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Found 332 results

  1. Hello all:biggrin: Just sitting here going though my e.mails and thought i would start a new thread and say how i have found the last just over 6 months..... O/h went 4 a job interview last sep (2009) after a really nice and friendly interview he had the offer of a job, we couldnot believe it we just both looked at each other and thought did we just hear what we thought we did....:wacko: i remember the trip home we was like that didnot happen did it? we will wake up soon and find it was all a joke.... but a couple of days later the o/h had the contact, so he signed it and sent it back, then came sorting out our 457 visa.... as we are not married we had 2 prove we had been in a de-facto relationship 4 over 12 months, (just a good job i like 2 keep everything....lol) we had thing from the 5 years we had been 2gether, holiday tickets, bills, cards, letters the place we had rented 2gether in both names, bank account, omgg the list goes on and on....lol but made things alot easy as our agent told us, so after paying our money and sorting all the paperwork out it was time 2 send it off, we sent it all off on dec, 22nd 2009 and we knew they were going 2 be closed 4 3 weeks over xmas and new year, but it did seem 2 take ages..... i was the 1 who always thinks the worse and was saying we will not get the visa and on and on.......:arghh: my o/h was like we will, we was checking e.mail every day, (think something u need 2 understand we moved in with my o/h folks 2 pay our debts off and save up as much money as poss) it was very hard as i donot get on with the o/hs mother she is not a fan of mine because i have taken her son away....(i am the evil women......be4 me her son would only ever go 2 work and go home and have no live, then he meet me and enjoyed going on holidays and having a life....) donot get me o/h loves his family very much but his mum thinks of him as still being 5....lol but i was thankfull that i was aloud 2 stay there, i did pay my keeps so was not there 4 free. and then the 6th frb 2010 the visa was granted.....omgg:wacko: that was that head was all over the place, family and friends 2 tell things 2 get sorted out, packing 2 sort and 2 sort out the movers..... as the o/h needed his tool box we thought we would also send some of our stuff 2 fill a half container, so much 2 sort out and 2 set a date 2 book our flights and 2 let the o/h company know when we was thinking of landing (as they was picking us up from airport and taking us 2 pick up keys 4 our new home and 4 the 1st shop and that) which was a great help, and a good company. so we booked our flights 4 the 1st may 2010, 10 weeks be4 we would start our new lifes. head was really in a spin..... both handed in notice 2 works my place was not happy as was the o/hs but thats life. we made friends though here, 1 thing i would say it has not all been that easy 4 like myself, i had gone from being on the go and working long hours and running a £ i would say i have been the 1 who has found it harder being here, donot get me wrong i think at 1st i was not use 2 not being stressed out and on the go 2 much. but 6 months in and all i can say is i love it here, (and be4 u wonder about the o/h after couple of weeks he said that that was it he was not going back 2 the uk....) we have a better way of life here, and i know it will sound strange but we have a bigger house more money and a hell of alot more time 2gether, i have even given up smoking.... now been 2 months and almost 2 days and donot miss it at all, (and i use 2 smoke 20 plus a day...) we donot spend loads of money but if we do c something we would like (as we are still buying things 4 the house) we donot have 2 think about it much, and the house is coming along very nice, starting 2 look great (well we think so...lol ) we only have 1 car at the moment but i do have a bus stop just outside the front gate almost..... and it only cost the o/h $30 a week 2 get 2 work and home so less than it did in the uk. i guess what i am trying 2 say we sat there in the uk only seeing each other when we went on holiday as he would have weekends off and because of my job would have 2 work sats, and sometimes on a sun..... so we said we would rather give it a go and c how it goes rather than in 10 years time thinking what if??????? as we said we could always go back 2 the uk if we wanted 2..... but we are now saying we are going 2 look in2 pr in the next year and also going 2 look about buying a house in the next 2 years, so we are glad we have made the move, not saying i donot have bad days sometimes now, but they are not any where as bad as they use 2 be, and as some1 said u only have 1 life so live it 2 the full, which is what we are doing, we have even talked about getting married and talked about having a child 2gether, not bad after over 5 years of being 2gether.....lol i owe so much 2 my wonderfull o/h i never thought i would love some1 as much as i love him, and we both love the life we have here. we have friends and family looking at coming over next year so that will be fun. the main thing i am trying 2 say is, there is always something going 2 happen 2 make u think what if and that but sometimes u have 2 take a chance and say what the hell..... i know 4 some people if u have younger children it is easy 2 make friends, and also there is the cost of schools and that but they have a better way of life i would say, just sometimes it can be harder 4 older children, not all the time but sometimes. and of course people will say how this and how that, all i can say is we love it here and this is our new home, sometimes u will also lose some people u thought were friends on the way, but i have come 2 understand that after alot of crying and thinking what have i done wrong u come 2 understand as some1 told me that because u have taken the chance and done something with u life, and if they are not there then they never were real friends, which is very true, well shore i have bored u enough now........:SLEEP: 1 last thing i would say 2 any1 if u do take the chance give it 12 to 24 months be4 u think of giving up, it does take some time 2 get use 2 things !!!!!! and 2 feel sorted. Michelle.xxxxxxxx loving life 2 the full:biggrin:
  2. Guest

    6 months

    May I just state that this is a poms in oz posting and only meant for poms this is in no way meant to offend.       After six months in oz Melbourne to be exact this is some of my observations . This place is just a glorified 3rd world country. If you leave any city here and travel no distance you will find yourself in a backwater full of American wannabe. Things are different here just to be different like calling all businesses pty and then adding ltd. The ozzies over complicate the simplest tasks just to be different they want certificates for everything even if the person holding the cert has no idea of the subject in real life. They never wash anything ie windows cars themselves or there cloths. They all shop in op shops UK charity shops. they want top dollar for rubbish a decent car is like 20 grand and even then its junk. the houses that you could punch your way into are monopoly money. The weather has been the biggest disappointment. cost of living is a joke TV is full of UK junk from 10 years ago. The crimes are extremely vicious like a horror movie. the driving is a joke. The things on the road would never get out and scrap yard back home let alone a mot. Names of everyday stuff is changed again just to be different. the accents are made up and no two the same, the ozzies would love to be Americans. everywhere looks worn out in Melbourne. Manners in general are the worst I have ever seen in the world. It takes ages to do anything especially waiting on a coffee the worst latte I have ever drank are ozzie ones. they sit at cafes all day with a glass of free water and pose, there dress sense is a great laugh and we often do. All the women over 30 look the same botox and white teeth expressionless faces. There sports are pointless and always on TV. there's no news other than ozzie news. everything is made in oz and bought in oz its almost a closed society. Beer tastes like soap all beers even the imported ones have been messed with same for chocolate and cigarettes     On the good points the animals and plants are amazing and sea life around Melbourne is fascinating the food tastes better. there are airports joe
  3. Guest

    RRV 3 months or 5 years

    Hi there Would it be logical to wonder if I failed the criteria for a 5 YR residents return visa that they may consider me for a 3 month one? Or is this just wishful thinking. Or would I need to apply for the 3 month one seperately? Any help appreciated
  4. I have lived with my partner since 1st Nov 2009. However, I have a few questions regarding the 12 month period, as after I read some threads, the COs seem to be very strict on this issue. 1. Our very first letter stating both of our names at the same address is a joint bank statement. However, the statement begins on 28 Oct 2009 and ends on 31 Dec 2009. So can I count 28 Oct 2009 as the start date? And, this bank statement is an online one. We did apply for paper statement afterwards but that's 2 or 3 months later. Will this cause any problem? 2. We have phone accounts details since April 2009. However, again, these are online statements. They show different addresses of us as we did not even bother to change the addresses online. Will these work as contradictory evidences? So, is it safe to submit the application before the end of November? Or should I wait and gather more evidences? Thanks for answering. I'm just a bit nervous and paranoid after reading all the threads... :confused:
  5. We have been here 3 months this week and time really has flown, I am started to feel settled now and do not miss the UK as a place or my old life but I what I do miss is the familiarity of things, I miss not being able to pop over to people’s house for a cup of tea, collapsing on the sofa at my mum’s when I’m hung-over, roast dinner on a Sunday etc. I am going back at Christmas for 2 weeks so it will be interesting to see how I feel. I don’t feel ready to go back as it would have only been 4 months but I am excited about seeing everyone but that’s about it! A bit of a pointless post really but just having a missing familiarity day and thought it would make me feel better to write it down!
  6. Hi, Not been logging onto to forums for months as it was depressing seeing visas being granted for applications submitted well after ours (not that I begrudge the people who have got them and I can fully fully understand why Oz government are doing this) but its getting to the point where I feel I might ask for my money back. We submitted our visa on the 18th August, 2008 and we haven't heard a sausage!!!!, the online check page looks exactly how it did on the 18th, i.e. the last activity was the receipt for payment. Luckily we haven't frontloaded any meds or police checks - thank goodness we didn't get them done! So two questions 1) Has anyone who submitted an online application back in August, 2008 who ISN't on the MODL, CSL or any other bloody list they might think up; who is from a low risk country heard anything? Anything at all, like they at least know you exist! 2) Does anyone know were you would stand regards to refunds based on the fact they aren't processing 175 Visa's anytime soon? I'm sure they will have soon get out clause and you would forfeit the application fee but just wondering. Anyway rant over, looking on the bright side at least were not trying to sell our house in this current climate, probably been back in boom times by the time DIAC start processing 175 visas All responses appreciated Rob
  7. Hey, My online status as well as my recent inquiry to DIAC refers to the allocation of case officer in my 886 application- Priority category 3, on 16/08/2010 !! But havent got any updates since then ! Only the documents changed to RECEIVED!!! Anyone with same situation? I thought its gonna take 2 months max for decision after the allocation !!! Any advice, suggestion? Cheers !
  8. Hi - we're arriving in Sydney in January, and will be looking for a long term rental....but in the meantime we need somewhere to live for a month or two while we search, preferably in the City (Darlinghurst, Paddington, Surry Hills). House or apartment with 2-3 beds ideally. Any advie gratefully received ie agencies, websites, executive searchers?
  9. Hi, We applied for WA State Sponsorship back in April 2010 & still haven't heard anything almost 7 months later. My OH's a plumber & occupation is on SOL. Is there anybody else out there that has been waiting this long to have WA SS approved? We have contacted our agent without any joy. I know everbody is concentrating on the release of the SMP but we are getting really worried that we may have been overlooked. If anyone can reassure/help us we would be really grateful. Thanks so much. Jo x :notworthy:
  10. I remember reading a really very helpful thread about what to do 12 months, 9 months, 6 months etc before you emigrate. Can any of you lovely people point me in the right direction because I can't find it anywhere? Thank you, Sophie x:radar:
  11. valandbaz

    6 Months in Perth - Val & Baz

    Well we have now been in Perth 6 months and now it’s my turn to write an arrival report. We flew with Emirates, via Dubai and the flights were excellent. Landed on 5th May and the weather was sunny and warm during the day, cool at night. Rented a house in Fremantle for 4 nights and then into Perth City in a hotel for 4 nights. Sorted out Medicare, Driving Licenses and bank accounts very easily. Rented a campervan for 2 weeks and travelled South as far as Albany. Stayed at Denmark (very pretty), Augusta, Bussleton, Bunbury and then back to Fremantle. Then off North as far as Yanchep but we had already decided that we wanted to stay in Fremantle. It is a beautiful place with lots of old buildings and plenty of bars. Barry (a bricklayer) was offered work wherever we were but eventually paired up with Tim, who has been here 3 years and wanted another brickie to make up a 2 & 1 gang. There is plenty of work about and he averages $300 per day. Although my background is in office administration, in the UK I had worked as a carer, travelling to people’s homes. I was taken on by an Agency here but it was working in Homes and to be honest I found it very hard. Some homes left a lot to be desired in regards to quality of care and after 4 weeks I had had enough. I applied for several admin jobs with no success. I then registered with 3 or 4 agencies and was offered 4 days with a firm to cover sick leave. That was beginning of August and I am still here lol. I work 40 hours a week @ $20 per hour. Take home after tax is $681. After travelling in the campervan, we rented a holiday chalet in Fremantle while we looked for a rental. Prices are quite high, especially near the sea but eventually we found a lovely little 2 bedroomed villa with sea views. We have signed up for a year and it is $300 per week. We have both got cars. Mine is an old banger, 16yr old Ford Festiva, bought from the garage where Barry used to hire his car, for $1600. It has been very reliable so far. Barry rented for a month at first for $110.00 per week and then bought a 4 yr old Grand Jeep Cherokee on finance. It cost’s the same as renting and we will own it in 5 years. No problem getting finance. Just had to put down a larger deposit. Our standard of living is better than the UK. We eat well and are always well stocked up with beer. It is great to wake up to blue skies and to be able to plan a BBQ knowing the weather is guaranteed. We talk to family regularly on Skype and can’t wait for them to come over to visit. As some of you will recall, my 18 year old son Rory Johnson died last year suddenly on the 13th November and at one point we nearly changed our plans on coming to Australia. In a way, I am certain the move has helped us through our grief. Yes I still weep but I am also able to laugh. It is a new beginning and we are both so grateful to be in this wonderful country. To all you planning on coming, I wish you well and the wait is definitely worth it.
  12. twinsmom65

    50":G Plasma TV - 4 months old

    Hi I am selling my 50" LG Plasma TV which is only 4 months old. Selling for $800.00 great bargin. PM me if interested, can email photos if required. Cheers Karen
  13. Guest

    12 months.. how strict??

    :frown: Hi I'm in desperate need of some advice... I'm English, my partner is Australian. She has been over in UK since March last year (09) we met in May (09) and have had a strong relationship since. Prior to moving in together, we spent every weekend together, seen each other cpl of times a week, went on holidays etc. I went to Aus at xmas and spent 2 weeks out there, meeting family and having the time of my life. On Jan 30th 2010 we finally got to move into our place together. We know we want to be together forever and we know we want to spend our life in Aus. The issue we have is my partner is on leave from her teaching job and has to go back to Aus before the 30th Jan to start work or she risks losing her job (which she loves). This means that we fall short of living together by about 12 days. While she is in Aus she will still be paying rent and helping me with the bills here etc. We know we can't send the application off till the 30th but will my partner going back those 12 days short effect our visa application??? We have all the evidence we need to prove our relationship is genuine we just fall short of living together for the full 12 months.. even though we have been in a relationship for a year and a half, even more wehn we send the application. Should we say she is just on holiday in Aus? Her visa doesn't expire till March but she needs to go back to work. Do we be honest? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are so anxious and not sure what to do, we just want to be together!! Thanks
  14. thekevjones

    2 Yrs 8 Months Later

    That's how long it is since I joined this forum and started the long visa application process! Wait no more young man, your wish has been GRANTED today. Despite the drama over the years and cost of repeating our medicals of late, I thought judgement day would be an anti climax. How wrong can one be? Very wrong....:biggrin: It's here in B&W, the visa valid for 5 yrs so we're planning a holiday in 2011 with a view to looking seriously at property, jobs...etc and all that goes with the Aussie lifestyle. OMG - wipe that bloody smile of my face will you! You'll have a job mate. Best Wishes to all and hang on in there. Those still waiting. Your time will come. Also BIG thanks for all the advice and guidance that people have provided. Kevin & Family
  15. Guest

    2 months in

    Hi Everyone, I have not been on here as much as I used too but thought it was about time I wrote an update. It’s probably going to be a long one so brace yourselves! We have been here 2 months now and overall I love it! It is a fantastic lifestyle and at the moment I can't see myself going back to the UK but you can never predict what may happen. I will say that missing family is very hard. I am very close to my younger sister and you can't describe the feeling of people sickness, it is like a painful pull in the pit of your stomach. There were a few tears, mainly due to people sickness and the stress of getting set up. It has got easier, but I still have my moments. An example was unpacking our shipment and I found the best sister mug she gave me a few years ago and the tears came! I am lucky as my best friend lives here and my other best friend is in Melbourne. We also have friends that we met travelling that live in Bondi (we are in Coogee) so we have been lots more social then we were back home and are lucky to have a support network. Right, to the nitty gritty stuff. Setting up Medicare, TFN etc is easy as long as you have an address. Hardly takes anytime at all. Getting a rental is hard. It is all open inspections and in Coogee there is a lot of competition. We were lucky we our place as the estate agents were rubbish and did not advertise it properly. Bring as much evidence as possible. I had letters from my mortgage company, copies of bank statements; previous employment wage slips etc for the application. We also paid 3 months upfront which helped us secure. We got a 12 month lease too. Internet and mobiles are all prepaid until you have jobs. We are with 3 and we pay $29 a month which equates to over $150 dollars of credit which you can use for international calls, internet etc. Calls to other 3 mobiles also free, so can speak to partner and best friend for free. The internet is rubbish, it is like dial up and expensive, esp. when you have no TV and end using it more than usual. A $29 only lasts us 2-3 weeks. Work- I had a job to come too which is why we ended up in Sydney, but it turned out to be a disaster. They had not paid their staff for months, had been liquated and were also operating under 17 different company names. I quit after I found all this out without another job to go to which can be seen as a bold move but while we had savings and rent paid upfront it would be the only time I could be out of work. I start my new job Monday which is a brilliant job. It is the same that I did in the UK and the same money. People who know me from previous posts will know that giving up my job in the UK that I loved was one of the hardest things I had to do. I still have to pinch myself that I got this job and can not wait to start. For my other half who is a Plumber, It is a different story. We searched for plumbing jobs for months to no avail, at the moment is doing something not in his nominated occupation while he waits for the office of fair trading to decide how worthy his UK qualifications are which won't be until Nov 10th. Then will then let him know which Plumbing cert he can study for. Hopefully, it will be cert 4 and not 3 which is a lot longer which he has to go back to college for. The college course does not start until Feb! And is 2 evenings a week for a year and then you still need 12 months Australian exp until they will give you a full license. To do this you have to provide all the same evidence as you did for your visa app, it is very tedious. We knew this was the case before we came out but can not believe it as you get your visa based on your skills and then you can't work straight away. Costs- We do find some things expensive but it depends where you lived in the UK. We lived just outside London and basic bills, mortgage, council tax, water, TV license was £1150, our rent is $2400 but we have a 2 bed here and only had a one bed so is nearly the same, exchange rate dependent! You don't pay council tax and water on a rental. Not sure of electricity as we have not had our first bill yet! Food is def more expensive excluding meat and veg. The quality is amazing and you can not even compare it to Tesco or Asda. Petrol is cheaper; most places are 2 hours free parking. Eating out is expensive, but again depends where you go. Australian wine is cheap. We shipped most of our stuff over but as we had a two bed had to buy sofa bed. We went to IKEA, really cheap! We got a good deal on Fridge and Washing Machine at Bing Lee just keep negotiating! Cars are expensive unless you get a ford or a Holden. We got a Volkswagen 1990 convertible, it was $3500. It is my first car! Insurance is $900 dollars for the year including breakdown but you should note I only passed my test in August. For me, it is the lifestyle and the friendliness of the people. We do so much more here, lots of BBQ's, been to the Royal National park a few times, Randwick races etc lots of beach walks. There is so much outdoors stuff to do. I have pretty much lived on Coogee beach for the last 2 months and have a fantastic tan already! Weather is hit and miss, I would say on average you get 5 sunny days a week a 2 days of grey and rain which is fine for me. You would be bored if it was sunny everyday! I think I have rambled long enough and I am sure I have missed lots out. Feel free to pm me with any questions! x
  16. Not!!! :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: We are home! We have made a terrible mistake however, with the shippers that is, looks ,like we may be getting it just before Christmas:swoon: But apart from that, EVERYTHING is just brilliant, I feel I am blessed and living a charmed life, the house the place the school the beach the people, my rose tinted glasses havent tarnished, and at least they keep the pesky flies out of my eyes :wink: Keep the faith peeps who are waiting it truly is worth it :wubclub:
  17. 163ALLOUT

    163-9 months err Not

    Hi all Very frustrated 163 business visa applicant. Has anybody recently received their visas yet? My visa application lodged November 09 still no news. I emailed the DIAC as the 9 month timeline came around. The reply I got was yes they are still working to 9 months but hadn't allocated me a case officer yet and couldn't tell me when they would. Bit confused, they state they are working to 9 months but haven't started applicants who have been waiting 9 months. I wish they would just say it'll be 12 months rather than keep you in limbo.:arghh: Sold my house and moving into rented, just the business to dispose of and then we are good to go. If anyone has had any movement please let me know. Thanks Jon W
  18. BritChickx

    Six Months

    Where did the time go? I've been on here 6 months :eek: soon it'll turn into a year :eek: I'm sure I've posted the most posts by a user within that time length lol. Just want to say thanks to everyone on the site, everyone's been great to me! I hope to be able to contribute more in future when I've actually been to Aus! :cute:
  19. redrobbersdog

    Car less than 12 months old

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out. It looks like we have managed to get employer sponsorship on a 457! Yipee! I love my car and we planned on shipping it over, however it's only 3 months old, is there any way I can take it? Thanks
  20. Morning all... Have been reading through some posts and am now a little confused......which isn't that difficult a thing to manage :confused: We are moving over in Jan 2011 and will be shipping our LPG converted Kia Sorento. My problem arises as my Jag XK8 which I have owned for over 6 years is also registered in my name so I was originally planning on storing it for 12 months and then shipping it over, however, I have read that as of Nov this year the law is changing so that you can only ship one vehicle over each 5 years!!! The alternative to this was to change the registration to my wife's name, store it for 12 months and then ship it. If I'm reading some of the posts correctly I will not be able to just store it and bring it over as the vehicle needs to be owned and available to be used which I wouldn't be if we were in Australia and it was in the UK. Heeeeelp..........Anybody got any ideas as to what my best option might be here????? :wideeyed:
  21. hello fellow poms I am going to keepy a running diary of my journey through the next few months. Im leaving in three weeks so i will keep you updated about leaving friends and family, the shippers and then Oz itself. More than anything i am going to go in to as much detail about the schools there as i know thats everyones worst fear! hopefully ill be able to keep you all positive. If you need to ask questions ill be more than happy to answer. If youd like it to be more private then PM me and ill give you my email adress. Hope this will help all. This will probably help people over the age of 11 more than anyone as i am 16 and starting high school. Hope this is reassuring. Aimee :cute:
  22. Guest

    2 months on in melbourne

    Hi all, Wow it been so long since ive been on here, We arrived in Melbourne on the 28th July and have been here 2 months nearly already, its all gone so quick, When we arrived we stayed in a loverly big appartment on the beach at Frankston, weather was pretty crap alot of the time but had some good days, the beach was great and the area nice, we went down to mornington and mount martha and liked the look of it but still had lots to see, another area in mind was the Emerald area and when we drove up to see the area we all feel in love with it, our second 2 weeks were in Cockatoo only mins from emerald, we stayed in the most wonderful cottage, just like the picture from a chocalate box and loved the area, So we dicided that it wasnt too far from the city and started looking at rentals, we found a great house but didnt get it and thats where our harder part kict in, we couldnt find a rental that we liked and was getting worried about the whole thing, some of the places we see you couldnt swing a cat in and you wouldnt leave one there to live, we booked the 3 boys into school and thankfully they all got on fab, the head teacher said he knew someone that was renting a house out, so we see the landlord and pics of the house but couldnt see it inside because the sale hadnt gone through, so we decided it was nice from the outside and the photos of it were good, Unfortunately we couldnt move in for 3 weeks so went on the hunt for a temp place to stay, we found a lovely cottage about 20 mins from the school and moved in there, this was in gembrook, we have become friendly with the owners, also from the uk but have been here for yonks. We have been in the house for 10 days or so and its a great house with a huge frount and back garden. Peter thankfully got the first job he went for and i also found a job in a little cottage cafe 2 days a week in school hours, Peter started his job this monday and all is going well for him, i am enjoying my little job and the boys are still enjoying school, Its the school holidays now so another huddle arose, who whould have the kids while i was at work, i found a young girl 18 still at school and she had them today for me, and all the boys liked her and had fun, All in all its all worked out very well for us, i find the people very helpful and kind and the area we have chosen is just fab. So far the differences are minimal, ie the travel and petrol are alot cheeper and the meet but the chocalate and crisps and bits and pieces are alot more expencive, things like tined carrots and cerials, yogarts and breads. not sure about things such as gas and elec yet. Our house rental in the UK all seems to be going OK. The only drawback for us so far is the kids in the school dont seem to understand or enjoy the game of football/soccer, but we are finding somewhere for the boys to start, and we are all missing our close friends and family. We are or where having nightmare with our stuff from the uk, it only left yesterday, apparently we didnt send them a copy of the passport, but i know i did, so we have had to buy things that we we not expecting too, lucky for us we didnt sent any inportant furniture like beds and sofas, but still cant wait to get my things in my sights, like everyone else that has done this or is going to, things like photos and baby bits and wedding things and things that you just cant buy again are very important to us. Any way, i hope all is going well for everyone else, no matter what stage you are all at, not sure how i feel about being here forever yet, its to soon to say, but its a huge achievement getting where and what we have waited for, for so long. Thanks to this sight ive had a great lot of help and understaning along the way Cheers all Tracey
  23. Hi there i have a job opportunity in melbourne that has come up all of a sudden and i need to be out there pre christmas. I want to take my bmw bike and car with me. I have owned the car for more than 3 years and it is a rhd uk spec car, the r1200gs is just 2 months in my ownership. I will initially be a temp visa of some sort and then a 457 once that gets cleared. I am needed out in melbourne asap and the agents they have designated to help are not sure about what happens in this case, they are trying to help, but i wondered if anyone could advise on here. I believe i can take both once i have a 457 but not sure initially. This i'm sure will be the first of many posts. Anyone with a room and space in the garage let me know!
  24. Hi, I have been with my partner since Oct 2009. We met in a house share and did not share a room until after Christmas, therefore we do not deem ourselves de facto until Jan 2011. We plan to apply for de facto in Feb 2011, just to make sure we are over the 12 month period. However, during this 12 months we will have spent 10 weeks abroad (from mid Aug to end of Oct 2010). All of this time will have been spent together, bar my partner spending an extra wk in sth africa and I will stay an extra 2 wks in the UK. My only concern that although my parents will have been our 'base' during this time, we will have spent 7 weeks travelling in total. Do periods of travelling together go against the 12 month period? Although post etc will still be going to our unit during this time and my partner will be paying rent, due to my WHV coming to an end and my no longer being able to work, I am not contributing to rent during this period, my employed partner is paying for both of us and I will resume payment when I return to Oz. I also wondered if this would pose a problem? Thanks!
  25. Hi all, Myself and my Australian partner are considering applying for a partner visa for me, but we're unsure on the 12 month living together requirement. We've had a 'relationship to the exclusion of all others' since Oct 2008 and intend to apply in Oct of this year, so that's 2 years. However, we started our relationship with her living in Cork and me living in Manchester, so we were long distance until late December 2009 when she came over and moved into my room at the house I shared with others, and have since got our own place together. We had agreed she was going to move over some months previously, but because her qualifications weren't recognised in the UK, she had to do some exams first before being able to get a job. So we had a committed relationship but, at time of application,: - we will have been living together 9 months - only for 6 of those months can we provide joint financials (bank accounts/tenancy) - previous to those 9 months we can prove regular trips to see each other, skype, email, phone records, holidays together (including meeting her family in Oz), joint wedding invites, etc etc for 2 years in total So in summary, we can show documentation for 6 months living together with joint financials, 9 months living together (proven by stat decs and bank statements), and 2 years committed relationship. Will we be rejected if we apply in October? If so, how long should we wait? 3 months (so living together for 12 total)? 6 months (so living together AND joint financials for 12 total)? Also, how long does this process typically take? 5-6 months was quoted in an email we received, is this people's experience? You may say, just wait 6 months, but if it takes 6 months AFTER application then that will be a 12 month total. This is important because there is a possibility of a good job opportunity for me, which may disappear if it takes that long (and I work in an industry where jobs don't come up that often). We have read all the literature on the immigration website related to the de facto visa, but there are some exceptions to the 12 month living together rule, and we are wondering if our situation applies. Our reasoning being that my partner was unable to move over to the UK earlier because she needed to pass some exams first to be able to get a job in her field (wasn't a visa issue though). Sorry for the long post. If anyone reads through it and can offer some insight we would be hugely grateful! Cheers Rob