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Found 164 results

  1. charlene

    Mortgage Question?

    Just a quick question! Can you obtain a mortgage on a student visa? :unsure: Charlene - x -
  2. Guest

    mortgage query

    hi all,hope everything is going to plan,apart from the waiting:arghh: my query is this....i am sure i read somewhere that if you are not in the trade you applyed in your visa for then you could not get a mortgage........ if anyone could enlighten me more on this subject i wouild be grateful, or if there is a site i could visit. keep well all,,,thanks mark
  3. bmw2705

    student mortgage help

    hi im sure ive read on here people who have brought a house and put down a deposit and used there other money in the bank to pay the repayments while studying in oz as we will be studying for 2 yrs and would prefer to do this than through money away on renting does anyone no details etc on what u do i think they had to sign papers saying they would loose house if payments not up to date etc
  4. Sounds a silly question but can it be done? I'm currently with Abbey who are part of the Santander group who are global - so are there is any issues I have to address??? Tom
  5. Guest

    Mortgage in UK 4 OZ

    Hi, just wondered if anyone knows how you get a mortgage in uk for house in OZ, have read somewhere this is possible but do not know where to start. Thank you in advance for replies. Marina:mask:
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry for a really boring thread!! I know there has been many questions asked regarding which bank to open with and we are currently looking at Commonwealth and Westpac (and really need to get it sorted this week!!) Unlike most of you (to our downfall) we have never owned a home in the UK (living always in Married Quarters with the RAF) which means we are not heading to Aus to live a mortgage free life..... Does anyone down there know which bank would offer the best rates for a homeowner loan/mortgage (1st time buyer) if lets say if you are putting down 30 - 40%? Any information would be great. Thanks so much
  7. Guest

    Mortgage In Oz On Temp Visa??

    Hi, moving on from my thread about renting with dogs, does anyone know if you can get a mortgage if you are only on a temp 2 year visa?? We are going on a student visa and hope to make it permanent at the end of 2 years. If we can't rent with dogs then we will have to buy something sooner rather than later but problems are: 1. Will they give mortgage on temp visa 2. We can only work 20 hours each and don't expect to get jobs for 6 months. 3. We will have alot to go down on a property but not enough to buy outright, but will still have alot of money in the bank (put aside for school,meds,course,cost of living and emergencies and rent) would they give us a mortgage even if we were not working but had money to pay the mortagage???? All sounds a bit confusing but trying to suss out from here where we will live. CARAVAN IS LOOKING GOOD FOR 2 YEARS:biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: mind you we would probably love that... don't think our furniture would fit in the caravan though!!!! Yvonne
  8. gail39

    mortgage advisor query?

    Can anyone tell me if I have read a post ,quite a while ago about a mortgage advisor who quoted a post on here..she was living in brisbane but i cant remember her name...any help would be great...........
  9. Guest

    no mortgage!!!

    Is any one out there in the same situation as us?Due to us marrying quite late we missed the chance of getting on the property ladder before house prices went through the roof!!We have been renting a council house for 8 years and are hoping to move to Oz,but with no house to sell we are having to save very hard for visa fees etc.Is anyone else in the same boat?Did you buy or rent when you moved to Oz?
  10. Hi all I am currently a full time Independant Mortgage Adviser. I have a 13 month old baby and would like to work part time in Oz. Not many Part Time jobs in UK. Obviously I need to get the Ozzy accreditiation when I arrive but does anyone know (who currently does mortgages) if there are many part time posts or what the Ozzy's are like about flexible working? Will CeMap mean anything out there are will I need to do the lot again? Thanks Jenny Ryder
  11. Hello, I'm moving to Perth with my family in November (visa willing) and having seen the rising house prices wondered if you can get a mortgage on a land purchase. I will have a small amount for a deposite ($50000 approx). Thanks Alan
  12. Finally Keith sold the house, well sort of. Plan B sell HALF the house to sister and her hubby. She gets on housing ladder and money to retire to spain with then we get half of money. We pay the mortgage off and have dosh to but down as a deposit here and Welshboy will be over before the end of October............IM SO HAPPY!!!! Fingers crossed the solicitors do their jobs quickly. Just had to tell you guys, you've been so supportive its meant a lot to both of us, THANKS!!! Ali
  13. Guest

    Calculating a mortgage

    You know how, typically, in Britain, mortgage companies will lend up 3 1/2 times a joint income over 25 years, does anyone know if such formulas are used in Australia and, if so, what are they please?
  14. Just had a very quick look at some interest rates for mortgages in Aus.It looks like the average rate is around the 7 % mark :shock: :shock: :shock: .Blimey i'm only paying 4 1/2 % at the moment....seems like its a bit dearer to borrow money in Aus.Does this sound about right or am i looking in the wrong places :? Ta , Lee.