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  1. sykestykes

    Brisbane - Six Months On ...

    Hi everyone I never posted a report when we first arrived in Australia, mainly because there was such alot to do and also because I was wary of posting too soon because I suffered from "people sickness" so badly in the early days. So, six months on and here is my (belated) report, warts and all! We were collected from the airport by a friend of many years standing and he drove our not inconsiderable luggage to his house while we followed in our hire car with the kids and the rest of the luggage (Go Singapore Airlines!! Hurray for the 40kg baggage allowance!) We stayed with our friends on Bribie Island for 5 days and then drove down to Brisbane to stay in the apartment that OH's company had paid for as part of his relocation package. We stayed there for 2 more weeks and after the first week, OH had to start work so me and the kids spent alot of time catching the ferry over to Bulimba and then onto South Bank CBD, where the beach is!! Bulimba is lovely and although it is near to the city it has a cafe society feel to it and feels quite small-town, we really liked it there. During the first week we spent alot of time tootling round and looking at all the areas we had thought would be good places to live within easy proximity of OH's work. We went to Scarborough, Redcliffe, Bracken Ridge, Aspley and North Lakes. But we kept coming back to the same decision, that Bribie was for us so we settled there. It's easily a 1.5 hour drive to and from work for the OH, who works next to the Airport (and that's not even the rush hour, he sets off at 5.30am and leaves work at 3.30pm) so that's a pain - but he's happy to do the commute because he likes living here so much. People (even complete strangers) were so kind to us, we got lent a washing machine, a bed, a sofa, 2 TV's and a DVD player. Life was so much easier because of people's kindness. I thought I had researched the whole thing to death, LOL - but the one thing I hadn't bargained for was the horrible feeling of "people sickness" (I don't call it homesickness because it's people I miss). When I was sat in the empty rental with hardly any furniture, OH had already begun working, then the kids started school, the enormity of how lonely I was sank in. Our friends work full time of course, so I didn't know a soul and with no furniture to even clean, I was so fed up! However, I forced myself outdoors and spoke/smiled to whoever was passing, and just getting out and about makes you feel better. Six months on, OH is doing well at work, we have a good circle of friends and the kids are really enjoying it too. You do have to take every opportunity to chat to people and accept every invitation going, even if you sometimes don't feel like it. I'm glad I waited to post this update because I really do feel differently than when we first arrived. This emigration lark takes alot out of you, and I think after all the running round you do trying to pass the TRA, sorting the medicals, getting the visa, shipping etc it's no wonder that I felt so low after we arrived. I think it's important to mention it too because if it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone. For those still waiting or just beginning the process, keep at it. It will all be worth it in the end - and if anyone has any questions about anything, just shout - I might have waffled on but I also may have forgotten lots of important stuff!! Best wishes Sue x
  2. Hi Everyone Well I thought it was about time to update people on our life here on the Sunshine Coast, now where to start Leaving England :- The house did not sell but because of our boys ages (17 & 15) we didnt want to wait so we rented the house and booked the removals. For the removals we used Doree Boner, well I have sang their praises on here as the removal guys in England and then Grace here in Australia were great lads and did a good job !! BUT in the UK the delivery men damaged our front door, didnt let that upset us as they promised us we were covered on their insurance and all would be well, 9 months down the line and they have not replaced the door or mended the door, we have now received (after chasing them) an email to advise that they have inspected the door and cannot repair it as it would look worse than it is already, and they are not prepared to cover the cost of a new front door, and have had the cheek to offer us £250.00 !!! Our door is a security door only approx 2 years old (3 now), so their cheeky offer would not cover the cost !! So I am sorry to say I will no longer be singing their praises ! Flight over here was Singapore Airlines whom we have used before and were fab as we knew they would be, we also used the pool at the airport to refresh and exercise before our next leg onto Brisbane. The 2 cats also although getting old, had a great flight too and arrived safe and well cared for. We stayed at the Chermside Apartments as we wanted to explore all areas and fancied some nights in Brisbane, this was a great location for us and the staff there were great and very attentive to our internet needs lol We found a lovely rental on Chancellor Park , booked it for 6 months as it was $580.00 per week and we wasnt sure how far the money would go with no work, oh and dont forget you need to pay your bond too!! Well after the 6 months we did move on to a cheaper rental but still lovely and the area is lovely and quite too. Had no problems finding rental even though we had the cats. OK when moving into your accommodation just check everything even silly marks on the walls and scratches as when the agents do their inspections they are very thorough although so they should be! The only thing we had to go back and do was the garden as we hadnt cut the bushes into the original shape ! Work :- After approx 3/4 weeks Daren got himself a job. Daren is a refrigeration/air-conditioning engineer - the guy promosed him x amt of money and then didnt pay it as Daren doesnt have his licences (although the boss knew this at the begining), he is still there though and after months of trying to contact the right people has just started his course to get his qualifications recognised, hopefully by next April (if not sooner) should have the full licence - yipppeee Well for me work has been hard to come by, I got myself a job in a call centre but for one reason and another it wasnt for me and I resigned, so the job hunt is back on. Our son has got himself a job in a coffee shop and the youngest went for an interview yesterday - so fingers crossed they will be happy in their place of work Education Jordan went to Chancellor Park School and is thriving there, he went into year 10. Luke went to TAFE as he had passed his GCSE's but wanted some Australian qualifications , unfortunately TAFE wasnt great for him as he didnt meet alot of people as the people on his course were alot older than him. Luke wants to join the Queensland Police, so in January starts a Justice of the Peace course, hopefully he will meet like minded people here and enjoy the course more. It is not unusual here for school years to be mixed in age groups slightly as some children are kept behind a year and some children are international students and have a choice of school year i.e. Jordan had a choice of 10 or 11 and choose 10. Spare time In our spare time we thought we would do something that we had not done in England so took up kayaking and have great days out together, it's so much and comes recommended from us as a good hobbie. Luke and Jordan enjoy fishing and want to do more of this once they earn their money to have a rod each, as they currently share one. Then there are the many beaches and picnics areas and of course just driving about and taking in the beautiful scenery that this lovely country has to offer. Luke today has finished work and met his friends at Mooloolaba, how great can life be for a 17 year old. His 18th is in a few weeks and he is of to Brisbane clubbing it with his friends and staying in one of the youth hostels there - god I hope I sleep alright that night lol The 2 boys also enjoyed a trip to Darwin and camped on aboriginal land and fished there, they loved it and said it had the most amazing sunset! They didnt eat unless they caught fish, so they made sure they were up early to catch something that day !! Lorna my cousin has a company called Humbug Fishing in Darwin if anyone wants to check them out, the boys had a ball so I am sure you would too, Luke was after a job as a deck hand but I wouldnt let him as he has studying to do, rather than come here to laze about on boats and fish all day - what does he think life is all about:biglaugh: Shopping Well I never understood people that said they missed Asda, but now I do - Asda is sooo cheap compared to when you are earning the dollar and shopping here. Also clothes shops they are also expensive, for ladies bring out lots of those vest tops as they are sooo cheap in the UK and you will regret coming here and not bringing lots with you. Even bikinis bring them to, infact the more clothes the better, although nothing to dressy as you wont get much wear out of that sort of thing. So all is well , we are skint but happy - will be happier if we can cut our ties in the UK and sell the house - that is our only regret that we didnt sell before we came here, it's a huge tie to have! If the house doesnt sell then Daren will be going back in January to work in the UK until the house is sold, as we dont really want to rent it out anymore. It's not all roses you certainly have your moment when you miss the most silly things, but you need to build some history here to make it Home, and thats what we intend to do !! Hope everyone is well Kim:wubclub:x
  3. Hi Everyone I have not been on here for months, and feel ashamed as i was on here every day back in the UK. So I thought I would give you an update to whoever is interested. Well after a difficult start arriving in March (kids were still in the UK, dogs were in quarantine and furniture had not arrived) everyone (and the furniture) was reunited end of April. We signed up for a rental which wasn't too much trouble even though we had 2 dogs **get references from estate agents in the UK and neighbours** Me and OH were already settled into our new jobs (we only had 2 weeks off before starting - needed the money) our youngest started school and our oldest was offered a job - so things have been rather hectic to say the least. Overall life in Perth is PERFECT - I just love Perth and never fail to smile at least 5 times a day........I am a sales rep so do quite a bit of travelling and although there are some places I would not choose to live personally, they are nowhere near as bad as some of the area's i would drive around in the UK. Please don't get me wrong I still love the mother Country but in comparasan Perth is so much more beautiful. People are generally nice and very helpful, for example in the UK as a sales rep I was often greeted with a grunt and not a polite 'Hi how you doing" I am not dilusional - there have been the odd occasion where we have met rude people but few and far between occasions. We came over at the beginning of winter and are looking forward to experiencing our first summer - it has been cold and we were not expecting that - but has not dampened our journey. My sister in law emigrated in June and that has been so special having family here. I have made a few friends but still need to make more - you can never have too many friends here. And to top off our journey - we discovered my cousin who i lost touch with 10 yrs ago only lives an hour from us - and we have got back in touch and just cannot believe we only live an hour from each other - happy days:smile: So would i reccommend a move to Perth ...........YES it is fantastic, but don't get me wrong I didn't expect the home sickness which attacks at the most strange times. Good luck to everyone on the journey - stick with it - if it is meant to be you will be here soon. I wish everyone all the best and thank God for PIO it got me through those difficult times in the UK. If I can help anyone please send me a msg - if I can help I will Regards Sharon x
  4. I hope someone can advise on this - How do you prove that you have worked for at least 12 of the last 24 months in an occupation on the SOL? what evidence do you need to give? The reason I ask is because I have had broken employment over the last 2 years, and also the jobs I have done will not be the same as the skill assessment i may go for. Has anyone had difficulties in approaching employers about this? Also, how do you prove what classification the job that you are working in is? i.e. if the job is not as clear cut as say a Doctor or accountant etc, how do you prove what Skilled Occupation it is? The jobs I do could come under a few catagories, like intelligence officer, or business and information professional not classified elsewhere.....just dont know how to prove this if it doesnt match the skill assessment I may go for. any advice or experiences much appreciated thanks
  5. Hi everybody, I have got successful skill assessment and sufficient work experience in both Industrial Engineer (non MODL/non CLS) and Plant Engineer (CLS but not MODL). My current 175 visa application which is now 9 month old is lodged with the Industrial Engineer occupation which no state sponsors it, and my application is at the end of DIAC priority list L :unsure: Now what would be processed faster: - If I keep on waiting for my current non MODL/CLS application to be processed? - Or If I withdraw it and lodge a new application with Plan Engineer which is in CSL? On the other hand I am also afraid if I lodge a new one with Plant Engineer and DIAC take it out after the upcoming changes in the MODL which will phase out the CSL. Thanks a lot for your help
  6. Guest

    after 19 months

    we got our visa woo hoo,thanks to everyone who has help answer my silly questions,now where did i leave the bottle opener
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help or advise us. We lodged our visa end of march 2008 and since then we have heard nothing. We have gone through an agent who is useless, He never returns our calls and emails. We applied for a skilled professional visa ( not sure of the subclass) and all our medicals, police checks, job approvals were done before visa application was submitted. We are now starting to wonder whether he has submitted our visa! :arghh: Does anyone have any advise? Is anyone still waiting like us? Is there any way we can find out if our visa is being processed without going through the agent? Is there any way we can find out if our agent as actually submitted our visa application? I never expected it take quite this long. Thanks for looking.
  8. Guest

    Goods less than 12 months old

    Hi all, Was just wondering if anyone can give us some advice. We are in the process of getting some shipping quotes and noticed on one of the quotes it asked if we had any goods less than 12 months old, which are subject to customs duty and GST. Has anyone who has migrated to WA actually been charged this or is there a way around it. We are thinking of buying some new items before we head over as they are cheaper here but are now wondering whether it is worth all the hassle and just buy new when we arrive. Any help or hints gladly appreciated. Thanks Ozzie
  9. LKC

    Six months ago...

    ... we were on the first leg of our flight to Sydney! I can't believe that six months has gone by already! There have been lots of ups, and also lots of downs. It has been a journey that has been hard, at times, but has been wonderful at others. We never expected it to be easy, and we never had rose-tinted spectacles before we came, which with hindsight has set us in good stead to make a success of things here. We were never disappointed because we weren't under any illusions to start with. I expected that things would be tough, so when they were we just coped with it and came out at the other end smiling! Hubby has settled in to his job now and is apparently doing very well. He loves his job, he gets on well with the people that work with him and he is very pleased, from a business/career point of view, that we made the move. Our daughters have changed hugely. Our eldest has turned from being a tantrumming toddler in to a wonderful little girl. She has a vast imagination, and is interested in everything. She absolutely loves the beach (even when it is freezing cold), loves the playgrounds and loves the birds and animals that she sees. Our youngest has grown from being a baby, into a toddler with a new and amazing vocabulary and a personality of her own. As for me, well I've changed too. I have had some really tough times, it has been hard being stuck at home with the girls and not knowing anyone else in the area. I went to a couple of playgroups, but they both closed down due to lack of numbers a couple of weeks after I started going. I have felt down, and I have felt homesick, not for friends and family (although of course I do miss them), but because it would have just been easier to stay in the UK in a familiar life, than turn it (literally) upside down! However, I knew that it would be tough so I coped. I haven't really settled in this suburb because there is no way on earth we could ever have afforded to buy here, so it just felt pointless. However, we are in the process of buying a house in a different, more family friendly suburb - we actually went to an auction and bought it! Settlement is at the end of September, and I am really looking forwards to the girls having their own bedrooms that they can paint in pink or whatever they wish, rather than having the green with red curtains (yes really!) that they have here! I feel that Australia is home, but this house is not and I can't wait to feel completely at home. I have met some really lovely people, and hope to meet many more when we move. We have a couple of family visits to look forwards to. My gran is coming at the beginning of October which I am very excited about. Not as excited as she is though - she has started packing and I have spent many hours with her on the phone discussing what she should and shouldn't bring. My hubbys parents are coming at the beginning of December too and staying for Christmas and New Year. I am also looking forwards to this. I know our eldest has missed grandma and grandad, and I am looking forwards to showing my mum in law that we are okay, we are happy and that we really do live in a wonderful country! To anyone thinking of making the move, I would have to say think about it carefully. It really is lifechanging in every way, and not always in the ways you expect. Come with your eyes open and without any expectations or assumptions. Come with an open mind and a willingness to adapt to your new home. If you come here and are willing to change with your new surroundings rather than fight against them, you will be fine. Just like us.
  10. Guest

    9 months in

    Been here 9 months and it is all as clear as mud. I honestly thought that after a few months we would know what we were doing. We kept saying " Let's make a decision in september"- well it is almost here and I still don't have a clue. We don't know whether to stay here in Perth, or move to QLD or to move back to the UK. It's all too flipping hard. Anyway, I've had a lot of wine tonight to help me with my decision making ( that works???) and I'm still none the clearer so off to bed. Love you all ( not drunk:biglaugh:)
  11. Hi all Ive bween reading through this site and wow what a site it is. It is kond of that place if you need help you can find it here. Well lets hope I can find some help regarding my 12 month rule. Below is a little timeline fo what my GF and I have been up to over the last 3 years: My GF and I met in England 09/06, and moved in pretty much straight away. We lived above a pub that we were both working at which is pretty standard for people working in pubs. We had no bills etc as everything was taken care of by the owner of the pub we do however have contracts of employment and a simple lease stating where we were living. We both had bank styatements going to the same address but that was it. So we lived there for 12 months as she came back to Aus in 09/07. I had to carry on working and save some money to come to Aus and arrived in Feb 08, we stayed together for a few days and I went to do some farm work on my first WHV and did that for 3 months so I was eligible to get my 2nd WHV. When I had finished that we stayed together at ther moms house in Melbourne for 3 months and moved to the Whitsundays for 2 months. We both have joint bank accounts going to her moms house address, payslips working together at the same place and I can get a letter stating thaty we both lived together on Daydream Island in the Whitsundays. Now it gets tricky in October 09 when we finished in the Whitsundays, my GF went back to Melbourne and I went to visit a friend in Perth for a month. I decided Perth was a awesome place and wanted to stay. My girlfriend and I chatted about this but at the time she was training with a new company and didnt want to move to Perth. I went to Melbourne for a month and we spoke about this and she decided to come to Perth and check it out. She arrived in Feb 09 to check it out and decided to move here. So we moved into a houseshare for a month until we found our current place for which we signed the lease dated (10/04/09). Now my problem is the 12 month immediatly before applying rule, I have to apply for my visa before 21/02/10. Do I have a case on the 12 month rule because of our circumstances or should I try something else. Please help me as my girlfirend and I are really settled with pets, nice house etc etc and would hate to leave. Any help is appreicated......:hug:
  12. We have just bought a house but have until 17 Jan 2010 left on the lease so need to get it re let asap. It is on a quiet road in Donvale, close to buses, trains & Eastlink. 3 Bedrooms, 2 living areas, kitchen, bathroom, laundry & a walk in pantry that I use as a study. It has a good size garden, fully fenced at the back & child friendly, parking for 2 - 3 cars with a single car port. We will be moving out on 4 September (ish) & the house will be unfurnished. The rent is $310 per week & the rental agent would require new tenants to complete all of the relevant leasing paperwork. If you are interested or would like more info please pm me. cheers Jacqui
  13. Hi, We have an employer who says that it is DIAC policy they should only submit our 457 visa 3 months before start date. Problem is we want to get started with organising the move, we dont think it will be possible to do flights, container and temp accommodation in end nov for moving jan 2010. Is it normal practice the employer waits until 3 months before? should we be worried? do others go ahead and book things before getting the visa? We heard on story where someone had sent all their things in the container and 10 days before the flight leaves...got their visa.
  14. Being jobless for 12 months, is it OK for assessment test for Graphic Designer nomination? Means finished the Graphic Designer's job 12 months back and now applying for assessment. So is it safe to show being jobless, although I am currently hired. Thanks in advance.
  15. Dear all, Not a major question but one I am curious about. We have only just put in for SS to WA and even though the e-mail of receipt from WA stated 3 months for a decision, I was wondering is in more like 4 or even more? Ley x :chatterbox:
  16. Guest

    3 months on...

    Hey everyone! I've finally found the time to update everyone on our progress. It's been awhile, so I'll back track a little... After waiting over a year for our visa, and after all the messing that went on in March, we decided to get a working holiday visa and wait it out in Oz. We arrived in Brisbane in early May, after less than a month there we got our full 176 SA sponsored visa. From Brissy, we flew to Auckland to validate, stayed there for 5 days as we were told it would take that long to process the visa. So we went along to the Aussie consulate, and they sorted us out straight away, waiting time 5 mins! So, back to Oz, this time to Adelaide. While we were in New Zealand I developed a cold, so all the way through all the airports, I was afraid I was gonna get stopped and told I had swine flu!! Luckily I didn't, but did have a nasty cold - arrived in Adelaide where we had booked the cheapest hotel/motel we could find - BIG mistake!!! The place was gross, really old and grubby, shared grubby bathroom and the lock on our door had been smashed in:huh: We had planned to stay there for a week, but we swiftly changed our minds and moved into a house share, which we had arranged before we arrived. Marginally better than the motel, the house seemed fine when we arrived, but after a few days, we realised that the place was permanently damp and always cold. So, we rented an apartment in Glenelg. One bedroom, brand new, about 10 mins from the beach. That is where we are now, happy enough, for now. So what have we learned: Don't skimp on the hotels on arrival! Adelaide is bloomin cold in winter - bring your woolies! Love Glenelg, but there is little chance we will be able to afford to buy around here, or most places infact. The northern suburbs seem to be the only area we can afford, and though I haven't been up there I've not heard great things about them. Jobs - Hubby found a job easily, and there is quite afew more advertised (A/c & Refrigeration). I haven't found anything, yet. In fact, most of my applications have recieved no responce at all. Thats all I can think of right now!! Wow, thats a long post, thanks for reading!!
  17. I have to tell some one, at the moment I could feel as if I could burst with excitement. where do I start. My wife and I with our two boys 5 and 8 years are going to WA this May for 3 weeks for a rekkie as we are thinking of moving to OZ in two years or so. I was born in Australia SA Adelaide in 1968, its only been the last 12 months we have decided to do this. I'm an Area account manager for a company called Tempur and have been with my company for 10 years this year. I have spoke to my MD and told her of my plans, she said I will help you and introduce you to the MD of Australia. so she sent me his mail address and phone number. I emailed him a week ago letting him know of my plans to move and if he knew of any retail stores that sold Tempur in WA that I could visit, to help with my research as I want to open my own bed store if we decide to go. My MD phoned me this morning and asked if I had spoke to the MD of Tempur in Australia, I told her that I received his email this morning saying he would call me next week on my mobile about my plans for Australia. She then told me I think he will be offering you a Job in Australia doing the same job you do now, she said I thought I would let you know so its not so much of a bomb shell and you can discuss this with your wife. (bombshell, I'm sell shocked at the moment, even as I write this). She said I think they want to you over there in four months. they want your experience so they can hit the ground running. They are aware I want to open my own business but would like me to do this short term. My MD said I would be sorry to see you go but I would not stand in your way. I'm gob smacked and stunned, I'm excited and scared. I know I'm lucky to be in this position but we planned on two years not four months. I just had to share this, I'm so excited. Kind regards to all Glynn and Family:smile:
  18. hi folks , a prerequisite for the permanant residency application is that you have to have been working for 12 out of the last 24 months in the occupation on your application and i would just like to know what evidence people have been asked for to prove there employment , id like to get what i need sorted now ready for when they ask to speed things up , cheers
  19. First Home owners scheme to continue Updated: 19:49, Tuesday May 12, 2009 First home buyers have another six months to locate their dream dwelling and still benefit from the boost to the first home owners grant scheme. As part of last year's 10.4 billion dollar stimulus package the grant was lifted from seven thousand dollars to 14-thousand dollars for existing dwellings and to 21-thousand for new homes. Set to expire on June 30 it's been extended as is for another three months before being phased out after December 31. It'll be halved between October 1 and December 31 meaning first home buyers will receive a total of 10-thousand-500 dollars for established homes and 14-thousand for new homes. Treasurer Wayne Swan says the boost has already helped 59-thousand people achieve the great Australian dream. Data released this week shows first home buyers accounted for 27.3 per cent of all home loans approved in March.
  20. Hey to everyone on PIO! I wanted to give you all an update as it has been ages since I logged on to the forum. I guess life has been busy. My hubby and I moved to Melbourne September 2008 and well I can hardly believe how far we have come in the months that have simply flown by. We had never been to Australia before our big move and well out story will hopefully inspire some of you that are thinking about taking the plunge down under... My OH was sponsored to come out here on a temporary 457 visa and thats what brought us both out here. We had some great advice from people on PIO last year prior to our big move and also once we had arrived. I have noticed that there are so many similar posts on here which makes me think that people do cope in similar ways, even if circumstances are very different. That is also a very reassuring thing in itself Well here we are 10 months down the line and feeling pretty settled out here. We have made some good friends and continue to meet wonderful people. We both work in health care and are really enjoying our jobs out here. I have opportunities here that I would have had alot of difficulty coming across had I stayed in the UK and that is a big deal when you work full time. We experienced our first real heatwave this summer in Victoria and were shocked by the devastating bush fires that soared through the rural areas. We have ventured up towards Queensland earlier on this year for a holiday to celebrate our wedding anniversary and wow what a difference between Victoria and Queensland. I have to say I found it pretty humid up in Queensland but a beautiful place. There is still so much of Australia that I would love to see and experience. One of the most common questions that people have asked me from back in the UK is do you get home sick and do you miss home? And the simple answer is yes every now and then but its how you deal with it that matters to me. We always knew moving out here would not be simple and we knew there would be plenty of challenges ahead but we were prepared to face these together and having support is a bonus. At the moment we are about a few weeks away from heading back to the UK for my best friend's wedding which I always promised I would return for. I guess I could say I have mixed emotions about this for a number of reasons. We have had both sets of parents visit us since we moved out here which has been great and also a set of friends which was an additional bonus and very special. However, we know when we go back for our trip people will be asking us the same question which will be - do you love it out there? Are you staying longer? What is the long term plan? etc etc.... If you had asked me this question about 6 months ago I would have said who knows how I will feel in July but the reality it July has come around so quickly and I now feel like I am going to have to be honest to myself and also to my friends back in the UK. I guess we are at the stage in life where we would love to buy a property and settle down and I dont like feeling like I am up in limbo not knowing where we will be living in 6 months time. Its a normal feeling isnt it? I wondered how any of you guys felt when you initially moved out here and how you felt about the same time (just under a year after) with regards to settling, buying a house and continuing on with the journey? I am so excited about seeing friends and family again and of course being a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding, but I know I will be getting back on the plane to come back to Melbourne afterwards. I am not afraid to call this my 'new home'.... and wanted to reassure people that things can work out in the end and its about how much effort you can put in, about sticking with it even through those tough / hard times and knowing there is light at the end of every tunnel Thanks to PIO for all your support and words of wisdom.
  21. Just wanted to share another successful timeline for CSL visa hopefulls! Of all days, today just felt tough, so to lift spirits i cracked one of the bottles of Australian wine on reserve a little early... and asked the wife to check the visa status online... lo and behold those two magic words... "Applicant Accepted"... quickly check to make sure we both were clear... yep!!! Nothing like that to get the spirits back on track! Checked email, nothing there... waited another couple of hours, then received the email containing the 6 page PDF letter with all the visa numbers, and orientation instructions. What a ride after a rigourous skills assessment process with the National Institute of Accountants back in April 08, finally getting cleared in Nov 08 and officially starting with the application... add in a few IELTS exams for good measure, and 225 days later we can finally this has become a reality and we can begin searching for jobs and housing. (probably even more difficult than visa... but hey we're ready to give it a go for the long haul) We've updated our timeline, and the spreadsheet. So i guess we today we graduated from "Visa Issues" to the more exciting "Migration Issues" I'll cheers to that! Also added some photos today, since we'll have more to share as we move to settle in Sydney in September. Woo hoo!!!!! (Sorry had to.. its like the official visa celebration chant around PIO :spinny:) Cheers, Scott & Dina
  22. Guest

    Back 2 months.

    18 months in Freemantle Perth but the wife hated it and it was come back or lose her, so back to Kent...I still miss Oz but the weather has been so good and the Country looks so green and scenic that it is probably blinding me to the reason I left in the first place which was for a better life. I heard the UK was n its knees but I have got my old job back as an electrician and have plenty of work. I really want to try and get her to give in another go, maybe somewhere else in Oz as she found perth boring, but up to now it is not as bad as I thought it would be.
  23. Guest

    Six Months

    6 months in and its been one broken promise after another with my employer. I was brought over as skilled to a company where noone is interested in learning anything and any lazier they'd stop completely. The so called indigenous people from my own experience do absolutely nothing other than expect everyone to respect them while they fall around in bus shelters and public transport either drunk or high yet the current government are obsessed with saying 'Sorry', and for what? This place sucks. I'm to a point I'm applying for what skilled jobs are left in the UK. I wish I'd never left the UK. I'd leave tomorrow if I have the work to go back to. Australia is not a crime free rainbow filled utopia. The drivers especially in WA make UK drink / drug drivers look competent behind the wheel. The whole place is backwards in nearly every respect. I'm not a celebrity but get me the hell out of here!
  24. just read the booklet, says the departments current processing times for prospective marriage visas is 5 to ten months in 75 percent of the cases!!!!!!:arghh: sorry just realised i wrote prv instead of pmv
  25. My fiance is going to come visit on a holiday visa.. while we get all the prospective marriage visa stuff sorted... How do I go about booking flights? Is it 90 days? Or is say Oct 19 - Jan 19 considered the 3 months? I want to make sure we do it properly, do not want to overstay holiday visa, or him not get let into the country!