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Found 56 results

  1. :huh:My oh would like to bring his prized motorbike in our container. I have had a look on the customs website but i could not seem to find the permit application form. I have emailed them direct but to date i have not heard back from them. Does anyone have the link to the application form so that i can download it? Thank you
  2. I own a third child, my fireblade, its my weekend toy which even the wife likes. Now, is it a costly lark to import such a bike, shall i part with it in England :confused: How expensive are simular sized bikes down under? Last question today. Can we squeeze in the removals crate? or does it have to come over i different route, which will obviously push the cost up massively
  3. Hi All, We are moving back to the UK in May and need to sell my OHs motorbike. Check it out on Bikepoint.com.au (dont know how to paste in a link!) - $9,500 (price negotiable) red/black 16000kms, hardly ever used! We are based in Lovely Banks (Geelong). Many thanks
  4. theonetruechris

    Selling a motorbike in Oz

    Hi Its Ratchet here on Chris's log in. Ive got a Honda Hornet 650cc that i bought out here in Melbourne and id like to sell it now ive discovered the only way to live and not have my neck broken on the commute to work is to drive a car:mad:. The limited time i have off just doesnt allow me to have a day out on the roads and to be honest, if i cant speed around to countryside like you can in the uk, then i dont want to ride. 60mph max just isnt fun Ive just put 12months rego on. do i need a road worthy? if so where do i get one done? Do i need any other forms, how do i transfer ownership?? I am aware of vicroads, but its never as easy as they say. What happens in the real world. Anyone ever sold a vehicle privately? Sorry for all the questions!!! any advice is gladly recieved!:notworthy:
  5. Hiya, I know some of this has been covered in another thread but I specifically wanted to know if anybody has tried to import a motorcycle in bits. I have an old 1978 Z650 that was my wifes pride and joy until it started to fall apart. To cut a long story short it is stripped to it's component parts but we would like to take it with us so it can be rebuilt in the sunshine:biggrin: We have all the docs and many boxes of bits. Cleaning it will not be a problem but I'm struggling to find a section with the information about importing it as a box of parts. Any help much appreciated. Kev
  6. Dont know if anybody out there is intersted, but i'm looking at going for a ride this easter setting off Sunday morning early, and getting back some time late Monday (4th & 5th april) Dont yet know where i'll be heading, probably inland somewhere to the north. Bendigo/Swan hill/Mildura etc. There will hopefully be a couple of mates tagging along, so hoping to get a group of 5-10 riders together. the more the merrier. All types of bikes welcome. pm me or give me a call 0400 874875 Paul.
  7. grainne73

    Motorbike Rides

    Hi Just wondered if anybody out there had done any round trips on motorbikes. If we ever get to Perth , we are hoping to spend few weeks just riding about and interested to know has anyone done same and suggest routes etc! thanks
  8. touch107fm

    Motorbike ya or na

    Right I have being trying to decided ''should I bring over my Sv 650'' I love this bike but I was prepared to sell it before I move to Oz in March. Plan was to buy a bike up to the value of $10 000 The thing is I will probably need 2 bikes one for doing everyday stuff like going to work and then I want one for the weekend rides.. I was thinking of shipping my sv over and using it as my work horse and then buying something like a R6 in a few months. My Sv 650 2005 is worth about £1800 only 16 000 on the clock Now I being doing the maths with the exchange rate being so rubbish $1.78 to the pound I would be much better off shipping my Sv out to OZ I am aware it will probably cost 500 pound shipping another 500 pounds in taxes + other services $600 dollars to get rego for the year So over all about £1300 tops to get my bike shipped and on the road for a year. As I said I have being on loads of Ozzie site for bike and I will just will not get the same value for money than I will by bring over my sv. Has anyone on this site actually done it resently. I know most are all for just buying one over in Australia but I would love to hear from someone who actually shipped there bike over. Any Ideas...
  9. Hey guys and gals, Im thinking of getting a motorbike to use for my commute to work, I never had a motorbike licence in the UK so I was wondering if anyone knew whats involved over here? Terry
  10. Hi, I have a friend of mine who is coming over from the UK and wants to travel around on his Motorcycle while he's here. He's coming over for a year and is going to ship his Bike over. He'll have to register this of course with Queensland Transport, get different plates etc. Now is this expensive and easy to do? I guess he can ride here on his Bike license for a year similar to a car license? Anyone else done this? Thanks
  11. Hi there, I lived in melbourne for 2 years and used to commute daily to city with a motorbike. It was the year 1999/2000 and I guess it didn't rain that much in those years. I had no problem commuting. When it rained, I used to put on the suit. Hopefully, I will be back (I'm about to lodge the visa app), but this time to Sydney. Any bikers in NSW commuting to the city for work? I would love to hear your views Does it rain a lot, I mean, is it feasible to go to work with bike everyday? It's just so convenient and efficient plus driving the bike every morning is like breakfast :wink: Cheers B1K3R
  12. nik_kershaw

    ACT Motorbike ride 18th Oct

    I have been looking to join a bike club but as I don't really know anyone over here who rides a bike, however I saw tonight that Taff has a SV650 (the old bike I used to have in the UK and a great bike!). So I thought I would just throw it out there and find out if anyone else out there has a bike and would like to go for a ride on Sunday (the forcast looks good). Even if your not able to make it on Sunday then lets just see who has a bike.
  13. Hello, Seen the post for importing a car and thought would do one for a bike, I have spoken about a bike in there but wondered if anyone had any experience with taking a bike over as understood that there was some expensices that you do not pay but you do with a car. From the details I had found, looked to cost about £1000 to ship mine over and get it on the road, although it might not have the same retail value over there, I really would not want to sell it on. I also understood that if a bike (or car, for that matter) was stripped down you again did not pay certain expensises. Can anyone advise please as getting confused. Not too clear with the import website, or am I just being thick, please dont reply to this last quesion, I think I know the answer. Thanks:swoon:
  14. When I leave school in the UK (next year) I plan to leave and go to study law in Australia. I'd like a motorbike just to get me to and from uni. I have checked the Queensland transport website but I get confused with all the R, RE, open, R1 license things. Can anyone give me information or give me a website that will tell me the information simply? Also I will be 16/17 when I leave to study in Australia and will it help if I have a UK provisional or full license for a car or motorbike? Thanks in advance, Michael
  15. Im moving to Hobart next January and intend to take my 8 month old Z750 with me. Im about to do some small mods to it - tail tidy, smarter indicators, fly screen and radiator grill. I seem to recall on another thread that mods can cause problems when importing, so 2 questions spring to mind - 1) are mods a big hassle when importing, and 2) will small mods like what i intend make any difference? The bike will of course be well over the 12 month limit before then.
  16. Guest

    motorbike shipping

    can anyone tell me how hard it is to ship my bike over and where to start
  17. Hi there has anyone shipped there motorbike over to Oz? Is it worth it? Iplan to put it in my container with the rest of my personal effects, is this possible? How muck is the import taxes? If anyone could answer any of these questions or point me in the right direction. Many thanks.
  18. Hi all. I have had a post on Britvics for a week or so, and keep meaning to put one on here as well. I am planning on an Expat motobike ride on Sunday 16th November. The meeting point will be here in Monbulk (Dandenongs) hoping to leave here by 10am and plan on heading up into the hills through Seville, Healsville, through the Black spur of reefton spur, Marysville etc. It will be a fair run, and will stop for a bite probably just past the Black spur or even in Marysville. Expected time of arrival back in Monbulk around 3.30/4.00pm So far about 6 takers. 4 poms & 2 Dutch. Anybody else fancy a ride out ? No mad cap riding, just a fun day out enjoying some of the best roads in Vic. Either add to this thread if interested, or PM/Email me. Paul.
  19. Guest

    Motorbike licence

    In the UK I have a full car licence and also a full bike entitlement (Category A) Do I automatically get the same entitlement in Oz?
  20. Hi Guy's Has anyone got any info for us as we are taking our motorbike with us to Tasmania. We would like to know the cost etc involved of importing it and when we get there as I know there isn't really a road tax as such as in England, but a upkeep charge kind of like a MOT.... I'm unsure. Any info on this would be greatfully recieved :spinny: x TASSIE -TASSTIC TOO X
  21. Guest

    motorbike query

    hope someone can help, we are moving to Adelaide in August and are using Crown Relocation to move our belongings,my husband wants to take his 2 motorbikes with him,1 is a Suzuki GSXR 750 and the other is a Yamaha RD 350 which he has restored but not been built back up again(lots of sentimental attachment).Crown has said that he can only take 1 bike and he is gutted,does anyone know if its true you can only take one and is there a way round it to take both. :unsure:cheers from Val and Cameron
  22. Is it worth it. I have a year old suzuki and I'm wondering if it is worth shipping it? Can it go in a container with the rest of our stuff. Has anyone done this? Any help would be gratefully recieved!!:wacko:
  23. Guest

    Shipping a motorbike

    Can anyone tell me the rough cost of shipping a motorbike from the U.K to Oz please.My OH cannot bear the thought of selling his beloved bike!!!Sarah+++:spinny:
  24. Guest

    motorbike test

    Hi my o/h wants to know about taking his das motorbike test, is he best to take it here before we go or wait and take it in victoria. He can't seem to find any info on taking there, if taking it here does it transfer to a auzzie license when we move. your help is much appreciated. Sam.
  25. Guest

    Motorbike Test

    Hi guys, Any advice please on motorbiking in Oz - I am moving to Sydney and just recently done my CBT in the UK. Does this allow to drive anything at all in Oz on the roads bike wise, and is it worth getting the full licence here or do it when I get over to Oz. Your advice much welcome. Cheers