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Found 335 results

  1. Hi I am looking for some advice please. I am a permanent resident here in Australia and have been for 2 years. My parents are looking to come and visit us and help with my family for a long stay. My mother is going to give up her job to come and help us, so I want to be able to guarantee her that she will be able to come and go. They really want to stay around 3 -4 years !!! Obviously I know visa's are not granted for this long stay. They really want to stay for 12 months then go home for 2 months then return for another 12 months etc... My worry is that they won't keep getting granted a 12 month visa. I have heard that 12 month visas are not that easy to get granted. Should they come on a 3 month visa and keep extending it until the first 12 months is over? Is this a hard process to go through? Does anyone know how much problem it will be to get another visa granted after that? Any advice or knowledge would be gratefully received.
  2. We'll be packing up to leave soon and I notice that for shipping personal effects you have to declare to AQIS all items less than 12 months old. How detailed or thourough do you have to be regarding this declaration? Is it best to declare a few token items or can we just say nothing is new? Do we really have to check every single thing that might be less than 12 months old? Will we be charged duty/GST on everything we declare? We have kids, so there are definitely toys and the odd bits and pieces that are less than 12 months old. It's not as if we've bought a load of new stuff intentionally to ship out to either avoid Australian tax or pay a cheaper price! I'm thinking of things like toys the kids received for birthdays in the past year - so I might not even know the price of the items. Any advice/tips appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Friends, As most of you know about my case. I had applied for Designated - Area Sponsored( Skilled) 496 application on August 2007. I had submitted my medical and PCC tewice once in 2009 when it was asked to do so by the case officer. Secondly when my agent told me that I should be prepared with the medical in 2010... But till date, no assurance was given by the DIAC that whether my application will be processed in near future or not. According to some emails sent to various category 5 applicants it was told that cat 5 will be processed at the end of this financial year.. THis is the end of the financial year. Now what...? I am tired guys of listening to fake promises. I do not think we will be ever processed in near future...
  4. Guest

    3 months here

    So, after nearly 3 years of trying to get here, we finally made it 3 mths ago and absolutely loving it. So to all u trying, don't give up your time will come Good luck to I all xx
  5. rehanonline83

    176 (2-3 Months or 12-24 Months)

    DIAC website clearly says that 176 processing time is 12 months (low risk) and 24 months (high risk). However, my findings on pomsinoz.com and britishexpats.com found that most of the people are managed to get 176 in 2-3 months or even less. I know mostly they are low risk applicants but still the processing time is reduced significantly. Also, i never heard even from low risk applicant waiting for 24 months for his/her 176. Is there anyone to explain what is going on? How much the low risk factor influence the state sponsorship and 176 processing time? Cheers..
  6. Hey (: Im new to this and stuff but here goes ... Im 17 and from Glasgow, my parents decided to make the move to Perth a while back and it took us 3 years to finally get here. I had been here previously as a holiday and I loved it, but at the same time, even 2 weeks away from my friends took a huge toll on me I had a pretty good life back in Scotland, I was on my way to completing 4 highers, all my family were close by and my life was really taking shape. However, when we we moved here, I was enrolled in a new school, and as a result of the change, was put way behind on my school work, roughly about 6 months. This was a big set back and it made me wonder if my future career path (whatever it'll be) will be 'delayed' in some ways My parents love it here, and are currently looking for jobs. I can't fault Australia, sandy beaches, lots of sun or whatever, but I just feel the whole culture, way of living and general feel of it just isn't for me, I consider Scotland my home and I think the novelty of the sun, beaches etc. distorted that a bit I haven't told my parents what I think of it here just yet, but I feel that if everyone in my family is enjoying it, I would just dampen their feelings of it, giving them doubts. I am trying deperately to persevere and finish my TE's at the end of this year so I can maybe move back to Scotland, start a university and live independently. I feel my life has just been totally turned upside down (literally!) and I just don't feel comfortable away from all my friends and family I don't think I can last another 4 years to get my citizenship and the feeling that my whole life has just been left at the other side of the world really depresses me I've not been the same since I got here, my whole personality has changed, and tbh, I don't like it. But I think if i just move away and forget about citizenship etc. it would just be throwing away a massive opportunity What should I do? x
  7. Hi all We have been here 7 months now. We arrived on the 29th December 2010. In case you missed it here is our first arrival report: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/104518-luvpants-have-landed-our-arrival-report.html Well things are going great. I graduate in 4 weeks and have been posted to Bribie Island as my first posting. The Police academy has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done but I have feel that I have achieved something. I still get a bit jealous when I see a Fire engine but that will pass. I was talking to one of my mates the other day who was over here visiting his sister and he said the UK fire service is in big trouble financially and pension wise things are not looking good. Lisa has decided that she wants promotion and is now doing what she has to do to get on with that. She says that nursing here is different (not better but different) to the Uk and she feels that she wants to go the whole hog. She also gets paid nearly double than what she did in the uk so get in!!! We are moving to a nice house in Buderim in August as it will cut down my commute. So was the move to oz a good thing? FOR US yes. We miss our kids and friends but skype helps a great deal. We are gradually building up a friend base and things will be easier when I get out of the academy as I will be home. We have only had a couple of moments when we were home sick but not enough to make us get on a plane and come back to the Uk. Yes the exchange rate is pants, yes food here can be expensive but we did not come here for that, we came to enjoy ourselves and relax a bit. Also this is a bit of a good bye. I have been active on this board for over 4 years but there are quite a few names on here that I have not heard before and the visa rules are now totally different to what I know and therefore I cant offer any help to anyone who is stuck and needs advice. I think my time here has run its course and so although I may pop in now and again, I am cooked as far as PIO is concerned.I thank everyone on here who has helped me as TBH I could not have done it without you and you have saved me a hell of a lot of money in fees let alone heart ache (Gill in particular). Anyone who has not yet made the move, my advice to you is go for it. If it does not work out, then come back. To those coming back to the Uk, I hope you find what you are looking for. To those staying here and enjoying the life......if you come to bribie island and see a particularly good looking copper, make sure you give me a wave!:cool::policeman: Good bye and thanks. JOHN
  8. Sudden decison to move back to uk so we are selling everything and they are almost new. Bought most between April-July this year. Washing Machine-Whirlpool 7.5kg - $400 Electrolux 5kg Tumble dryer -$350 LG 422l Frost Free fridge Freezer-$ 500 (minor scratch on the side, happened while moving but original price was $744 ) 850w LG 25L micrwave $75 Black Glass TV Unit (heavy glass 54kg) $75 Solid wood (dark) dining table with 6 leather chairs $800 Solid wood large 4 door buffet $400 (Never been used delivered a few weeks ago with dinning table) 3 bar stool (black leather effect and silver) $120 Large modular real leather sofa (5 seater + chaise) we bought it for $2100 therefore we can negotiate the price. (ideal for entainment/cinema room or big living area) Girl's bedroom furnitures - Dark wood and stylish(single bed with small underbed drawer, bedside drawer, Tallboy, small book case, small storage shelf with seagrass baskets) whole lot for $500 One tall book shelf $50 I am in Perth, North of the rive.If you are interested just PM me. I am away this week but will respond as soon I can. We are quite happy to negotiate and also throw in freebies such desks, little swivel chairs for kids room, depending on what you buy from us
  9. How many times can you use a 12 months' visitor's visa whilst waiting for a standard aged parents residence visa to go through? Has anyone experience of multiple repeats of their visa? Also, is it possible for the aged parent to invest in property (jointly with relatives who are Australian citizens) without actually being permanent residents? (Reluctant to use funds for contributory visa application, as funds needed to invest in a property to live in.) Thanks, Janet (Janine's Mum)
  10. Hello Everyone! May i introduce myself and family.... I am Lyndsey, my husband is Craig and we have three children aged 5, 3 and 9 months old. We are currently in the RAF and have decided that enough is enough and we are moving to Oz!! I shall be out the RAF in about 18 months so i will be on that plane the day after hopefully!! My husband is half australian, therefore our children are Australian citizens by descent (lucky sods) which just leaves me to apply for a spouse visa I have printed off the form 47SP today and "Oh my Goodness!" its confuuuusing! Do i have to be sponsered by my husband too? And do i really have to provide all this evidence about the history of our relationship if we have been married 7 years and have 3 children together? cor Blimey! I think i will have to get my thinking head on and read read and read this partner booklet thing about 7 times!! ha ha :err: anyhoo, if anyone is in the same boat as me (having an Ozzy family and feeling a little left out! ) then it would be great to get to know you better! Infact it will be great to get to know you all better! Laters! Lynds x
  11. hiya myself and hubby are here on 176 visa but never brought over our savings due to the currency rate but now are biting the bullet and going to bring it all over. Thing is do we have to pay tax now on our savings or do we just declare the interest on our tax return next year We did state on our 176 application what our savings were and only brought over enough to get us started here but now we need to get it over but dont want to pay tax on it if we had to. Has this happened to anyone and what did you do???
  12. Hi We are emigrating over from scotland in a few months, my wife Julie is a a singer (very good) and im a guitarist looking to see if there are any expat musicians interested in starting a band. Got a few songs on my youtube page if you want to have a listen its geetarmanbaxter. Cheers steven
  13. Hi We have moved into a furnished property and therefore we are selling a few items. All are in excellent condition and only 3 MONTHS OLD. Also advertised on Gumtree. WASHING MACHINE - Whirlpool 7.5kg front loader. White. $500 GVA 408 litre Fridge/freezer upright -white $500 Outdoor glass table and 6 chairs each with black cushions. $100.00 Black glass TV stand. $100 50" LG plasma TV. $650.00 3 seater & 2 seater brown suede sofas with scatter cushions at the back and silver legs. $500 pair. Located in Ashmore, Gold Coast. Jill xxx
  14. Hi There, I'm An Aussie living in London, Married to a Brit, and have a brand new baby daughter. We're heading back to Sydney to spend time with the family for 3 months from Christmas 2011 and I'm looking for someone who might be interested in a house swap for that period or any part thereof. We have a lovely 2 bedroom flat in London (zone 2) and would ideally like to swap it with someone on Sydney's northern beaches or North shore. I'm happy to provide pictures etc for anybody fancy being at home in London over Christmas. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or might be interested. Cheers, Lee
  15. I am about to book our flights! :swoon: Can anyone please offer me any useful advice for these last months here in the Uk? :eek: Anything from the booking of the flights, right up until the day itself Thankyou so much in advance :notworthy:
  16. I ave just had an email with my File Reference number advising that my application has been recieved. I frontloaded my partner visa application with my medicals and police checks but I have been advised that the application will take 5-6 months to validate so my expected date for the visa to finalise is 18/1/12 (not a problem I thought) but that my initial date of entry has to be before 26/1/12 as it states on my email that my medical is only valid for 6 months??!! Has anyone else had this as I assumed that the medicals are valid for 12 months as this is what it states everywhere and I was never advised that mine would be any different. This obviously gives me such a small time frame in which my visa can be granted and when I have to enter the country....I'm really worried and don't understand why mine is valid for half the time of anyone else!! I would be interested if anyone else has had this hppen to them aswell?? Thanks in advance Tamsin
  17. Evening all…. We’ve been back in Oz since April 11 and I thought it about time that I post a quick update to put my thoughts down on our experiences so far. Always useful for those still debating about the move!! As a bit of background I grew up in Oz but have spent the past 19 years in the UK and this is the first time my wife and kids have been here except for a couple of holidays. We moved from a beautiful part of North Wales and are now living in Lilydale which is a lovely part of the world located at the bottom of the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne. We have kept our UK properties and let them all out which provides us with enough money to cover our rental in Oz. So far I can honestly say that I am loving it!!! I had spent a lot of time reading some of the posts on the site and have even read a few more tonight that have been complaining about the high cost of living in OZ. I honestly don’t see it?????? Wages are higher and the price of foods in the shops is pretty much the same with many items (including meat) much cheaper. So far we have had both a water bill and our electric bill and both are cheaper than we had in the UK. Fuel is laughably cheap which is great as it is something you top up with constantly and in the UK it depressed me everytime I pulled into a petrol station! I think I will list some of the other items so you can scan over them…. Parking charges Am yet to have to pay for parking anywhere including the train station. Public transport Very cheap, clean and efficient. Libraries Well stocked and no charges for CD’s and videos Weather Bloody great (yes, even in Melbourne!!) Cars Bloody expensive to buy (am importing two from the UK) Schools Great so far. Much bigger and very modern facilities. TV Just the same as UK. Foxtel shows pretty much the same as Sky in the UK. Kids Clubs Plentiful and well supported by volunteers. Jobs Plenty to choose from. Medicare Bulked billed everything so far. Very thorough and had scans and x-rays same day!!!!!!! Traffic Heaven!! Lots of traffic lights though? Speed cameras Bloody nightmare. Speeding fines much higher although not points on licence. They hide the cameras though!!! People Very friendly and generally positive outlook on life! Food Fruit & veg is much better as it tastes great and looks like ‘real’ fruit and not the homogenised stuff from Tesco! Graffitti Can be pretty bad is some areas which is something we never really saw much of in North Wales. Houses Rental market is crazy as so many people renting. Standard of houses is pretty poor and can be expensive! I hope the above will give some of you some food for thought and would be happy add to the list with anything you may think of. My wife is obviously missing her family (mine are all now back in Oz) but phone calls are pretty cheap and Skype and FB are great. I love the UK and would never run it down to anyone, however, I really can’t compare the two if I’m being honest. There are some real issues in the UK at present with the financial crisis and the effect this has on society as a whole. I feel that the life on offer for my family and I in Australia is far superior and we are determined to enjoy it. Back to watching the cricket now…..! ;-) Cheers Spencer
  18. Hi, my husband is going out to Perth next month to establish work, house etc before myself and our 2 boys move out. We are looking to see if anyone has a room to rent for 1-2 months when he arrives and finds a permanent rental. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks Valerie :biggrin:
  19. Hi all, anyone know if you need to list all countries you have visited when you have left the UK for 3months+, as my hubby and I have previously been backpacking (within last 5 years) independently for over a year and went to loads of countries between us (some for a week!) do we need to list every one or do we just list the ones we were in three months+? Cheers for any answers!
  20. Just wanted to get some views on what to put down on this section of the B534. We have bought stuff in the last 12 months, as I guess everyone does. However, I get the feeling that this section of the form is designed to deal with people importing bulk items for re-sale (or importing large quantities for personal use etc) I've bought stuff in the last 12 months (electricals mainly) and intended to use all the original boxes for transport. Anyone got any view advice on what to do. I get the impression that most people are fairly economical with the truth when completing this section (but I may be wrong). Any advise would be welcome. Ta Joker
  21. We left freezing cold Manchester airport on 7th feb and arrived in sunny Perth on the 9th. We were staying with friends in Wanneroo until we sorted a rental, we thought it would take us a month to 6 weeks - 1 week later we were accepted for a fab rental on 1/2 acre with a pool in the beautiful Perth hills. OH started work after being here only 3 days- his first day was in 40+ degree temperatures! We bought a Ute in our first week and moved the pitiful amount of stuff we had bought up to our new home on 25th feb. We managed with a gas bbq, 2 sunloungers, a matress on the floor and a borrowed tv until all our worldly goods arrived mid March- i have never been so happy to see a sofa! :wink: I struggled to find a job, sending out heaps of applications and resumes. I applied for my police clearance and our lovely new landlords offered to do me an Oz reference and lo and behold I got 2 interviews the following week! I started work 6 weeks ago so we will soon be able to get a mortgage application in and claim our own little piece of Oz. We are going to buy in Mount Helena as we love it here already- the pub is great and full of really friendly people, we have made some lovely new friends already. The countryside is soooo beautiful around us and the wildlife is fantastic We miss our family and friends in the UK and are so grateful for skype and facebook - it was hard to leave our 3 grown up children and my stepson but we cant wait for our first visitors in january - my stepson is coming with OH's sister, he is only 12 and really looking forward to it. We feel like this is home now, I wasnt sure it would do after feeling like it was still a holiday until I got my job. We have so many plans that we want to do and are so excited about the future - good luck to those still in the process, its well worth all the ups and downs, heartache and setbacks to get here in the end Donna x :wubclub:
  22. Hey all, My boyfriend and I are going backpacking in March and plan to get to Sydney for July and work through their winter until November/ December time. Really excited -I was thinking we could do bar work / hospitality. Just dont know how to go about finding work and place to rent! Any advice would be really appreciated Thanks x:biggrin:
  23. Hi all I'm 5 and a half months pregnant with my first baby (due in November) and I'm hoping to take him back to the UK for a holiday in Feb-March time to see family and friends etc. Therefore he would be about 3 months old when I'm thinking about flying all that way...! My Aussie husband will be with me on the flight out to the UK but I may be flying back on my own as he will probably need to come home before me (I'll be there for a month, he'll be there for as long as possible - at least 2 weeks, but may have to come back sooner due to work and his kids from his previous relationship). Has anyone got any words of advice with regards to travelling with a young baby!? I know plenty of people have done or do it regularly and would appreciate any tips that could help! I don't need to worry about taking a travel cot, car seat etc as my best friend (a paediatric nurse) is supplying all the baby bits in the UK. (A HUGE relief as it's less things to carry!) I've been told it's easier to do longhaul before the baby is crawling/walking etc. That makes sense. It's a long time to keep a baby still for if they are mobile! I'll be leaving the Aussie summer to fly into the lovely British winter weather(!) so I've already made the most of the winter baby clothes out here and got things in the right age group so he isn't freezing when we land. Thank you in advance for any tips you can give me! x
  24. CharmedP3

    6 Months Ago

    today, we left a very cold and wintry England to start our new lives in WA and I can honestly say we are so happy with the way things are panning out for us. Sure the first few weeks we had some rocky moments and it felt like we were just hemorrhaging money and everything seemed expensive. However; hubby got a job 4 days after we arrived and started a week later and is still there and doing well. He worked some bloody long hours some weeks 12 hr days 7 days a week (his choice, it wasn't expected but the chance of the overtime was there, so he took it)... These days he generally works 10 hours a day and half a day Saturday and that suits us. We rent a lovely house in Secret Harbour, have made loads of new friends and are experiencing the lifestyle we hoped we would have by making this move and certainly one, we couldn't have hoped to have in the UK. We've looked into buying, but atm the mortgage repayments are far higher than we rent for, so whilst we could afford the repayments, we wouldn't be able to "DO" anything, so we are holding off on getting back on the property ladder for a while longer. Kids have settled in well and making new friends all the time. We've just been on holiday to Sydney and Canberra to visit family and friends and whilst it was nice to have gone to Sydney and surrounds again, I am so glad we changed plans halfway through the visa process and decided to go to WA.... Sydney has changed so much in 10 years and it was just TOO fast paced for us now...lovely to visit, but wouldn't want to live there. I am definitely up for this slower pace of life that WA offers!!! I've learnt to shop around and get to know what represents good value (in the supermarkets etc) and now things don't seem so expensive anymore. I'm not working at the moment...the plan was to take a year off until our youngest starts pre-primary...but I'm starting to get itchy feet and fancy dipping my toes back into the workforce again...so am starting to look for p/t work but I am lucky that hubbys salary IS enough for a family of 4 to live off quite nicely, so no panic for me to find work. So my advice to anyone having doubts about whether to give up their UK life for the unknown or wondering if they can manage on one salary etc is to just give it a go... yeah the road will be rocky from time to time...but if you are prepared to put effort in then you can live the life you dream :smile:
  25. I'm trying to come up with a budget for a ten month stay in Oz, and thought I'd see if I'm way off the mark or not My girlfriend and I will be in Oz from January - probably in Melbourne for a couple of months, then Brisbane for another couple, Cairns area for four months and down the west coast for a couple before flying home. She is able to work on a working holiday visa, but I'm too old so we'll be relying on a combination of her wages and my savings. So... does three thousand dollars a month sounds reasonable to take with us? Add that to whatever money she makes and I figured it was about right. Could be completely off the mark though so wanted to check with folk who know a lot more about it than me!