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Found 335 results

  1. Long story but i may move house soon but i've aquired abit of baggage, does anyone know how much it costs on a weekly or monthly basis for somewhere to store a car? can be inside or outside. Oh and if anyone wants to earn some cash in a month or twos time and has room for my car that would work real well for me
  2. val & Mike

    Been here 3 months now

    Hi all, Can't believe we have been here 3 months and that we are actually living our dream. Well so far we are. When we left the UK at the end of October we sat on the plane and thought "s..t what have we done" - we have just left all the people in the world who love and care about us and who have helped us all our lives. Fast forward 3 months and at this point I can say I never want to go back and live there! People in the UK ask me why do I like it better here and to be honest I can't say in one word - but will have a go in a few. The weather is the main contributor to a lifestyle that we couldn't have in the UK - the kids are footy (soccer) training on the beach and cooling off in the ocean - we are walking our dog on the beach at 7am and swimming in the sea with him. We are eating every meal outside at the garden table (the hubby having cooked it on the barby). If we go out for a meal at night we can sit outside at a restaurant and look across the ocean. We have the sea on one side and the hinterland on the other. My eldest son has a job in a coffee shop earning a bit of cash before starting Uni in Feb and youngest son has a job in KFC and has got a place at a local trade college to study year 12 and gain an electrical apprencticeship. My youngest son has started driving lessons (they can learn at 16 here). My husband and the 2 boys have joined a local gym - I might join when I can drag myself away from the pool! I havn't watched television once since I got here (altho I have been told I am not missing much) - at home I was stuck in front of the telly most nights! The people in this country seem to be more pleasant, helpful and laid-back - they go out of their way to help you. The cost of living isnt much different to home some things are more expensive and somethings are cheaper so it evens itself out. There are more things to do as a family that doesnt cost alot of money - going down the beach with body boards and a cool box with drinks and sarnies. Local people here talk about the down-turn in the economy and the recession but to be quite honest compared to the UK there is absolutely no sign of it to us - the cafes and restaurants and shopping centres are busy all the time - even going out mid-week to restaurants and there is a big choice and we always have to book whatever night Life might not seem as idyllic when we buy our business we are looking at 2 cafes and can't decide which one to go for one is an independent and one is a big-name franchise !! Anybody out there had any experiences with franchises wouldnt mind hearing their views !!! Anyway off to have swim in the pool and would say to anyone at home who is panicking about is it the right thing to do all I can say is for all us so far especially the kids we are so pleased we made the decision to do this. thank you to everyone on PIO who helped me with dilemas last year and sorry havnt been on as been ejoying life too much!! P.S. The dog loves it too and am so pleased didnt leave him at home Val x
  3. Guest

    10 months on in perth.

    Well I'm really sorry I haven't been on here for a long while but to be honest I have selfishly been enjoying myself so much!! As I say 10 months on in Kinross-Perth and we are loving life. The quality of our lives have improved 100%. We are settled in our jobs as Nurse and Anaesthetic Technician. The kids love school. Sam my son is off all of his regular medication for asthma, hayfever and allergic rhinitis. I have lost 2 stone! We have made quite a few fantastic friends ( always happy to make more ). Life is fantastic and wild horses wouldn't drag me back to the UK as much as I loved the place. I must say a thank you for all the valuable informatio that I gained from this site prior to coming here. The information was invaluable. Keep smiling :hug: Sarah x
  4. Guest

    Our 1st 6 months in Perth!

    Hi All, I thought it was about time i wrote an update as i used to love reading them from home, so here goes.... We arrived towards the end of July, after many 'do we don't we' moments at home. We initially stayed in a holiday rental in Mindarie for the first 2 weeks (which is hindsight was not long enough!). We had decided to concentrate south of the river, so off we set backwards and forwards everyday! We found a lovely, but expensive rental fairly easily, and Will was accepted into Rossmoyne, and we all thought 'great'!, but alas it was not meant to be. We went and had a look around and he just got really upset and after many chats we decided maybe it wasn't the school for him, so he instead started at a lovely private school instead. The first 3-4 months were very very difficult. We knew it was going to be tough, but it was alot harder than we had expected. I found i missed everything from home, and even my husband who was the one who was desperate to leave the uk found himself missing it too!! I think it was made alot more difficult as he found it so difficult finding a job. The last 2 months however everything has turned around for us. John has managed to get a job at the same hospital i work at. It isn't what he did at home, but its a job, and to his surprise he is quite enjoying it which is lovely. I am loving my job, although again it has taken me a few months to be able to say that! The kids are all happy and have adjusted amazingly well, even the 13 year old who was desperate to stay in the uk wants to stay, which is just an amazing result! We have also just bought our own house (with the pool the kids were desperate for!!!!) and hopefully are moving in next week, which has been soooo easy and stress free compared to buying at home! When we thought about this move our goal was for a better quality of life for us and the children...less tv and playstation, more time outside and so far we have achieved what we set out to do. The kids are so often outside now. We often go to the beach or the river, or are out with friends, and we just spend quality time together as a family which we just don't seem to have been able to do as much at home. It has definately brought us all closer together as a family, which is just so great. The tv is hardly on anymore which is fab, and we spend so much time out doing things now. There are obviously downsides to living here, the main one being missing family and friends. I miss everyone at home very much, but as much as i miss them i don't think i want to go back home at the moment! I often have a few tears, especially when i read some of the lovely cards we had when we left, but they will all be there when we visit,and they are always at the end of the phone to chat with. I know its not the same, and maybe further down the line that may not be enough for me, but at the moment i can live with that, and am finding it easier as more time goes by. Oh well, i think i have rambled on enough now! I basically wanted to say that for us, so far living here was the best decision we have made in a very long time, and believe me if i can do it, so can most people!! I would be lying if i said those first few months were ok, because they were tough, but if you stick it out, hopefully it will all be worth it as it has been for us. Wishing everyone lots of luck, and heres hoping your hopes and dreams come true as they have for us. Claire xx
  5. Guest

    Only 3 months to go!!

    Hello all, I just had to share my excitement with you all that in almost 3 months we will be on that plane moving to Brisbane! Very excited. Travelling Singapore Air to Brisbane, night flight out of Heathrow - in case anyone else is. Can't wait! It all is beginning to feel so real now. Bring on the sunshine, the outdoors life, the culture, the attitude, the beach, the ocean ... the list could go on! Sad to leave my family but it is the best thing for our family (we have a one year old) so have got my head round that now. Hopefully I won't get too homesick. Hope there are some others out there that can share my excitement!
  6. The Yuills

    6 Months in Secret Harbour

    Well we have now been here in Secret Harbour for 6 months and still we are loving the experience and have no intention of going anywhere. Hubby is still settled in his job and finally is earning more than he was in UK and not having to work Saturdays..considering he has probably worked 6 days for the last 10+ years. I do not have to find work yet, as we are still managing on the one income. This is something we could not of achieved in UK, for most our married life I have had to work 2 jobs fitting hours about hubbys work and kids and schools. Now I am able to kick back and relax. We do not live an extravagent life but an affordable life here and certainly are able to do more as a family at a cost that we can afford. We have taken out yearly passes for Adventure World at Bibra Lake and have been several times now (more than got our monies worth!!) The whole family love it there and we always spend the day there. We still enjoy just packing up a picnic on a Sunday jumping in the car and driving somewhere and having the day out as a family. Again we missed out on this in the UK at Hubby worked Saturdays and I worked Saturday evenings and Sundays..so were not able to go out at a whole family. Kids (15 years and 7 Years) have settled at there schools and have made friends. Eldest has always been the worry since we have arrived and we still have moments with him but all in all they enjoy it and even the eldest does not see himself going back to the UK. We have met some lovely people Australians, English, South Africans, new Zealanders all sorts really and have not come across any "bad eggs" really. We have had a few problems with cars..but we have decided not to dwell on that and move on..it could have happened anywhere not because we are in Australia. We have met a lovely English/Aussie lady (she came here when she was 15 and is now 58) and my youngest (3) sees her as a nanny which is lovely, she has also offered her caravan to us so we can go to Monkey Mia in December!!! I still get days when I miss my friends in the UK, especially by best Friend Sue, but I do speak to her on a weekly basis and she is saving for a trip over!! Another friend is coming over this month to stay with her brother (he lives in Singleton) so that will be nice. Also have just discovered a few days ago that I am expecting again (and I thought I was menopausal!!!) so at 42 years of age it is going to be hard..and I have to go all the way to King Edward Memorial Hospital for my care and delivery, this was the hospital I was born at 42 years ago! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan..so our new life now takes on a new meaning. Really just wanted to say we are here and we are staying..come hell or high water!!! We did not come with a lot of money or belongings but we have managed to survive for the 1st 6 months and hopefully we carrying on doing well. Good luck to all of you waiting to come and don't give up if that is your dream! Heres to the next 6 months. Sue xx
  7. Guest

    3 months and counting!

    A big hello to everyone, Am lucky enough to have been granted permanent residency on a de-facto visa and I am looking forward to arriving in April. We both work in the hospitality industry ( at the moment) , so after visiting with my other half's family we are probably gonna head to Perth to try and find work. We are both soo excited about this new chapter in our lives ( maybe a bit scared too). Louise ( my other half ) has been with me in England for over ten years now, so we are both starting from scratch. We will both be using this forum regulary and hope that you will be able to answer our (mainly mine) stupid questions regarding just about everything. cheers, keith
  8. Hi All, Now we have our visa we're starting to think about the move. One scenario is coming over for an extended reccie and doing some work at the same time, this may be a 3-6 month freelance contract. We may stay in a serviced appartment for the first few weeks but does anyone have any hints on medium term furnished accomodation (house, commutable to the CBD). Luckily we can be a little flexible on cost but don't want to go absoultely mad, I suppose I'm thinking up to about $800 pw, EDIT or even $1000 if absolutely neccessary. Any websites or other reccomendations gratefully received, although I have looked at realestate.com.au Cheers!
  9. Happy New Year!!! 9 months in are we still loving Australia???. well we have had our ups and downs like most people. are we returning to the UK?? Mandurah is a strange town,not as imaged at all,some strange people and some good people. first month in met a Scottish couple who have helped us in our settling in . second month in :cry:tears have we done the right thing very hard for son to get a job no one wanted him . third/fourth month,children settled into there schooling made friends. son 19yrs still no job. fifth/sixth month, hubby business is doing really well working far to hard ,but if you need to get on in australia this is what to have to do . seventh/eighth month hubby has decided to take our son on at work as still cannot get a job. he wants to go back to the UK missing so many friends made none here so far!!!. nine months,well still here do we love it ??? . as we reflect on our lifes in australia is it better?,well who knows!!! would it be better up north ??:confused: do we try?? at the moment my husband has been ill with a virus for over a week (they say )or is it all the hard work we have put into living in australia!! life is not easy here,you have to work at it ,many people come over thinking they will have a great life they will get a job straight away,(some people might ,they are the lucky ones)but we have seen people ,good people trying to get jobs before there visas run out with young children who have give up everything in the uk to live their dream and not get a job over here . i could write a book on all the things that have happened to us over here!! ,don't get me wrong we have some good laughs and made many friends,but it is no holiday over here you have got to be prepared to work hard, and work hard you do for yourself and your family.
  10. Does anyone spend time in Aus and the UK? we may have to due to work does it work? cat:biggrin:
  11. MissionAussiePR

    PCC - Less than 12 months stay

    Hi All, Happy new year to you all. If anyone can suggest on following: Currently I am working in Australia. I have already applied for 175 visa. I will be applying for PCC. a) Do we need to get PCC from home country as well ? I stayed in home country more than 20yrs b) Do we need to get PCC from country in which I have stayed less than 12months. I stayed for 6month in Singapore. (From diac website I think it is not required, But I would like to confirm if someone know it exactly Note: I lived in both home country and Singapore within last 10yrs. From diac website "For the Australian Government to determine whether you are of good character, you may be asked to provide police certificates for each country you have lived in for 12 months or more over the last ten (10) years since turning 16" Ref: Character Requirement - Applications & Forms
  12. Guest

    WA - 2 Months in

    I thought I’d write a wee blog of our experiences so far so that others about to embark on this journey have a ‘heads up’ We left the UK on 22nd October and flew to Singapore for a 3 day stopover. I highly recommend doing this just to break the journey up. We arrived in Perth 3 days later and were met by our relatives waving an Australian flag – finally, we were here! J We stayed with our relatives (in Mandurah – south of Perth by 70km) for 3 weeks and this gave us plenty of time to get transport and a house sorted out. TRANSPORT Buying a 2nd hand car here is quite expensive compared the UK – the cars tend to hold their price, so grabbing a bargain can be quite difficult. We opted for a new car as, in the long term, it was the best option. Bought a Hyundai Tucson from Mandurah Hyundai – if you go there, ask for Haggis (Neil) – very helpful – he’ll throw in a few extras (I got floor mats, dash mat, full fuel tank of fuel, some vino collapso and a golf ‘4 ball’ J ). HOUSE References are important here – if you were a house owner in the UK, as the Estate Agent for a reference regarding the state of your house – this sorted everything out for us. I would suggest going through a reputable ‘Realty Agent’ as you need to make sure of your rights, rather than put your trust in a landlord you don’t know. Be prepared to pay a bond and the 1st couple of weeks rent up front. We managed to get a really nice house just north of Mandurah – we’re rattling around in it as our furniture hasn’t arrived yet (1 month to go). Telstra are the monopoly telephone and Internet providers here – it’s more expensive than the UK (again), although there are other firms offering services. Might be work looking at a package called Naked DSL, assuming you want Internet access, with this you don’t have to pay phone rental, however you will have to get a phone which can operate with VOIP – I’m investigating this at the moment. COST OF LIVING Petrol is much cheaper – make sure you get the discount card from Woolworths (it’s a supermarket out here) – this will knock off 4 cents per litre. The cheapest I managed to get was $1.04 per litre. However, you will use more petrol here as you have to drive everywhere! Food isn’t cheap – this came as a bit of a shock at first – Although, steak is a decent price, so BBQ’s are great J WORK I work in IT, so I can only comment on this. I banged my CV off to every recruitment agent in Perth and got very little response – this was very disappointing as, generally, IT skills are advertised as being in demand. I went to Perth and visited 10 agencies so that I could meet them face to face and discuss my needs / their opportunities. They were all very friendly, apart from Hays – I couldn’t get past the receptionist who had a bit of an attitude and told me that “things are done differently here, it’s not the same as the UK). Won’t be using them! Talent International was the best of the lot – I was sent for a job interview and subsequently got the job – phew! Word of warning about IT in Perth – it is very, very parochial!! You will have to lower your sights (and earning) to get your foot in the door – getting in is the hard part. Once you’ve had your first job, you are ‘Perth Proven’ and will find it easier to get another. If you have IT skills with experience in the mining or other resource sectors then WA may be the place for you – lots of new projects starting up (Gorgon) – money will be flying in shortly. As a contractor there are a few things worth knowing – you are able to claim tax rebate on: · Flights out here for you and your family · The cost of selling your home · The cost of shipping your family goods over. Keep all your receipts – including your boarding cards! I have gone through a company called CxC – they take care of all of this for me – I have to pay them a percentage of my pay each month, however they save me much more than I’m paying them. PENSION There is a 6 month tax free window to move your pension to Australia (following your arrival), after this you will pay tax on ANY GROWTH of your pension. i.e. it’s core value when you arrived here cannot be touched – only on any growth it has had since them. I’m also investigating this at the moment as I don’t want to take my pension over until the pound becomes stronger. Please note, I am not a financial advisor, so please seek professional advice, don’t just go on what I’ve stated here. Employers out here must pay a minimum of 9% of your salary into a superannuation fund (pension) – worth seeking advice on this as there are things such as ‘salary sacrifice’ which could really benefit you. Right, enough of the insignificant details – now onto the important things: BEER! Bit expensive to drink in pubs – I think that’s why there’s such a BBQ / Party culture here, mind you, even buying beer in the ‘Beer Store’ is a bit pricy. Australian wines, on the other hand, are much cheaper than in the UK – suits me sir! Hic! ;-) LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCE BRILLIANT!!!!!! We are completely blown away with the place – the beaches are beautiful, the weather is outstanding and the people are really nice. We’ve been to several parties and BBQ’s since we arrived here – lots of nationalities around, so it’s a fantastic cultural experience. We’ve also been to loads of free outdoor events in the run up to Christmas – all very traditional, how I remember the UK being in the good old days. No problem youths, just good family activities. We’ve lived overseas before and if I can give one bit of advice to anyone, it’s this: If you ever find yourself saying “Well, they don’t do “it” the way we do it”, stop yourself and realise of course they don’t – it’s you who has to fit in, not them. The British way of doing things isn’t the only / best way, y’know! Do this and your transition to Australian life will be easier & far more rewarding. So, that’s it thus far for us – we’re looking forward to a Christmas Day spent by the pool, drinking beer and eating BBQ’d ham and turkey – I have to pinch myself sometimes. Well, I hope my meanderings are of some help to you – have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010……I’m off to open a beer J
  13. Guest

    7 months of Perth...........

    Hi Everyone, Its been ages since I was on here...shame on me........ but life has been so busy here that it has been hard to find the time, but I have had a good word with myself and have reignited my relationship with PIO again. I just wanted to let you know if you are sitting at home in the UK feeling sick and fed up, waiting for your visa to come through 'DON"T GIVE UP' it is really worth it. For us we decided on Perth because we had a friend here - we had never visited the place before and had not even been to Oz before deciding to live here - were we mad???? I don't think so, you only get 1 chance at life and we took a gamble and for us it has paid off. I can honesly say that I love my life here in Baldivis, the past 7 months have been hectic and a bit of a rolla coasta ride (we have moved twice and I have changed jobs twice!) but all in all we are 'LIVING THE DREAM'. Take yesterday for example, we were at the beach with the dogs swimming in the ocean IN DECEMBER!!!! Today we are going to walk along the shore stopping for a coffee before returning home, firing up the BBQ with a couple of bottles of beer. Now the down side.......... Home sickness is hard - I find at the strangest times it just hits you out of the blue, now don't get me wrong I do not miss the place - just the people especially my family, and I have cried buckets its natural to feel like that. But when my daughter returns from school and tells me of her day, then my other daughter comes home from work and we laugh about her day - the homesickness goes. Also Christmas is approaching and I know I am gonna find it so hard cause I love family Christmases - but its one day that I will get through to have the rest of my lfe here in Perth. I feel blessed and remember when I was in the UK not sure if we were making the right decision - as I sit here today I feel all the hard work has paid off. I have always had the attitude if its not right we can just go back, I don't think that will happen, and feel content that we came out of our comfort zone, bit the bullet and tried a new life, and love it. Good luck to anyone who is in the process - if I can help you I will answer any questions Take care and see you soon i hope Sharon x
  14. Hi, Me and boyfriend spent May til October apart due to lack of work and financial commitments. Me back in the UK and he here in Sydney. Due to lack of work in Sydney and previous loans I had, I had to stay in the UK longer than planned in order to pay off debts, when I went home for a holiday in May. We've been together for almost 3 years and have lived "de facto" since Sep 07 which includes 1.5 living toghether and 6 months travelling (we were together 1 year before travelling). But now I read on the Immi website that we have to have lived in a de facto relationship 12 months immediately leading up to the application. So now I'm worried my 5 months back in the UK will ruin it? We're living togehter in Sydney now and were living at his parents just before I went back. We are engaged but don't really want to mention that as we've sort of kept it to ourselves... Pretty stressed as I was planning on handing my application in next week..... Any help would be very very very appreciated!!! THANKS!
  15. loulou1205

    My first 6 months

    Hello All, I haven't posted for about 5 months but have been around reading everyone elses posts! Its amazing how much of a source of information you have become to me! I thought I should update on my first six months here. Before I got my visa I think I read every single one of these updates just to see how people felt in the first few months of moving! Well, a lot has happened! In my last post I was worrying about driving in Melbourne (having never driven on a motorway in the UK) but as everyone advised me the best way is to just do it and go and get lost on my own and this is what I did. Also helped by the fact that I got a job that I have to drive to!! Not only a job but a great job! I have been there 3 months now and am very happy! Perseverance was the key to getting a job for me! I applied for literally 200 jobs in the first three months I was here. I only had 5 interview call backs and about 5 knockback emails out of the 200!! I ended up having 3 interviews in one week! I think the turning point for the job interviews (although may be a coincidence) was by using the seek.com resume creator. (My Account - Save job searches, jobs, applications and set up a resume) - you need to register to use this but they dont seem to send you emails unless you ask for them. I am now working for JB Hi-Fi as a designer and I have artwork up in every store across Australia and NZ! Not bad for my first job in Aus! This also meant a 45 minute drive to and from work every day which is the best thing I have ever done to get me driving! My partner is a step closer to achieving his life-long dream of becoming a PGA trainee which is wonderful news! I feel that with every week that goes by I am becoming more settled. Feeling less like I am comparing everything to the UK - although don't think I will ever stop converting money into pounds in my head!!! Looking back, I am really glad that I had 3 months to settle here before I started working. I am very lucky in that I am living with my partners parents and didnt have to rush to get a job. Skype is the best invention ever! Its so great to see my family and friends in the UK whenever we want to! I have found it a bit hard to make friends here but feel maybe it is more my age (and shyness!) than the fact I am English. Most people my age have their group of friends already established (or a young family). However, everyone is very friendly and lovely (with the great banter which makes me feel accepted!!) Although, I have a plan because my boyfriend is going to be working every evening and weekend for the next 3 years!!!! So am going to start a course or get a new hobby. I am getting to the stage that, whenever I am in a bad mood or have had a bad day, I dont feel like rushing home and packing my bags anymore. I think that is a sign that I am settling here. My mum asked if I wanted her to send anything from England that I miss, but I couldnt think of anything... only my family! I think the only thing that I really dislike is the fact that a few things have happened in the UK where I would have really loved to have been there. My best friend got married (very last minute and I just couldnt get the time off work and afford to pay for an airfair), My mum was made redundant for the second time this year (!!) and my nan is not very well at the moment. I would love to be there just to support them all but the best I can do is send a letter to my nan and speak to mum on facebook every day. I feel very sad because the UK seems very grim at the moment. I just want to win the lotto and jet all my loved ones here! I was worried about spiders before I came here but have only seen 2 that I didnt particularly like the look of in the whole time I have been here (and they werent at all deadly!!)! I havent seen a single snake or any other scary wildlife for that matter! I haven't even been swooped by a magpie! I have seen beautiful parrots in my garden and a possum! Even the 38 degree day was not as bad as I was expecting. I wasnt even aware of it until I got home from work! Aircon in the car and in the office! Just one complaint about the UK... How long does it take to process a tax rebate?? Never mind that, how long does it take for them to reply to an email simply asking if they received my application!!! I have been waiting since June!! Anyway now that is of my chest.... All in all I am happy and looking forward to the future. Have become much more open to new things and enjoy going out of my comfort zone now! Which, I think was the whole point of moving here! It has been great typing this message because I myself can now see how far I have come in a short time! Thanks guys!!! (sorry for huge post!) Lou x
  16. Guest

    My Three Months Is Up.......

    ....How long is the minimum I have to leave Oz before I can return. I spoke to immi and they said there is no minimum, but I dhave to explain why I only left for a short space of time. Surely I cant hop on a flight to NZ and then come back again can I???? I dont like talking to immi dont wanna give them too much info
  17. Guest

    Three months in Melbourne

    Been a while since I posted, but heres our update. Arrived in Australia a month before my wife and daughter to sort things out. The hardest thing to do is find a place to rent as they only show places at specific times on certain days for about 15 min. Found a lovely place in Mount Eliza within 2 weeks but spent a lot of time looking at some dumps. Belongings were delayed over 6 weeks so spent that time on blow up matresses. People here are really friendly, neighbours lent us washing machine,dryer, and anything extra they had. One thing we did notice was that sheets,pillows and other bedding is really expensive here,so bring your bedding with you. You will definately need a car because taxis are expensive when viewing properties. Cost of living seems less here than in the uk,but I may be wrong. Got my daughter into a lovely independent school and both myself and wife have found permanent jobs. Government agencies and banks are very helpful and hassle free and nothing seems to be to much of a problem. Our dogs came with and quarintine people were excellent, dogs were in excellent condition after spending 30 days there. Moving here seems the best thing we ever did, do miss friends and family but they now have somewhere hot to visit plus not expensive to phone or use facebook.Thats all for now. Travelling Nomad
  18. Guest

    4 months in oz!

    Its good! real good! Nice house, nice cars, awesome weather, beaches and friends. Excellent job after only 10 weeks searching... Good food, cold beer and fantastic friends. Family coming next week and staying for 18 weeks. Cant wait.. A good excuse for more fun! My story! Took me over 2 years to get here during which time we had two mega dissapointing times in the application... 1st time lost me 3200 GBP owing to Skill path D being removed. Dreams shattered.! Started again from scratch some months later down the vetassess route.! Again March 2009, CSL Changed, Only SS priority! Changed from 176 Family to 176 state sponsored (SS) May we got the CO and eventually the Visa! Sounds simple doesnt it! In reality it was 2 years of hell that felt like 12 years, emotional highs and lows and a lot of money and almost times giving up.... Police checks, medicals, houses, cars, family, kids etc all added to the stress. I even fell out with POI in a moment of depression! How stupid.. It always sounds simple reading other people stories simply because they are in oz and doing it.. Please beleive me it was bloody hard as i am sure other poms in oz will tell you.... Our dreams where shattered two times with the changes to the GSM program and at the time we thought we would never get here. Was it worth it? Hell yes... Will you get here?.. If you want it enough you will! Only you can make it happen.. Take each hurdle at a time and slowly you will see the finish line.! Whats my point? During difficult times as such, sometimes its difficult to see a way forward... Eventually a path will become clearer and your dreams can and do come true. Stick with it, ride the bad times out and if you really want it you will get it. Every day I pinch myself and laugh watching the ozzies who live here who take it all for granted, as i cant believe i live here and take in every single moment! Good luck to you all. Believe! Chris Mac:smile:
  19. hi all do i seriously have to declare, shoes, bags boots, dress, cds from over the last yearetc i can't remember when i bought them and how much they all cost, or should i just leave it?:arghh:
  20. Dear Forum Members, At the outset I (being an Indian) apologise for intruding into this forum exclusively meant for British Expats. The dilemma I have got my self into left me with no choice but to rely on the fora like this. Background to my dilemma is this: I have got HSMP (Tier1 General) visa for UK (one year over already) and Australian GSM 175 visa (this I got only a couple of days when I was least expecting it). I had worked in UK on my Tier1 visa from December 2008 till Febraury 2009 & April till July as Oracle ERP Applications Consultant. Since then I have been searching for jobs in UK but not succesful. I returned to India where I had to compromise on my indian pay package by more than 25%, yet I could not land in a job. By the way, I am Oracle Applications Consultant with over eight years of overall IT experience and six years of extensive Oracle ERP experience. Meanwhile a personal misfortune struck me in the form of Flashfloods in South India in which my house got devastated. I had to help my family move to another city for a few months. I was preparing to return to UK by the third week of October when I still had a slim chance of trying my luck (though I am prepared to do the waiting game during the months Nov, Dec and Jan). While all this was happening, I got a mail from the Australian DIAC Case Officer to send the PCC, which I completed on 21st of this month, only to find that my Australian Visa was granted on 27th. My dilemma: Any how, I can not stay back in India since I was sitting jobless for four-five months, it is deemed a crime in India. Potential employers would not even touch your resume with a barge pole if you remain unemployed for more than a couple of months here. So the option of staying back in India is all but over. The choice before me: Travel either to UK or to Australia; Question: If there is a glimmer of hope (if at all it is there) then which is better option? On plus-side, I am used to the British way of life through my eight or nine month stay in UK. [As part of the Ashes series, I travelled in many cities in UK like Leeds, Bristol (for Cardiff test), Cardiff, Birmingham etc.] I myself was working in Bradford then. I know the city of London in and out now. On the flip-side, the job market horrors of last winter (my first winter in UK) refuse to die. Though market is showing signs of a very modest recovery, it has not trickled down yet. As I know nothing of the current job market in Australia for IT professionals, I would humbly request those of you who are in the know of the wintry months in UK and summer months leading to Christmas in Australia. Which of the two options is better? In either case, I am prepared (mentally and financially) to wait at least till the January-end 2010 for a job. I thank you all in advance for bearing with this outsider to this forum and I conclude soliciting a few suggestions to wriggle out of the mess I created my self:).
  21. gilliantay

    6 months in and been back already

    Can't quite believe that we have been here for 6 months now and have already travelled back to Scotland for 3 weeks. Did not want to go back quite so soon but a death in the family forced the issue so we packed our bags and headed back to Scotland. To be honest, my first impressions were 'it's good to be back' but that feeling didn't last for too long. Thought I had died and gone to heaven shopping in Tesco, Asda and M&S...it really showed how the Aussies are being ripped off with choice and prices. Don't get me wrong, I have found my replacements for these shops here in Oz but Familiarity and all that.......... It was good to see family and friends but it made us aware of what we ARE NOT MISSING. My favourite word at the moment is 'familiarity' and I really think that is what we all miss... It would be so easy to pack everything up and move back to the familiar day to day grind but we have decided to stick with the day to day grind here. We have bought a piece of land and are in the process of signing up for a house builder so hopefully we should be in our own house by January (fingers crossed). I have to add that our son Scott cried his eyes out on the plane flying out of Glasgow but was soon back into the swing of things when we landed in Melbourne. Here's to the next 6 months and whatever they may bring................ Gill
  22. Just to let everyone know... My partner got a job, not exactly what he wanted to do, but still a job in the first week on being here. I got my job that i have wanted to do, good pay, car in the disability employment sector after two months... four interviews, applied for about 20 jobs before coming out. only once i was here and phone these jobs did i get a interview:laugh: There is jobs out here, but they do tend to only look at you when your here. My advice is take every opportunity, they network and give jobs to who they know alot more so talk to everybody and follow up jobs with a phone call/ as for feedback. Put down a aussy address and phone number.. Good luck jen,
  23. Guest

    4 months and counting..

    Hi Everyone, Well I have been here 4 months now and only found PIO when I arrived, wish I had found it before I left the UK. But I thought I would share with you my observations and thoughts since arriving here in Queensland:- My wife moved over here first she is an Ozzie and came first to visit her brother and sort things out while I applied for my Visa, I came over on a sub class 100 spouse visa and although the paperwork looked daunting to start with, once I got started it only took about 12 weeks to get it all sorted. I suppose I got it easy because by the time I arrived the wife had arranged accommodation and everything was ready for us to start our new life. We are in our mid 50's and I have retired from the NHS after a slight health scare. We settled down and although we did not have much money we started to budget for our new life. The money I did have was spent on my son before I left as he had lost his job and with a baby on the way he was in dire straights, so Like most parents what I had went to him and with a promise that he will repay me (yes I am still laughing at that one) I arrived with $1000 in my pocket plus what Marge had managed to save from the pension that was now being paid into our new bank account. We started off by renting an apartment on Bribie Island and this was fine until the lease came up for renewal and the landlord decided he did not want to rent the property anymore. We are now in a lovely apartment on Godwin Beach just of Bribie Island overlooking the sea. So what have I found out, well Australians are not sociable during the week, I presume this is due to darker evenings and when they get home and have their dinner, there is not much time to do much else. If you want to socialise go out and join one or two of the many clubs that are available and meet people that way, We joined the local RSL club and that is a good way to make friends, also its OK if you want to go out for a meal. My favourite thing is going to Woorim on Bribie Island buying fish and chips and walking on the beach eating them, all I need is a knotted hankie and roll my trouser legs up and you would think I was at Weston super mare. Observations.. Shopping can be an experience the first time you go, especially if you spend 88cents and wait for your change, (well no one told me prices were rounded up and down). Find a butcher that sells sausages that actually taste like sausages, first ones I got from Woolworths, sold as 'British sausages' (they lie) put them in the pan with a drop of cooking oil and whoosh the oil disappeared, the sausages were like blotting paper, but my friendly butcher now serves beef sausages that are not to bad. Fly screens, don't consider renting a property without them they are a god-sent when you need the doors and windows open. Speed limits are interesting, you travel below the speed limit and you will soon have some one up your backside pushing you along, if it says 100 do 100 seems to be the motto. Red Dust, like most people recently we were covered in a dust storm, silly me thought when it was all over I would simply brush it away, well.... At first I got the broom out and brushed the balcony clean, what I did not know was that as I brushed it was going up in the air, over my head and settling once again behind me. My first clue was my wife crying tears of laughter as she watched the dust rise and fall behind me, so I went to Plan B, now get the hose pipe wash it down and mop it all up, WRONG... I now had pools of muddy water on the balcony as the floor is painted with a water resistant paint and no mater what I did the dust remained, Plan C old damp towel wrapped around broom head a brush dust along with that, It worked. Then I hear on the news another dust storm is on its way. Aghhhhhh.. I think the best advice I could give anyone who is thinking of coming to Australia is come with an open mind, expect things to be different and don't expect to make best friends with someone over night, friendships have to be earned and built up, But if you are willing to try then the Ozzie's will normally respond, and keep your sense of humor.
  24. Finally got visa's but cruelly had been hoping to go to Queensland have family there and friends of family so had done all our research for there but due to my job as fitter coming off the csl found we had no choice but to swap our 175 for a 176 state sponsored visa.However we were determined to get to Australia so when we finally made up our minds to sack our crappy agent and go it alone,which we did and have now found ourselves looking at Perth which looks great but can anyone help us to find the right suburb? We have 3 boys aged 8,10 & 14 as i said i'm a fitter and my wife is a teaching assistant.Any help greatly received. Many thanx Rob & Penny Smith
  25. Anyone looking for a shortish term furnished 3 bed house in Hills area of sydney from this dec/jan for 10 months?