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Found 335 results

  1. Hi I am new to this but thought I would like to post after spending my first 6 months here just to give people who are thinking of coming here an idea of what it is like. I spent two years planning this move, I had been over to Australia a couple of times previously and I loved it and so decided to make plans to move here. The application was long winded and I honestly think personally I just went through the motions of applying without really thinking about how the move would affect me. The main concern for us was selling the house in the middle of a recession and my husband leaving a good job in the UK and finding work here. When I look back I didnt think about me or what I would do when I got here. We were lucky and sold the house but it was at this time I started to have major doubts but we had gone so far I blanked it out and concentrated on the move thinking it would be a better life for our children. Renting the house would have been a far better option as at least we would have something to return to. Well we arrived, my husband found a really great job, we spend a couple of months sorting out all the usual things which took my mind off home, but deep down I was feeling awful. The buzz of the move had gone and here I was in a lovely house with the sun shining every day feeling so down. I appreciate that everyone is different and not everyone will feel like I do but I do wish I could turn back the clocks and go back to my old life. I have a lovely home here and we have a good income but it is not everything. the pull of my old life and family is just too much. The things I have found most difficult are, a horrible feeling of being alone and not being able to call family because of the time difference, not being able to work because of childcare waiting lists etc, having a young family and no support network - this is so hard, the expense of living here - the only thing which is cheaper is petrol , food bills have doubled here and the variety and quality of food is poor compared to the UK. Whilst it is lovely being in the sun, throughout the summer it is too hot for young children and we spend most of the time indoors as we cant stand the 40 degree heat. I have not posted on here to moan about Australia as I moved here because I was so fond of it but to me it is just a holiday place, real life here is so different. I hope anyone planning on making the move with a young family are 100% sure before they do it. As other people have mentioned make sure you have enough finances before coming here as the cost of everything will be a massive shock. The cost of living is not cheaper than the UK and generally wages are lower. If you are coming with a young family think of how you would cope without the support network you may have in the UK. I am glad I came only because I would have always thought I had lost out on a fantastic opportunity to have a great life, but at least now I know the grass is no greener over here and the UK is the place where I want to be. I wish everyone luck who is making the move but just make sure you have no doubts before you do it.
  2. I've just got a job as a care worker, which I'll start next month, and because I don't wanna wait 4 yrs til after uni to experience Australia, I've decided to go next year before I start uni, during the summer holidays!! I'll most likely be saving about £250 a month, over a period of around 11 months, plus I'll get xmas and bday money to go towards it if I needed it. So will 2-3k be enough? I'm hoping to go from Sydney to Cairns and where ever else I can fit in afterwards if I can afford it. Would stay in cheap (but clean and friendly) hostels and get around by coach or train. What dya reckon? Is it do-able? I'll probably be going alone too.
  3. Guest

    5 months and counting..

    Hi I am fairly new to P-in-O and wondered ifanyone out there can help. Me ,my husband and our 4 kids and 1 labrador are moving to Brisbane in September. Most of his work/visa stuff is done so its just the practical stuff left. I really would appreciate any advice about 1) international removers 2) pet transportation and 3) the reality of migration. We are very lucky in that we came over for 12 months in 2007 and fell in love with QLD so we kinda know a bit but probably not enough... All pearls of wisdom gratefully appreciated! Cheers.:err:
  4. firebladebally

    4 months and counting!!!

    Hi all, just a little message of my plans...... september, fly from manchester to dubai, then on to nz to tour both islands, then on to aus for a years working holiday.! it cannot come fast enough, all i do is read this website and aus and nz magazine. roll on september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy:
  5. hi...i'll be heading to melbourne next september (God willing) so i'm just wondering what money shall i prepare to take with me...given that we are a couple and assuming that i won't be able to find work for 3 months (hope not to be more than that ) so can anyone who faced the same situation can tell me roughly speaking what will be the living cost per month for basic needs like food, petrol, rental ... ? thanks all
  6. hi eyeryone my family are on our way to oz (perth) in 8 weeks but dont have anywhere to stay , does anyone know anywhere that doesnt cost an arm and a leg for 2 months til we find somewhere to rent
  7. hi there, just have a few questions regarding the defacto visa. i am australian and my boyfriend is british. we have been together for 3 years. we lived together in the uk for 17months which we are able to proove, however i was i the uk on a working holiday visa and whilst my visa was for 2 years and is valid until july 2010 i was only allowed to work for 1 year, which i did. i finished work in december 2009 and as i was no longer to work we could not financially afford for me to remain in the uk. i left the uk on 20th january to return to australia. we have been waiting for me to get a job before we applied for the visa. i have now obtained work and we are ready to put in our application, however i am wondering if we have any chance as we will have been apart for 3 months when the application goes in. we have communicated regularly over that period via email and skype. does anyone have an idea of what our chances might be? is 3 months too long? i hope not!!! another question, we put in an application in the middle of last year which was rejected (was a little shy of the 12 month requirement, silly mistake!!). my boyfriends australian police check expires on 24 april and the medical expires on 5 may. we are hoping to get the application in just before this on the 20th april. however, as the checks will expire during the application process we understand he will have to do them again. we really want to get the application in asap so should we just put it in and wait for them to request the checks are updated or should we start getting them done now? any thoughts welcome!! one more question, last one i promise!! as ours will be a REapplication they already have an entire files worth of stuff on us including stat decs, leases, bank statements etc. we have been told we need to put all this stuff in again, which is fine, but some of it was original copies that we already sent in with the last application. we have photocopies of those things but if we just put in the photocopies and write a cover letter explaining they already have the originals in our file will this be ok? will they make reference to the stat decs from our previous application? sorry this is a little long, thank you in advance for your help:notworthy: pookieandwu
  8. Hi All, I am struggling to locate any payslips from employer for proof of working in occupation for the last 12 out of 24 months. Will a letter from my employer be suffice or do I have to provide payslips? Any help appreciated, thank you!
  9. Hi All, Just wanting to find out if anyone else has had to wait as long as us for their WA State Spons?? We are using an agency, and according to the agency, our WA SS was lodged at the end of July 2009. We have still not heard anything and we're coming up for 8 months at the end of March!! :confused: Is this right? Are these applications really taking this long to process, or has our agency perhaps told us the wrong date that they submitted our papers? Any info much appreciated!! Thanks. J-Bay
  10. theonetruechris

    6 months in Melbourne

    Well 6 months in all I can say is what a rollercoaster. We turned up on a drizzly September morning all I could think was what the f*?/ have I done, drove through some seriously depressing suburbs to a holiday let in Highett, it all kind of fell apart after that. My job was to settle our son for the first few months and let the wife get settled in work. To cut a long story short I couldn't hack being out of work, I couldn't understand or modify my sons behaviour (adjusting to massive upheaval) everything seemed to cost loads things were not straightforward (transferring money, getting rentals etc.) and it didn't feel like halfway across the world. I think my feelings of inadequacy began to affect my relationship as at least every day I wanted to up sticks and 'go home'. Anyhoo after over 100 applications and 2 interviews job was procured (walked out of interview thinking no way have I got it) cue happy bunny and I've finally allowed myself to start falling in love with Melbourne - Its ace it is. and this was only a month before my cut off from if I don't get a job we'll have to go home. The moral of the story don't think it'll just be ok, prepare for the worst and you might have get through it unscathed and it isn't just missing family that can be the trigger. oh and just keep talking. The other moral is who'd have thought I'd be all about needing a job. Oh and good things can happen!!!!!
  11. Hi We are hoping to move over to Oz around August time (North Brisbane area) and my 11 yr old who has started high school here will need to go back to primary over there (I think!). If we arrive by beginning of Sept, I realise that he will only have around 3/3.5 months to do before the Xmas holidays and then starting high school in Jan. Has anyone else had a child that has had to do that, and did they settle OK.
  12. stillhere

    16 months in, long story!

    Hi all, hope alls going well with eveyone decisions, visa apps, arriving & departing:spinny: not sure why its been 16 months since i posted, thought i knew day 1 we would stay but maybe something stopped me from putting it in black & white, well i'm more than happy to write it today & shouldve done it day 1, my/our minds havent changed. Maybe we were lucky, maybe it was hard work, maybe both but since arriving (nov 08) its better than we expected. (maybe we were expecting it very tough lol) weve been on hols here 4x before & this time we planned to stay, we were already looking & booking viewings for cars & houses before we left the uk, in fact the car i drive today is the one we saw on the internet 1 week before arriving, so we hit the ground running so to speak & (kept running my bloody feet are killing lol) we arrived tues night with 40kg of luggage & nothing to follow (eek) we had enough money for a half decent car 6 months rent & about $5000 more that was it! nothing more in the world, by wed evening we had done the visual id check at the bank, applied for tax file numbers, put a deposit on the said car & sorted new drivers licences (u will need a witness, real pain when u dont know any1 but lucky we kinda new a guy 30ks away so off we went lol) busy 1st day welcome to your new life lol a week later we had our 1st 6month rental had to pay inadvance but had planned for that 1 (phew) & a cheap but cheerful furniture package gave us the basics, we were pretty close to running out of cash even if we had a roof for 6 months we still had to eat lol ok so work was next, my partner (spraypainter) took his cv to every bodyshop around, by the 1st day he had 2 possibles & a will call you tomorrow (now this was luck) he started work the following monday less than 2 weeks after arriving (but what we both know was do the hard yards now then crissy holiday yay) glad we did less than 7 mins from home, no weekends:wink: hes still there today. so while he was a work i got myself 500 leaflets some business cards & hit the streets 3 weeks before xmas with a pasty uk complextion in 30oC heat i stood out a little lol but I did 3 jobs before xmas & had 3 days of regular work booked for jan & now fully booked (cleaning hey its work & pretty well paid here! n i pick my hours) but no weekends yay! so since week 2 not a great deal has changed apart from a new rental & more stuff a lot more stuff including a boat lol! so we get out when ever we can (been a bit bloody wet n windy for my liking lately lol) sounds like work, work, work eh! well it kinda is (apart from weekends yay) but its like that every where isn it? I dont remember spending entire weekends camping & fishing on the beach (with lots of aeroguard lol) sorry to go on but i not had my say for sooooo long lol it just depends on what you want from oz & what your expectations are, its not a holiday it a lifestyle change (choice) & if your prepared its not such a shock. you will miss peeps but only u know how much contact is enough (& may not find that out til your here) i speak to my family more than i ever did even the mundane crap every one talks about, Im not trying to delude anyone (i feel some do especially to those back home) you have good & bad days but our good days outway the bad stick together & try to make life as easy as possible for each other/ your family & it can work I had a great relationship & since coming to oz its even better after all you've only got each other out here BE HAPPY BUT REALISTIC X ps maybe stillhere still applies after all im still here lol:jiggy: & lovin it (now if i could just win the lotto)
  13. We have been here some 15 months orgianlly in response to a advert for childcare workers due to skills shortages but the post was removed from the shortage list last sept, so now doing another course, im a FM with 20 years multi portfolio experiance and my wife a procurement speclist and six sigma holder, we have applied for jobs more than we care to count, almost daily, but not a single interview in 15 months, we require a sponser which seems to be a major problem, dispite the sponsered route being actively promoted by migration agents. we are flexible and will consider anywhere, recruitment agents here are less then professional in that they dont even reply to emails, and are very negitive, also far less procative then in the UK. we just need some one to be more helpful and possitve as well as be able to understand the requirements when they discuss with their clients anyone got any ideas!!!!!
  14. We are moving back to the UK hopefully towards the end of April and we are in a bit of a dilemma with our cat. She has had her rabies jab and is due to have her rabies blood test in four weeks and then we have to wait 6 months before she can be flown back to the Uk without going into quarantine for 6 months. So, we are looking for someone who would love to look after her for 6 months here on the Sunshine Coast. If we have to take her back with us in April she will have to spend 6 months in a quarantine cattery and we would like to avoid this if at all possible. Please contact me if you are able to help. Thank you Allison
  15. Hi - can anyone share expereinces or make suggestions for these kind of situations:- Although I have been qualified on a Cert Ed in my teaching profession by UK standards for 7 years, Oz did not consider this a high enough qualification. To gain extra points for visa I had to complete a Degree (I never went to Uni) which I did in July 2009. I then sent my certificates and had a positive skills assesment. I now have the extra points required and approval of State Sponsorship. My agent has said that it would be better to wait for 12 months from the date of my Degree certificate as you are supposed to work 12 months within that profession ONCE qualified. This is so frustrating as I have 7 years experience in the profession as teacher and in Curriculum Management and now I have to wait again. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions as to what I can do? :confused:
  16. Guest

    First 2 months in OZ......

    Hi, used to love reading these kind of posts when I was in UK, so thought I'd put one on for all those hoping to get out here soon!!.....its a long one! We have been living in Brisbane since September and have found so many positives to our move, thought I'd share them.... On arrival we stayed at Brisbane Holiday Village which is about 20 mins drive south of the city...great place as a base.....rented a car before we arrived.....got collected at airport by the rental company and away we went..... Within our first week we were so lucky to find a rental in the area we wanted and got both kids into great state schools with a good reputation, this made life much easier as we could have a couple of 'tourist' weeks before I started my new nursing job!!......the city of Brisbane is amazing, so clean, lots to do, the man made beach on the south bank is fantastic, markets on the weekend to visit, great bars and restaurants....the transport is excellent compared to where I lived in UK.....the bus runs from my suburb to city every 15 minutes up til midnight....every day!!......shops are everywhere!!!....can't believe the amount of shopping centers there are here...some fabulous shops, even my teenage daughters have found a replacement for River Island!!!......prices are comparitive to the UK, I would say city living here is probably cheaper than city living in UK......there is more choice here as supermarkets don't dominate sales....plenty of local shops with fresh produce which is superb....odd not being able to buy wine in supermarket though!!!.....stops impulse buying I suppose!.....one thing we have found here is how much more friendly and happy people are in general....people are polite, its great to see kids get of the bus and shout 'thanks' to the driver!!!!.....people smile and say hello.....I've been stopped in the street to ask where I'm from!!.....I somehow feel safer here, my kids catch a bus home (something I would never let them do in UK)....the roads are quieter, they are wider, so most have 2 lanes.....not many double yellow lines and speed cameras!!!.....although hubby has been caught with mobile unit!!.....parking tends to be free in most places (obviously not city)....fuel is half the price, around $1.20 at the moment.....people here do complain about traffic jams but they are nothing compared to England....try driving up M6 north on a friday!!!!.....the weather doesn't go without mention although there isn't much to say really because everyday is beautiful....there seems to be lots of free things to do here, most parks have free gas bbq's to use....and people clean them after use!!!.....no graffiti and litter.....the parks are a real credit to them.....I know my local park in England was not a place you'd want to take your kids to play very often....smashed bottles and rubbish over most of it....used as a teenage hang out, which is something you don't see here very often...in fact not at all were I live....as we arrived with just our suitcases, we bought all new furniture when we got here from a fantastic place, mostly new with some second hand stuff, all on display...you just go in and make an offer, if its accepted you walk away with it that day, most comes from big superstores just end of line stuff or slight damage but we managed to furnish our whole house an outside for less than $5000!!!....suite, beds, matresses, outdoor furniture, book cases, breakfast bar stools, dining furniture......bargain!!!....can't name it on here of course but anyone moving to Brisbane I would recommend a look there first...PM me!!!.....our shipping has arrived into the port with no problems, we are just awaiting a date for delivery....be careful though, they charge $80 to destroy anything not allowed in and $145 to treat things......I was so careful, but missed a nativity scene which had moss on it....got to pay $80 to destroy the thing.....it only cost me a tener.... Don't get me wrong I haven't got rose tinted spectacles on all day!!....there are things that aren't so perfect....mobile phones here are very expensive, as are second hand and new cars.....beer is never on special offer as we know it, 2 boxes for £20 in Asda!!!..... one box here will set you back $30-40.....the driving over here is something to get used to....no driving on the left unless overtaking!!!...just pick a lane and go for it.......jobs are not as easy to come by as we are led to believe....I work with a nurse whose husband is still looking (for ANY job!!).....he has been trying since beginning of Sept and still no luck....bring a credit card, it makes life much easier as some banks won't issue you with one until you have at least 3 pay slips....and you need it for so much when you arrive, car rental, accomodation.....permanent rentals can be difficult to find and secure, especially in the 'nicer'suburbs.....be prepared to trail around and see some bad ones!....some want 3 months rent in advance , plus bond and proof of income before they'll let you sign the lease.....the weather is great but dangerously hot, factor 50 for the kids!!!.....I love it here, the kids are settling in well, got family visits planned, hubby got job, great house and car......just can't get over missing family and friends, I really underestimated just how hard it would be.... I would love to think I could live here forever, I really think its the better place to bring up my kids, and for work and lifestyle......but my heart tells me different at the moment.....its early days.....give it a bit longer and I'm sure it will change..... I'm happy to tell you I don't miss England one bit.....:laugh:
  17. missymon212

    4 months in and all is well

    I have been here almost 4 months and love Brisbane. Love the sunshine, ok, the humidity gets a bit much some days but nothing a dip in the pool can’t sort out. Today is sunny 29C and a wonderful breeze blowing. I love the fact that I never have to use the dryer or dry clothes in the house. To bring washing in every single time, after being out only a couple of hours and smelling so fresh is great. I love the shopping centres, great shops, lots of choice and loads of bargains if you shop about. It bemuses me how a lot of people say how much more expensive it is here in Oz but I’m sorry but I don’t find it so at all on the whole. The quality of fruit and veg is very good, which I buy at the market in shopping centre and farm eggs $1.99 a dozen, that’s just over a £ and as for the meat… I have never seen quality like it. I can remember often seeing beef with a green tinge to it in Tesco in the Uk. Here the quality is superb and much cheaper than UK. Chicken tends to be a little dearer but shops often have special offers on. Sausage not brilliant but found a decent pork one in Woolies. Seafood wonderful. I have never seen prawns so big!! Eating outdoors is not a problem if you hang the electronic fly killers up and put on bug spray. Yes you may not be able to get certain things here and there’s no M&S and if you like the ready meals then forget it…but hey… “when in Rome”….. I bake my own cakes and we eat very well, just as well, if not better than in Uk and I am NOT spending as much. We eat out a fair bit as it is not expensive and I have been known to eat a burger which I never did in the UK. Here they are made with pure 100% beef not the plastic rubbish you get in UK. Beer and spirits a bit more expensive but some wines are much cheaper, the one I like is only $11.99 a 4 litre box .Books are expensive but I bought loads before we came so will keep me going for a while. The house we are renting includes water and rates so even though some rents seem a little high these charges are often included, so it is not so bad. You do not pay for TV licenses here. Petrol is cheaper here, phone about the same as UK. We pay $20 a month for unlimited calls to Europe and USA. Great, for talking for hours to our friends and family, on our last phone we had 47 hours of calls so that $20 went a LONG way. I know lots of people miss their family for support in helping with child care etc but my husband and I are 60 years young now and we have brought up 7 boys between us and as much as I adore my grandchildren I have never had any intention of spending my free time looking after them while their mum’s work. My time is my time. I have so much to do and explore here. I adore this country and fully intend to enjoy every minute I get. Our family are coming over for visits which we will all enjoy and make the most of, meanwhile we are all getting on with our lives. My own mother spent most of her 50’s, 60’s and 70’s caring for my sisters children and when she died I said to myself that that would never be me. We only have one life and it is an adventure from the day we are born. I have had a lot of tragedy in my life which makes me more determined to make the most of the time I have. I love the wildlife and zoos, the restaurants, the beaches, the sea, the scenery, the mountains, the people. Even been to Dreamworld which was fun!! Been up to Mt.Coot tha many times and the views are amazing….. as far as the eye can see, the city and suburbs and even the sea and you know what? I have never seen any smoke or pollution pumping out like we used to see in Middlesbrough 24/7….nothing at all. The air is so fresh everywhere we go. I love the smell in the air when it rains. I love the wide roads and the space everywhere you go. I love the fact that everywhere I have been in Australia there is barely any litter anywhere, no chewing gum, no dog dirt nor the contents of someone’s throat all over the pavement, all of which used to disgust me in UK as I had to try to sidestep all these horrors every time I stepped out of the door. In fact it is so clean here a lot of people, young and older, drive and walk about barefoot. Try doing that in UK!! I feel safe when out walking anywhere at any time. I have not seen any gangs or hoodies on street corners loitering and intimidating people. I love to see all the smiling faces and the friendliness of the people here, and I may be in a minority here but I love the Aussie sense of humour. My 4 stepsons are all Aussie born and bred and are lots of fun to be around. People will smile at you and often stop for a chat. I love the fact that I don’t have to wear or buy make up, you don’t need it and my skin has never been as good. As long as you put the old sun block on when going out in the sun. You don’t have to buy lots of clothes because you hardly wear any. Very relaxed atmosphere here, which I love. We are out and about all the time and nowhere have I EVER heard anyone say the “F” word or any other expletive. We have an excellent bus service and if you buy a “Go” can travel very cheaply on buses, trains and the City Cat on the Brisbane River. I love the Brisbane Hospital. I was unfortunate enough to suffer from an infected gall bladder 2 weeks before Christmas and my husband had to take me to hospital as I collapsed at home in severe pain. Hospital was busy but triage took me straight into see the doctor when they saw how ill I looked. The care and attention I received was second to none. I have never been asked to call a consultant by his Christian name but they all introduced themselves this way and insisted we call them by their first names. Lots of staff, and I cannot praise everyone highly enough. Hospital spotlessly clean, beds comfy, all remote controlled, great food and every one of the staff were smiling and making jokes all the time, especially when I went to theatre. At 60 years of age we worried we may have trouble finding work as in the Uk if you are over 45 it’s nigh on impossible. Here we started looking for jobs after New Year and now we both have jobs we enjoy. OH has a well paid job working as a senior salesman in a large electrical retail store and I have a job working for a nursing agency earning a lot more than double what I was earning in the Uk. There will be things I don’t like much here but for the life in me I cannot think of anything just now…..oh yes I can……2 things…….we have the most beautiful birds visiting our garden, amazing colours BUT when they open their mouths OH my….what a racket. They don’t tweet, they screech and they go on and on, little buggers!!! Oh and I must remember next time we rent or buy a house with a pool to make sure the neighbours do NOT have the biggest tree in Australia in their garden so all the leaves shed into our pool!!!!! I know it must be difficult for some people who are homesick and how those feelings would make them want to go back to UK but I know we have made the right decision for us. We are lucky in that we have family here and in the UK. I say if your dream is to come to Australia then follow that dream and come and embrace this beautiful country with open arms, open minds and open hearts then see how things work out. Home is where I am at and loving it. Monica :smile:
  18. So, it's been quite some time since we arrived in Melbourne. Nearly 6 months in fact. The time has gone so fast, I can't quite believe it was nearly half a year ago I said goodbye to my family at the airport after they put on a very nice limosuine journey for us to start our long slog to Oz in style! Although time has flown by, it also feels like a lifetime ago that we were living in our 1 bed apartment in Bath and I was commuting 2 hours every day to earn my salary. I got alot of help and advice from this forum during the process of finding out which visa I could apply for, and also during the application process; so figured it was about time I gave something back. Myself and my fiancee had made the decision some years ago to make this move, although the dawning realisation of it actually happening was very daunting and a bit scary. For a while I was trying to find a way of getting a sponsored visa through a job offer, but I worked in a field that was very small and highly specialised, and really doesn't exist here in Oz. Eventually I decided to retrain as a Project Manager through my UK job, and start the 176 Visa process at the same time. The 176 visa is a State-Sponsored Skilled visa. This gives you an additional 10 points, and was just what we needed. I managed to get the 176 on the back of my old job (which remember, doesn't exist here!). The good thing is that I don't need to work in the same role as I was awarded the sponsorship for - bizarre, but functional... After submitting the application, I managed to get a secondment at work to start my retraining. 7 months later, the visa was accepted - this was on Dec 8th 2008, and I managed to keep it quiet until Christmas day! We came over for a reccie in March/April 2009, and decided we liked it (phew...) and wanted to live in Port Melbourne. Unfortunately, the airline screwed us around quite badly, but this worked in our favour later on :biggrin: When we got back to the UK, I started applying for jobs over here, and we started saving our money and put the apartment on the market. All we succeeded in was saving some money (not much!). The housing market was in decline, and I couldn't get a job, so we decided to go crazy and just book the one way tickets for September... We booked economy, but thanks to a sternly worded complaint I submitted after our experiences on the reccie, we got upgraded to Business class:biglaugh: Eventually we decided to let out our apartment instead of selling it, and we hopped on the plane on Sept 4th with no jobs to come to, and very little money in our pockets (less than 10K). Luckily, I had been in contact with Kate at moving2melbourne - and had secured a 2 week holiday rental in East Melbourne. It was far cheaper than a hotel and absolutely perfectly positioned within 10 mins walk of the City through the park, and the owner was a great bloke, always willing to come over and give us tips and advice - he also let us use his office's fax machine free of charge. On to the bits you will be interested in..! How to find a rental property in 1 week We arrived in Melbourne at about 1am on a Saturday morning, so by the time we had slept a little, found our bearings, and had a nice cuppa - we set out on a mission to Port Melbourne/Albert Park to look at rental properties. Little did we know that all inspections tend to take place on Saturdays at lunchtime - and we had missed the lot. Not to worry, I said ' we can look at them on Wednesday' (seemingly the only other day for inspections), only to be told that everything would probably be gone by then, and we should check the real estate websites on Tuesday. Wednesday soon came, and there wa nothing in our price range, or where we wanted to be. So we had to wait until the following Saturday to start our house-hunting properly, leaving us 1 week (well, 6 days) to find somewhere, get accepted and move in - or face moving into a hotel for week or 2! During the week we came up with about 9 properties to look at, but soon reduced this to 5, or 6 if we ran really fast between the stingy 15 minute inspection times they give you. We ended up looking at just 4 - without a car it is very difficult to get around even a small area like Port Melbourne, and the agents don't hang around for latecomers! Anyway, we decided we liked 3 of them and put in our applications. The following Monday we had been accepted to all 3. Don't forget, I had no job, and we were fresh off the boat - and at each inspection there were at least 10 other people (over 20 at the one we took!) So, here's how we did it, and my advice to you: I prepared 6 packs (1 for each property we were interested in). Each pack contained: A completed application form A copy of our bank statement showing our $20000 savings (if you don't have it - borrow it from a relative, you can give it straight back!) A letter from me, explaining that I had no job, but was here on a State-sponsored visa and had a number of meetings set up to discuss my options (this wasn't entirely untrue, as I was booked on to attend a government seminar for skilled migrants!) A number of 'references' - one was from my sister (married so different name), one from my Fiancee's Step dad (different name...), one from our current landlord at the 2 week rental. I wrote the first two of these myself, but warned my sister and Kirsty's dad what I had done. Photocopies of passports, drivers licence etc And an offer to pay 2 months rent up front. 2. We got to the inspections early and met the agent. Made sure they knew we were good people, here to stay etc etc. Expressed how much we liked the place, and handed them our information pack before saying a cheery 'goodbye'. 3. Later in day, I emailed all of the agents to reconfirm our interest in the property. All of this (in my opinion) made us look so good, that we were accepted for all 3 houses, and then just had to decide which one we wanted. There was alot of competition for the properties, but I have no idea how many of the viewers actually put an application in. However, rental vacancy rates are low here so I imagine we weren't the only applicants. Removal Company All I will say here is that I will never ever, ever, use Pickfords for anything ever again. They lied to us on numerous occasions (in writing!). They failed to package most of our items sufficiently (including one-off stone and wooden carvings, original watercolours etc). They 'lost' our container, believing it to be on a different ship. They failed to complete an inventory, so didn't know what they had of ours. They tried to charge us $150 to deliver to our door (when we paid for a full pack/unpack service) because 'most houses on that street have underground parking'!! (ours doesn't). Eventually, after threatening legal action and dealing with the head of customer service and the head of the insurance division, and having an independent valuation carried out - I managed to claim nearly $2000 of damages back. Jobs Kirsty (poor thing) applied for 7 jobs on the Sunday after we arrived, got a call at 0830 Monday morning, interviewed in the afternoon, had a trial shift on Tuesday, and started work the following Monday. Took me 3 months to get a job, so can't offer any advice on that front! Now Now, we are loving it here. We live across the road from the beach, at the end of bay street in port melbourne. We each work in the CBD so our commute is 20 mins on the tram. We both earn more than we did in the UK. Our social lives have gone through the roof, we have met lots of new friends (even some aussies!). It was a scary thing to do, moving across the world where we knew nobody and had no jobs. Rent is expensive here, so our savings wouldn't have lasted long without Kirsty getting a job straight away, but we would have survived. We wish we had made the move years ago, and would highly recommend doing it - if you have any concerns, questions or abuse - feel free to reply or send me a message. (sorry this is so long..)
  19. Guest

    Time line of 18 months ????

    Hi Guys We have a +ve ACS assesment. Due to the changes we now have to apply for a 176 visa we want to go to Queensland. Am I right in saying that we have to apply for SS if granted then we can apply To DIAC we can not apply before we are granted SS. Our agent has said a time line of 18 months is she just being a bit over cautious as we think 18 months for a skill that is in demand is a long time Hubby is c# .net passed by ACS Job is on CSL list What do u guys think fee
  20. Hi, I have been working for a company in Melbourne for just over 6 months. A short while ago, I was all set to apply for a 457 visa but decided that I could not commit to the company in the long term and so I have gave them my notice to resign. My problem is that I am in charge of an accounting project which had to be finished and I am the only one who could finish the task without delays to things being picked up again. If I do not complete the task, the chances of the company folding during 2010 are greatly increased and the idea of leaving the company in that situation, with my colleagues and friends at risk of losing their jobs, is not a pleasant one at all. I realise now that there is a chance I could've applied to stay in the job a short while longer but I did not know this at the time and I have broken the 6 months of my 417 visa. What problems is this likely to cause me? All I want to do is finish doing my part to help the company and change my direction in Oz and earn a 2nd year visa. Am I going to encounter problems on leaving the country? Am I likely to encounter problems whilst claiming my tax back? I was paid through an temp-agency from mid July to the end of August, before I was brought out and employed on a full-time basis directly by the company. I am currently working at the same place, but will be leaving within the week as the project is finished. Any advice or experiences from people in a similar situation, or from those knowledgeable on the subject would be much appreciated - the Australian immigration website (in my opinion) is fairly horrendous when it comes to looking for clear and complete information. Thanks!
  21. Sea breeze

    Perth been here three months

    Hi everyone, Apologies, i havent posted here for a while. Anyway here is our story so far ... Arrived in perth 7th Sept weather AWFUL 3 weeks of torrential rain yes it does rain in Oz. Had quiet a dreary start with little to do because of weather , a lot of hassall and bad luck you know when lots of small things go wrong they mount up?? our trip didnt get off to a good start. anyway not dwelling, brought a campervan and took off travelling the begining of Oct . headed north up as far as Exmouth . stopped off at coral bay - beautiful little spot awesome beach location however can be a little touristy. Kalbarri - lovely beach front community with beautiful views and excellent caravan parks, appartments etc. parrot sanctuary visit highly recommended!! Exmouth- small town excellent fishing and whale watching tours and Nigerloo Reef for pristine beaches "roughing it style camping" think bush loos! and fantastic snorklling live coral and stunning fish. All these places are nice , (we headed north to catch some sun as most brits will agree when arriving on hols the last thing u want is rain... ) but each place is miles and miles away with long , hot straight roads littered with dead roos mostly hit by roadtrains (huge lorrys) not nice.we stayed mostly on big 5 campsites as the facilities are excellent and upon purchasing a discount card $40 work out the same price as other parks . Off peak fees were approx $37 per night for 2 in a mazda (small) campervan so not really a very cheap option. We have since arrived back in Perth and are now living in a shared rental house in stirling which is by far the cheapest option $160 per week for 2 includes double room , parking and huge outdoor area with a fab pool. for anyone with no children this is an excellent option. Check out GUMTREE PERTH excellent for buying selling and rentals. There are lots of jobs in perth and the pay is excellent compared to the uk. I have a job at a hair salon just doing cuts $24.09 per hour and i always get breaks etc. SEEK.COM.AU. excellent for jobs. my opinion of perth ; EXPENSIVE- food shopping is expensive , fruit and veg , no way is there the choice of eg sainsburys . no quorn for all u veggies hardly and veggie choice. clothes are expensive unless u want basics u can get the cheaper but not cheap like primark cheap . i brought work clothes black tops and trousers from Kmart and target and believe , they are not going to last . most of the tops where approx $20. CARS- we sold our campervan and brought an estate car to continue our travels. No MOTs ! u dont have to have car insurance! just pay a rego on the internet once a year (different rules apply in diff states) pretty good.traffic is good and driving is easy . Living here is quiet. the landscape is dry. we have visited hillaries and other surrounding places they are nice but look very new and i feel they can lack character and history. My homesickness kicked in about a month ago and i have found it hard. at home i love the countryside, gardening,horses and my families dogs. I am missing the countyside back home . I have been trying im getting riding lessons and volenteering at the dogs home near by. We are off to bali in feb and then coming back to Oz to continue travelling hopefully a fresh start heading to adalaide and up the east coast. we have done alot of travelling , and to be honest so far I have found it abit of a disapointment. I think the 2 year build up of the trip obtaining the visa , saving up, watching wanted down under with starry eyes puts it on too high a pedastall. We have a 175 visa but i doubt we are staying, coming here has made me realise that home is not so bad. I know there are alot of issues back home and yes i dislike them too but I think a move into the countryside to escape them.it may work, bit like living in a bubble but why the hell not? sorry to ramble but i hope some of this is of use to some of u :wink:
  22. How are you settling in? Have you been enjoying it? Made friends easily? What have been the major hurdles so far? Any regrets? We're just waiting for our visas now and should be heading out in April, would be great to hear all your experiences of moving over?!
  23. Guest

    Evidence 12 months defacto

    Hey I'm starting my own thread now....I have my medicals and police checks done already... What sort of evidence can you lodge with your application I'm alays worried that it's not enough because there are 4 categories... so far we have -joint bank account - family ambulance cover as he has 2 kids - letter from school of me being involved in kids school life ( baking, cooking, helping with swimming etc) - about 12 stat decs from friends and family - christmas cards - wedding invitation -mail to same adress ( 2 adresses as we moved house and he started his own business) - bills from supermarktes as we have an account where we have to sign the receipts when we buy things as to who bought what -pictures from the wedding we went to how did you write your relationship stat dec? I started writing and I can write hundreds of pages....do I put emotions in it as well or just the facts when and where and how it developed? the only problem we have is that by the time my visa runs out we are 24 days short of the 12 months which worries me a lot... I'm really starting to stress myself my partner just applied for a new passport and after that is done we have pretty much eveyrthing it's just waiting closer to the time my visa runs out so we can apply. we were thinking about registering our relationship to get around these 24 days which I heard will be a problem reading a lot of posts here...but hey don't accept this in victoria anymore so like I said I dont know what to do and really starting to worry.....:confused:
  24. Hello hello clever POI people! I always get such quick and helpful responses from here, so here goes with another.... My OH and I spent about two years travelling (I know it's alright for some-hehe! :wink:) around SE Asia, and probably spent more than three months in Thailand, India and Borneo - however we were only there on Tourist Visas, not 'working' or 'residents' so I don't know if we would even have been on any of their radars, let alone be able to get police checks.:policeman: Has anyone been in the same or a similar situation? I am really scared that this could ruin our chances of getting in to Australia, if we had to apply for police checks from these countries I can imagine it taking months, or years (ok a little dramatic) for them to find nothing - aaarrgghh! Also does anyone know if this will go against us in general, having been away for 'so long'? I know it is quite a specific problem, but I'm sure if you're up for emigrating, you are probably a bunch with the travel bug, so I hope someone can tell me how they coped!! Thanks very much, China xx :wubclub:
  25. Good morning all! I am currentley studying (and enjoying very much) towards a city and gulids Level 2 in hairdressing , doing my level 3 in sept, my question is if i get a job this summer working 20 hrs a week, along side me doing my level 3, will i be able to next summer 2011 after 12 months working 20 hrs a week be able to apply for a permanent visa?? Another question!! Does it require all people on visa to validate or can just the main applicant?? Thanks ever so for your time Tasha xxxx