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  1. chazzyg8


    :arghh: I know I am only just beginning my Oz plan but already I'm finding things a bit of a minefield so any help would be great. Let me begin by saying a few years ago I posted on here asking how I could get into Oz given I had no hard qualifications and had some good feedback that made me go away and think long and hard about how much I wanted to itch my "Oz" itch.... So I found a profession that is always going to be needed whether in Oz or UK and chose Accounting and thus I enrolled on AAT as I was told by AAT that it is recognised globally and if for some reason I couldn't get to Oz I would still have a good profession in the UK. I have been studying(self funded) for the past two years and I have also recently gained employment as a credit controller for a publishing company so I am getting on the job experience. I am just about to start my last year on AAT and thought I should start my planning for the big dream now but after looking into things have found that AAT is not as well know in Oz as it is in NZ and even then AAT is still not know by the majority of employers and would no count for much, so I am worried I am going to have to continue training right through until I am ACCA/CIMA which is ok because "good things come to those who wait" and it just means I have to hold of on my dream for a few extra years but will be worth the wait. Q1) Could I potentially get a visa through job sponsorship even though I am not a Chartered Accountant? Q2) Where are the best places to find employment for job sponsorship for Oz? Q3) Could I get a visa as a part qualified CA? Also I will be going to Down Under Live @ Birmingham next week has anyone got any experience of this event/tips etc?? Thanks in advance for any feedback :biggrin:
  2. Bushtail

    Where to move to in nsw

    hi everyone, I've just registered and am not sure if I'm even on the right page but I hope I'm not upsetting anyone by being in the wrong place. We've decided to join your forum as we have a daughter living in Sydney who has just received her residency permission and is already nagging us about moving over to Oz. We've been thinking about it anyway but there are masses of things to find out. The main thing is , where is the best area for two folks in there 60's to live. Not too far from Sysdney, not too hot , not too cold, somewhere where we will be welcomed into the community and be able to give smething back. Better stop there for now as the message is getting very long. Any advice welcome. Thanks. Bushtail :wacko:
  3. Myself, hubby and now 2 year old daughter moved out to Perth in January, were now 8 1/2 months down the line and loving it !! Just wondered if anyone would be interested in me writing about how I've found it all etc ? Or if anyone has any questions about anything or how I've found it, I'd be happy to answer them so far we absolutely love it and have no regrets. Looking forward to the summer coming back around
  4. Hi, We are new to the site and we are both pleased we have stumbled across it. I (Martin) am currently supervising a busy service dept in a car dealership, but i am a motor vehicle technician by trade. We are looking to move to Perth but know very little about how to do this. Any info regarding the move and particularly the best way to find work in the Automotive industry in Perth would be most useful. Please help!! :wacko:
  5. Hi all, I've been looking at moving out to Australia for some time now but am struggling with where to start. I've noticed a lot of the posts on the forum are from couples or families and/or where someone already has a job offer before they leave so have a destination in mind and an idea of income etc. Could anyone give me any advice on moving out alone? Has anyone moved out or looking to move out without a job offer? If so, where have you/are you planning to stay (hostel/room/apartment)? Is a hostel or shared flat/house the only option? Any advice much appreciated.
  6. I`d be interested in the answer to this. i`d like to hear POMS thoughts and Australian stories.
  7. Hi All I am 36 and my husband is 39. I am a qualified social worker with almost 10 years experience and my husband is a teacher and head of a successful business studies department. We are at the very early stages of exploring a move to Oz and have thousands of questions but obviously life is difficult anywhere without a job, can anyone offer tips as to the easiest ways to find out what jobs are available etc and any tips for applying.....and any other useful info that people want to share with us will be gratefully received (we also have two young children ages 3 months and the eldest is three years so obviously once we have sorted jobs we wil then get into the difficult arena of schools). The areas we are intersted in moving to are South Australia (Adelaide), Melbourne or Brisbane. Look forward to replies! Lesley and Paul
  8. Hi All, PIO (Poms in Oz) has been very useful for me so far. I thought I would share my own experience thus far, so I could perhaps help someone else. So here is our story... (so far.. ½ way there) The first step we took was to settle on a date to fly out to Australia. This was one of the hardest decisions in the early stages, but in deciding a date, we would give ourselves a time to work everything else around. Once we decided on a date, it was time to find flights. We were flexible +/- 1 week of the decided date, and then spent some time on the travel booking sites looking at flights. A key thing to note is, one way flights are not ½ the price of return flights. One way flights are probably close to 75% the price or return flights. If you book one way flights directly with the airline (ba.com singaporeairlines.com etc), then you can expect to pay close to double the price of a return ticket. Why? Who knows, but basically as a general rule of thumb you have to book via a travel site to get a cheap flight. So we used expedia, opodo and skyscanner with an end price of £785 each LHR -> SIN -> MEL http://www.expedia.co.uk/ http://www.skyscanner.com/ http://www.opodo.co.uk/ We looked at excess baggage policy of all of the airlines, and took this into account when booking the ticket. We eventually decided on flying with BA and Qantas as (at the time of booking) they had a price per bag excess, as opposed to a per kilo excess policy. Meaning we can check an extra bag for around £100, instead of £300+ Make sure you take into account journey times when looking at flights. LHR -> SIN -> MEL we decided was the best option as it gives us a long flight in the first instance, followed by a shorter flight. Once the flight was booked, that was one less thing we could worry about. Next (and this should really be organised first due to lead times) was the organising the transportation for our family pets (1 cat). Australia has very strict import laws and they are particular about rabies. Because of this we needed to prepare our animal well in advance with shots / blood checks etc. You should start investigating this 9-12 months out from your planned departure date. The blood work needs to be done 150 days before the animal lands in Australia, and then there is a compulsory 30 days quarantine. We decided to engage a company that is recommended all over this forum called petair UK to ship our cat to Australia. The costs vary, but we opted for their Gold Class treatment. This basically covers everything from picking up your cat, to getting it to Australia. What it doesn’t cover is vet fees, blood work fees and Australian Quarantine fees. All in, shipping the cat to Australia will cost close to $2400 - $2600 AUD http://www.petairuk.com/ Next up..... the preparation for moving everything! After the flight is booked, and the animal preparation is underway, that leaves the inanimate objects. What to should we take from the house? Should I take my car? Should I take my bike? Should I take my golf clubs etc? I found it was best to create a spreadsheet (we used google docs so we could share it amongst computers) with everything in the house. It takes some time, but we walked through each room listing everything in every room. Once we had done this, we then decided on what to keep and what to discard/sell. For the items we decided we didn’t want to take, we then decided what to sell and what to freecycle. For anyone not familiar with freecycle.org, it basically is a way to donate items to people who need them. We found it was best to search for people wanting items, rather than post things. This prevents people taking our items we’re donating, and then posting them on ebay. Or at least limits it a little. http://www.freecycle.org/ AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) has very strict rules, so seriously consider the value in taking anything that has contact with soil in the outdoor environment. Everything has to be cleaned with Dettol and all soil removed. Even then, there is a chance AQIS will want to charge cleaning and inspection fees. I believe its $80 per item, so this can quickly run up a bill. http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis/travel/entering-australia/moving-emigrating So after making a list, with dimensions, we came up with an estimate for cubic feet requirement for shipping. We came up with around 300 cubic feet estimate without including any excess or the odd items. So next step was to engage the shipping companies. I read the entirety of this thread: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/112260-shipping-cost-top-8-companies-hope-helps-4.html Which took a few hours, but it was very helpful. We eventually decided on engaging 5 companies: PSS International - http://www.pssremovals.com/ White & Company - http://www.whiteandcompany.co.uk/ Excess International - http://www.excess-international.com/ John Mason - http://www.johnmason.com/ Doree Boner - http://www.doreebonner.co.uk/ So after a couple of quick calls, we had our appointments arranged. We opted to have the agents visit outside of hours when they required parking permits. Saved the hassle of organising parking permits for them The first agent estimated 650 cubic feet, and the next three were within 10 cubic feet of each other (one remaining), two estimated 585 and one estimated 575. So the first may have been taking me for a ride As for pricing, it varies a lot and I’m still working on getting their price down. One thing I have learnt from the forums is, when getting quotes, ask for quotes above and below the quoted cubic footage. This way, if when our boxes are packed, we’re 30 cubic ft over what was estimated, they won’t be able to excessively increase the price. So next step is to decide on which company to use. The 4 companies we’ve had in so far, all seem personable and have good customer service. So we will probably go with the company that seems the most honest in their quoting and shipping time estimates. Right, I’ve got to get back to cleaning my golf clubs with a toothbrush and Dettol, they made the cut, unlike the bbq... more to come...
  9. Please help. You are the best people to help me because you know what Australia is like and most of you know what Europe is like. We live in Holland (Dutch husband, 2 young sons both born in Australia but lived most of their live in the Netherlands). In the Netherlands we have a beautiful old farm house with 4000 sqm land. We are 30 minutes drive to Dusseldorf (we are on the German border). The kids (5 and 6 years old) can ride their bikes to school, to football and to tennis. They have many friends. There is no violence anywhere around. The local village (10 minute walk) is cute and quiet. the local town (5 minute drive, 25 minute bike ride) is busy enough with nice restaurants AND (I know you understand this) proper bars where we can go with the whole family. We have heaps of festivals, bonfire nights, beer-vat rolling. you know don't you?. We can ski in Austria every year, we go to Lake Como for Spring holidays, Paris sometimes for lunch. The only negatives are 1) I am not fully "integrated", this is mainly because we are in the clichey South where friendships date back to pre-school; 2) the weather (it's the same as London) and 3) some people will see this as a positive but I think Holland inspires you to be average - competitive is definetly frowned upon. in Australia we have a house in Broadbeach Waters that we bought in February, on the canels, nice house, great pool. Australia wins for 1) the friendliness and 2) the weather - including the outdoor lifestyle. Should we move back? I have been gone 9 years (excluding the time back in Australia to give birth - no home birth for me). I used to live in Balmain, Sydney. Should we move back to our house on the Gold Coast, will I like it? (we have spent a bit of time there on holidays - I love Byron, the Hinterland, Currumbin, but we picked Broadbeach Waters because I really like being able to walk to things) Please help, it's really a hard decision. I think my husband would prefer the Netherlands but he is ok with Australia if that is what I want (he fits in anywhere easily). We are going primarily for me because while I love Holland on one hand I am not fully settled. I am so scared of ruining the great life that the boys have.
  10. My husband and I are thinking of /hoping to move to Newcastle, Aus. I am a NZer and my husband is British. He works in the construction industry in the IT section, but his skills don't quite correlate to the skilled immigrants list. I have a brother in Aus who is an Australian citizen. Do we need a Visa if I am a NZer? We have a 2yr old and so it would be my husband who is working full time. Any help or suggestions for good sites appreciated. Thanks
  11. :biggrin: Hi Everyone. Am at 1st stage of thinking about a move to Oz. SOOOO much negative stuff on line eg expensive, unwelcoming to Brits eg. What are your thoughts? :chatterbox: We are a couple of 30 year olds with a 10 month baby, thinking about perhaps moving before he starts school (at what age do they go to school?) :goofy: Is the life different? or the same as home just with more sun? :wacko: are flights home expensive?:jimlad:
  12. Hi My husband and I are considering a move to melbourne (as that is where all my dad's family live):wacko::unsure: with our two young children (3 years and 8month), and we are looking at all our options. I am a nurse and he is a chemist so, from what i can see on the occupations in demand, we should both be able to find work ok. The question i want to ask, is how did everyone manage to afford a move down under? I may be assuming wrongly, but i am guessing not everyone who has moved to australia had thousands upon thousands saved, and no negative equity on their house! We have about 10k neg equity on our house - and limited savings. How do people afford the big move!!! Sorry if this is a daft question but we are racking our brains trying to work out how everyone manages to do it!! Thank you for reading! Kate
  13. I got SA State Sponsored 176 visa this year and arrived at Adelaide 2 months ago. However, I can not find a job related to my profession in Adelaide. But I got a job offer from another stage which is related to my profession closely. Can I move to another state before he 2 yrs is up? Do anybody have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? What can I do? Or must get the endorse (like green signal) from Immigration SA? Dos any negative affection on my citizenship application? And what the role does the state pay during citizenship application? Any successful case before? Hopeing for experienced answers.
  14. CaroleandAnds

    Wanting to move back to Old Blighty????

    Hi, We are all ready to move over to Oz, Visa sorted etc, but we cant sell our house near Leeds, West Yorkshire without giving it away becuase the housing market is dire hete. This is a VERY WILD shot but it there any POM in Oz who is desperate to come back to England out there that would like to do house swap? And Leeds happens to be a good location? Ours is a detatched 4 bedroom house, I love it and cant bear to sell if for peanuts but we just want to get going to Oz before our 20 year old son changes his mind and decides he want to stay in Leeds. Hope to hear from you soon Carole and Ands
  15. hi im chloe and im 12 and im moving to the hills district of sydney im thinking about goin to Pennant hills school or carlingford high school. anyone with any advice about any of the schools please reply i dont want to go because i will miss my friends and family and even though i can still keep in touch its not the same please help :'(
  16. hey guys, my name is Caitlin and I am 13, turning 14 in December. I live in New Zealand, Auckland and I have been here for 2 years and 5 months and I found it so hard to settle as I've moved from Northern Ireland. I'm in year 9 at high school and I am so settled and I've made so many new friends and I am really happy but a few months ago my dad got offered a job in Brisbane and he has moved over already. My mum, younger sister and I are not moving to January. I went for a holiday to Brisbane last week and came back on Friday morning and I am not keen on moving. I went for a holiday last year and I like it as a holiday but I honestly do not want to move. I've been really upset about not wanting to move. I just don't want to leave New Zealand as I really do love it and I don't want to leave my friends behind. I'm worried about starting a new school and everyone ignoring me and me ending up being a loner. I started high school this year and moved from the last one because I didn't like it and I settled on the first day and met friends but I am still nervous. When I move I'll be living near Manly or the Gold Coast, Helensvale around there. Anyone that is my age that have moved to Brisbane and started high school there and settled in can you please tell me if you are enjoying Brisbane what the schools are like compared to nz or the uk? It will make me so much better <3 Just any advice anyone can give me because I am really upset about moving <3 thankyou <3 :laugh:
  17. Hi Am looking for a bit of a favour...we are looking to be coming to Canberra this year and our 17 yr old daughter (18 in Nov) is really not wanting to come (atm). We can leave her here but was hoping she would come with us and find a better life. She had already planned to re-start her a-levels after completing her AS levels this year so would not be any worse off by starting college in Oz If anyone around this age that has already made the move would be prepared to maybe chat to her on here, fb or msn I would be grateful. She seems to have changed her mind a thousand times and maybe another perspective would help finally decide either way? She is saying that she never wanted to go and is currently saying a definite no, but has also said before that we are to make her go no matter what she says. We don't know if we should push her or not. If someone who had made the move could let her know if it was a good experience or not, what college life is like, uni stuff like that? Any help would be great Thanks Candice :biggrin:
  18. UK is in winter, Austraila is in summer,how do you feel when you move? When you move, it means you will through two winters or two summers. Does your body can adjust to this enviroment?
  19. Ok so. I met my husband 2 1/2 years ago and we have tripped around asia and europe, got married and vola. Now it is time to go home, however HOME is now Australia as thats where mum, dad, my brother and sister all live! Am I an eligible NZ citizen to apply for my UK born husband to migrate to Australia? Or do we have to banish ourselves to NZ to gain his residency there then go the AUs in a few years time. How complex is love? Thanks carla
  20. Its worse now!...... :wacko: I dont know if im coming or going, what with looking for a car (& its so different to buying in the Uk) ....Thinking about what area we may like to settle in & not seeming to get anywhere.....:confused: It really isnt helped by the fact its so hot, I have a young baby & im pregnant :goofy: :wub::wacko::confused: ......Any advice!? :twitcy:
  21. ..My OH s ex signed a dec form infront of a solicitor allowing us to take his 3 children...Jenny 13..Sam 10..Jemma 8 i also have a signed dec form from my son s Father to take Tristan 16 yrs..Andy s ex told the children she will miss them but wants the children to go to have a better future..she s shown the children pictures on the net where we are going and promised them they will see her in the holidays and they will come home for holidays to the uk!! Now we have been given a case worker and been asked to apply for police CRB s and Medicals in the next 28 days!!...His ex has now changed her mind after she realized that with out the children she would not get any money from child tax credits or my OH!!..We had to attended court today they did nothing for us...his ex gets legal aid..we couldnt afford to pay a solicitor with my ex still paying off his divorce bill and just having paid our agent and visa s its all been to much..The thing is what do we do next ? The children still think they are moving with us to Australia! The judy today says the mother can change her mind right up till we leave!! we now have to return the childrens passports in 14 days and they must not attend a medical!! The judy says once we have our visa s we can appeal? they will re look at the case!! i just dont get it...Jenny 13 yrs phoned her dad tonight very upset and confused she wants to live with us in Australia...what can we do? we need to go for our medicals or we lose our visa s :-((( with out our medicals we will not be granted our visa s :-(( How can after 4mths she be allowed to change her mind?? please if anyone understands how ive wrote this..( sorry im stressed and very tired) got any help, advice..know what we should do please,please reply :-(((((((((( wendy xxx
  22. Econwatson

    UK Graduate Looking to Move

    Hello there! A little background: I was offered the chance to take my third year at uni at The University of Melbourne. I was there for a whole year and long story short, I fell I love with the country, and maybe a girl as well! Now I am looking to make a permanent transition from the UK to Australia to work in the Internal Audit sector. I am in my final year at university, studying a Masters in Economics and Accounting with a job offer from BDO UK. My situation is this. I would love to come to Australia but I want to know how to go about making the move? My girlfriend is Malaysian and is also trying to get a Permanent Residency so that is not an option. Does anybody know of some accounting firms which might offer sponsorship for their graduate positions? They all seem to require PR! Another Visa I looked at was the temporary residence for a recognised overseas institution. However the immi site seems to suggest this is only for engineers! Is this the case? If not, how do I go about seeing if my university is recognised? Thanks so much for your help in advance!
  23. vdM family

    Young children coping with move

    Hi all I'm just looking for some stories on how your child/children have coped with the move. We have an 8 year old daughter whos quite outgoing and social but I'm worried how she's going to take the news of the move and how she'll be once we've moved. We are very close to her grand parents and great grandparents and two young cousins, haven't yet brOke the news of the impending move (waiting for visa to come through first incase anything goes wrong) I'm really just wanting to know how people have survived this and have the children settled in ok. I know it's each to their own and every child is different, I suppose I'm really seeking reassurance if anything. Thanks for reading
  24. Having pushed for our move to Oz and noticing a lot more ladies than men on here doing the legwork for the big move I wondered who was pushing it all forward ?:err:
  25. kirra

    interstate move

    We had our furniture shipped to SYD but change of plans and we are moving to Brisbane. The cost from the moving company in Sydney to move our furniture from SYD to BNE is $2024. We have about 3/4 of a 20 foot container amount of stuff seems high??