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Found 335 results

  1. Hi to all I asked this question on a previous thread that i read without any response, thought i'd try again on a new thread. Is there any reason for having all your money in oz within 12 months? This seems to be mentioned alot in a previous thread. Confused.
  2. Guest

    6 months in.

    Well, like a few of the other "old timers" on here, we have now been here just over 6 months. We.......me, oh and 3 boys aged 19,18 and 7, arrived here on December the 8th, after a 10 day holiday in America to help us all recover from the trauma of the goodbyes in England. We all felt relieved to finally get away, I say finally it was actually pretty quick.....we left just 10 days after visa was granted but as the house was sold there was nothing to stay for. The two days before we left were the worst with friends and family becoming almost hysterical in the end so the chance to pause for a while and take a breath in America was great. We were lucky enough to be met at the airport when we got to Aus by family and even luckier that they were happy to put us up untill we found either a house to buy or rent. This proved harder than expected as by the time we had got over the jet lag, most of the estate agents were winding down for christmas. It also didn't help that we couldn't agree on where we wanted to live!!! Oh wanted to live in Berwick I wanted to live Mornington way. After 2 weeks of looking at houses and land blocks in Berwick I finally convinced the OH to have a drive down to Mornington with me to look at a couple of houses I had my eye on, by the second viewing he was hooked and we finally agreed on where we would live. We eventually bought a block of land in Mt Martha and are now having a house built on it. It took a while to find a rental as we wanted to be near our land so as not to have too much upheaval once we moved into our own place. After only 8 weeks in Aus, our eldest son decided he missed his girlfiend in the UK too much and went back. Our other two boys are doing fantastically well. The eldest is studying...Computer Science??? and Advanced Mathmatics??? at Tafe at Frankston and has just recieved a distinction in his mid term exams. He has signed for The top local football team (proper football, with a round ball) and is on a wage. We had a birthday party for him at the house a couple of weeks back and about 30 of his mates turned up so he has had no problems making friends. The youngest is doing well at school and loves going every day. He too has made lots of friends and is also playing football,Basketball, softball, Cricket and Swimming . Paul and I have made some really good friends and are enjoying a good social life (although we were lucky to have that in England too). So whats different ? ......Well as a Bricklayer Paul says that the work here is harder but only because of the backward way that they go about things. He had no trouble in finding work but found it a little frustrating at how disorganised things were here but is now become more relaxed about things. I have been really lucky and so far have not had to to go to work. I have my mum visiting from England at the mo' so it would just be rude to look for a job just now and when would that leave time for manicures and pedicures and shopping and lunch, my days are far too busy to have time for work!! On the whole, this move has meant we have more time for each other Paul and the boys spend more time than ever together, playing golf or going swimming or just to kick the ball about at the park or cricket on the beach. We eat out a lot more and even lunch and dinner at home are more leisurely and relaxed. When the eldest goes out clubbing I am totally relaxed and dont worry when he doesn't fall thro' the front door till' 10am the next morning. The down side of things, well I miss my son badly. The other things are all trivial in comparison, I miss Bisto and Paxo and Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puds. I miss people and the familiarity of things and I most definatley miss Soccer AM, someone please beg sky to send it over!! Apart from that our only regrett is that we didn't do this years ago!! Australia isn't the UK, in some ways we are very diferent, it can at first seem disorganised and backward but once you slow down and unwind you appreciate this. The drivers are the worst anywhere on earth and I totally understand why so many people chose a huge 4x4 you need a tank to feel safe. The Ausies dont mince there words and are very direct, they do not belive in political corectness and they say wnker, tossa and worse on day time radio.....and I love them for it. They have a fantastic sense of humour and take the p8ss out of anyone and everyone, if you give back as good as you get they will love you for it. Well these are our findings after just 6 months, wether they will change in time I dont know but at the moment we are loving it and so very glad we made the move. Aus is not for everyone and we have friends who we have met here going back after just 6 months as things haven't worked out as they had hoped and that is the right choice for them but at least they have given it a go!! Good luck to all of you still waiting to move or for visas. I hope Aus is all you hope for!! Lesley x Lesley
  3. I cannot believe that we have been here almost 6 months - the time really has just flown by. Has it lived up to our expectations?? Leaving? Very bitter sweet time of my life in those last few weeks. I've written before that I think I cried almost every day for 2 weeks saying goodbye to people. In many ways the farewells to family were easier to cope with as I'd been worrying about them and had psyched myself up for them, others that I thought I'd cope with much more easily (like work), took me a bit by surprise. I only saw hubby fill up one and that was when he said goodbye to the brother he is closest too they were both very tearful ... and I cried again!! Flights? Can't fault Singapore airlines, we ordered adult rather than childrens meals for the kids and they enjoyed these much better (and ate more of the meal). My kids were 7 and 11 at the time. Hubby loved the fact that movies weren't on a loop and you could start a film whenever you wanted too. We didn't do a stop over - just wanted to get to Aus. Wasn't too bad with our two but would probably have stayed over if we'd have had little ones. Jet Lag: We'd planned our flights to arrive mid afternoon, hoping to avoid jet lag. For the next 3 days we were all wide awake at 4am and Alex still can't get over the fact that she missed dinner for those first few days due to falling asleep!. Schools: Our children are in state education. It does seem a bit more relaxed here and certainly Tom (7) loves the fact that he doesn't get a mental maths test every week. However when he tells me what he's been doing in class it's obvious that he is still doing things like mental maths just not in the formal testing way he's used to. I never thought I would write these words in the same sentence - but Tom loves school. We arrived in January to enable Alex to have a full year of education before going onto high school, she has found this of great benefit (so she tells me), and both the kids have established a network of friends. They've both received awards of excellence not only for their standard of work but for their attitude to school, learning and their peers (so why can't they behave themselves when they're in the same room together???). Better Weather? Yes - although we have noticed the drop in temperature and I've now taken to wearing a cardigan in the mornings for work - not bad for winter. More Time Outside? Yes, because of the weather, although I have to say that what has surpised us is that Alex who used to get a nose bleed if she came out of her bedroom for longer than 5 mins, spends much more time outside. Tom has become our resident barbecue chef whilst dad drinks beer (sorry that was meant to say supervises his young son cooking!). More Time with Family? We still both work full time, but seem to do far more as a family than we did in the uk. It isn't just going to the beach, little things like walking to the shops or going to the park because we have a spare half hour, because the weather is better we tend to eat outside alot and meal times seem longer and more leisurly and we talk more. Buy a patio heater for winter nights though as it does get a bit chilly. House with a Pool? This was on our wish list but one of the things we weren't sure if we could afford. Well, we did achieve it - it's far from olympic size but big enough for us. Bit too cold at the moment but certainly the kids got their use out of it when we first moved in. For those that have known me a while - Alex did get her trampoline which she kept asking for in the uk (for several years), but we kept saying wait until we get to Aus. Sport? You can't go wrong, netball, soccer, AFL - actually you're biggest problem will be finding the time to fit it all in. They do seem to pay a registration fee here rather than subs every week so it feels like a lot of money up front. The bonus (here in WA anyway) is that they don't seem to call things off - before we left the UK Tom played only 3 soccer games with the remainder being called off for a waterlogged pitch!! Nothing has been called off so far here. Friends? We've started to establish some friendships and have found this really important in settling in. I was told that Aussies don't have a sense of humour but they have - they do however call a spade a spade and I've been a bit taken aback at times by their abruptness. Work? We both started jobs within a month of arriving, this helped us get into a pattern of this being a 'normal life' rather than a holiday. We're both happy and have a great bunch of colleagues, but I've gone back working on the wards (not done this for 10 years) and found I miss being a community nurse, so am applying for jobs. But the australians we both work with provide us with lots of laughs (sometimes at our expense), and they are hard workers. they don't mind the poms being here so long as they don't keep saying "In the Uk .....". Missing UK? Not really, we miss the familiarity of knowing where places are, where to shop etc. Tom is 8 in September I'd have had his party organised weeks ago (I've veto'd the party at home idea), but know that this time next year it won't be a problem. We've probably been in contact more with family and friends than we did in the UK and we know family have appreciated letters and postcards (the good old fashioned stuff) rather than emails - I guess it makes them feel a bit closer to us seeing our hand writing who knows. We didn't have a massive social life that didn't involve the kids - so our life here is really no different. I can't find any good instant gravy granuels that the kids like but in the grand scale of things - they can do without!!! I missed Utd winning the premiership and although they show the games on Foxtel you don't get the post game interviews. Suprises? Not alot of sunday trading - you take that for granted in the UK (hubby thinks it's great that i don't go out for a loaf of bread and come home 2 hours later with half of Asda), but you soon adapt. Drivers seem to do what they like, even when you're doing the speed limit they seem to be right up your bum. I am surprised how quickly we've settled and how content we feel.... Only 18 months and we can apply for citizenship! My advise is come over with your eyes open - it is different from the UK but a wonderful experience Ali xx
  4. Guest

    Over 2 months since medical

    Hi just getting bit worried, had medicals Jan 23rd and still not heard anything. Everyone seems to be getting their visa after 4-6 weeks. Whats wrong.
  5. Guest

    3 1/2 months- case officer

    Hi everyone, I'm besides myself with excitement but also thought a posting would give some encouragement to others waiting for news. We received our Case Officer today on Skilled Independant Application received at Adelaide on 31st October 2006. They now want to receive medicals & police checks before 2nd May 2007 ( 70 days) Better get it organised, fingers toes & all crossed that we pass the last hurdles...We'll get on with finishing touches to the house ready for selling in the hope that everything goes OK. Good luck to all those budding Australians still waiting. Wee Wen
  6. Guest

    6 months on

    We arrived in Perth early February 06 and was shocked out how much things had gone up in the 2 years that we were here on holiday. We find that most day to day items are on par to the UK, but so far we have no regrets. The kids seem to be adapting however our 17 year old would love to go home, but to what??? We have been able to buy our house outright (couldn't do that in the UK) and the biggest problem that most have (missing family) I do not have any so It's very easy for me at the moment. Yes I miss my friends but some are planning to come out in October apart from that We will make the most of this opportunity that took us 2 years to achieve and count ourselves lucky that we are away from a country that is going down hill very fast, atleast most of the immigrants here are legal?
  7. Guest

    2 months down the line

    :lol: we arrived in Aus on 23rd Apr as a family on the Gold Coast. Is there anybody else in a similar position who would like a chat?
  8. Hi - just registered & first time forumer We've just submitted TRA so are still at early days stage yet but are hoping (so long as we are accepted - fingers & everything else crossed) to take kids (7.5 & 8.5 at moment) out of school for 4/5 months and travel round Oz in camper van to have good time out break, spend time with kids after working far too hard since they were born & decide where would be a good place for us to settle job & home wise. (hubbie is brickie & I want to be stayhome mum with maybe a little casual or temping work during term times). We are thinking about buying 2nd hand camper that we could then re-sell at the end of our travels. Could anyone offer any advice - does/don'ts - or we're just completely mad and shouldn't even think of this. Cheers
  9. Hi All Would just like to let everyone know that just a little over 8 months from start to finish our visa application has been approved!!! !!! Just the house to sell and a shipper to choose. Will hopefully be in Brisbane by September seeing how the Ozzy Sparks put it on the wall! Many thanks to all you guys that have helped make the process a little less taxing on my brain cell. Regards Mickroo
  10. Was wondering if anyone can help me with a 136 skilled migration question... with the 12 out of last 18 months rule does that 12 months have to be a continuous block or does it just have to be a cumulative amount of months/weeks here and there within the last 18 months??? I do have 12 monthsbut as the majority was done in Oz under a working holiday visa there are gaps of no work in between each job... any thoughts would be much appreciated... thanks a mill Karni