qualified with a masters degree in Media and Journalism and have plenty of admin experience but am finding it very difficult getting work out here as if it weren't hard enough back home!! anybody in a similar situation or have any advice to offer i'd appreciate it! all the best, Symon :elvis:
  11. Hiya we are looking to move from Perth to Cairns and cant decide whether we should just drive there ourselves or else use a removal company. (we are aware it would take about 2-3 weeks but imagine the road trip) . Is it expensive to hire a removal company, we would have 2 vehicles and contents of a small house to move but dont want to spend a fortune and if you have done it was it worth it. Any advice greatly appreciated
  12. It may seem strange to start a thread in moving back to the UK, when I'm looking to move to Australia. We are looking to move to Perth WA, my mother still calls it her home and would jump at the chance to go back as she was brought up there, we also have family living in Perth. I have the opportunity of a lifetime, in my opinion, to move to with sponsored 457 visa. I feel if I do not take this I will regret it for the rest of my life even if things don't work out, my wife and children are ALL looking forward to going, especially as we tried to move to France in 2007 and loved it, the only problem was the language and work but we loved the French way of life. My reason for posting is not everyone settles in Australia and many return home, indeed as we have lived in Cornwall for many years we have seen people move from London, for example, don't like the Cornish lifestyle and move back. I would like to know the main reason why those who have chosen to move back did so? The main reason appears to be missing family and being isolated so far away, the sublime to ridiculous reasons like missing M & S and Boots!
  13. How long did it take you to put new plugs on all of your appliances :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    Did you visit before you moved?

    I was reading this part of the forum and I have a question for people who want to move back to UK. Before you decided to move to Australia did you visit it first? What made you decide to move there in the first place and how long did it take then for you to have first feelings of remorse? Thanks Mojca :wubclub:
  15. Hi everyone, Myself and my girlfriend (24 and 23, respectively) have recently moved to Perth from the UK. We love it here but the problem is we have found it difficult to meet new people. We are fun, laid back and always up for a laugh so we're not really sure why... Does anyone know of any ways of meeting new people or are there any pommy gatherings in the Perth area? Any advice/help etc would be greatly appreciated!! Pete
  16. Hello Everyone, I'm Paul, 31, from the North of England, and have recently come from the madness of London to Melbourne on a working holiday visa. I'm living in the South East Suburbs with family members and am looking for temporary posts in IT, a search which has been fruitless up till now. I'm writing to introduce myself, and will be up for attending meetups with other PomsInOz members in Melbourne in the future! Paul
  17. ....and in need of a solid, reliable family car. I have a silver 2007 Toyota Camry for sale. Only selling due to new job with a car. Thought I'd try on here as I know how stressfull it is finding a car when you first get here, this might save you some hassle. We moved to Melbourne in Nov 2010, not had the car that long. It's a great car and any reasonable offer considered. I'm located in Templestowe, close to Doncaster, Eltham etc. Thanks for reading.
  18. Title says it all really. I have always been set on Melbourne when we emigrate and have done 2 x reccies and been very comfortable there. However, I know it sounds shallow but the summer they have endured has made me think twice as I can't wait to escape UK weather. I had always assumed that Adelaide was really too hot for us, but looking at the stats, it doesn't seem bad. Also, Adelaide has featured on WDU so much this series, and looked really nice, it's just got me wondering. Any thoughts please.
  19. Hi, After a year working in Sydney I've been offered a good job in Brisbane and we're seriously considering the move. Sydney has been fun and is a beautiful city but even on a good wage and with a decent pot of savings from selling our UK house I don't feel housing is good value, to get a place we'd like would mean a fair sized mortgage and ultimately it doesn't seem worth it. What I'm after is any experiences from people who've made a similar move, I know the Brisbane area pretty well as I lived there and on the Gold Coast for a few years a long time ago but would still welcome suggestions on areas to settle, we're in our 40's with no kids and like semi rural environments, but not absolutely at the back of beyond, work will be CBD Brisbane and maybe some working from home, parts of the Gold Coast could work but the drive is probably too much (I'd like to do an hour each way max). I'd also like to hear experiences how of the different lifestyles compare, I've found the world of high finance in Sydney to be pretty full on and a bit yuppiefied, I'm a bit old for that this time around and am hoping Qld is still more laid back than Sydney. Any practicalities like traffic and general pace of life would also be good to know, we're heading back for a reccie in a couple of weeks. I'll be on a bit less money (about 12% less) but still pretty good and I'm fine with that, we didn't come to Aus to be overworked and its more about what we can buy with our savings than earning the absolute max salary. Sorry to ramble on, hopefully you get my drift, it would be great to hear from anyone who's done a similar move, or even in reverse, to know what differences I should expect, I'm a bit worried I'm remembering Qld through the rosy eyed specs of nostalgia from when I lived there in my 20's! Cheers!
  20. Hi Me and my boyfriend have just moved to Perth - I am 21years old and he is 20. Looking to meet people and make new friends in Perth, maybe go for a drink or something. To find out more about the area etc. We are both easy going friendly people
  21. hi all well we have moved topelican waters two weeks ago and would love to meet peeps for coffee beer wine or all !!!:biggrin: just give us a shout if interested!!
  22. Dear agents we are not sure what and when the immigration dept is going to process our applications.many of us submitted the ACS new skills assessment to DIAC and moved from priority 4 to priority 3 processing. we contacted the immigration dept and operators told us different information 1.within the 6 weeks CO will be allocated 2.within the 2 weeks CO will be allocated 3.processing not commenced for the applications whos applications moved from priority 4 to 3? we are not sure what to believe or when we will get the information? any agent can you please confirm the information or processing from MIA or from DIAC relating our applications? i really appreciate your valuable time and answer. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi all Me and the Mrs have been in Sydney now for about 3 weeks. We moved to Mosman last week. Hoping to catch up with some people for drinks/food/general socialising. We've a fairly flexible social diary at the moment we're free up to August I think ;-) If anyone's up for something drop us a line we're mid 30's by the way. Cheers, Andy & Hayley P.s. does anyone play for a netball team on the North Shore Hayley is desperate for a game!!!
  24. Hi, I have recently moved to Darwin and wondered if anyone was around to meet up and chat about things in general or if there are any expat groups here? If you could let me know that'd be great. Cheers, Alex
  25. Hi there Was just wondering if anyone had moved over lately? How are you finding things re finding accommodation and work prospects? Cheers, Sharon:biggrin: