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Found 72 results

  1. Guest

    importing a motor bike

    to start with hi every body, has any one looked into or imported a bike into aus if so could you let me know if it is worth it or not . any info would be a great help.
  2. I am a 26 yr old fully qualified mechanic with 10 years main dealership experiance . I am looking to move to perth with my wife and 2 daughters to be near family , so if there are any garage owners that would be interested in talking to me please get back to me . you can email me on rossgowers@hotmail.co.uk . Thankyou Ross
  3. Does anyone know of any companies offering 457 visas to motor mechanics? Have sent my CV to 100's of recruitment agencies but never get much response apart from filling out loads of forms each time! very frustrating:wacko: Anyway would appreciate any positive comments.
  4. Hi all just got my practical date for Feb 09, was hoping to get Oct 08 but never mind might improve on housing by then.:sad:
  5. Hi Folks We are just making initial enquiries at the moment with agents and were about to arrange for a skill assessment for Andy, when I looked into the new pathway D requirements and now I think we need some advice. Andy is a Motor Mechanic of 9 years working experience, he initially did a city and guilds level 1 in motor vechicle repair and servicing then got a job at a nissan dealership and only attended nissan specialised courses, then joined a Toyota Dealership and continued with any courses they presented. however as none of these are formal qualifications we are rather concerned we will just be wasting our money going ahead with an assessment. Initially we thought his work experience would get us through, but with these new rules we are far from confident. Would his only option now be to totally retrain to an NVQ 2/3?? thanks in advance Sara and Andy
  6. hi my husband is very skilled in hgv mechanic but will be 45 in oct. the vetassess practical is after he is 45 are we too late to apply :no: have we missed the boat? is there another way round it or are we doomed?? any information would be gratefully received.xx
  7. Guest

    Taking the p155 (motor bike)

    Aye up all, Can any one help, i'm sick of people taking the p155 and wanting our life long belongings for next to nothing, its as thoe thay think thay are doing us a favour so ive decided to take my bike (all 1700cc,s of it )with us the bike is worth at least £6,000 of any bodys money but this ignormas has just offered me £2,500:arghh: what a w****r does any body know what the cost is to take it to oz and what preporation has to be done. Thanks for reading hope you can help.!!! Guy ps i feel better now ive had a moan :wacko:
  8. Hi Finding it quite difficult to check out what the average wage for a motor mechanic is, are there any sites I need to look at to find this out. We are wanting to move to Adelaide, what are the job prospect there? Thanks Carl
  9. :wacko:I am a Vehicle Estimator working in the accident repair business. I have to solely rely on a sponsor to relocate and would love to hear from anybody who has any info on reputable accident repair centres with vacancies and the area which would best suit my career. Thanks, John
  10. carlos66

    motor mechanic skills assessment

    Looking to move to Adelaide with my trade as a motor mechanic, find the tests a bit confusing. Could anyone help in letting me know what documents and evidence I need to prove my skills.
  11. hi there my husband, I and 3 children are thinking about Fraser Coast area, he's a motor mechanic, does anyone know what employment prospects are like in the area? are there plenty of garages? and what do people think about going over without a job and looking once you are there. any advice would be great
  12. Removed this after found it available on WWW
  13. Guest

    importing motor bikes

    Hi, my oh has a motorcross bike that he wants to bring with him, hes only had this one for 3 months is it possible to bring it over. thanks for any help in advance Rach
  14. Guest

    Motor Jobs website

    Hi, I have just found a website for all motor vechicle mechanics who are looking for work in Australia. www.motorstaff.co.au I hope this will be useful to you all. Please let me know. Thanks Toni1926 :wubclub: Happy Hunting.
  15. Guest

    Motor Mechanics

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if there was any other motor mechanics out there applying for their 175 visa and skills assessed through TRA??? Maybe we can assist each other with the process???
  16. Guest

    Motor X Sport

    Hi I understand OZ is a great place for motorcross, my husband and son are really into it where the best area's in OZ that are mad about it?
  17. Guest

    motor bike

    can anyone tell me if you need a bike licence down under or can you ride on a normal car licence:jimlad::unsure:
  18. steve/helen

    motor bike licence

    hi there will my motor bike licence be valid in oz. or will i have to do a test thanks.
  19. Guest

    Motor bikes in the desert

    My son wants us to get a couple of scramblers and take them to the desert/outback to mess about (not too far in) would this be legal as he's only 13 ,he has a bike here that we take to a bit of private ground.We would take them on a trailer to wherever,are there laws concerning this or is this inadvisable....jamie
  20. Hi can any one give some advice.. filled in an online assesement test and saw my trade was on the "wanted list" sent of a CV to The company, only for them to say that that job wasnt on the list now, By trade Im a vehicle refinisher ,but as years move on have progressed onwards upwards and even sideways and am now an Assesor working for one of the biggest repairers in the UK which is now so still actively involved in the crash repair industry, I am happily married have an 18 month son and a 17 year old daughter and really want to get away..can any one give me some guidance Regards Andy
  21. Guest

    motor home holiday?

    hi has anyone had a holiday in Australia in a motor home? Me and my husband are looking into options for our holiday combined with fact finding/where to live mission we are hoping to travel around March- April next year. We thought this could be a good way of covering more of Australia on a budget. unfortunately there seems to be so many options. :? at some point we have to fit in Brisbane an south burnette region. Anyway any adivice or experiences will be gratefully received cheers erma
  22. Guest

    Motor Mechanics

    Hi there my hubby is a mechanic has been for 16 years and all the list's we look on say there is a real shortage of them. Is this correct and has anybody heard of a group called patterson cheney? Thanks ruth123uk :roll: