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Found 72 results

  1. RoseBrown1972

    Import permit for car and motor bike

    Hi Has anyone any experience with applying for import permits for a car and motor bike? Submitted application for my car and hubbys bike early June and today I recieved an email about the car but so far nothing about the bike. Although I suspect based on the time of the email the bike one could arrive during their next working day. With the application I provided a copy of the email confirming our short term rental in Perth and a copy of our one way flight itinery but they want more information to prove our intention to move permanently: Copy of rental agreement in Oz (won't receive until in oz) Copy of Oz utilitie agreements (included in rent) Offer of employment in Oz- not anticipating getting work until we are in Oz Proof of sale of house- on market but not sold and still moving even if it isn't Oz bank account- can open on line but not moving until Nov and you have 3 months from date of opening to provide ID either in Oz or london branch so too soon. TFN number, medi care and driving licence application- can't be done until in Oz The only option they give that is possible is a letter from my employer saying that I have advised them of my intention to leave, this is not possible for husband has employers have no idea of our plans and it is better to leave it this way for now! However this on its own doesn't give sufficient points. We leave on 20 Nov and my car will go either then with our household goods or possibily earlier if the house sells but we wanted to send the bike ahead to be there more or less when we arrive. Anyone else had this issue and how did you get round it? Thanks Rose
  2. Hi We are thinking of investing in a motor home when we get to oz. I have been looking on the internet to find some for sale in oz but they seem quite expensive. There is a place in the UK which sells new 6 berth motor homes for around £33,000. Can I buy one in oz for that price. If not, has anyone any idea how much it would cost to transport one from the UK to oz? Thanks
  3. firebladebally

    Motor Mechanic - ?

    Hi all, just trying to get some info on being a mechanic in oz. Pay, workshop conditions, price of tools, job availablity....anything really. Any info greatly appreciated, cheers.:biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Motor Trade Jobs

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone could recommend any good agencies specialising in Motor Trade positions. I am currently employed in By Mercedes Benz in London and will be moving to Brisbane in feb 09. i am a service aministrator and would be looking for a similar position. Any advice for poms seeking first time employment would also be greatfully recieved.:cool:
  5. My husband is a time served motor mechanic 20years. He has mostly worked in main agents and does air con/elecs mot etc...What are the job prospects for him and salary. were looking at melbourne/adelaide around that area probably! Any advise welcome, sorry really not sure were to ask as new to site many thanks
  6. Hi there, I am looking for some Motor Vehicle Technicians. I would prefer dealer experience but not essential. I am looking into the possibility of providing sponsorship should the need for this be required. The Dealership comes under the GM brand namley Holden, we are located in Port Adelaide SA. If you are a time served motor vehicle technician then I would like to hear from you. Regards James
  7. Guest

    motor mechanics in oz

    Hi to all and welcome to my first thread, Im doing my vetassess for motor mechanics on 28th October, I'am a little worried but think it should be fine, my big issue is ive not found any info into the life of an Australian motor mechanic, I have asked some agencys when we first started looking and was told its good (but are they just saying that?), I'am also a little worried about working in 45 degrees but hope that you just get used to it. so if there are any vehicle techies out there who would like to share there experiences that would be good cheers to all
  8. Hi to all those bike riders, if any one fancies to go for a bike ride in the hinterland.::cool::idea:
  9. Guest

    motor mechanic

    hi am a qualified motor mechanic looking for jobs in the perth area, now it wont be for quite a while as need to send visa off 1st , have worked on vw audi's for 18yrs, the other job i was thinkin of doing is a air con mechanic but what qualifications would i need for that type of job
  10. clusterofgeals

    motor mechanic sponsorship

    hi, anyone on here had any experience of gaining sponsorship as a motor mechanic ?
  11. Hello, We're hoping to move to Sydney later this year, and I know from when I lived there it takes years to get a full bike license there. So, should I take my direct access here in the UK now, and if I do, is it fully transferable? Much thanks Sam
  12. clusterofgeals

    Motor mechanic/Tyre fitter

    Motor Mechanic/Tyre Fitter in need of a job/sponsorship in the cabulture qld region if you can help contact me adrian.g@blueyonder.co.uk
  13. Hi there my hubby has been offerd a sponsership to work in a garage in melbourne. He is a motor mechanic and people say there is a real shortage of them in australia? We are in the process of getting the house up for sale. Does anybody know what the medical involves? and how long a process it is? and has anybody shipped there furniture over if so how much? thanks for taking the time to read all my questions. Ruth
  14. Hey there, Im new here so sorry as this will sound very amateur-ish!!! :err: I am a 22 y/o male who has recently completed a NVQ level 2 in Motor Mechanics at college.. From past experiences in my teens, being in Tasmania was the best place for me in the world, I would love to migrate basically, I have my heart set! I have family friends currently living in Hobart but im just unsure as to what I should maybe do here on into the future as far as experience I should build up or any advice really on further qualifications I may need to gain, even visas that would be particularly ideal for my situation! Like I say, im going at it a bit blind atm, Im only 22 and just need some positive guidance really, much appreciated! :notworthy: Thank you in advance for any responses, regards!
  15. Hi guys Just wondering if anyone has any info. re. the practical for Motor Vehicle Technician Vetassess exam. Hubby doing next week and the nerves a kicking in! Anything would be great, many thanks. :notworthy:
  16. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has any info they can share with me. We are hopeing to move to Brisbane sometime this year and my husbands trade is Motor Mechanic. He currently works at BMW and has done for the past 12 years and is a Senior Technician so he has lots of experience and knowledge. Can anyone give me a guide as to what kind of wages we would expect for him. Also i am in the Youth Support work. I currently work in schools with year 11 students and would like to continue to do so when we arrive in OZ. Again does anyone know of any agencies or government bodies who run schemes that support youth work?? :smile: Thanks, Kelly
  17. Hi I have been approached (as a registered migration agent) by a company who are looking for the following staff: Diesel Motor Mechanics Motor Parts Interpreters Truck Sales Persons Service Adviser Admin Staff - Receptionist, Branch Accountant, Credit & Debit Clerks They are looking for people experienced in the Truck industry. These positions are in a rural area and although they are likely to begin as 457 visa's they are likely to progress to PR. The company have already been accepted by DIAC as a Business Sponsor and i am in the process of liaising with them to obtain details of the area, prospects, schools etc. If anyone is interested in any of these positions and don't mind 'living outside' of the main cities please contact me and e-mail your CV to info@ozmigrationagency.com.au and i will provide further details.
  18. Hi, I'm after abit of help if possible I have successfully obtained my visa for OZ last year so that great news but I am now trying to assist my partner in getting his skills assessment done so we can go out, but it is totally different to mine due to practical assessment etc for the trade side, and I'm just not sure I am getting my head around it at all. We have started the paperwork but it just doesnt seem to have much to it, he has been in the industry for about 12 years so we have put down courses etc but wondered whether anyone has been through this proccess that could help? Especially when it comes to the work experience part as he uses all of the skills within his daily job, can you just put daily usage? They dont exactly give you alot of room to put to much. Cant work out if we are trying to make it more complicated than it is or we just arent getting it!!!:no: Plus does anyone know how this trade is looking in NSW Please help:embarrassed:
  19. Hi all I am putting together application for practical with Vetasses for Motor Mechanic (light). As I have been self employed for last 6 years they obviously need proof that I have done what I said and evidence that I was self employed etc. They ask for invoices to customers of work undertaken and bills/invoices from suppliers etc. How many invoices/bills etc does anybody recommend to prove my self employment. I have a filing cabinet full but I obviously cant send the lot over!!!!! Would one from each month suffice going back over say the required last 4 years? Other info such as photos of van and accounts etc are not a problem. I just dont want to fall at the first hurdle in addition to loosing $600 dollars for the inital paper assessment and not even get to a practical. Any advise or help from anyone who has done the Motor Mechanic practical would be great. Many Thanks Mark
  20. Hi everyone newbie here, Me and my wife are lookin at Brisbane, a friend took the plunge last year and is lovin it. We've got a 2 year old and one on the way in 6 months and would like a better future for them. Anyone know what the motor trade is like out there?? There is alot of talk about OZ following the UK re-sesh which makes me worry as im quite comfortable with well paid job and nice ish house think ive got those rose tint glasses on and watched wanted down under too much during cold crap winter. Dont get me wrong Im not scared of hard graft.... Any thoughts anyone sorry for the rambleing... Thanks Rich
  21. Yippeeee...found out this morning that Ians passed the practical. Good luck to everyone whos still waiting for results! Beer and wines chilling ready for later!! :wubclub:
  22. Hi All, I am in the process of applying to emmigrate as a motor mechanic, I dont expect any real problems with the paper side of things but can anyone shed any light on exactly what is tested in the practical and how is it tested. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  23. Hi Guys I recently completed my NVQ level 3 in Auto Electrical, i'm 29 and have been in the trade, same company for near on 5 1/2 years - 6 years in July. I have qualifications (units) at BTEC level in Auto Engineering inc Electrical and have also completed the NVQ level 2 back in 2005. The company i work for trained me as an Auto Electrician but i gained the NVQ's through my own choice and cost so i presume my work based training would be classed as informal training????. The thing is, i'm currently looking at lodging a Skiled Visa Application (Subclass 175) and have been in contact with True Blue Migration Agents who have been quite helpful, but obviously they now want me to sign contracts and make an initial payment. Has anyone on here dealt with them/recommend them. I also thought that the TRA was a practical test but have been told its all written, can anybody in the Motor Trade on here shed any info on where abouts the test(s) are taken / time scale plus how long it takes to apply for the test - to confirmation of results. Thanks Paul & Danielle
  24. Hi Our friends have bid farewell to blighty today, and have just made us want to inch a little bit closer to Oz. My hubby is a time served motor mechanic with managerial and foreman experience. Is there much demand for his skills.:wub:
  25. realitynotincluded

    Anyone done a motor mechanic TRA

    :notworthy:Hi everyone Hubby is applying for his TRA in motor mechanics and really needs help from someone who has done this type of TRA and successfully passed. Anyone out there willing to maybe let hubby see their TRA application so he can get a visual idea of what it requires.. really dont want to make silly mistakes just because of misunderstanding of what TRA require. Thanks in advance... PS. We are in Perth so it is TRA we need not vetasses