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Found 164 results

  1. Anyone know of or used a good mortgage broker for initial talks about buying property here in Vic?? We have no clue on where to start, costs ect and would like a home visit to talk through this with someone So recommendations would be great
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is any way to get an agreement in principal for a mortgage before moving to Australia? I had thought someone on here before had mentioned that when opening an Australian bank account, the bank also offered them a mortgage. Thanks Shaz
  3. Hi all, We are busy saving like mad since we arrived here in May to get up a deposit for our own place - although with stamp duty and all the other costs involved with buying and paying rent as well its a slow process. Like most people who are selling in the Uk we have just had to let any equity we had go to get a sale on our house. With the costs of shipping and setting up again it doesn't leave us with a deposit. We wondered if anyone know of its possible to get a 100% mortgage or close to it as we hate the fact that we are looking at another year of paying rent and trying to save when we could be paying our own mortgage! We are looking to buy new and take advantage of the first time buyers grants and new build grant but we are not sure if that will count towards a deposit? Any advice or tips would be great! My hubby has a pretty good salary (near to 100k) and is hopeful of getting a bit more than that pretty soon as he is job hunting like a demon! thanks Julie
  4. Hi - does anyone know whether any Australian lenders will do 90% mortgages for couples when the wage earner is on a Section 300 Prospective Marriage visa?
  5. We have had an offer accepted on a place in the UK but are still here in Oz (awaiting settlement spouse visa). We are due to sign mortgage deeds but our Oz solicitor will only sign if it's to witness, not to 'explain' it. Does anyone have experience with this to know what the documents require? Or know a UK lawyer in Oz who could assist? The house purchasing situation in the UK compared to Oz is crazy and we desperately need to sort it out so we can apply for schools etc. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  6. Really could do with a bit of honest advice, this is my situation, i have in savings £190.000 GBP and also rent a couple of properties out rougthly bringing an annual income of £22-24000. The house i own cant sell so i have money tied up in this property, approx £200.000. My mortgage on my current home is £237.000 so as i am on an offset mortgage i am paying the interest on £47000.00. I really need to sell my current home to enable to buy in OZ (But like most people have posted, nothing in the UK is selling so renting is the better option), i will be renting myself in OZ for at least 12-18 months. But just dont know what the best option is to do with our savings do we A- take the money and bank over in OZ and pay the mortgage out of the rental if we rent but this would be on the full £237000 or do we B- leave the savings and use the rental of our UK property to fund the OZ rental. I am hoping the income off the rents will help me to get settled, sorry to be longwinded but any advice would be welcome.
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know, or can anyone recommend a good mortgage advisor / Financial advisor who is knowledgeable with regards 'buy to let' mortgages? Unsure what they call it here, maybe investment mortgages.. Cheers Nicholas
  8. Hi, I have been looking at online mortgage calculators in Aus. We are only moving out to Adelaide in 2011 , and I am hoping for a salary of approx 95K per annum (I take this from market salary surveys I have checked for my job type - so purely based on assumption). But mortgage calculators do not actualy indicate that Aus banks will allow for any reasonable mortgage on 95K and some estimated expenses? We have a house in London (which we would like to keep and rent out) and a house in Cape Town (which we will likely sell for and use the profit for a desposit). Can anyone please give me their thoughts? Etienne
  9. Guest

    Advice on Mortgage

    We currently live in UK and have a Mortgage here. When we got the mortgage My husband and I were both working. Since then i have decided to stop work to bring up my child. is it possible to Transfer the Mortgage we have to a property in Aus OR do we have to get re-assessed for a mortgage in Austraila in which case would we get less SINCE its only my husband who is working at the moment. many thanks Ki
  10. This is something that really worries me. How easy is this? Do they make it difficult? Any got any experience with Abbey National? Thanks!
  11. Hi Guys I was having a look at the possibility of buying in Oz. We arent there yet - we dont even have our visa :biglaugh: but we are on our way, I just like to get in there and do loads of research. We are looking at the affordability of houses and it seems do-able but I noticed that the mortgage interest rates are around 6% !!!!! Does anybody know if this has always been the case in Oz - I know in Ireland at the moment my mortgage interest rate is 3.1% but thats probably due to the country being in a right state at the moment. 2 years ago i was paying nearly 5% interest rate so Im just wondering if there is a property boom over in Oz at the moment. I know we can get alot more for our money in Oz but because the interest rates being so high and the exchange rate being absolutely crap its made me wonder! Any comments would be much appreciated Suzanne
  12. Hi All, I'm new here and looking forward to moving to the Sunshine Coast at the end of May this year. My wife is going to do a degree course at the university of the sunshine coast and I'm looking at my options! I have UK property investments that I will manage from Aus. I was going to become a mortgage broker in the UK, but hope that I might now be able to do this is Aus instead. Anyone got any good advice on where/who to train with? I've read that it might be possible to complete the exams while still in the UK, is this true? Any advice appreciated! Also would love to chat to others that live in the nearby areas. Cheers James
  13. We approached our building society about renting out our property for obvious reasons rather than selling and we have been told we would only been able to rent it out for at the most 2 years before we would be made to sell as the mortgage we have is not a buy to let. I have friends who not approached their building society as they were not aware they had to and our just renting their property out. Anyone got any advice or suggestions!
  14. kellyjay

    mortgage help

    hi all, can anyone offer me some advise on mortgages. we are heading to perth probally around sept, 175 visa hubbie is wall and floor tiler. had lots of info on what he can earn but i dont think we can be really sure on this untill we arrive. so questions are;- how long do we have to be in oz before we can apply for a mortgage? what is the avarage mortgage to have in oz? many thanks to you all. kelly.x
  15. Hi, Looking at opening a bank account before we leave the UK. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a mortgage approval before arriving in Australia? This assumes selling UK property and getting an Australian job before leaving the UK.
  16. Hiya guys wondered if anyone could give me some advice , a friend as asked for some mortgage advice and i havent a clue, wondered if anyone could help,, this is what he is asking,,, 1. I would like to know how much of a deposit I would need to buy a house (say for eg $400k) if I was unable to sell my current UK house; and, 2. Whether I could receive a mortgage to buy a house for $400k if I was to put down a 25% deposit but didn't have a permanent job - only casual work as a teacher! I would be able to do this if I were to sell my UK house. Thank you Cal x
  17. Hi does anyone know if we are able to get an intrest only mortgage on a 457 visa?? we still have a house in the uk which we are renting out and have some capital in that one. We were thinking we might be able to use the capital in that one to secure a mortgage here in australia ????? Any advise on mortgages in aus would be appreciated Thanks kev
  18. Guest

    mortgage advice

    hi guy's were in the process of costing (pricing) of living in perth,does anyone know how the banks(in oz) work out the amount they would lend you regarding a mortgage,ie in the uk its something like 3 times your income. for example if i was to earn $60k what would i be able to borrow cheers guy's
  19. Hi all, My family and I have been in Melbourne now for 7 weeks and totally love it! Its everything we ever wanted and the kids love the lifestyle. Our minds have started to move to more permanent thoughts and in particular looking for our own house. I'm here on a 457 Business visa and have attempted to find information out about what mortgages are available and what we need to know being a migrant, however its not very easy. Would anyone help give me any information about this and any contact information here in Melbourne about mortgages, it seems to be really difficult getting any info here. Even a company who specialise in these mortgages would help? thanks in advance Matthew
  20. HI everyone I am living Australia. I bougth the house using the mortgage broker with 80% borrowing. However, before I bought the house, I had my saving (70% of the house value). I also let the broker know about my saving. After I bought the house, I immediately transfered all of my saving to the mortgage. The mortgage is now only 30% house value. Today my broker called and ask how I keep up with my mortgage. It seems to me that I reduce the level of the mortgage too much, don't I? Do you think there will be any implication on me? I am very anxious now. Thanks for your future answer.
  21. Happy New Year!!! Only a couple of changes this month. First Home Buyer Grant As from the 1st January 2010 the FHOG has now been reduced to just $7,000 for both established and construction. You can still qualify for the previous amounts of $10,500 for established and $14,000 for construction if your Offer & Acceptance form or Building Contract was signed before 1st Jan. Keystart Home Loans (only lend in WA) Keystart Home Loans is a Government funded lender that only lends in WA and only to Australian citizens and perm visa holders only. They have had terrible service levels in the past, but due to the changes they brought in late last year, they are now on a par with the big 4 banks for service. They increased their interest rate for new borrowers to approx 0.75% obove the big 4 banks and reduced their maximum loan from 98% of the value, to 96% of the value. Big bonus with Keystart is that they do not charge Lenders Mortgage Insurance, so this can save people thousands of dollars.
  22. Hi Have previously posted a thread along these lines, but am getting conflicting information so hoping someone can put me straight. We have been told by our bank that we can apply straight away for a mortage, dont necessarily need a deposit, might not even have to go down the low-doc route. Spoke to 2 different mortgage brokers who have said "no chance, not without being resident for 12 months and a minimum of 20% deposit". Hubby is subbie plasterer, earning good money on paper, and we are quietly optimistic that we might have a cash buyer for our UK house, but this would still not give us the full 20% deposit required. We are not in any desperate rush to buy and saddle ourselves with a big mortgage here, but just trying to find out exactly what the picture is - dont want to miss out on an opportunity, should one arise, but also dont want to get our hopes up if we are way off the mark. Im sure you understand what I am getting at, just want some real honest answers here. Can anyone help please????
  23. Hi there.. just a quickie about mortgage offers. Out of interest, what is the average that the banks will lend in Oz in relation to your salary? Is it 2 or 3 times your salary for instance? Thanks for your advice ....
  24. legoman

    50-60k without mortgage

    Hi i know sometimes seems silly questions but if no mortgage would 50-60k a year be enough to live on, looking at a lot of jobs most pay is around 25ph mark. 50-60 at todays rate is around equivilent to £30k. thats for living in perth. does seem concerning all the posts re cost of living. would intend to rent for while anyway til settled and keep around $350k in bank. ( higher interest?.