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Found 335 results

  1. I am in australia 485 visa , i applied visa for my wife and 2 kidd s my co refer d all 3 persons medicals to moc it was happened 16-2-2011 still now no movement{ high risk country india} my agent telling it will take couple of months !! I am sure my family not having any medical problems, may be x ray not clear or co not clear ??? Now SEVEN weeks gone how long they will kill us mentally ?? 485 visa only up to next year june , my kids asking when we will get visa ? My hole family up set if you know any idea pl guide us dhani
  2. Rhian1

    6 months in Melbourne.....

    Hello all, Thought I would give you all an update after nearly being here for 6 months now! Time has flown but we also feel we have been here for ages as so much has happened! The last time I wrote was at 6 weeks! We are both established in our jobs here now, I am up for a promotion and my husband has been put on an editor course so he'll be heading there soon. So thats great. We've had some fantastic trips so far - Sydney, lots of Victoria - Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island, Grampians, Great Ocean Road, Ballarat and Yarra Valley, we are going to Tasmania at Easter and Kangaroo Island and Adelaide in May. We have just booked our big holiday of the year in July when we are going to Cairns for a week! We have my husbands parents here at the moment which has been lovely and really nice to spend time with them here. We have my sister visiting in July and then my mum and her partner in August. More friends due end of the year. So this year is turning out to be pretty epic!! We feel pretty settled here, we like our home and now its fully furnished with all our things it feel more like home. Its about 20 mins on the train from the centre which is fine but we'll be moving into the centre of the city when our lease is up as we want to experience city life here and while we can afford it!! We love Melbourne. We still get bouts of homesickness and it can suddenly just hit you out of no where but to be honest it just reminds you of all your loved ones at home. Xmas was quite tough but then we hadn't been here for very long at that point. We still feel the Uk is home but thats okay with us - at the moment we feel like we will return in a couple of years - but thats when we feel like we would have achieved everything we came here for and we both would like to be around our own families when we have a family!! We have made some friends here too which has been nice to be social! We often get invited to things, work people are very sociaable which is great and with all the other things going on in our life - travels, visitors, work - its working out well. We appretiate everything so much - what we have now and what have at home. We make the most of everything and have realised whats important in life. Life is so short. We won't regret the move one bit, even if we still feel like we'll go back home, its opened our eyes to things. Good luck! x
  3. Hii every one I just received an email from DIAC to proceed with my medicals for my 885 visa application as it states that i will be allocated a case officer within the next 3 months. I applied for my PR(885) on 1st march 2011. Is it pretty soon for my medicals or what ? Please comment in my case. Regards Pranav Rai Sood
  4. sharonp53

    5 months on the Sunshine Coast

    Well, it is five months ago that we landed at Brisbane airport. The time has flown and we have done so much that it would take hours to tell you all, so I will try to make it as brif as possible. When we landed we did all the usual stuff of sorting out semi-permanent accomodation, car purchase, Medicare, banks, private health, drivers licenses. We were luckier than some as most of my family live here and for me it was a homecoming. So, for at least one of us there was, even after 13 years away, an element of familiarity. It was fabulous to catch up with children and grandchildren and we had a good old OD on that for a few weeks, which my wonderful, non-child-friendly hubby stood up to very well. Within a month we moved into our rental in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in a town called Beerwah. My husband had never been to Australia before and to be honest only came because I was so homesick. So I was not sure how he would be with it all. I am delighted to report that every day he tells me how lovely people are to him. He is so surprised by the warmth of the people and how comfortable he feels here. We are both stunned by the beauty of the area in which we live, it is heaven on earth (in our opinion) and now he says that while he misses the history and culture of Europe he would not actually want to live permanently anywhere else. A few weeks after moving into the rental house we started hunting for our forever home, thinking it would take quite a while to find, all the while nervously watching the depressing exchange rate. However, it took us a few false starts and just over a month to find it and we settled on it in late February. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in the rental while we decorate and prepare our home and wait for our belongings to arrive. The house is progressing, we have changed the lighting and added power-points etc and are now fully into decorating, with help from two of my daughters, which as been amazing. We are still in that process, but hope to be finished within the month. Especially as this week our container lands in Brisbane, so a few more weeks and we should be quite settled. We hope! All has not been perfect though, getting used to the demands of my larger than usual family, especially after being away for so long, while balancing my husband's relatively low tolerance of dozens of children running around, has been one challenge. But the stress of living in temporary accomodation in France and Italy after selling our home in the UK, breaking my ankle badly while living in France, coping with my husband's visa application, all while running a business, has taken it toll. Not to mention having to leave our beautiful dog in France with friends as she failed her blood tests! So, last week after having a whole batch of tests, as I just was so exhausted, I found I have developed Type 2 diabetes, thank goodness I got private health insurance sorted out when I arrived. So, now a complete change of pace is needed while we get fit with diet and exercise and try to get things back in balance. In spite of that, all in all we are loving it here, we have bought a gorgeous home, with 12' raked ceilings, gorgeous timber floors, wrap around verandas, and fabulous mountain views, with a 10 metre slawater pool, all on 3/4 acre. Incidently, all that, for the same as we sold our detached four-bedder on a tiny block and by a fairly busy road, in the Dorset countryside. Family matters are finally settling down to the point of normal activity levels and we are enjoying that more each day. We are looking forward to being here for our eldest granddaughter's dance recital in a few weeks and Grand Parents Day at her school shortly after. Business is going well and we are sorting out the transfer of investments etc. The cost of living is higher than expected, considerably so. But, that will be balanced as we will grow so much of our own vegetables and fruit. We even have a pineapple growing in our back garden, and are watching each time we visit to see when it is ripe enough to pick. It is such a thrill to have avocados, lemons and mandarines all growing in the garden too. The other bonus to keeping our cost of living down is that, as a surprise for his 65th birthday in February (shhh, don't tell him I told you) and for bringing me home, I bought Graham a 4.5 meter "tinnie" complete with full canopy, storm covers, fish-finder, the works, so he plans to catch fish for the freezer. So, while our planned "semi-retirement" is not as "semi" as we initially hoped, we need to work on for a few more years to top up losses from the exchange rate and lower sales prices for UK properties, we are loving life here and delighted we made the move. My advise for anyone planning the move, whatever your age or circumstances, is that nothing is perfect, but Queensland is as near to it as you will get :biglaugh: Wishing you all a smooth and happy journey to wherever you want to be. Sharon
  5. Hello, I would appreciate a bit of advice/experience with Vetassess. We had confirmation/receipt from them dated 24 Sep 2010 but have still not had anything else !! I know the standard timeline is 8 to 12 weeks but we're now far beyond this. Has anyone already had the same case? And what was the reason? Thanks.
  6. I think I am waiting for security checks for more than 10 months after I submitted form80 requested by case officer. Is there anybody who has case officer allocated for more than 10months and still waiting ?
  7. Hi there - we are moving to Melbourne in April 2011. I will be working at Dandenong Hospital and we will be looking to secure a rental property in Berwick area soon after we arrive. Our query at the moment is....is it easy to get furnished rental accommodation on a 6-12 month lease? We can't decide if it's better to ship across our worldly goods and spend about £5000 doing it, or just take personal belongings and go for a furnished rental. I will be on a temporary 457 Visa so we don't know if we'll be staying for good or not - depends if we like it! Can anyone offer us any advice out there please? Very much appreciated. Steve and Debs
  8. Guest

    17 months after returning to UK

    Anyone who read my first thread on here will remember I wrote about returning to England 17 months ago after living 7 years on the Gold Coast. I personally love being back home for many reasons, no real issues with Australia and nothing bad to say, think it's more the case of you can take the pomme out of England, you can't take England out of the pomme. I missed everything essentially English plus I returned for business reasons. I own a clothing design and production business and I am one of the mad few that produce a product here in England instead of China. It was a risk but I am here to tell you that after 17 months of living very carefully, being miserably frugal with preserving the capital we brought back, ignoring all the politics, not getting depressed by reading a newspaper, telling the next person to tell I was mad to return to the UK to go and try living abroad then come back with an opinion before I smacked them one, and living on our narrowboat for 8 months to keep living costs to a minimum so the business wasn't under any pressure to support us (had huge fun and some great time out), I can tell you all that as of yesterday and after doing our figures, we are now in an excellent position financially and thriving. Not only are our figures up on last year, we can now afford to buy a house and we will also be able to save at least 1,000 pounds a month spare cash because after 17 months of hard slog, I can now pay myself a wage. Hubby has a job as an electrician and has been offered a good mortgage. I can't get a mortgage until I've got 3 years accounts but that's OK because we do have a good deposit and I don't have the time to clean a mansion so we won't be buying one! It's the essential English character cottage for me. The upside is that we have absolutely no regrets about returning to England. I do not find much has changed, things that mattered to me when I left are exactly the same. The worst thing I find is the Brits doing down their own country by being so negative about it, while personally, while it is tough at the moment for some people, I can see new shoots of life springing up. As soon as I got back I could see a lot of improvements, better roads, more traffic calming measures and a lot of new housing. We came back to the Midlands, small pretty market town on the outskirts of Leicester, and I made sure I set up business where there is plenty of money so I would recommend that if anyone is thinking of returning, because of the economy, there are places to avoid and places to aim for. I can honestly say that while retail, which is my field, has done it tough, it is picking up now. However, I would research and choose an area carefully before returning. The middle of England is pretty much close to everything and has been good for us. Anyway, hope this helps anyone thinking of moving back. It is a huge thing and not to be taken lightly. The one thing to remember, same as Oz really, nothing is instant, you don't fall straight back into a comfy life, you have to build it and start from scratch all over again. It's not easy but it's worth it. I am now going to book a holiday. First one in 8 years. Whoopeee! cheerio
  9. Hi, Please can someone help as I can not find out the info. Hubby has been offered a very lucrative contract for work for 4 months a year in England. This means he will not need to work for the rest of the year and we can really enjoy living in Oz. Is it possible to come back for 4 months a year (all in one go) to complete this on a 176 state sponsored visa? Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks
  10. Guest

    Been back in England 17 months.

    Hello everyone and anyone thinking of moving back to the UK. We moved back to England from the Gold Coast, August 2009. I have absolutely no regrets, I am very happy to be back home. I think the UK has just got so much that matters to me and my kind of lifestyle. I almost kissed the ground when I first got back, I'd missed the green and freshness of the countryside not to mention ordinary things like sticky toffee pudding, stilton cheese, marmite and real sausages. The life is just so much more real here. It's different for everyone and I know how hard it is for a lot of people to make any decision to swap their life for another life but I didn't ever want to leave England, I only went to Oz because I was following an Australian husband. Long story which I won't go into but I am just so glad to be back home again. I am posting today just to say that since I've been home, I have no regrets at all. But, I do live in a nice area and I have a very good business plus I kept my UK bank so moving back was relatively easy. If you are thinking of moving back, it's important to prepare the way first and save as much as you can. It took me 6 years to find the funds to get back because I knew I wouldn't have a credit rating for at least a year. I haven't got a bad thing to say about the UK because in my observation, whatever is the downside here, it's pretty much the same anywhere. One thing I can say is that I find it cheaper to live in the UK. My food bill is a third of what we used to pay and I find most other things are much more affordable too mostly because you have more choice because there's a lot more competition. Petrol is still high but I have a lot more money left in my pocket than I ever did in Australia. Good luck with that flood levy by the way Julia :-) Anyway, I am home and after 17 months, I can honestly say we are very happy. The white Christmasses have been fantastic! Best of luck to everyone still trying to decide. I hope my post gives you some inspiration and optimism if you're leaning towards making the decision to return back to England.
  11. sussex boy

    Six months in The Alice NT

    Hi all, sorry not to put pen to paper in a while, had a very busy 6 months and have just popped on only a couple of times. We now have net and pc at home. Flight, Quatus to Singapore, smoke break and into Melbourne, long and boring, quick shower then Melbourne to The Alice, around three hours or so. Knackered and glad to arrive. Met at airport and dropped of at one the the five star hotels in town, lots of sleeping for a day or so, company paying so had everthing on the menu! Job, working for a large garage group in town, straight into work while Mrs looked for rentals. Turns out there is a housing shortage in the NT and rentals are very hard to find and expensive, a word to the md and strings pulled helped a lot there, Place, surrounded by mountains and above sea level by a way, was chilly when we arrived in August, colder than the summer we left behind. Should of brought a jumper. People, a mix of ozzies, south africans and aboriginals, good choice of food and have been invited to some interesting bar b qs! So far so good? Well mostly, we remain on 457, medicals done( very cheap here compared to the UK) Rsms being proccesed now so future is looking up. I work even harder here than I did the UK, upsides are the money is better, We don`t live in an apartment, we live in a house, we are expecting our first child so lots happening at the moment! After losing sponsorship to Carins a year back and trying over 100 other garages I am glad we made the move, The Alice is a bit tougher than most major cities, distances to everwhere are long etc. Some wonderful scenery and some( but not all) good people have made the last 6 months rush past for both of us. Regular postcards and phonecalls and general support from familly have made it all easier. Still lots to see and do when time allows. Spent Christmas at kings canyon resort which is lovely and went to the Rock on the same trip, 1600km travelled in 42c temps , amazing how 30c seems cool after a couple of summer months! Bye for now, will keep you all posted ps, allmost zero unemployment here, if you want a job you can have one, and lot of firms willing to talk sponsorship :biggrin:
  12. Luella2

    3 months in and loving it!

    Well been here 3 months now and keep having to pinch myself at how good life is here. Said to my husband omg can you believe how good our life is? as we're sat on the decking having another bbq. I think you take it for granted after a while, the gorgeous scenery and lifestyle. Spent this afternoon ( like last Saturday) at the beach by the lake near where we live. My son went off to play with some little aussie kids, in the water loving it. They were all with their dads who were like no problem we'll watch your kid while me and hubby sat and chatted. We watched our son of course but they were genuinely good blokes and looked after him and made him feel welcome. Had a good chat with them and another bloke rocked up and offered us all free beers! The aussies are so friendly and love to chat and take the p***! Having moved here from Manchester we are loving the slower pace of life. When we first arrived we stayed in Monbulk, back home we were like Where is that??? but it turned out to be the best place with friendly people and we have moved just up the road from there. Would actually love to live back in Monbulk but with limited rental properties available and no station for OH's commute to CBD it's not an option - yet! We have both got good jobs out here I am a teacher and got a post shortly after arriving, OH works in IT and he found work after a couple of months. We arrived with our savings and a determined attitude to make it work. Don't get me wrong the first couple of months are hard at times, it took 3 months for our container to arrive and it was hard living without our stuff. The first time I went to the supermarket I panicked that I could not find my way home - no sat nav with me or phone either and there are weird fish out of water moments. But it's worth it! Aussies say to me your accents strong where are you from? Well I am a proud yorkshire lass and don't plan to lose my accent yet! A part of me will always miss yorkshire, but life here is so good. I would say to anyone wanting to come out to give it a go - you don't know till you try it. Just make sure you save those pounds up and stock up on clothes and cosmetics before you get here - or you'll be like me going without and saying I'm not paying that!! Good luck all:jiggy:
  13. loubylou475

    six months and 26 days in Perth!!

    I'd love to say I'm an avid PIO follower but truth be told I'm not. I love to pop on now and again and it's been great for opinions/advice. After trying since early 2008, we eventually reached Perth on a 457 visa. I just wanted to share a few moments of our momentous journey! Job offer 31st March, uk house on market 8th April, sold (no chain) 15th April. 457 processed (employers choice of relocation agents) following week, granted 29th April. Left uk for WA (via Dubai) 24th June. Rented furnished for 10 weeks in East Vic Park. Applied for FIRB approval and bought house SOR August, moved in Sept! Kids at local state Primary, loving it, really impressed. I began applying for Admin work (ex-NHS) in November, applied for 6 jobs, offered 5 (!!) of them, accepted the most recent and loving it at one of the city's largest hospitals. Expected Christmas to be full of tears and homesickness but quite the opposite. Enjoyed a traditiona turkeyl lunch, Santa still came on time and spent the evening toasting friends and family on skype!! All in all we're having a fantastic time in Perth and all the hardship and past disappointment has been more than worth it. Negatives?? Never been so skint in my life. Poached eggs on toast have become a family favourite! But hey, it costs nothing to wander along the banks of the Swan or to sit and watch the sun setting over the ocean..... to wander the few steps upto the school sports field and play cricket with the kids.... I'd never say we'll 'Never' return to the uk but for now, Perth is our home and we're loving it, we're a very close family and this move has brought us even closer.... follow your dreams and if it's meant to be then it will be.
  14. hi there, me and my aussie girlfriend have been together for 5 years now. we lived together for a total of about 3,5 years until nov 2009. we have been working together for the same empoyer for about 1,5 years. unfortunately my girlfriend injured her back and decided to go to oz for a treatement . on arrival home she started working (to support herself and pay for all the medical stuff of course) and came back to europe in summer 2010 to join me to do bit of travelling. as she was offered a managerial position at her aussie job we decided that the best thing for us to do is to get a partner visa and move to australia permanently. i went to oz personally in november 2010 and stayed with her for about a month. now the time has come to finally get all the docs together and send my appication. it is a pricey process and with my earnings i couldn't do it any sooner. my question is, how will our last 12 month together or separately rather, be treated by the visa people? i read that in some circumstances a 12 months period may be waived...how can we proove to an immigration office that our relationship was alive while we were separately? we have a great deal of documents for our 3,5 years of co-habitation together while in the uk..ihas anyone been in a similar situation and got his visa granted? any help will be more than appreciated. thank you
  15. Can anyone help me with getting access to temp internet?? In the UK you can buy a dongle which gives you access on a pays as go rate. Is this possible in Victoria? I will have an iphone with 3g which I will put a Oz sim but really the amount I will need the internet I want the laptop working asap Im in rental for 3 months but have been told they wont help with a short term phone line. Thanks
  16. Cannot believe that it was exactly nine months ago we stepped off the plane to a boiling hot Melbourne - seven suitcases, homeless (except two weeks in a caravan!), car less, belongings somewhere on the high seas, didn't know a soul!! Nine months later we have a fab group of friends (held a BBQ for about 70 people last weekend), both working full-time, the children are settled into school and loving it. It hasn't been an easy ride but we took the philosophy that the world wouldn't be coming to us, we needed to go to it. Living in Australia isn't no work and all play (as the dream may be portrayed), but by being prepared to work hard you then have the chance to play hard on the weekends. We live in Berwick and have the beach 40 minutes drive away, the beautiful Dandenong ranges 40 minutes in another direction and the city roughly the same in another - not something we were privileged with in the UK. The summer is approaching and the weather is warming up, so the gorgeous beaches will be calling us soon (great cheap day out too with the free BBQ's provided - just bring the food!!) Still miss family and friends but we have had some visitors already and my parents will be arriving three months tomorrow - the time has flown by and we are loving the adventure so far. Australia has so much to offer both the children and us in the future I can't see us wanting to move on anytime soon - although we never say never!! You only live life once - no regrets, just lessons learnt!! Karen x:jiggy:
  17. great news today, got our visa, even though told we should get it around the 2012 time, so a little surprised, but they have also told us we need to activate it by 16th may,a little confused with this as i was always under the impression that it was a year from when medicals were done, which we had them done and put on computer 22nd sept 09, does anyone have any information on this and is this right. but still pleased never the less xxx
  18. We have been here 6 months now on New Years Day. We have just had our first Aussie Christmas and it was different but really good. We decided that we would not try and recreate our UK Christmas as it was blatantly obvious that it was not going to compare so we spent the day at the beach with some friends and their children and had a fab time sipping sparkling wine and eating strawberries, cherries and smoked salmon. We Kayaked and fished and swam it was idylic, we then turned down our friends offer of a barbie to go home and have some family time. We bought a whole salmon and stuck it on the barbie and had it with salad and wedgies and had Christmas Pudding and cream to follow. We then Skyped our family who were just getting up at that time and heading out into the freezing cold for their Christmas Dinner. 6 months in and we still love it. Matts job is going from strength to strength he works really hard and basically gets rewarded very well for all his hard work. His boss paid for our son to go on the Christmas Do as we didnt have a baby sitter and he bends over backwards to keep Matt there. I still love the area and I would rate the beach here at Secret Harbour as second to none. It still takes my breath away every time I walk up over the sandunes and see that amazing sight. Its great as Travis is home from school and I dont have to work and have plenty of time to spend with him and no worries about childcare. The school has been amazing with Travis and we could not fault them in anyway, he has won award after award and we are very proud of him. He had a minor set back in that his best mate who he was calling for moved up north so that they could be nearer work so he is a little put out as he doesnt feel he wants to call for anyone else, hopefully he will soon though. Well just to say, and I know its a well worn phrase but, we are still "living the dream" and would recommend it to anyone:jiggy:
  19. Could anyone please give me a list of initial outgoings when you first arrive please? e.g. rent, car (plus stamp) and rego, cost of driving license, fodder (practical places to shop and eat) and, anything you can think of. many thanks leila x:chatterbox:
  20. MORE than 140,000 skilled migrants are caught in an Immigration Department processing backlog of up to 28 months. I can't believe it!!!! Migration logjam hits skilled workers | The Australian
  21. Guest

    3 months on.....

    Hello fellow poms! I haven't been on here in AGES and it will take me forever to catch up - which I will eventually, We have had an amazing first few months in Sydney - everything seems to be falling into place. My Daughter started school in the last term and absolutely loved it - I have met some lovely mums from the school and one has helped me land a job at this awesome daycare center walking distance to our current home. I am working there as a casual but have been called in alot so have been making nice money while my husband - who arrived later than me - was looking for work. My husband managed to land an awesome job just 10k's from home. Seems like we really have landed with out bottom in the butter!!! So we have pretty much had enough with living with family and decided the day my husband started work we would look for a rental, saw 2 liked the one and applied yesterday and we are signing the lease tomorrow!! we also bought a car today!! so I am grinning from ear to ear! The great thing is that we have settled in so well and because of the kids and my job we are really getting to know everyone in the village and bump into people we know often! sorry to boast but I really am walking on clouds at the moment Merry CHristmas to all of you and hope the new year brings lots of new and exciting experiences! Nix
  22. Guest

    webbwebbies 12 months in.

    Hi Guys Hope your all well. We've been in Oz now for a year and its been a bit of a rollercoaster with work. I came out as a plasterer and have not done that now for a while could'nt really get in to it. Had a well paid job cleaning but lost that in August and was back out of work again for about 6 weeks. I'm now working as a carpet cleaner for a pest control company which I'm enjoying, it comes with a van phone and uniform and I'm enployed so they get the work. Its nice to have permanet work for the 1st time and we're busy. Their a good bunch of lads a the bose is a nice bloke who told me over 400 people applied for the position so did'nt I do well. I hope you all are happy and things are happening visa wise. I see some familar names are still on here. Its pretty hot at the moment and still getting the rain. I see Uk is getting unsual weather too. Coming on pio now seems surreal as it was so important in getting our visa and I made friends I still hope to meet someday. Its all good with us after a rocky start and we don't want to be anywhere else. Merry Xmas and Happy New year to all my cyber bubbies and I hope it all comes right for you all. Luv Lance
  23. Hi Guys New here in Poms. I search this site so at least someone can help me and provide me advice based on experienced. i am currently holding ENS RSMS 857 PR visa SPOnsored by the fast food company. i was in 457 since July 2007. then granted RSMS PR VISA last Jan.06,2009 soon it will be one yr. My total years in the company is 3 1/2 years. 2 1/2 during 457 visa and 1 yr in RSMS. During these years i've seen australian employees come and go..now it happens my australian boss was resigned who i worked since 2007. New australian boss from 2008 and 2009 came then resigned. Last yr.i have a new boss again that based in perth and this time it doesnt seem she has a good people skills specially to 457 visas. In my contract it says i am only holding one store but due to my good performance the CEO asked me to handle 4 stores he said he will prepare new contract with new job title. So i continued handling 4 stores but until now one yr. ago my contract still the same but my job load is changed. meaning they utilizing and maximizing me because i always try to do all.and now the job title change is now forgotten. I send store report through my personal email which should not be but i think they keep me holding to grow. i am planning to resigned but i spent 1 yr. only in rsms pr visa 857. Is diac will cancel my p.r visa? I am sure they will ring diac once i resigned. after received manager of the year award and been featured in the company newsletter my new and current boss said i am not performing well. She said this because last week i disagree to handle 4 stores anymore as my contract said only one store to manage. The relationship has been destroyed and i am not feeling comfortable to work tothis comapny anymore as they didnot encouarage employees growth. Any advice is greatly appreciated. atc03
  24. Woo hoo after nearly half a year I am due to be reunited with all my stuff that I thought was so important I was prepared to pay large sums of money to send it all the way around the world.:huh: Dont get me wrong I am looking forward to getting hold of my photos and some other personal bits and bobs but to be honest I wish I hadnt bothered with the rest, we could have bought it all cheaply enough here. Ah well as I have no intention of shipping stuff overseas again, I will just have to put it down to experience. Seriously though, its a bloomin good idea to really sit down and think about what you feel is an absolute necessity in your life, because I actually like this more minimalistic life :cute:
  25. Not been on here for ages as life got way to busy and i had to concentrate on finishing a degree then a graduation ceremony all before emigrating in June. My take on Darwin it is a very freindly place, plenty of places to visit and lots to do. It is growing on me however when our time up in a few years come i will be pleased to leave with happy memories. The one thing i find frustating is how expensive it is, we have 3 boys and are struggling big time with just one wage coming in. Once the rent is paid, car payment, private health and bills are paid we can only just manage to get food shopping in every week. Im looking for work so that we can afford the little extra's like letting the boys go to the cinema, paid for 2 of them to go last month with freinds and nearly $100 was gone. Our youngest has had a lot of visits to drs and blood tests all which have cost money, although we have been able to claim some back on medicare. For those coming to live in Darwin give it a shot but make sure your are going to be earning a decent wage and by that i mean more than $70k a year, anything less then you will struggle. The dry season is coming to an end here and boy am i noticing the difference in humidity and heat, im sure i will adapt and aclimatise. In general we love living here knowing it is not forever and are trying to explore as much as we can, when we can. Good luck to those arriving soon. Mandy