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Found 136 results

  1. TaniaColin

    Mobile hairdresser in Mornington

    Well we have been here for 10 weeks now, and my children are all sorted out at school, kinder and nursery so i am free to do mobile hairdressing. I have 24 years experience and cater for ladies, gents and children so if you would like your hair doing in the comfort of your own home, feel free to PM me. I am based in Mornington Tania X:jiggy:
  2. I have been here for 5 weeks and need to sign up with a doctor. We are in Mt Eliza but will be moving to Mt Martha in March. I have an underactive thyroid and am due a blood test. Can anyone recommend a doctor? I'm not too clued up on this bulk billing or medicare stuff yet but we have got our medicare card. Thankyou:wubclub:
  3. We are having a Britvics / Poms in Oz meet up at Mornington park on Saturday 24th October. Whether you have been before or its your first time why not come along & meet others in same boat. Bring food for yourself & whatever you drink, beers wine etc & make sure plenty of water for the kids to drink if its a warm day. Last year we had between 40 & 50 families turn up at the Mornington meet so put it in your diary.
  4. Guest

    playgroup mornington

    hi, not sure if my last post got lost or not. we arrived two weeks ago and staying in somerville with family. hopefully moving down to mornington area soon. we have a 4 year old boy and two year old girl who want to play and meet new friends. can anyone give any info on whether the playgroup is still on going and who to ring for info. thanks adam
  5. Anyone wanting to meet up for lunch and chat :chatterbox:on 22nd September in Main street ? let me know. Sally x
  6. Hi all, I run an English pub in Main Ridge. It's not quite the same as our good old boozers in London (from where I emigrated 2 years ago with my Aussie wife), but it's getting there! I'd like to get more expats in to let me know what they think, and to have a free pint on me if they mention this site! I'd love to have some pom friends over here (have none unfortunately!) so come on over. Billy Pig and Whistle 365 Purves Road Main Ridge
  7. I hope no one will be offended by my question but I'm really attracted to the idea of living on the Mornington Peninsula but have read that it is "exclusive". Does this mean that it's conservative and right wing? Of course, I understand that no area is homogenous - a good thing of course. However, the suburb in which we live now is largely left wing, liberal and lots of people here are are very "green". This suits our family and whilst it's obvious that we want to embrace new experiences by going to Australia, we would be very uncomfortable in a suburb where the dominat view is very different to that. I'm so sorry if I'm rambling, I will clarify if no one understands my question! Please remember too that we are very happy to meet lots of new people and hear new ideas. Hope my question isn't too annoying or incomprehensible!!
  8. Hi there, moved to Mornington last Saturday 22nd Aug - and love the place and the rental that Kate (moving to melbourne) found for us. As well Tricia (our landlady) both have been brilliant and very very helpful. Huge thank you to both of you xx I have a 7yr old who is about to start Mount Eliza North Primary school - wondered if anyone has a child out there who goes there and what they thought? xxx
  9. Hiya, am an extremely homesick ex-pat looking for folk (other than my Wife) to tell me why I should remain here!! Arrived since Sept 08 and am bascially fed-up of people telling me it's just homesickness and it'll wear off. I miss football (REAL football), pubs, cheap broadband, minicabs and my mates! ...help!:arghh:
  10. Well folks we left good old Stoke last Tuesday morning for Manchester airport, with all our worldly goods 6 suitcases, 2 holdalls, 4 bits of hand luggage and coats. We flew with Emirates and they were fab, we stayed for a few hours in Dubai, and then on to Melbourne, the flight was brill, seats really comfy, food ok, entertainment really good, kids had some nice toys. No probs at passport control as some of you no we were only out here in June to validate our visas. Our good friend Nick picked us up from the airport, really nice to see him again, i think he wondered where we would all fit, but we got into his vehicle, he drove us to our rental. We have a gorgeous rental quite near to Main st so its ideal to walk into town or to the beach. Its a lovely 4 bedroom property, very comfortable, nice to live in some luxury after weeks of 'roughin' it in our house. On the Thursday we picked up our 8 seater vehicle, just having it for the week. We called round to see our friend and her family in the evening and she did centrelink and our tax no on-line. On Friday we opened our bank account, got medicare sorted out, just had to produce our passports and birth certificates, it will now come through automatic on Aug 13th. We even managed a walk along the beach. The job what Colin wanted has now gone, it wasn't definite, but we were hoping for some security with one of us working, so i decided to look through the papers and phoned for a hairdressing job and the lady asked me to start on Monday. On Saturday we looked at a rental which was quite nice there were quite a few people there, so we filled in an application form, they asked us for driving licence they accepted UK one, passport and bank details that gave us 100 points and we supplied 3 refs aswell. Saturday we had a BBQ with Debs and her family and they lent my boys an x-box so they are quite happy Sunday entertained Nick, Marie and their children we did another BBQ, thought we would make use of the facililties here whilst we can. Monday i went to work quite enjoyed it, going back in tomorrow (Wednesday) Today went to check out the school what the boys are going to, had a look around it, good school, they start on Monday. Had a drive to Rosebud, Colin had an interview for warehouse work, guy is going to phone him on Thursday it is only part time but at least it is work. We did not get that rental we looked at, only because there were 4 applicants, we looked at another rental today but it was grotty, so my friend has seen another one, so going to check that one out now. We have also bought a mobile phone and a broadband stick (pay as you go) for my laptop so at least i can stay in touch with the UK. My eldest son speaks to his friends on MSN and i have enjoyed e-mailing friends etc. Anyway on the whole i think we have acheived quite abit in less than a week, tomorrow Colin is going to sort out ambulance cover for us, and then Debs is going to take us into Frankston to get kids uniform, its a shame Arwen can't school until January but never mind we have Chad at home anyway. We might look into childcare eventually, but will see. Anyway will probably do another up date very soon. Tania XX
  11. Hi We are moving over in September and staying with my Dad in Mount Eliza. We bought a block of land in Mount Martha and this is why i am asking about MSC. Does anyone have children attending at the moment and what are their views on the school? I am aware it didn't have a good name a while back but i also heard it had improved??? I don't want to go down the private route but would appreciate any views on non-paying local schools too. We know about the usual costs of schooling as i grew up in Melbourne. Thanks :wubclub:
  12. Guest


    hi there i'm beth my family and i are moving to oz in sep, just booked the tickets we fly the 15th stopping in dubai for a few days to break the trip up, as are kids will have just have gone 4 and 2. we are stopping with my brother who lives in somerville, adam and i lived in edithvale for about 2years, 6 years ago. came back to england as i got pregnat with are 1st baby, but now i know why we left england in the 1st place. can't wait to come back, we are thinking of mornington, i love it there and think it would be a great place to bring kids up, but my hubby thinks it might be to far out. can anyone give me any info about primary schools around mornington. thanks beth xx:laugh:
  13. Bayside 3 bedroom house for rent , Front row - amazing views, available NOW, Pm for details with your dates Mt Martha area Sheree
  14. Hi all............ The Jones family (Mum, Dad and 4 kids aged 10,12,14 & 15) will hopefully be moving to Oz later this year, if all goes to plan...... !!!! We need somewhere near everything really ie, schools, shops, cinemas, skateparks and of course the beach................. Frankston South and Mornington have been mentioned to us but is there any one out there know of these areas or suggest some other places along the coast.............. Any hints & tips would also be welcomed.............. Thanks in advance from the Jones gang
  15. Just a quick introduction to all PIO members. We (Me, wife and 2 kids) emigrated from the UK on the 1 Jan this year and found our way down to this lovely part of Victoria..the Mornington Peninsula. It's a shame that I have only recently become aware of this site because if you are anything like us, we had a thousand and one unanswered questions prior to moving out here - this site is just so informative! However, if anyone has any questions about this region, please don't hesitate to ask..if I can't answer them, my brother has been is Oz for 20 years, so I'm sure that I can find the answer for you. PS - I'm working Full Time for Westpac as a Home Finance Manager (essentially a mortgage / home loan specialist), so if any of you guys need advice on the house buying process in Aus, please don't hesitate to shout. Look forward to hearing from you.
  16. Hello Everyone! We are living in the Bellarine peninsula at the moment but would like to move to the Mornington peninsula. We liked the look of Mornington and mount Eliza & Mount Martha. My husband is a builder/Building supervisor just wondering if anyone knows of any job vacancies in the area. I am also looking for cafe/cafe manager job vacancies? I would love to hear from anyone around the Mornington peninsula who can give us some info and advice. We are also looking for a 4 bedroom rental with double garage. Thanks Jill :smile:
  17. Hi Just looking for some advice regarding teaching. We are coming out in September, both hubby and I are secondary school teachers. What are the job prospects for work?We want to try and get in the system as soon as we can, we both have VIT registration, done our CVs etc. Can anyone recommend good supply agencies, or has anyone been successful at getting work from the UK through recruitment on line. Would love some infromation as now starting to panic a bit with only a few months to go. We are also not sure where to settle as that depends where the majority of supply work would be. Cheers Natalie
  18. Petals

    Mornington Pen - Balnarring

    Balnarring is a suburb on the Westernport side of the Mornington Peninsula and is a lovely village with a very nice small shopping centre which has a nice design. The primary school has a very good reputation and the children are involved with ecology and the like. There is a wetland park area near the Village. Services are available in Balnarring. It consists of houses on regular house blocks and acreage properties around the fringes. Very pretty area, lots of horse studs around and about. The beach is very nice I love it actually especially in the winter to have a walk there. If you go early in the morning you can see the race horses being exercised in the sea. It has a Yacht Club and sailing is very popular in Western Port Bay. Its not far to Point Leo Beach which is a good beach for body surfing. Its an affluent area as with lots of wineries B & Bs etc around the area. My dog groomer lives there so I visit regularly and she is great. Its a hike to the city from Balnarring but people do commute to areas such as Dandenong, Frankston, Carrum, Mordialloc, Clayton anywhere around those areas its a commute. It does not have a station though. There is a bike path from Balnarring up to Somers and its well used as well. Here is a link to a tourist guide of Balnarring Balnarring information & attractions - Travel Victoria: accommodation & visitor guide
  19. Bittern is a suburb on the Westernport side of the Peninsula and its a very pretty area. There are lots of houses on one and two acre blocks, quarter acre blocks and smaller ones. A shopping centre is being erected in Bittern. The Stony Point line train goes to Bittern so people can travel to Frankston and change trains for the CBD. People of Bittern love their area are very community minded and involved in the area. Here is a link to services http://www.communityguide.com.au/suburb.cfm?/bittern-3918/ The suburb is closest to Somers Beach and Balnarring Beach and both of the beaches are quite popular although mostly locals and those in the know go to them. Close to the vineyards and Red Hill and horse riding and walking trails. Bike path to Somers which is popular. Westernport area tends to be quite a settled area with long term residents and their families which go back generations.
  20. We have a 3 bedroom house available for short term rental for those interested in having a look at the Mornington Peninsula. The house is located 5 minutes walk from McCrae beach (voted the best family beach on the Peninsula) and shopping plaza. McCrae is located 15 minutes drive south of Mornington. A weeks rent is set at $700 although cheaper rates can be negotiated for longer stays. A 6 month lease can also be arranged. This a fully furnished house, fully enclosed and family friendly. Pictures and details can be sent on request. All enquiries welcome AJB:spinny:
  21. Bit of help and direction please.......:smile: I am thinking of becoming a Body Shop @ Home consultant to earn myself a bit of extra money, we all need it here.............. but something I can do to work around young family, busy city working husband and also get me out to meet people. I have only been in the country 8 weeks and am unsure how the Body Shop goes over here. In the UK I would have no reservations at all but is it something you Ladies like? are willing to pay for? would love to have a girlie pamper night or day in? Any thoughts before I sign on the dotted line would be greatly appreciated - as would info If you fancy hosting a party! Lots and Lots of good incentives and freebies..... Thanks Kate x :hug:
  22. Hastings, Victoria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hastings is a small town on the Peninsula and was home to most of the navy personnel from the Cerberus Naval Base years ago hence there is government housing around the town which is now in private hands. It has a good shopping centre including the staples like large Coles store, Safeway, a large independent supermarket, KMart, Not Quite Right, Mitre Ten large store, several butchers, fish shop, dog grooming parlour, lots of hairdressers, opticians, solicitors, a lovely library very modern. Accountants, vets, chiropracter all services are readily available in Hastings. It has an industrial area as well with many medium size and small businesses. Hastings has and is being gentrified now with most of the land overlooking Westernport having upmarket new housing. There are several new estates in Hastings and the land is relatively cheap and people are moving there and building nice homes. There is acreage land around also. Hastings port is being developed as a second port for Melbourne and the work on this is supposed to be finished by 2030. Hence a lot of rural land around Hastings is now zoned for port use. So if anyone wanted to buy rural land they would need to check this out. The park on the foreshore is lovely and very very popular with people. Hastings is home now to many retired people as its flat and easy for people to get around. Lots of new units have been erected there. in fact my mum lives there having moved there because it was too hilly for her in Frankston due to her heart condition. She is very happy there. She can get out every day and she will be ninety in April. There is a boardwalk across the bay to Crip Point and its a nice walk or ride on the bike. The bike paths around Hastings and Westernport in General are very good and people can cycle to Bittern, Somers, Balnarriing and the other way to Tyabb and Somerville. They have a farmers market in Hastings. All the churches are represented there. Restaurants, Thai, Chinese, Indian and many cafes, Pub Westernport Hotel, Kings Creek Hotel, the Marina has a nice restaurant as well. Take aways plenty of take away shops. There is an estate of public housing in Hastings West Park and a lot of these homes are now privately owned. Public Housing no longer builds estates it spot buys land in subdivisions and builds amongst new housing and also spot buys apartments in inner city areas as well. Travel for work Dandenong, Moorabbin, Frankston, Springvale anywhere south on the Eastern link. Doctors area problem though as their lists are full presently although they have new doctors coming to the area. However there are other doctors not too far away that people can go to. I take my mum to Somerville to my doctor. Hastings also has the train and a bus service.
  23. Hi We're arranging a fundraiser/meet/sausage sizzle..... on Sunday 1st in Mornington. There's also a raffle with some generous donations from people & businesses. Please have a look at the Victoria section for more info. Hoping for a friendly 5 a side and cricket match as well. More the merrier and all for a good cause! Cheers
  24. The Pom Queen

    Melbourne Suburbs - Mornington

    Mornington is a seaside suburb 50km SE of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is located between the exclusive beachside suburbs of Mount Martha and Mount Eliza. It is in the Local Government Area of the Shire of Mornington Peninsula. Mornington's postcode is 3931, and it was first gazetted as a town in 1915. Mornington is known for its "village" atmosphere, although as time goes by this is becoming less so due to its expansion and development. Mornington is covered under the Bracks Labour Government's Melbourne 2030 Planning scheme. The scheme has designated Mornington as an "activity centre". Buildings of up to five storeys have been approved leading to some local controversy. Nevertheless, Mornington is still an attractive seaside destination on the Port Philip Bay. Shopping It is a great place for shopping, there is a Bi-Lo and Safeway and Coles. on Main Street and there's also Coles and Target. Other shops include clothes and shoes at the various boutiques, gift shops, book shops and some excellent restaurants and cafes. The town centre runs into the foreshore area and local beach, which features a yacht club, restaurant and park with playground facilities. Mornington's main shopping complex is the Centro Mornington. The centre serves the main trade area, which has a population of 87,300 residents. Centro Mornington is essentially a fresh food based convenience centre and includes fashion stores and a proportion of general retail that caters to the local community. Other attractions include the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, the Old Post Office Museum, and the Mornington Tourist Railway which offers steam train rides. Mornington Yacht Club Mornington has a long history dating back to 1802 when explorer Matthew Flinders landed at Schnapper Point. Today, Schnapper Point provides a boat-launching ramp, jetty, yacht club, the Schnappers Restaurant and scenic walks providing good views along the coast. Mornington Yacht Club is located in Schnapper Point Drive, Mornington and was established in 1946. A major event for the Club is its Schnapper Point Regatta held in February each year. This event caters for visitors with all classes of boats as well as providing interesting displays and activities for visitors onshore. They host many championship events and were host to the 1999 World Sailing Championship for Europe Class dinghies in which over 150 competitors from 17 countries participated. The Mornington Yacht Club is situated near the waters edge adjacent to the Mornington pier and close to good swimming beaches. Facilities at the club include a deep water harbour, a launching ramp, a launching crane with a capacity of 2 tonne, and a slipway. If yachting is not your thing why not sit back in the licensed Restaurant and bar and watch the experts at work. The Rocks was established in November 2001, and offers a unique fresh air dining experience with an absolute waterfront setting. The Rocks offers modern Mediterranean cuisine, a variety of the freshest seafood and a variety of lighter options for lunch. The Rocks is fully licensed and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days per week throughout the year. Transport Infrastructure Mornington railway station was located on Railway Grove, Mornington, Victoria, Australia. The first train arrived on September 10, 1889 and the last one departed May 20, 1981. In 1989 the old station site was sold off by the state government, and a shopping centre built over. On September 19, 2004 a plaque was unveiled adjacent to the site to commemorate 150 years of steam rail in Victoria. A new Mornington station was built for tourist services and is located on the corner of Yuilles & Watt Road, It is the new site of the terminus for the Mornington Railway line. The Mornington Tourist Railway have ran services from there since October 21, 1997. Unfortunately there is no direct line from Mornington to Melbourne CBD. The nearest train station to catch a train in to the city is located in Frankston approximately 25 minutes away (depending on traffic) or 15km.
  25. We are selling a Ford Focus CL only 5 months old, red, 5600 km, bought for $20,000 brand new will take $15,000 . Also a Holden Barina (vauxall Corsa) , 3 door hatch, 2000 model, 136,000 km, Silver, $4500. These cars are a bargain and a genuine reason for sale , PM me for more details Steve