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Found 644 results

  1. kirra

    interstate move

    We had our furniture shipped to SYD but change of plans and we are moving to Brisbane. The cost from the moving company in Sydney to move our furniture from SYD to BNE is $2024. We have about 3/4 of a 20 foot container amount of stuff seems high??
  2. junellew

    On the move again.....

    So, a little update into our aussie lives so far and hopefully some useful info along the way. Well, after moving over at start of May and nearly 3 months travelling Melbourne to Darwin via WA we ended up planning to stay in Darwin for a year. :jiggy: The travelling was amazing....very hard at time with 2 little boys but the sights and experiences we gained, unforgettable! Found ourselves in Darwin visiting friends - fell in love and decided to stay within a week. Got a rental and hubby got a job and settled in to NT life..... but circumtances were not to be and father in law is strugging with an illness back down in Melbourne so we figure now we are in the same country and can help that we should help so off we go, back down the middle! Darwin has been great to us. Don't get me wrong, rental prices are blummin high, but so are wages so balances out. The sun and humidity are crazy - we have done the end of the dry to the build up and are starting on the wet. Shame we didn't get to se ethe full cycle but we will be back! Met some awsome people (a few POI ones who have been just great) and had just started making a friend circle after 3 months of hard work....time to start again! So, we head down the middle a week on Friday - hot footing it to get back to the inlaws asap but not wanting to miss out on the scenery on the way...Katherine, Mataranka, Alice, Coober Pedy and then a whiz home as we saw from Adelaide on the way up. Anyway, just thought I'd keep our crazy adventures up to date and if anyone is around Gembrooke/Dandenongs area and wants to help me settle in (again!) please let me know!:biggrin: :wubclub:
  3. Hi Guys.. Not sure if I am even using this site right, as it's the first time I have been on here and never used a forum before... Anyway.. Me and my family are looking to relocate to Perth next year and am looking for nice locations not in the city, but accessable to a train station.. Any good ideas please??
  4. Hi guys I am Laura and I am 10, I have just been told we are going to move to Australia, Perth in January or february and my brother,19 and sister,3 mum and dad are really excited but I seem to be the only person who is disaggreing on moving?! And I will really miss my friends. do you have any friends or if you live out there if it is a good place? And anyone who has any advice is more than welcome to reply to my thread thanks lAURA X :unsure::shocked::huh::sad::confused::cry:
  5. Guest

    waiting on move

    hi here me hubbie and 3 kids thinking of mov over in jan to perth would be v grateful 4 any info on best areas to rent 4 newcomers looking at schools etc. any help would be great.i was born an breed in london been living in ireland 4 last 5 years so dont want to be out in stickes.big shout out to you. :wacko:confussed.com
  6. Is it possible for a Cabinetmaker who worked the last years as PM in the field of Fitout-interior move to mining jobs in WA??? And dont mean as Driver or something similiar, more like Site manager or similiar like that. Any advice?? Thx in advance
  7. Hi I'm a plumber planning to move to Perth with my family, wife and two daughters aged 9 and 12. We are going to be in Perth from the 24th march next year 2012 and hope to be able to get a feel for things while there. I have two and a half weeks in Perth and would love to speak to a few companies who maybe interested in employing me. Anyone have any advice??? thanks
  8. Guest

    move from ireland

    hi. moving with my husband & 2 kids early next year to Perth..terrified:biggrin:..my husband is being sponsored on the 457 visa. the kids are aged 4 & 2. I am finding it very hard to find information on schools. I am hearing they are very expensive ..and that we will end up paying 000 for schooling every year. What age do they start school over there? should I be trying to get in contact now.. I don't know what area we will be movning too. I would like somewhere near park or amenities for the kids...near the shops for me! :wink: try & keep the homesickness away...is there any advice you can give me....what about doctor visits for children...am sure i will have loads of more question
  9. Are you and your family about to move to Sydney? ITV series Poms in Paradise would like to hear from you! We're looking to speak to people who are moving to Sydney from the UK before mid January 2012. We're looking to speak to people before they go to find out why they've decided to move, how they are preparing and what their hopes are for their new life down under. We'd then like to catch up once you are in Sydney to see how you are getting on. If you'd like to be involved or are just interested to find out some more then please contact Jess at Century Films ASAP on 020 7378 6106 or jess.franses@centuryfilmsltd.com
  10. Im a a registerd nurse i have done my EILTS had overall socre of 7. I am planning to work in Ausrallia.I am currently in the UK.I need help as to where to start ,who to contact any help will be appreciated am new to this forum.:biggrin:
  11. Hello, I'm currently a self employed plumber living in Cheltenham, England. I'm in the process of applying for a skilled visa and would be very grateful for any advice that people may have. I spent a yr in Oz on a working holiday visa and loved it so much I want to go back. Stu
  12. Hi All, Any advice or opinions would be great. I'm a plumber and my wife and I we're originally planning to go to Brisbane on a 175 skilled independent pr visa, but with skills dropping off the modl we didn't want risk waiting for our visa to be processed after almost all the other visas so we decided to speed things up by going state sponsored. Only thing is QLD state are not sponsoring plumbers so we decided to go for perth WA instead. We really would prefer to settle in brisbane and I've seen posts on here saying people just jump state if when they get there. I believe for state sponsorship we'll have a moral obligation to stay in WA for two years which ok, we'd like to honour if WA give us the opportunity to speed our process up, but then if we still wanted to settle in brisbane after that, we'd have to mess around with my trade registration again in QLD. Is anybody on here who has jumped state? (wont tell honest lol) or has anyone tried and been caught out? I'm sure Perth will be great if we stick with it, but why move the other side of the world and still really not be where we want? Any thoughts? Regards Martin
  13. Guest

    1 year left to make the move

    Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone who has or is in a similar postion as my family and I. We had our permanent visa granted 4 years ago. We validated our visa in May 2008 but have been living in the UK for the last 3 and a half years. We are now in a position were we are able to go but I wondered what implication that has on getting a resident return visa if we have not been resident for 2 of the 5 years. Would we be able to apply for it still 2 years from now? Thank you in advance.
  14. Guest

    The move (update)

    :jiggy:Hi all, just an update. Well i (Jim) have been here in Western Australia now for 6 months and want to share my feelings with anybody out their like myself who didnt no what to expect. The housing is excellent and comparing quality etc to back home pretty much the same price to rent an average three bed. The cost of living....second hand cars are expensive but new jap cars are the same as home. Food Costs are a bit more expensive but not alot, however everything tastes so much fresher and better. It seems that all luxury's are more expensive here for example a packet of hand rolling tobacco is 14 pounds at home and double here. Ah and beer! 7.00 pounds a pint!!!!! The living standards are excellent with quality work/living standards. i live now in rockingham WA, the place is like little England but i love it never the less, your never more than 5 mins from the beach and housing is very reasonable here. I rent a room and share of beach house for 85 pounds a week inclusive for one person. (2 Sharing) I came out here as a Bricklayer but soon realised that it wasnt all it was cracked up to be, paying 200 pounds a day S/E and you really had to work hard, then you were lucky if you got paid on time! I retrained in Health and Safety which took a few weeks as i had previous experience and do that now full time for a better salary than busting my back. In my spare time i ride motorcycles, Triumph of course! I joined the ulyesses club which is nationwide and for over 40s only. I would say 99% of my friends i have made are from that club, it is lonely when you get here on ya own but a bit of forward thinking joining clubs etc really makes life easier, Aussies are very friendly people who are always willing to help and give sound advise, they seem to me a very laid back nation Public transport!!! Excellent on time services. I used the bus for a while and soon realised you actually dont need a car!! (i never bought one) The bus services are unbelievable and cheap, Fiver for a day ticket use train or bus around perth etc. I wish anybody thinking or making their way out to OZ the very best of luck for the future. JIM:mask:
  15. Hi everyone, This is my first time using this forum so if I say/do something not in accordance with PomsInOz etiquette then please forgive me! I am 20 years old, a citizen of the UK and very near to the end of my law degree. I will receive my results at the start of next summer (so still a way to go yet!) and I am predicted a respectable 2.1. I am not interested in law in the slightest - I am far more interested in moving abroad to sunnier climes (Australia!). I have family in Oz (aunty and cousins) and found out recently to my dismay after mulling over the Australian government immigration site that my aunty is no where near close enough a relative to sponsor me for permanant reisdence. Now I've got all that off my chest my question is: Is there any way I could get the right to live in Australia? My aunty has plenty of contacts, so sponsorship from a particular business is a possibility, and if I had to go into a specific business currently lacking in personnel over there (read on one post that hotel managers are sought after at the mo) then that'd be fine by me, as like I say I have no interest in law whatsoever (unless it's in demand of course!) , also I have just enough money (I imagine) to pay for all the relevant checks and what not. Is there a route available to me or should I give up hope? Thanks in advance! Dan
  16. Perthbum

    When is it to old to move to Oz

    Seeing that your UK pension is frozen in Oz when you eventually get it, and that you need so many years to build up a decent pension in Oz that will keep you in the lifestyle you have been used to in Oz when you retire, at what age is it sensible to forget Oz?
  17. check out this report in the UK telegraph today. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/alasdair-palmer/8843204/The-elderly-are-perfectly-entitled-to-hoard-their-housing.html Somewhat of a disgusting thought I think. As the writer states, why should people's homes be anything other than their own business/property. What a flippin' cheek.
  18. Hi everyone, Is this normal? Me my husband ad 3 boys have finally got our visas after 3 years of waiting!! We are moving out to Brisbane on the 12th feb 2012, so i should be really happy,excited shouldn't i? Why am i so scared,nervous,not sure if its right omg help!! The thought of not meeting new friends scares the life out of me,as my friends here are my rocks. [ apart from my husband, just got a dig in ribs lol] Is anyone else in the same boat? I suffer with anxiety attacks too which i have medication for so self esteem is already low my husband will be working and the thought of been isolated on my own is not worth thinking about. if anyone would like to meet up out there please reply to this post, friendly ears would be appreciated. I love socialising and a night on the tiles does anyone the world of good lol. so any offers of meet ups or brisbane benders please invite. thanks for listening guys Nicki xxx:unsure:
  19. Guest

    move to perth

    Hi all, hoping to move to perth in 2012. just wondering whether to look into shipping our belongings or not. we dont have loads of stuff (moved back to the uk 2 yrs ago) and the cost of containers is making me think just take as much as possible via suitcases etc and then buy once there. any advice? anyone know how we could send a little bit (personal things) of stuff that doesn't cost loads to do? did anyone move without sending a container on later? cheers
  20. People I have gone through another forum in which people have been really against migrating to AUstralia because its one of the most expensive countries in the world. Aftr reading that forum I have been very disturbed and depressed because of the cost of living in Aus.they say that the COL is way higher than in US or UK...Is it true? They also say that on ur salary the tac is 30 to 40% ??? Oh my God!!! Thats pissing me off...Please help me !!!
  21. Hey (: Im new to this and stuff but here goes ... Im 17 and from Glasgow, my parents decided to make the move to Perth a while back and it took us 3 years to finally get here. I had been here previously as a holiday and I loved it, but at the same time, even 2 weeks away from my friends took a huge toll on me I had a pretty good life back in Scotland, I was on my way to completing 4 highers, all my family were close by and my life was really taking shape. However, when we we moved here, I was enrolled in a new school, and as a result of the change, was put way behind on my school work, roughly about 6 months. This was a big set back and it made me wonder if my future career path (whatever it'll be) will be 'delayed' in some ways My parents love it here, and are currently looking for jobs. I can't fault Australia, sandy beaches, lots of sun or whatever, but I just feel the whole culture, way of living and general feel of it just isn't for me, I consider Scotland my home and I think the novelty of the sun, beaches etc. distorted that a bit I haven't told my parents what I think of it here just yet, but I feel that if everyone in my family is enjoying it, I would just dampen their feelings of it, giving them doubts. I am trying deperately to persevere and finish my TE's at the end of this year so I can maybe move back to Scotland, start a university and live independently. I feel my life has just been totally turned upside down (literally!) and I just don't feel comfortable away from all my friends and family I don't think I can last another 4 years to get my citizenship and the feeling that my whole life has just been left at the other side of the world really depresses me I've not been the same since I got here, my whole personality has changed, and tbh, I don't like it. But I think if i just move away and forget about citizenship etc. it would just be throwing away a massive opportunity What should I do? x
  22. Hello Darwin. We should be heading your way May of next year if we sell our house....but just wondering about best area to live with 2 small children with regard to pre-schools, entertainment, 'nice' safe areas, etc, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :daydreaming: This is as close as the 'Smilies' get to sleep deprived I guess.
  23. Not sure if anyone has done this but I am interested in the top 5 reasons why people decided to make the move to Australia. I will start with mine! 1. Warmer weather with milder winters. 2. A more outdoor lifestyle (all of which its has so far lived upto - lots of great national parks and some of the best beaches in the world). 3. Cheaper housing prices (still cheap in comparison to the UK - but catching up quickly). 4. Better working conditions - with less emphasis on work and more on enjoying life. (I still work 9-5 Mon-Fri but am generally happier in my working environment compared to before in the UK). 5. Living in open spaces and less of feeling closed in which is typical of many of the places in the UK. These would be my top 5 am sure I could think of many more.
  24. macalec

    wanting to move back home

    Hi I am new here , I am trying to find out how i stand if i return to UK I have been here 45 years and i am 65 years old I have never been happy here came out one week after marrying and had two children have been back several times , but now my marriage is all but over and i want to go home . I will have some equity but will i be entitled to some pension over there I am still UK citizen but hold AUS residence Can anybody help me ? I am confused :confused:
  25. Should we apply for our tax file numbers before the move, or once we arrive? :unsure: Im wondering what everyone else did? :wideeyed: