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Found 644 results

  1. Guest

    dilemma where in oz to move?

    hi all i am new to this forum thing but thought i might give it ago to gain abit more knowledge on what path to take so here is my story hope you can help me? me and my partner of 6 years decided last october to take a dream vacation to australia we hired a camper van and toured from sydney all the way to cairns over 3 weeks and we had a great time, (all tho it rained for2 of the 3 weeks we were there) any way we talked about moving there before we went with me being an electrician and my partner being a beauty therapist we belive it would be a better life for us and our 7 year old son? were just very scared of packing up and moving, weres the best place to settle? schools? houses? jobs? that sort of thing. were heading back to oz soon but to melbourne this time in search of some hope there, we are about to go so some migration seminar in september hopefully to discuss with some like minded people who maybe able to help or answer some questions for us like are we doing the right thing by our son? is australia really going to be a better life? please help thank you
  2. Guest

    About to move to Sydney

    Hi, I will shortly be flying over to Aus on 24th August 2011 on a 457 visa. Currently work for QBE Insurance (may ring a bell for those of you in aus) in London, Applied for a job at our sydney office at the end of April, got a job offer towards the end of may. Visa application got sent off on 15th June. Was expecting a long 4-6 week wait for acceptance but was pleasantly surprised when it was accepted on 19th June. Now just a waiting game until the 24th August. Anyway my question is I have just turned 26, I will be coming to Sydney by myself. Obviously this is a bit daunting, I am fairly social and dont have much trouble approching strangers and having a chat (just got back from a three week trip travelling round Thailand by myself). Most of the threads I am reading are about families or couples making the move,i'm interested in people that have made there move on their own? How have you found it? Is it easy to meet people? Can you offer any advise on the best places to go in Sydney to meet people? Any general advice or tips on the move would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Kris
  3. Guest

    The big move

    Hi everyone... We are hopefully going to be moving to Oz September/October time. We will be based in Sydney as my hubby's job is near Ryde. I have a load of questions which If anyone can help me with I would be eternally grateful :-) We were looking at the Cove Lane area and I wonder does anyone know what this area is like first hand? Are there good schools in that district, basically is it a good family area? We are going to be renting for 6 months at least and wondered is it fairly easy to get unfurnished houses and what are furniture prices like in Oz. I don't really want to be dragging some of our stuff (looking forward to buying new) but don't want to be moaning I should have brought ours if the prices over there are really expensive!! Reading other posts I get the impression we should bring a lot of our electrical stuff except Tv's. Would our little girl's x-box work over there? Though hopefully she wont have time to look at it!! We are also bringing our 4 dogs with us and I have received quotes back from some of the pet carriers. They really vary in price which makes you wonder when one quotes you 10k and another quotes 4k is there something drastically wrong with the cheaper? Can anyone recommend a company? Also did anyone do it themselves without involving the in between guys? I looked at some of the airlines and you can book your dogs with them I just wondered what happens at the stop over...Do you have to hire someone to feed and water them or would the airline take care of this?? Sorry for all the questions....we are really looking forward to our move. I even hear there is a butchers in Sydney doing square sausage and steak pie....we can't even get that and we live in Southern Ireland!!! Thanks
  4. Guest

    Not sure if I should move to Canberra

    Hi I am in the process of decideing on wether to move to Canberra from the UK. My wife has managed to secure a Visa to live and work in Canberra but I am not sure if I am likely to get a gob. I am currently working as an IT Technician but it is looking unlikely that I will get a job with my skills as I do not have security clearance which is needed for most IT jobs. I am also concerned about the cost of property in Canberra and am not sure if I can afford a decent house despite being mortgage free in the UK. This is really confusing for me as I really like the thought of living in Canberra and think it has allot more to offer than most places in the UK. We only have until Dec to move to Canberra before our Visa runs out. Has anyone had simular experiences in making a decision on moving to Canberra. I am hopeing that if I do move there may be other job opportunities even if it means taking a non skilled job. Jeremy
  5. :cute:Hi, My husband is due to move to Sydney in a couple of months........me and the kids won't be going until next year so he will be looking for studio or apartment for 1! We dont have any family or friends in Oz never mind Sydney! But would be glad to hear of anyones's stories of moving to Australia and where they stayed initially:unsure: Anyone got any advice on where to look for short term rental..........looked at a few sites e.g. stayz but they seem really expensive!!!! If anyone has other ideas or websites please let me know. Thanks
  6. Guest

    have to move back

    hi guys well after 10 years in oz due to unforseen circumstances and my wifes recent illness i findmyself heading back home to lincolnshire my wife has been there a few months already so i havea few items i need to sell befor i go on the 12 th july beside my car toyota camry 05 4 speed auto sedan 6600 dollars maple wood table and 6 chairs 180 dollars matchin coffee table 50 dollars and computer desk 150 dollars have pics but dont know how to attach
  7. Sam Tarrant

    Young and wanting to move!

    Hi everybody, I recently found this forum, i think its great! I'm 16 years old, and living in England Bedfordshire. My father has been living in Townsville for about 4 years now. He is having so much hassle with his visa right now. He really needs someone to sponsor him - ( He's a plasterer ). He was married to a wonderful Aussie woman, but they recently seperated and he lost his sponsorship with her Dad. Anyway, if he ends up coming back here i'd like to immigrate myself. I think Aus is such a fantastic country, everything im looking for! If not Townsville, I'd love to move to Brisbane. I really hope he can get his visa and i can go on it, but if not what will i have to do? All the best, Sam.x
  8. My question is should people who move states without compleating the 2 year moral obligation be made to reapply for another visa or be deported? From reading several posts in the past it seems that some people manipulate the system as they are aware that prority is given to 176 applicants. The only way the 176 visa is canclled is if one commits an extreme crime like murder. Any thoughts please.
  9. Hi all We would likely apply in the next year or two with my wife being the main visa applicant. She is currently a secondary PE teacher in Scotland. A couple of questions: What is the likelihood of us obtaining a visa with this as her job? I see it's on the skills list but is it actually a viable position to be able to obtain a job/visa out there? Where is good in Scotland to go to actually speak to someone face to face about our move/application? We are near Edinburgh, can't seem to find information on this. We are both 28 and my job is not particularly well paid in HR, will this affect our application? Thanks, Ben and Pea
  10. Why Australia? I don’t think that anyone would dispute the fact that Australia appears to be a uniquely awesome country. With that said, not everyone wants to visit there and even fewer would be prepared to up sticks and shift their entire life abroad leaving family, friends and loved ones behind. So why do people give that up and risk it all for a new life down under? I can only speak for myself but I know that my reasons would fall very much into the same categories as many others following the same route. I want a better quality of life, I want to live in a more enjoyable climate so I can to get out doors and explore and I want to have closer access to pursue one of primary passions, surfing as well new opportunities, adventure and the chance to meet cool new people. Having previously had the opportunity to travel to some fantastic locations my eyes had been opened my eyes to the world of possibility that is around us and although I returned home to Northern Ireland it was never my intention of settling there. However like a lot of us, I allowed myself get caught up in the 9-5 routine, spent the money I earned unwisely and when I was with faced some redundancies and subsequent limited availability of work my initial plans of making an early exist were scampered! I like to believe that my fate is in my own hands and that life is what you make of it so I won’t spend too long whining about the economy but many young people like myself are facing difficulty when it comes to starting their career and it is obviously a large factor in my own and others decision to take a chance on Australia. Like a lot of friends I was told work hard in school, go to university, graduate and get a good job. That’s how it was meant to work. My parents growing up didn’t go to university and at the time the people they saw go to university got the better jobs and seemingly lived the better lifestyle. What I have seen for many young people is that the job they were meant to get upon graduation no longer exists and many graduates never have the opportunity to work in the field they studied and aspired to work in. With competition for the few jobs available I ended up like many others in jobs completely unrelated to what I studied at university and on salaries I could have got if I had taken the job after doing my GCSE’s! Only problem was I wasn’t 16 anymore and I had £15,000 of student debt plus overdrafts and I simply started to feel like the UK had nothing to offer me. Like I say, the job situation can be a pain but hey, as I heard one Ozzie bloke say when being interviewed about his house being completely destroyed in the floods last year “There’s no point sitting crying into your beer!” Since I never really wanted to live and work here anyway what does it really matter me if there are no jobs here? Like that fella on the news says, you can’t whine about it, if you don’t like the way something is get up and try and fix it. The truth is I didn’t think long and hard about Australia, I didn’t way up every pro and con of moving there and make my decision. I simply felt a gut instinct, a force drawing me to take action and go there and so on the 18th March 2011 I scraped together every penny I had and paid for my working holiday visa and a one way ticket to Sydney. Man I’m glad I did. Although I really have no idea what is in store for me and that I still have a lot of work to do to create the life that I want for myself, I feel excited and optimistic about this journey and new chapter of my life. The more I read, hear and learn about Australia the more I want to do, see and experience so roll on the 6th of July because I can’t bloody wait to get there and get stuck in! … So if you are planning your own move down under what is it that motivates you? Thanks Guys Have a Great Day! Kev
  11. Would be nice to have a little chat with anyone who's making the big move too. (Qantas) We'll be the one giving bo*****ing's out left, right and centre to the kids, who'll be racing around us while were trying to get sorted.lol
  12. Guest

    Move back down under?

    Well we've been back in the uk for about 18months after blowing a fortune moving to Perth. We lived in Tapping for about 5 months. The uk is getting us down a bit and we've been talking about a move back, but maybe to Brisbane this time? Is this a common occurance? Are there many ping-pong poms? Cheers j and k
  13. How much realistically does it cost to move? Two adults & a two year old... my not always positive thinking husband has said that it could cost us £20,000 to move to Oz counting everything from flights to shipping a container/ car. This seems a little extreme, & I'd be interested to know how much it has cost people. Not taking into account visa as I & my little girl have citizenship and my husband has a de facto visa. Thanks guys, it all helps with mulling over the move idea. :biggrin:
  14. Robarts Family

    Perth Landed Where to move to...

    Hi All, I know this has probably been asked so many times. We have been in Perth for two weeks now. My hubby has got a job at Osbourne Park and we do not know where to move to. We are staying with relatives in Parkwood, but dont think we will live there as need to be near the highway so he can get to work easily. Any suggestions at all to rent? There are just so many suburbs we have a 2 and a half year old and both 30 years old.. I will be trying to find a little part time job but mainly need a nice family area and to meet people if we can. (Not too much to ask is it? he he) Any help would be great on where to move to, Much appreciated Jo xxxx
  15. im an 18yr old girl and have been with my boyfriend for 1 1/2 years now and things are going really well, too well that we don't want my move, on a PR visa, to break us up. is there any possible way that ,after a WHV, if things go well, he would be able to stay with me in Australia? i have heard many things such as us having to live together for at least 1 year, providing utility bills etc, and of course engagement securing a more positive response to him being able to stay, but i dont really understand the policies. just need a little guidance to understand and make sense of the situation please Jade xxx
  16. h.. i live on the gold coast at the moment, and iam just sick of it. i am more sort of a city life lover where have more opportunities to explore. now iam married with 3 young kids under 5, and iam 26 years old at the moment. allthough i havent been to melbourne yet, but i am just feeling like melbourne would be a better place for me to live compared to gold coast..gold coast in my openion is good to visit but not to live because you dont have much to exlore. maybe ideal for retirement but not when you want to move ahead and achieve something (financially and socially) for your self and your family. i would love to hear from you guys or anyone that lives in melbourne to give us an idea where woule probably be a better suburb to stay. i do not want to live far from city though it doestn have to be too close to city. also what do you guys think about average income and expenses for a family. mny thanks.. since i am from afghan backgroung and would possibly want to live some where closer to afghan community, just need to find out a better place for the family to live.
  17. Guest

    wanting to move down under :D

    hi there, we are new to poms in oz, so a big hello from the stallards :biggrin:. we are in the uk in a place called cornwall, lived here all our lifes, but are now wanting to better our lifes for ourselfs and children. it is me and my wife with 2 children and one on the way. we are aiming to move to oz next year towards the end of the year. i currently am working as a plant opperator and have been doing so for 5 years now. i love my job and am wanting to follow it on. i am needing a little help with what visa i will need to apply for as i can not find my job in a skilled profession :arghh:. i am trying to find myself a job over in oz that will maybe consider sponsering me, is this the right way to help me in the right direction. has anyone been in the same situation as me? would love any advice, look forward to hearing from you guys :hug: thestallards
  18. hi there,i have recently finished my apprenticeship here in the U.K doing a form of plumbing work,I do all sorts of Zinc,Copper,Stainless Steel and Lead Roofing. I was wondering if there is much work similar in Oz? Would it be easy enough to get a job and set-up etc. thanks.
  19. we are thinking off making the move got our TRA and SA sponsorship and now just need to press the button with the visa fee, but got cold feet can we afford to live their, we only have 10 years left on our house and have 50k profit on it if well sell it and some savings to take with us and OH has job to go to 60k year but overtime their also and i would get a job, is it possible on this or not. pauline, david , callum:realmad:
  20. Hey all, currently working in London and really wanting to work in Melbourne. Looking to get a working holiday visa so I can spend a year in Oz before i turn 31. I am just planning at the moment, its a long way to go for a year, but I hope I can come up with something which will allow me to stay longer. Bit of a bugger I can only stay in one job 6 months. Will be coming back with loads of questions over the next few months, ha ha :cool:
  21. Guest

    Interstate move

    Hi We are moving from Adelaide to Melbourne possibly July/ August. How difficult would it be to get a long term rental in Melbourne whilst in Adelaide. Has anyone got personal experience of it? Would the estate agent be less likely to look on us as likely candidates? I want to do this for several reasons: I am taking my son (5) out of his first school to move after only 3 months and want to get him settled immediately and into a long term school upon getting there. Not in temp accomodation then move elsewhere. OH has no more A/L and again I don't want to take my son out of school to fly over on my own (with 2 small children) to look at properties Expense - don't think we can afford it The way they operate the viewing sysytem i.e. open viewings only on certain dates & allocated times its difficult to view without staying for any length of time Will be expensive to store our furniture and have temp accomodation. Any advice anyone.:confused:
  22. Hi all! I'm just getting started really and I just passed the skills test and now I'm waiting for a consultant to call me. Has anyone just been through this? If so I was hoping for a heads up on what to expect. I passed for a 176 visa, are these easy to get hold of? Any and all help would be very greatfully recieved!
  23. Guest

    can i move with my Children?

    So we are thinking of moving to Brisbane however i have a problem... I have 2 children 2 different dads, i have contacted my solicitor and she seems to think i wont get the answer i want from it all. My kids dont see there dad as one lives 300 miles away and the other lives5 miles away. There dad's dont bother with them at all, i tell them there doctors appointments and hospital they just dont care.. Has anyone been through this before and could just give me some advice please :arghh:
  24. Hi All, I am due to fly out to Oz in less than 2 weeks. I have got a 457 visa and I got a spousal visa for my GF even though I knew she wasn't coming out with me immediately. Anyway, she broke up with me a few days ago, probably just to save her from having to see me and the heartbreak it would cause before I leave. The whole move to Oz had caused a lot of tension and arguing between us since I first mooted it a few months ago (I applied for a job here in Ireland for Oz and got it) - my GF had always intended to come out for at least a long holiday but that doesn't look like it is going to happen now. I know that if I stayed at home we would probably get back together, no problem, but I've been out of work for a long time and am desperate to work. And the flights are booked and paid for! We were togerther for 7.5 years and I am scared that I will miss her so much that I will be home in a few months, tail between my legs and back on the dole :cry: (I'd expect we'll be in touch a lot when I arrive there). What do I do? Which is more important, a career or a girl you love?
  25. Hi guys. Me and my girlfriend are looking into moving to Australia. We have lots of questions regarding the visa process & visa costs, locations to move to, looking for work, and moving pets. OK, So we are both english born and bred I am 26 and she is 28. I am a welder (boilermaker) and my trade is on the SOL list. She works in an office as a debt collector. We are not married and have no children. My main questions are... 1. What type of Visa would be best for us in terms of...how long the visa will take to grant us access, the best visa for us to stay in Australia, how much the visa application will cost, and what other costs there are (Medicles???) 2. Location, any body reading this would like to recommend any where?, i have family in Perth and Brisbane, My heart says Perth but i would love to live in Sydney. Any ideas on things to do, property costs, bills, costs, food, schools??? Any help on these subjects will be much appreciated. Also about renting/mortgages. If we do make the move we will be renting for quite sometime while we either build up a deposit or find a cheap enough house to buy with a small deposit. What are the costs of renting and is there anything we need to know (we would be looking for a place that allows pets, do land lords usually allow that?) 3. Work situation. Work is becoming few and far between in the uk right now and thats what has me looking into it (plus a change in life style). I have been looking on Seek.co.au and there looks to be plenty of work about in all regions and it looks to good to be true....so my question is, is it true? (lol) They look to be paying $25-$35 p/hr over 40 hours a week. How good is that and how far will that get us? And what type of work could my girlfriend find? She has previously worked as a debt collector, banker and worked in a real estates. 4. We are looking at bring over pets. A dalmatian and a cat. i have looked into costs, but i dont have much info on it, could people shed some light on this please? AARRRRGGGGHHHHH my brain is fryd already! :mad: lol Any help would be much appreacited guys!