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Found 164 results

  1. G'day people.:cool: Me & my girlfriend are moving out to Maitland NSW on the 22/08/11.:laugh: I will still have my house in the UK that I own but I'll be renting it out until we decide where our future will be. I thought that I would do the right thing & let my mortgage protection provider know of my future plans to be on the safe side, but they told me that they won't be able to cover me as I won't be living in the house in the UK.:arghh: Has anyone else on here come across this problem? If so how did you get around it or who did you find to use to protect you in the unlikely event you lost your job in Australia for some reason? I want to still be protected on my UK property as you don't know what is round the corner. Thanks for any advice it would be very much appreciated. Marc.
  2. dferri2000

    Mortgage Brokers

    Has anyone had good (or bad) experiences with mortgage brokers and are there any which people would recommend?
  3. We have been living in the gold coast for 9 months now and my husband has been in the same job since we moved (employed, perminent) i work part time casual and we make about $120,000 a year. we are staying in a rental and its out of this world but we are a young family and feel it is time to move on to buying. We spoke to a few agents who said they could help us out but so far we have had no luck. we have a 5 % deposit and need to lend 95% we have tried ING Direct and NAB and they have both declined us. We are going to loose our perfect home and we need help. Anyone with any advice on how we sort this please get in touch. We have until the 18th July to ask for an extention to get the loan but the real estate wont allow extention unless there is a good chance we can find the money. We are looking at the non conforming lenders now with higher rates as they do not credit check and we might have a better chance. we have applied for credit 4 times in the last 12 months, being for a ute, and laptop which we were refused. we then applied for a store card and got that. then then mortgage application which was denied. we have no debt at all and are puzzled as to how this is happening. Anyone know how to fix this.... ie good agents or have you had the same prob and resolved iy . Help us You can PM me the house is worth $495,000
  4. sarahjl

    Getting mortgage once in uk

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if you can get a mortgage in just one name even though I'm married? Hubby did some online calculators and we can get a better mortgage if it's in just his name rather than joint names. I'm not working at the moment due to having a couple of little ones. Sorry if it's such a daft question but we are keen to get back but want to make sure just what we can do! There's so much to sort out it's a bit overwhelming, my oldest will need a school place, sorting a rental to live in before we get back and hopefully my hubby will be able to get his old job back. Aaaaagggghhhh!!!!!! We've got some time till we get back, hubby really wanted to be back for Christmas but his parents have told us they think that we should stay out a bit longer but that might have something to do with them having booked to come out here in January.......cynical I know but you would think that they would be more concerned about how low their son is rather than their bloody holiday!!!!!! In-laws!!!!! :arghh: That's my little rant off my chest, sorry about that! Thanks Sarah
  5. I've been a member on here for a while but not posted for a long time but I have a read nearly every night. We have had our visas for a couple of years now and are still trying to make our minds up about the big move to Queensland. One of the main things holding us back, the same as nearly everyone, is the money side of things. After we have sold our house and paid back all we owe, paid all the moving costs etc we would not have any money left for a deposit for a house. hopefully we could save for this but it would take a good few years. That's hoping we can both get jobs. How long do people usually stay in rentals for? Are we mad moving to OZ and not being able to buy a house? Any thoughts welcome please. Thanks. __________________
  6. Hi All, Does anyone know if your debt in the UK is shown on your credit rating or any other way when you apply for a mortgage in Australia? We were planning on taking a loan for a car prior to leaving and paying it somehow from Oz..(Haven't looked into how straightforward that is yet!) Thanks
  7. Hi all, We're thinking of buying a house back in the uk at the mo. Does anyone know of lenders in blighty who will give you a mortgage being resident in Oz but wanting to buy back in the uk? Hsbc do one but wondered if anyone had experience or knew of anyone else!!! Thanks in advance guys Philpot
  8. Guest

    Mortgage advice WA

    Hi, just have some queries about buying a house in WA, we are hoping to be out at end of year and renting initially. Just wondering a few things:- How much mortgage could we get (husband should be earning about 80k per annum)? What percentage of deposit do lenders look for? How easy (or difficult) is it to get a mortgage without credit history in Oz? Is there an equivalent of UK stamp duty on house purchases? If so what's the percentage? Any advice given would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks :hug:

    Mortgage Redemtion Dilema

    Hi guys Have been pondering this one for a while now, just would love some feedback/thoughts We have £5000 redemption fees on our mortgage that end 31st Oct this year. Would it be worth waiting to sell until then or just going for it now? My concern is that if we dont get over until November then most places will be going on shutdown plus airfares will be higher so the £5k will be used in other ways anyway. Just dont know what to do really.....
  10. dferri2000

    Getting a Mortgage

    We're moving to Canberra from the UK in June and as the rental prices are sky high we're going to look to buy something as soon as possible rather than going into a long term rental. Does anybody know whether you have to build up a reputation with the banks before you can apply for a mortgage? I know we will have to have permanent jobs and a decent deposit etc but is there any length of time that we will have needed to hold a bank account or have proved a credit rating though utility bills before we will be eligible? Is there any way to get mortgage offers before we move out based on our earnings in the UK? Thanks Debbie
  11. I am moving to Perth later this year and am trying to put together a fairly accurate budget. The thing I am struggling with is mortgage interest rates. I know that the official reserve bank cash rate in Aus is 4.75% so banks make their money from the difference in this rate and what they lend at. I guess in Aus like a lot of countries you can shop around and get a good interest rate with fixed options / variable options etc. If I look at commonwealth bank they offer a rate of around 7.24% NAB offer around 7.6% I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing their current mortgage percentage so I can see what the rates are so that I can bargain from a position of strength?:biggrin: Obviously the rate they give you is dependant on a whole range of factors eg risk etc but it would be good to hear what people on PIO have managed to get from their banks :wink:
  12. Guest

    Latest Mortgage Update

    Please see attached the most recent Mortgage Newsletter :biggrin: April Newsletter PDF.pdf April Newsletter PDF.pdf
  13. Guest

    mortgage how long

    hi all just wondering how long do you have to be in oz b4 you can ask for a mortgage say on a $400000 with $40000 deposit thanks alan
  14. stephenhall444

    Mortgage to Salary Ratio

    Hello, I have been looking on realestate.com.au in various places I would like to live but I am unsure what I can afford. I hope to bring approx A$100K with me and hope to get a job of approx A$65-80K per annum. Based on this salary/deposit what size mortgage would I be offered? Thanks, Stephen
  15. Guest

    Mortgage dilema

    Hi Just wondering if anybody has been in the same situation. We have our PR visas and have to make the move before September before the visas expire. We have a very small one bedroom house on the market for 6 months now and have only had 2 viewings. We have just received an offer 10k below the asking price which if we accept will leave a shortfall of the same amount in our mortgage. At this stage we would be happy to accept the offer however we are not in a position to cover the shortfall of 10k. We are due to speak with bank to see what they say but we are not too hopeful. They know we are emigrating and auctioneer does not think we will get a higher offer in this current climate. We were hoping to fly out to OZ in May and just wondering what options do we have or if anyone else is in the same boat! We live quite rural so renting out would be hard enough and then we would have the expense of maintaining a rental while in Oz. Any thoughts please would be welcome as it is a bit headwrecking. We dont want to lose this opportunity of selling the house as it would allow us to start a new life down under. Thanks
  16. dont know if anyone can help but i was wondering ,when you apply for any credit or mortgage in australia, do they check your history in uk, or do you start a fresh in oz. thanks any info on this would be appreciated
  17. lottemarine

    Mortgage Advise

    Hey, My partner and i have both recently moved to Perth, WA. I am a sub-contractor and my partner is on a permanent contract, i was wondering how long we would need to wait to be eligible to get a joint-mortgage? We already have a 10% deposit on a $600,000 house. Thanks, Lotte
  18. Guest

    Mortgage on Bridging Visa

    I am wondering if it is possible to get mortgage from bank as a bridging visa holder (applying for permanent residency). I did a google search on this topic and found some result that saying it is possible with 20% deposit. Is this true? Since every time the bank offers me something, when I said I am not a PR they said 'Sorry to waste your time, this offer/service only available for PR'. If it is indeed possible, Is there any other factors that's being checked specifically for the bridging visa holders?
  19. Guest

    Mortgage broker in Melbourne?

    Hi, Can anyone pass on email address for a good mortgage broker in Melbourne?
  20. :unsure:hi ,is there any bank who we can get in touch with so we can mortgage our house in the uk.the property has been rented out for nearly 2 years now and we need a deposit to buy over here as my hubby is self employed and i do not work. we have been told we need 20 % deposit over here but we are a bit shire of this amount so it will only be a small mortgage up to say 50,000. family are renting the property at the moment and they do not want to move out but the lease is up march 2011. property is not really selling at the moment in the uk so i think selling would not be right thing to do at the moment. thanks paula
  21. Guest

    Getting a mortgage

    Can anyone help. I am here on a 457 visa and have been here since end of July. I am currently in Adelaide but I have just accepted another job in Brisbane (as they are going to take over my visa). The question is when am I eligable to take out a mortgage and how much, My basic salary is $57,000 plus shift allowances. I aslo have a small amount if savings.
  22. Hi All - We are moving to Perth in Jan 2011 and my wife has a sponsored 457 application in progress as she has secured work. I am a mortgage broker here in the UK and would like to stay in the industry in Aus but find it frustrating employers will not talk to me until either i am in Australia or much closer to our arrival date. I am keen to feel out the market and employment prospects before I sell my house and jump on a plane. Has anyone else found this and can anyone provide provide any advice ?:eek:
  23. Hi - we are moving to Perth in Jan 2011 and my wife has a sponsored 457 application in progress as she has secured work. I am a mortgage broker here in the UK and would like to stay in the industry in Aus but find it frustrating employers will not talk to me until either i am in Australia or much closer to our arrival date. I am keen to feel out the market and employment prospects before I sell my house and jump on a plane. Has anyone else found this and can anyone provide provide any advice ? :eek:
  24. Hi, Could anyone please recommend an independent mortgage broker in Australia/Sydney? We are really keen to liaise with someone prior to moving to get a realistic idea of how much we will be able to borrow. I've done the generic online calculators but would like to discuss. My husband has an AUssie passport so no issues with VISAS etc. Thank you!