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Found 335 results

  1. ..... We landed at Sydney Airport.... The Adventure had finally began. I have read many posts from those who's dream had already failed and were heading back. I see posts asking if Australia is a dream or a nightmare. Well in 12 months I have learned that Australia is far from perfect and it really does take a big mental shift to deal with it! Let you know more in 12 months...... L.L.
  2. Hi all, I would like to share the good news with all in pomsinoz; my 2 year 4 months of wait is over. I have been on and off here, frustrated with the changes and all.Then one day, my mailbox shows I have the grant letter .... finally! My special thanks to Gollywobbler (who sadly no longer around the forums), Reza (for his information on adding de-facto/spouse), VickyMel , siamsusie pumpkin, GeorgeD, _shel and everyone else that I may have unintentionally left out for the support, encouragement and sharing their experiences here. My timeline: Date applied: 03 March 2009 s175 (MODL/SOL) Low Risk (LR) country Medical checked: 03 April 2009, police clearance done Priority changed Sept 2009, s175 given lowest priority Applied for NSW SS and granted: 10 Sept 2009, changed to s176 (cat2) Priority changed again, s176 and s175 priority goes further down (cat5) unless you are in CSL/ENS AU election ... everything on hold again ... ---looong wait ---- NSW election ... SMP on hold the longest of all states SMP out in 03 Mar 2011 - My occupation no longer listed ... (cat4 for having SS but not SMP) CO first contact: 03 April 2011 Asked for S80, F47A, de-facto evidence, spouse IELTS, etc Health check re-done, police clearance re-done Visa granted: 12 Jul 2011, must enter AU for validation by Dec 06, 2011 I guess I am the last few dinasours to be out ... Best of luck everyone!
  3. Hi, I would like to share my happiness with you all. You have been my friends for last three years and helped me a lot during the time when I needed the support. Special thanks to all the moderators and advisors, who are always there when someone asks for the guidance and expert advice. I wish, all of you who got the grant and those who are waiting, very best of luck and see you all in Ozzzzzz. Best regards
  4. Hi All, I know this is a long shot, but we thought it was worth an ask. We have the opportunity to go out to Melbourne for 12 months for my husbands work. We don't want to sell up here in England (at least for now), so are looking at options for what to do with our house while we are away. One thought is to look at house swaps? Is anyone looking to be in England from Melbourne for a similar length of time and needs accommodation? We'd be looking at moving on or around the 1st Sept 2011 (yes, I know it's short notice :err:). Our house is a 4 bed detached property in the Market Town of Bingham near Nottingham with good transport links. Mature gardens front and back and a detached double garage. It occupies a quiet, private plot at the end of a cul-de-sac, overlooking a green open space. We can send pics to anyone interested. Car swap would also be an option. Regards, Jewelz
  5. Guest

    175 Now or 885 in Six Months?

    Hi Everyone, I have a question about what visa I would be better off applying with (in terms of processing time). I'm in Australia at the moment finishing off some studying, which will give me the Australian study requirement in December. I am currently eligable for a 175 (PR, Offshore), should I apply for this now and then apply for the 485 (Temp Graduate, Onshore) to stay in Aus while the 175 is processed.... OR Wait for December, when I will graduate and apply directly for the 885 (PR, Onshore) and wait for the processing on a bridging visa? Both the PR visas seem to have a long processing time but the 885 looks shorter (from what I've seen of peoples timelines on this site) but I'm worried that they will change the requirements again if I wait. (http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/113226-no-update-aspc-processing-immi-gov-au-14.html) Apply now (as soon as I get my IELTS back) or wait?? I am/will be looking for work, also not sure if the 485 or the bridging visa is more attractive to employers I would love to get anyones thoughts.... Greg
  6. yoyo333

    176 now Cat 3 - 12-24 Months

    I'm shocked, this includes those applications that are in the final stages of processing! The timeline is 12-24 months
  7. All, We submitted a skills assessment for System Analyst in February 2011 via an agent and we still have not recieved an answer. Upon poking our agent he only comes back with that the ACS is very busy, they have huge volumes right now - bla bla... Has/Is anyone else been waiting for this long? I realise that the 12 weeks they give on their homepage is an average but this has almost taken double that time now. Anyone else with the same "problem"?
  8. After giving up on the skilled migration programme I am working with someone to set up a company. The interesting thing is we would only be working for 6 months of the year. With the tourist visa I can volunteer in return for food and accomodation so I could support myself for 6 months of the year when I wasnt working. I could thus live in Oz and then return to the UK. Does anyone know if I could still do this annually? You have to stay outside Oz for a long period to get the tourist visa again and I would be officially in a cultural exchange/recreational setup while in the country. I know people did this in the past. This seems to be my only way to live for extended periods of time in Oz. I know there are other unskilled adventurers out there who will be prepared to do the same thing for 6 months a year while still keeping roots in the UK.
  9. pluto

    2 Months in WA

    Hi All :v_SPIN: Well we have been in WA for a couple of months now and thought I would post how we have got on. We left from France after a very hard last 8 months there, leaving was a manic time and we had so much to do from the final selling of the house to getting on the plane within a day ! We flew with Singapore airlines from Paris, they were brilliant and we booked a 10 day stop over there so we could try and unstress before we hit Oz. Singapore was fantastic, the kids loved every minute. After some frantic emailing I finally secured a holiday rental NOR in WA. We stayed in Mindarie which was nice and as the rental was on a bus route and walking distance to the shops we decided not to rent a car but to search for one to buy asap. Found a car on our second day and arranged to buy it, that afternoon we went into NAB bank in Perth on the train and collected our cards and arranged a cheque for the car. Perth was lovely and looking forward to a trip back soon. Well now we had a car the search was on for a rental and wow did we search, looking at all the areas we had researched on the internet North and South. We did try to break it up for the kids by calling in at various fun places while house hunting. We were getting a bit fed up by the 3rd week of looking as every rental we applied for we did not get I was starting to worry that we would never be successful but then a call came from an agent to say we had got one of the rentals we had applied for in Rockingham. WooHoo at last, we called in at the office to finalise the paperwork and then enjoyed a coffee at the Foreshore. My kids ran in the sea with their clothes on !! I think we were all so relieved to have found somewhere. We did not bring a container as we sold all our furniture in France ( we only have sent 10 boxes) So now the hunt was on for beds etc after calling at a few places we ended up at ikea and just got everything we needed from there. We moved in here on a Monday morning and the ikea delivery arrived Monday after lunch, we had a great time putting together all that furniture and of course the parts were missing for our bed, typical ikea. Tuesday we called in at the schools for the kids and had a tour and filled in all the paperwork, the kids all started on the Thursday. They have all settled really well, the only one to have struggled is my youngest age 7 as France is the only education she has known and the freedom of choice at her new school has thrown her a bit, she is still waiting to be told what to do, bless her but she is really enjoying the art and choir. I am amazed at how well they have taken to Australia and the amount of friends they have made so quickly. Once the kids were at School we did all the medicare, tax numbers, driving licence etc all were so easy and straight forward. My OH found his first casual job through a friend who I made on PIO and then he received a reply for an interview for shop fitting and got the job, hurray ! He is out early as he has to travel to Perth but he is really enjoying the work. I have had a couple of moments of tears, had one in Coles while buying a mop ! not even sure why ???? I think possibly just the relief of being out of the France stress and everyone being happy here Well that's about it, all I can say is that everyone has been so friendly and helpful and a big thank you to Janet who went to the trouble of buying me a 40th birthday present and calling round with it and a card, I was really touched Sam :wubclub:
  10. Has anyone managed to import a car on a 457 Visa when they have not owned it for a full 12 months BEFORE they moved to OZ? Unfortunatley when I relocate to Melbourne at the end of July I'll only have owned the vehicle for 10 months :-( So I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Fergal
  11. Well we've now been here two months so I thought I'd give a little bit of an update..... So, we've now settled into our rental, and after several trips to Ikea (including one manic 5 hour shopping session involving 4 trolleys and a lost car - don't ask!) we have now filled it full of furniture. Found prices at Ikea to be cheaper/comparable to the UK so we were pretty happy with that - only thing was we couldn't get a king size bed as the biggest size they do here is queen. Our 14 boxes of personal belongings from the UK arrived safely and hadn't even been opened (I presume our declaration of 3 pairs of shoes with wooden heels and x-rays were sufficient for customs) and apart from 3 broken martini glasses and one broken wine glass (all our cheap ones, not our 'special occasion' ones) everything was intact - we packed everything ourselves so we expected some things might not survive the journey so just a few broken glasses was a resounding success. House definitely feels more like home now – especially as I have all my cooking utensils back, it’s surprising how the lack of even basic things like spatulas and a garlic press can drive you nuts (well, it drove me nuts, not entirely sure the OH noticed lol). Also got broadband now – 23Mb! Literally, 10 x faster than we could get in the UK – for $60 per month including phone package. Found the coverage for mobiles is infinitely better than the UK too – had 3G signal everywhere we’ve been so far (we’re both on $29 per month PAYG tariffs and so far that more than covers our usage). Enjoying living in Greensborough, we have Safeway and Coles within 5 and 10 mins walking distance and there is the Plaza with 3 levels of shops, including a fresh meat/veg/deli area. There is a strip of restaurants and bars which we’ve been to a few times and had meals/drinks at. It’s nice and quiet round our house of an evening (apart from the odd hoon doing a burn off), and we’ve had some quiet walks round the parks and along the river (I say quiet – if you ignore the cockatoos, lorikeets, rosellas, crows, mynahs and magpies making an absolute racket lol). It is a smidgeon too far out the city at 40 mins on the dreaded ‘stopping all stations’ train (35 mins on the express) but that is the only factor which would make us move closer to the city. Food-wise we’ve found that meat is cheaper than the UK, and if you go to a market then veg is also cheaper – found fruit a bit pricier (knock on effect of the floods). We don’t really eat bread in our household, but that does appear to be more expensive. Not bought any fish/seafood yet, so can’t comment on prices (I do love fish but I’ve eaten it out a few times so not felt the urge to cook it at home). Spices, oils and herbs are way cheaper than in the UK thanks to the abundant Asian supermarkets – even Coles has fresh kaffir lime leaves and holy basil, winner! Jars of prepared sauces are more expensive, so we just stock up when they are on offer. Overall food-wise I think we are better off over here – especially as the produce is of much better quality, reminds me of the produce you get in France, bigger, less uniform and with more flavour. When I’ve not felt like cooking, we’ve eaten out – anyone who says you can’t get a decent curry in Melbourne is lying, we found a curry house the other weekend which does AMAZING curry (OH loves spicy food) and is at least the equal of our two favourite curry houses in the UK. Two courses, two beers, two naan, one large rice and BYO wine - $60. Had kangaroo for the first time last week as well – absolutely lush, similar to venison or a really good steak, yum! OH also thoroughly enjoyed the buffalo sausages that he had at Hurstbridge farmers’ market. Still think the transport system is good ($155 for a monthly Zone 1 + 2 pass) – only experienced one delayed train (which admittedly was annoying as it was half ten at night on a school night and we just wanted to get home) and I haven’t had to stand up at all (v important when wearing stilettos). OH finally has a job (hurrah!) and is starting tomorrow – he’s been incredibly bored at home by himself so hoping he will enjoy it and turns out to be the right job for him. My job isn’t going brilliantly at the moment, bit manic and was doing 12 hour days last week (not part of ‘The Plan’), but hopefully it will quieten down and I’ll get into the rhythm of things rather than fire fighting like I am at the moment. Looking forward to having two incomes again, next things on the purchasing list are a car and some mountain bikes – can’t wait to explore the bike trails round here (and further afield). Feeling a lot more secure in a financial sense as we both now have jobs, and hopefully that sense of security will help settle us down emotionally as well. We have been very lucky in some respects with our move, but we’ve still experienced highs and lows, it has not all been smiles and laughs and fluffy pink clouds of happiness, there have definitely been some little clouds of gloom. Having broadband again and being able to Skype friends and family this week has really made a difference, and for my OH knowing he’s going to get out the house and talk to someone other than me has also massively improved his mood (as much as we love each other – only having one person to really talk to for 2 months can be a little wearing). I have no doubt that we will make friends eventually, but I am sincerely glad that my OH is my best friend and not just my husband because otherwise I might have gone slightly mad. So.... in summary, so far, so good (touch wood). I still get teary moments from being so damn happy to be here – and the happy feelings definitely outweigh the gloomy moments of missing friends and family; definitely miss the people and not the UK itself. I don’t think there is a single thing that we enjoyed doing/having in the UK that we haven’t found the equivalent or better of in Melbourne: Beer/wine – same; Curry – same; Eating in – better; Eating out – better; Things to do/see – better; Transport – infinitely better; Weather – exponentially better (even if you do have to take an umbrella and sunglasses everywhere you go, lol). OH new works have already invited him to join the 5-a-side soccer team even. About the only things that get on my nerves are not being able to use any ATM (can I find a b1oody nab machine when I want one? Can I hell!) and driving in the city (way too many speed cameras, intersections and v boring straight roads) – there may be other things but if there are they escape me at this moment in time (and I’ve sat racking my brains for the last 10 minutes).
  12. Guest

    2 months after lodging

    Dear All , i lodged an e-visa 175 subclass on march 31st , submitted all needed documents within the 28 days they mentioned on the automated reply , BUT i have seen no progress since that day i am wondering if this is normal , that non of the docs i attached had its status changed they are all in the same status , REQUIRED , and the application itself is : 31/03/2011 Application received - processing commenced what is expected next ?
  13. Hi All, I`ve got letter from DIAC today with visa (820 TR) grant, which is cool. After 11 months without any communication, I didn`t even know that I`ve got CO. My questions are: 1) Do I have to renew my medicals + Police checks from now till grant of 801 visa? 2) If studying UNI, can I study part time now or full time (because I am not PR but not student either) Any ideas by chance? Thanks for Your support :mask:
  14. I have now been in Melbourne 3 months and can say i have experienced quite a lot in the short period of been here. After using this forum for over a year whilst waiting for my visa to be approved i would like to thank everyone on here and hopefully give some help and advice back to people arriving here soon. I have made the permanent move over here on my own at 38 years of age but have been fortunate enough to have some good friends over here that have been here 10 years plus. My own discoveries and their advice has gone a long way in to settling here twice as quick and not been homesick In a nutshell i have arranged a rental apartment in St Kilda so can advise on the proceses here and some tricks in getting ahead of the game in what is a fierce rental market. I have also imported a car from the UK and have all the details with regards taxes shipping costs and all the Vic Roads taxes and registration fees. I can also advise on what it is like to drive here in Melbourne - implications driving on UK license etc. Also can advise on Insurance and how to get no claims discount without any history. Another thing I can share is the cost of living, i'm afraid its not cheap so getting heads up on things before you arrive is always good. Areas of interest etc, at 38 I'd like to think i'm still young enough to know good places to socialise but also appreciate nice days out and as keen cyclist have ridden all the suburbs of greater melbourne and also driven all the coastal areas from both edges of the pininsular. I know that all these topics are been discussed on here already but thought it may be handy to get advice from someone fresh in to the country. If i can offer any advice please reply to this thread or PM me.
  15. Guest

    How we are feeling 4 months on

    Hi everyone Now the practical advice is out of the way (see thread called 'Practical advice if you have not set off yet').....how has it been emotionally ? I thought hard about doing this post as where do you begin ? But seeing as the purpose of the Forum is to help other people, I will try and highlight things that others may experience or be feeling instead of making it too personal to my own situation. The decision to come back was easily made - Perth, whilst a beautiful environment if you are a sun and beach person, never touched my soul. I was constantly returning home and having those wrenching goodbyes when returning to Oz= all becomes just too exhausting! We have no kids but we did have good jobs and a great lifestyle that you are all familiar with.....but there was no nipping round to Mums for a cuppa...and all those landmark occasions that I constantly missed - family described it when I got back as 'there was always an empty chair'. Don't understimate how much family n friends miss you all too! Leaving Oz was a teary time saying goodbyes to many special people - that is never easy. Landing back, I did not do cartwheels as I felt very overwhelmed and a bit adrift with it all and I struggled getting my head around 'setting up' a life again after just 'packing one up'!(no house, no car, no job etc) Also I had some quite emotional days when I first got back as family n friends really rallied round and I realised just how much family stuff I had missed out on and you have to somehow get over that and acknowledge that the huge effort it took to pack up that life in Oz and start again here is now more than richly rewarded with the fact that there will be no more empty chairs and that is a priceless feeling. Always keep in mind when it all seems too much that you have done this because you were not completely happy with the life down under. Brill to have experienced it but now time for the next chapter which will be rich and full as we indeed still have the most beautiful country here. Do not entertain the 'why on earth have you come back here' brigade - they will never understand so not worth effort of trying to explain. Remember they have lived through some pretty rough times here and so cannot understand that we are coming back to it but we have not lived through it so are not down by it. Plus we see things much differently as we can appreciate the simple stuff they take for granted - like green hills, running woodland streams and land we can roam on with our dogs! Sadie the springer has discovered rabbits and is fitter than she has ever been! Our lives are so full now even though we are far from fully settled (still renting pending house purchase so not unpacked everything yet ) -but there is so much more choice of places to go and people to keep catching up with We have both found work and although we wont be as well off financially as we were in Oz we are richer in love and life being surrounded by our wonderful families and friends and exploring our homeland again. Yes, the soul is soothed! I could go on and on but I hope this has helped..... I am happy to fill in any gaps for anyone on any topic in particular (yes of course I have had some 'what the' days but not many!)....just ask and I will be honest To all of you who are on your way - good luck , you have been missed by many and get ready to explore!:wink:
  16. Hi I am planning to fly to perth around end of august. Staying with a mate, he recommended me coming first and getting work sorted and have pretty much all I can in place for wife and 2 kids to join me about 8 weeks later. Ha anyone else done this and is there anything in particular you would have changed? Is it better all going together. The biggest issue would be the stress for my wife flying alone with the 2 kids, one aged 9 who is great and the other a baby of 1 year. Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!:confused:
  17. Hi all Haven't posted for ages - but wanted to share, as I learnt so much from others when I was in UK. So we have clocked up the 6 month milestone - and doing OK. Kids phenomenally settled, both of us got work, (infact I am on Job No. 2!!) although hub had 14 weeks unemployment, hindered by timing as he applying for jobs, just when Floods hit Brisbane! I really feel that I have been the most unsettled - and wanted to talk more about this! I underestimated how much I would miss my mates, and although got new friends, miss the 'easiness' of old friends. Think that I did do 'crash and burn' in February - having been so mad, crazy hectic for a good 6 months before we came out, and solid busy for 4 months here, that once everyone at work, in school and sorted, the enormity of everything kind of hit me, and that nasty 'friend-sickness crept in'.:eek: However, we have given ourselves a 18 month deadline to settle, to ride the storm no matter what....and I came steaming out of the dooms and glooms in March ! :jiggy: My opinion and advise would be give your self a timespan to settle, and 'close the door to England' they day you leave - and don't keep hankering after the idealistic idea of it. It is very easy to regard your old life with 'rose tinted' specs when times are tough here, but noone ever said such a huge jump and change inlife would be plain sailing - there are SO many good things here, if we allow ourself to see them!! If you keep comparing prices to UK...it will needle you, at work if you say ' we did this in UK' ...it frustrates you, and if everytime you feel lonely, or have a crappy day, you consider ' we need to go home' - then the UK will become like an unwanted gatecrasher to your new life and thoughts. Having 'closed' that door, it makes it easier to get on with what without doubt is a Rollercoaster ride emotionally, but also a very fun one! Australia is without doubt a beautiful, safe, and awesome country and offers a great life - there are also a heap of fantastic expats here in Brisbane we meet regularly, happy to bolster you when you flounder! I am trying to give a balanced 'update' report because it is not everyone who comes out here, and never looks back, but thought I'd share what has helped me, when things did get rough. So hang on tight, enjoy the ride.....I know I did, and I feel happy to be here!! :jiggy: Good luck to everyone with their new adventures x
  18. Hi all, We`ve lodged our complete flawless application in Sydney 11 months ago and we haven`t heard anything yet (except for that confirmation letter right after lodgement), not even email. We don`t have case officer yet. I called them up and was told that it was put in a backlog. Fair enough but my question is - do I have to renew my medicals? I don`t want to keep on waiting and then be asked for new medicals.. Is there any rule that every year requires new medicals? I mean - if that booklet says 6-8 months for TR, 2 years for PR, does that actually mean something? Cheers:wacko:
  19. Hi All We are in a situation where we are trying to weigh up having a child in the UK and then having to apply for a Child Visa or leaving 2 months before birth and then having the child in aus and not having to do the visa. Does anyone have any advise? Costs of child birth in australia as we will only have been there for a few weeks potentially.. Thanks in advance Neil
  20. boogaloo

    6 months in Perth!

    Hi everyone I cannot believe we have now been living in Perth for 6 months - the time has flown but we feel like we have always lived here! We now have a lovely rental in Tapping and our twins, Holly & Sam, who are 13 are attending St Stephens school in Carramr and are loving it - they settled in so well and have really grown up in the last 6 months! My hubby, who is a bricklayer, has been working since we arrived more or less and enjoys the outdoors much more in the sunshine! I have been working now for 3 months and at first found it quite difficult but it would be difficult changing jobs anywhere! I was a solicitor in the UK and am now a Law Clerk wilst I am studying to qualify in WA - so it is hard work but I am sure it will be worth it! It is great to know that of a weekend we can spend time on the beach - the ocean is amazing - so when anyone gets a bit down when they come over - which you will one way or another - just go for a stroll by the ocean and that will lift your spirits no end! Just remember that you are changing your whole life and it will be strange at first but soooooo worth it! We love it here - this is home!! Good luck to all of you !!
  21. Jambos

    18 Months from now?

    We are in the midst of moving to Perth from the UK process should take apprx 12 months from now. Once we are there we will probably rent as the ex-rate is shocking $1.53 compared to previous historical levels. What are the predictions for 18 months down the road for ex-rates and house prices compared to now? I know there are numerous micro & macro variables that could effect this outcome but would still be interested to hear peoples thoughts / predictions. Anybody barve enough to go first:biggrin:? Cheers
  22. Hi , Hope i have picked the right thread for this . I would love the thought's from people on this Hopefully by next April we will be in WA ( depending on visa and hubby being early released from the RN ) Fingers crossed hubby get's FIFO work i will travel around WA on my own with the chidren ..... now we thought we would take about 3 months to travel around WA looking at areas and schools before deciding where to settle . I really don't want to pick a suburb and school to quickly and then a few months down the line realise we have done the wrong thing ie put my daughter in the wrong school /area for us. She is a bright and is well above her peers on the educational side . 1:Do you think taking 3 months to travel round will muck her up with schooling ? (she is 11 .) 2. Do we have to enrol her in to a school as soon as we get into the country do they check ? 3. We have a four yearold too ....... im not worried about him missing preschool for a while .. because the traveling will do him good , i believe. Your opinions ? Any thoughts would be great ...........:wubclub: Brides x
  23. lardyleigh

    4 months in Perth

    My husband was offered a job in September and we landed in Perth on the 1st of December, it was a mad rush to get everything sorted but we managed to rent our house out the day after we left (result), the container left a week before we did, the only problem was our passports left in the container too. Lucky we noticed about 1 hour after the container had gone, stopped the container, had to be sent back to the depot in Mitcham, waited three days until we could go down to have it opened, got them back yipee. We flew with emirates, could not fault them, we stayed in Quest Harbour Village in Fremantle. It was lovely and we enjoyed our three weeks there. We had hoped to find a house in the first two weeks as we had a relocation person helping us, but we really could not find the right one. We decided to book a 4 week rental down in secret harbour to spend christmas and continue to look after for houses as we now had to do it ourselves. We decided on SOR as husband is working at the Fiona Stanley Hospital so he did not want to be travelling to much. We found a house in Winthrop. We have 3 children in Winthrop Primary and 1 in Applecross. The 3 in Winthrop came out the first day and absolutely loved it. The 1 in Applecross went into year 9 and hated it, (oh dear) thankfully after a week he had made friends and now thinks it is great. We are all now very settled and are loving it:smile::smile::smile::smile:
  24. According to DIAC, basic requirement for 175 and 176 visa is... "you have been employed in a skilled occupation for at least 12 of the last 24 months OR you met the Australian study requirement in the last 6 months" I have been working for a skilled occupation since May 2006- June 2010. ACS has positively assessed my experience during these periods. I received the assessment last Aug 2010. However, in my recent work, my job position has changed. I have been working in the said job from June 2010 to Present (10 months).. But this work experience has not been included in the ACS assessment Now, I have a problem.. Does this mean that in order to satisfy the 12 of the last 24 months employment requirement, I have to lodge my DIAC application before June 2011?
  25. Mr and Mrs Hitler had a romantic candle lit dinner, smoozy music on in the background, a sensuous meal, a nice bottle of wine, then made their way upstairs to have a cuddle, and BANG, young Adolf would arrive approximately nine months later.:realmad::no::no: Thank god this sort of tyrant is NO longer around,:yes: Wanna bet? :yes::mad::no:. Cheers Tony.:wink: