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Found 332 results

  1. Hi, im Martin, 25 from London. i will be travelling to Sydney on my own to work for 6 months at the end of Sep! dont really know anyone there, so will be great to meet some people here?? So if you any of you guys are in a similar situation, want an extra friend for drinks, clubs, activities, beaching or just to hang out and explore Sydney please private message me to swap facebooks if i can, i also want see as much of Australia as possible in the 6 months (outside of having to work full time!!). So if i have the time, possibly Melbourne, Gold Coast, Fraser island, Whitsundays etc. I've also booked a 2 week holiday in Thailand towards the end of Nov. Also plan to take surfing and diving courses! (havent done that before!) and any other ozzie stuff i discover while im there! Thanks!
  2. Finally we have found an agent and started the ball rolling!! Have looked on this forum for a few months and would like to hear from anyone moving to perth area or with a big family ( we have 4 children) or knowledge of the construction trade - anyone really, it's always good to gain knowledge of the area you maybe moving to - maybe even make a few friends before we get there !! My OH is a builder, I am a special needs teaching assistant and we have (as i've said) 4 children aged 12,8,6 & 5!! and don't think we can wait until visas are granted:biggrin:
  3. sykestykes

    18 Months And Six Days Later...

    Well here we are after a year and a half, so I thought it was time for another update. As regular readers will know, the first few months (i would say six to nine months at least) were extremely difficult for me. I wasn't one of the lucky ones who settled straight away with never a backward glance, although my husband and kids (now 14 and 12) were. I didn't expect to feel so out of sorts, and with 2 kids to settle into a new life, nor did I have the time to feel sorry for myself. We also had my husbands parents visit us for a month after we'd only been here 13 weeks which in hindsight was a very difficult time because I was striving to be 'tour guide extraordinaire' whilst my feelings were, in all honesty, all over the place. However much I craved familiarity and a cup of my mum's tea, I had no choice but to get on with it and buckle down to life here in Oz. My husband was contracted to stay with his company for 2 years (and still is) or suffer financial penalties we could not pay back, nor could we afford to up sticks and return to the UK so soon after arriving. More fool us, you might think, for not having a security buffer to see us through. However, I am glad we didn't have that option because it made me decide to spend whatever time we have here as an opportunity to explore and experience the things we came here for in the first place. We were lucky enough to be given the chance to come and live here, so why not make the most of it? We have bought a (very old and little boat) that took alot of doing up, but we've even made it as far as beautiful Tangalooma on it for no more than $20 of petrol and the cost of a picnic, when it costs approx $140 each to get there from Brisbane on a big boat trip. Our kids have snorkelled there for free, as well as off the Great Barrier Reef. We've been to Sydney, done a road trip up to Airlie Beach and The Whitsundays, and called off at Bargara, Yeppoon, 1770, Agnes Waters and Childers on the way. I even snorkelled off the reef there myself, forcing myself to overcome my lifelong fear of sticking my face into water while swimming, lol. Clever me :-) We called in at Hervey Bay too for a spot of whale watching on the way back home which was super and highly recommended. We don't know if we'll be here for a couple of years, 10 years or forever. I still have very down days and yesterday was one of them but I have a lovely husband, children and friends to help me through it (one of whom is a PIO member and she knows who she is and how much I value her friendship). I can't speak for anyone who decides to return to the UK because it is such a personal decision, influenced by many factors that are private to individual families. The only thing I would say is, do this because you can and because you want to, listen carefully to any inner doubts and don't 'do it for the kids' because they'll have a great life pretty much anywhere with happy, motivated parents. Anyway, everyone knows their own mind and while I lost mine for a while back there, I'm glad that we had to stay as it has made me appreciate the chance we have been given and for that I am grateful.
  4. Guest

    6 months limit?

    Hello guys, I am confused about this 6 months limit on onshore students. After completion of studies, if i want to get my studies assessed from ACS, should it be within 6 moths from completion date or I can do it whenever I want to? Thanks
  5. LKC

    18 Months!

    We have been here for 18 months tomorrow! I was going to write a giant-sized update about how things are going, but I figured that the only thing most people will be interested in is whether we have settled and whether we like it here. YES! Good move for us, good decision. Hard work at times, have had a couple of downs in addition to plenty of ups, but we expected that things might go that way. A little tiny bit of nostalgia-ism creeps in from time to time, but no real home-sickness as such. We miss family, of course, but it is manageable. Our daughters are settled in to a pre-school/nursery a couple of days a week and have started bringing home all manner of Australian colloquialisms and words, and have started to pronounce certain words in the Aussie way (yoh-gurt instead of yogurt and gum boots instead of wellies being two examples of that). Hubby is enjoying his job. I’m fine too. Finally started to make some good friends, took a while but I got there in the end. Said it wouldn’t be too long! Better go and get on and get the ironing done before it is time to collect the girls from nursery. See, living in Australia isn’t all glamour you know!
  6. This update has been a long time coming. We LOVE it here. We still keep telling each other "we live here". True, the inevitable drudge has set in. We have to work and do all the stuff we always had to do. But it is lovely to be near family for the first time ever for both of us, it's wonderful to see Ben, our son, happy at school again and enjoying making new friends with no bullying, and it's lovely to be warm most of the time. The summer was blisteringly hot. They tell us it was a cooler one than normal, but it still seemed to be very hot after the snow at Christmas. It was also VERY humid, which is the norm here. About 95-99% most of the time. Daytime temperatures were up to about 35C most days which was just too much with the humidity. We had windows open and fans going night and day. Sometimes we used the aircon, but it's expensive and we want to acclimatise as quickly as possible so felt we should use it sparingly. Now, it is winter and it DOES get cold at night. Our lounge is a very chilly 15C when we get up (I know - but it really does feel cold!). Daytime is generally very pleasant at about 25C. Steve now has a 2 month contract with the huge power station which we hope will be extended. He is still in IT but here he has to wear a uniform which includes a hard hat, steel toe-caps and ear defenders!!! I just love the tradies' uniforms here. It seems to bring a real sense of pride and respect to what would be considered "working class" in UK. The industry standard is for a 7am start, finishing at 4pm. Taking a bit of getting used to. I am doing a course to enable me to work as a carer in an old peoples' home. Don't get me started on that! My work placement (unpaid) is 6am to 2 pm!!!! Ben is very happy at school and is continuing his sax lessons, as well as joining Boys Brigade which is great fun. Buddy, our dog - a cocker spaniel, has coped well. We have to have him clipped to cope with the heat which is a real shame. But his needs come before my preferences. In summer we couldn't walk him in the daytime, but we can now when we have time. So he has put on a bit of weight but the vet reckons he is in perfect condition. He has not yet found any snakes - nor have we! He loves to swim from the dog friendly beach about 30 mins drive from here. We have moved from the very small temporary rental to a ridiculously large one in anticipation of a long visit from Steve's parents although that has now been deferred to next March. We have very little hope of ever finding a place to buy that is this big in our price range. The pool idea didn't last long, I am afraid. But it is on the wish list. Still the Coral sea is beautifully warm....sigh. Some things cost a lot more over here (furniture, linen etc) and we have no Ikea up here. I would love to see Argos here too! But some things are much cheaper or the same price but much better quality. Thinking especially of food; meat and fruit particularly. Summer here is wet, hot and humid with more biting mozzies than you could possibly imagine. They adore me! Winter here is dry, warm and a bit like UK summer!! Wonderful. When I say here...I don't mean all of Australia. I mean Central Queensland coast. Inland is cold, south is cold, north is hot. I have a few photos. Just not sure how to post them on this forum.
  7. Hi, We are going back in 6 weeks and are busy organising things-still counting the days as can't really come quick enough in some respects but not in others (leaving family)....just wondered how others are feeling with the return getting closer....
  8. scarlet mia

    Any info on visa sent 16 months ago.

    Hi I have n,t been on here for a while and I am trying to get some idea of what is happening with the visa situation. We lodged ours 16 months ago skilled 175. Husband is skilled sheet metal worker and was on the sol but a couple of months later he wasn,t. Had a look on the DIAC website and have been reading loads of threads and am I right in thinking it could take a couple of years. Was also wondering if immigration could not even process without telling me. Just thought we would of heard something by now. Seems to be in such a mess life has been on hold now for ages. Thankyou to anyone who takes time to help. x
  9. Well it's a problem of our making so I'm not complaining but the thought of packing and unpacking again makes me want to sit down at the computer on PIO, thereby avoiding ALL important and relevant tasks that will get us to our final destination. WTF is wrong with me, no urgency at all. Anyway whilst I'm here shall I tell you about the curtains I've made and the bargain bathroom I got on ebay? OOOOOh I also got some fantastic tiles for the bathroom...and...er yes yes I am packing boxes, no love I'm not on the computer. Gotta go :policeman:
  10. Guest

    12 months to the day.

    12 Months to the day we stepped on the plane to Australia. Any regrets? NONE Wish we did it 10 years ago. My full spiel on the subject... Oz rocks, love the country, the people are ace, the beaches are awwsome, got a great job, Insects, animals, reptiles, bring em on! facinating!... Weekends are unreal!! Can life get any better? Im sure it will... We love it! Chris
  11. :arghh:SO ITS WINTER OVER HERE AND I WOULD LIKE TO WARN ANYONE WHO IS RELOCATING OR EVEN THINKING THAT OZ IS HOT xxx and its NOT THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE !! or even WOW xx its not but if this is as bad a winter gets great xxx i sat on the beach today in jumper coat jeans and uggs but the sun was fab and the kids really enjoyed having to run about !!!! but when the sun goes down !!! which at the mo is middle of winter is about 5.30 the earliest it got was about 4.45 !!! BUT!!!! I WOULD LIKE A SUMMER INBETWEEN !!!! and thats my problem !!! yeh i left the uk in january in lovely snow and ice which had frozen over the top and packed up our belongings into a container in that !!!! and isnt it funny when you go to look for something that NEVER ARRIVED !!! and renting is **** xxx sorry guys but it is xxxx but is makes you realise what you need from your next place !! you cant hang a picture or mirror without permission !!!! to arrive in to heat in january and runaround like an headless chickens it was not fun x but you have to documents that prove WHO YOU ARE for rentals etc xxx so medicare and drivers licence and copies of your visas etc it takes time !!!! including bank statements !!!!!! might be worth getting the copies before you come !!!!!! and thats before they even consider YOU !!!!and then these properties get an 30min slot !!!! as an open inspection so you could be on your own or 20 other people behind YOU !!!! we were lookin for air con and a pool !!! yeh "" great now we are looking for heating !!!! melbourne is cold !!! and especially if you dont have heatin !! air con !!!! they dont have DOUBLE GLAZING ON WINDOWS WHICH IS A LAUGH !!!!!! AND BE PREPARED TO NEED A LICENCE TO FART !!!! i am serious !!!! i am looking for a part time job with kids !!!!!!! yeh !!! guess what i said to everyone in the uk that that is when the **** hits the fan i have had enough that i decide to work in mccdonalds !!!!!!! (OR MACCS) i need a licence to handle FOOD !!!!!!! which costs money !!! more fff money ! not happneing !!!! so my 6 months in has been **** xxx but thats mine xxx i have posted about meeting people etc but it is so like the uk xxxs freezing cold and dark and dreary xxxx its winter xxxx but in the uk you have nights to break it up !!! like hallowen,guy fawkes,xmas , new year
  12. Guest

    7 months in melbourne

    Hi all Thought it was about time for an update. Where is the time going? I cannot believe we have been here 7 months already and experiencing our 3rd season - winter - not bad but too much rain!!! Well where do i start - we love it!! The boys are settled in school and kindergarten, youngest had about 6 weeks of crying when we dropped him off at kinder but since then we have smiles constantly and he always says 'do i have school today (in his aussie twang that he has developed!!) The eldest is in high school and enjoying it and making friends but has developed such an attitude (hormones galore!) The kids have started to have a better social life than us now!! We have just signed another lease and are staying put for the next 12mths. We, as a family, don't seem to have experienced any lows yet but i am sure they will come. I find having my friends so far away very difficult and it is good to talk but when it is you calling the uk all the time you start to think if they have the 'out of sight out of mind' attitude. not just friends but family also!! We have made some fantastic friends during the time we have been here, old poms and new poms, we are like 1 big family!! I have even made a couple of aussie friends who find my sense of humour strange to say the least!! work is going well and i have finally managed to find the right place to nurse after being in 2 other clinics. It is very different to the UK and the whole medicare billing thing is bizarre, so much to get ur head around, still i think i am there now. My nursing skills are having a big impact on the clinics and the role of the practice nurse (for the better) but it took them time too and australian's don't do change very well. I have been to brisbane to visit my friend and her family and although it is nice and green i really felt i was 'home' when i landed in melbourne, that was such a nice feeling. Melbourne has its ups and downs like the irratic weather but it feels great and certainly a place where i think the boys can grow up learning a bit of everything, although sport is the only thing they care about at the moment so they are in the right place. my uk friend asked me the other day if our aussie life would be short term, all i could answer was 'it was the right thing for us to do and we love our new life, i cant see me living back in the uk but i will holiday there', but to be honest i don't feel i want to spend $5000 on a trip back just to see family and friends - does that sound harsh? I would rather experience more of this fabulous country and spend my hard earned money on beautiful holidays here. We took a massive loss on the house to come here and our money is still tied up in the uk earning no interest so i cant wait for the exchange rate to improve and then we can look at bringing that over for a house deposit. If we hadn't took the loss we could still have been there - our next door neighbour has just sold and they were on at the same time as us. I am grateful for the chance we have been given and the opportunity to give our family a new lease of life, things are so much better for us as a family now. I know it is not the life for some and people struggle with leaving family and friends but we love our new life. good luck to everyone on the rollercoaster ride - it is fun once the dust settles! regards Bonnie
  13. is that even possible?????? Ideally I would like to sell but it would have to be in 2 months at a decent offer.....otherwise we rent. Has Anyone done it???? Sold SO quickly? The Dilemma here is the school term, I want to leave in September so my Daughter doesn't have to start a new year with a class full of children she isn't friends with (they split up all friends for next term and she hardly knows anyone in her class)in year2, only to take her out and put her in a new class again with complete strangers, back to year one for a term, and then another huge long holiday and put in to another class...... If we leave later than October, not only do the airfares go up a HUGE amount, but then my daughter misses the last term of year one in Australia and has another HUGE holiday. I know most of you will say, well send her to year two and leave later - but I don't want to!!! My parents are so excited we will finally be spending christmas with them, so really need to take advantage of the good flights in SEPTEMBER!!! I said to my husband I could always go out before him with the kids and he can follow later - but obviously is not happy about that as he will be lumped with the final packing etc, I can't seem to get around that - even though the packers pretty much do everything for you and I am already cleaning out and packing the bits we want to take...... anyway with a lot of babble inbetween - am I being unrealistic or can we sell or rent in 2 months???? We live on a good train line to London and are pretty central - M25 and A3 just around the corner.
  14. Guest

    passport expires in 6 months

    hi, I am currently on a 457 living in Australia and I am going back to the UK for a holiday, when I re-enter Australia do I have to have more than 6 months valid on my passport, my passport expires 5/2/2011 and I am re-entering Australia 22/8/2010 (which is less than 6 months). Also I have a connection through Dubai on my way back, is there any check of my passport on such a connection?, if so any idea if I need to have more than 6 months on my passport. And finally...what's the cost and lead time for getting my passport renewed I could look into this while I am home (for 4 weeks). cheers, Dan
  15. The Dilemma We have been here over two and a haft years .Love it . In all a very good move ,the only thing is after all this time other haft cant find work ,and this is getting her a little pead-off with oz ,so we have said if in 12 months its still the same ,then the uk it will be . (not a p1ss take btw). If this is the case ,we will return when old and grey i hope.
  16. Hi, This will be the first time we have had to do an AU tax return and I was wondering if we can claim anything back for the period i wasnt in work? Hubs has been employed full time since we stepped off the plane, i however have only worked from Nov 2009. We dont have any dependants and we are on a 457 if this makes a difference. Can we claim anything back for the period i wasnt in work? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i obviously know nothing about tax :laugh: Thanks Emma
  17. Guest

    Nearly 12 months in oz!

    Should have done it 12 years ago!:arghh: Like for like, pound for pound, still have to work, Bills, groceries, same old bull sh7t every day etc etc etc... BUT!.............................. Weekends!!! Great weather! Beaches galore on your door step, Surfing, BBQs, Beer, Huge houses, Great weather, more beer, great people, loads to do, boosted moral, more beer, great weather? Surfing, boating, walking, then beer! Better wages, more prospects, easier to achieve higher positions, just fantastic. Did i mention great beer (Crownies hmmmmm) Lovin lovin lovin it. What do i miss from the uk? Nothing... Good luck if you are stuck in the system and waiting... Stick at it... It took us 2 years and a lot of money...But "Hey" (qld lol ) this place rocks. Chris
  18. Guest

    Renewed passport 18 months in

    I'm 18 months into a 4 year 457 visa and have just had to renew my UK passport (really should have done it before getting the visa but hindsight's 20/20 ;-). I don't have a physical visa in my old passport...it's just electronic. Do I need to transfer my visa to my new passport or do I need to take both passports when I travel?
  19. Hi all Just thought I'll let you know how we have been getting on all the way downunder. We arrived on the 15th Dec and spent the 1st 3 weeks in Perigain Springs in holiday mode and looking for somewhere to live. We found a house in Buderim which is a very nice town with everything you could want and it is nice and central. The house is nice and big and backs on to a woods so we get everything from huge stick insects too kangeroos in the garden as well as the dreaded Huntsman in the house. I'm not normanly scared of spiders but they are so fast its not right. Both our girls (15 and 10) have settled in better than we could have hoped for and have made lots of friends and I have not heard "I'm bored" since we've been here. Alice goes out on her friends boat and down to the beach., and we all go out fishing, hunting in the rock pools swimming in waterfall in the park and have not sat about doing nothing yet. I think we're going to Australia Zoo this weekend. Work. I got my visa as a renderer and have struggled to get work. The guy I worked for told us to look for other work last month because he had none. His firm has been on the Sunshine Coast for 18 years and has a good rep; but with so many plasterers under cutting to get work theres no money left in it any more so I have decided to give it up. You can earn more cleaning which is what I am now doing. I got a full time job last week cleaning a hotel. I start at 3am but its good money. On the same day I got this job Sharon all so got a full time job after 6 months of trying as a shop assisant so we have turned the corner thank god. At Easter we at rock bottom and were down to $2 honestly. Do I regret coming? No defintly not. No one said it would be easy and we never expected it to be. We have stuck at it and have met loads of people. I have found the Australians to be helpful and friendly. All the idiots I've met and thats only been 2 have been English. Anyway speak soon Carls (yorkshireclan) arriving next month. Luv Lance
  20. Guest

    12 months in and still going

    Well it’s been 12 months since I arrived in Australia, so this is my impressions of our first 12 months here. My wife arrived before me while I waited for my spouse visa, Marge went to Australia first, thinking it would only take a couple of weeks for my visa application. Three months later after gathering evidence I applied for my visa and it was granted within 10 days, 7 days later I was on a flight to Brisbane. Marge had sorted out a car & accommodation and we spent our first six months back together on Bribie Island, A beautiful place with some lovely walks and beaches. After 6 months we had to move and found a place at Godwin Beach right on the esplanade with views across the bay. Over the first 12 months we have had our share of ups and downs, I had taken early retirement from the British Ambulance service after a couple of health scares, and initially we survived on my small pension, we all know what happened to the value of the £ and my small pension got smaller as time went by. Looking for work was hard, Marge has plenty of experience in Admin but could not find a job, she had a few interviews but even being Australian did not help her secure a position. As a retired Paramedic I had no real qualifications that applied to work outside the health service sector. Eventually Marge managed to get a job in telesales and that helped to pay the bills and I became a house husband. After being here 10 months we applied for work as curators/caretakers of a museum in Goondiwindi and to our utter amazement we were successful and moved to Goondiwindi about 3 weeks ago. We are settling into the job and adjusting to life in a small town 2 hours drive from anywhere else, but we like it here (well so far we do). Goondiwindi is a very friendly place and it does not take long to get known by the locals, for anyone who is thinking of coming to Australia I would like to offer the following advice. If you can get a job before arriving it will help you a lot. Learn to shop again, don’t just use the big supermarkets they are a rip off, look for fruit barns and meat markets, you get good food at a fraction of the cost. Australians are friendly, but don’t expect them to meet you as you move in to your house with tea and biscuits, go round and introduce yourselves you will find they will react positively. Join local clubs such as RSL, surf clubs and similar, you can go out for a meal at these places quite cheaply and socialise with the locals. This can also help with job searches. If you cannot get a job keep trying and try not to get despondent, Australians have problems getting employed, do not fall into the trap of saying “oh it’s because I am English”. My biggest regret is the fact my Children and grandson are in the UK, I wish I could have got them here with me. I am looking forward to my next 12 months here and the next stage of my Australian life. Well thats condensed my first year down to a few lines. I could have gone into more detail, buy hey, its boring enough for you to read without me keep going on and on. :biggrin:
  21. Hi, I was hoping someone could shed some light on the defacto requirement for 457 visas. I've read absolutely loads on the forum and on immi website re the 12 month relationship requirement, but am now even more confused since my partner spoke to immigration. He was just told that the requirement is different for a 457, in that we only have to have been in a defacto relationship for 6 months! We actually got together in 2005, and lived together until last year when we separated for a few months, but have been back living together for 3 months. With the latest news it seems as though the defacto application isn't as unreachable as we first thought. Am I getting prematurely excited?! From reading forums I get the impression that a lot of people (inlcuding me) confuse the requirements for a defacto application for the partner of an Australian citizen, a defacto app for permanent residency, and a defacto app for the partner of someone on a temporary 457. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm feeling v confused by the whole thing!
  22. TheBrammies

    9 months in Perth the story so far

    There has been alot Happen in the last 9 months since we left old Blighty. We left on the 17th August flying with Qantas (the new A380 ) the flight didnt feel as long as i thought it might with 3 children. has some of you may know i have never been to oz before so didnt know what to expect we had friends to stay with so were lucky has it been easy ..................no at times i have felt more pressure than at any other time in my life but i'm still here. has it affected my family ..........................yes in a positive way were have stayed strong as a family unit has it been worth while ...............yes without question you learn so much about your self and family its been a great adventure and you appriecate somethings in the uk more is family life better...................its different we spend more time as a family unit but i work more hours in the week is work life any better.......................moving from wages to being self employed is a big step anyway so can't comment but be warned the aussies aren't a lazy bunch when they work they work hard and thats come from a few British tradesmen is it expensive...............as expensive as you want it to be but the wages tend to be higher as well. is there Plenty of Work ....................depends what job you do but it can be hard to get your foot in the door but when you do they tend to be loyal but be warned if you can't do what you say you can then you will get found out very quickly and sent on your way. schools.......................not sure at the moment they teach a different style not as academically focused as the uk so will wait and see but the children settled very easy making friends................you have to make the effort but people tend to be friendly but then again weve never found it hard to make friends some of which we made on here. do we miss home ............................somethings we miss but thats only to be expected will we stay ...................who knows we said we would give it 2 years and thats what we still intend to do but after emigrating to the other side of the world with 3 children we wouldn't rule anything out it just shows you that anything is within reach if you want it to be. feel free to ask me anything i will give my honest opinon
  23. Hi I am new to this but thought I would like to post after spending my first 6 months here just to give people who are thinking of coming here an idea of what it is like. I spent two years planning this move, I had been over to Australia a couple of times previously and I loved it and so decided to make plans to move here. The application was long winded and I honestly think personally I just went through the motions of applying without really thinking about how the move would affect me. The main concern for us was selling the house in the middle of a recession and my husband leaving a good job in the UK and finding work here. When I look back I didnt think about me or what I would do when I got here. We were lucky and sold the house but it was at this time I started to have major doubts but we had gone so far I blanked it out and concentrated on the move thinking it would be a better life for our children. Renting the house would have been a far better option as at least we would have something to return to. Well we arrived, my husband found a really great job, we spend a couple of months sorting out all the usual things which took my mind off home, but deep down I was feeling awful. The buzz of the move had gone and here I was in a lovely house with the sun shining every day feeling so down. I appreciate that everyone is different and not everyone will feel like I do but I do wish I could turn back the clocks and go back to my old life. I have a lovely home here and we have a good income but it is not everything. the pull of my old life and family is just too much. The things I have found most difficult are, a horrible feeling of being alone and not being able to call family because of the time difference, not being able to work because of childcare waiting lists etc, having a young family and no support network - this is so hard, the expense of living here - the only thing which is cheaper is petrol , food bills have doubled here and the variety and quality of food is poor compared to the UK. Whilst it is lovely being in the sun, throughout the summer it is too hot for young children and we spend most of the time indoors as we cant stand the 40 degree heat. I have not posted on here to moan about Australia as I moved here because I was so fond of it but to me it is just a holiday place, real life here is so different. I hope anyone planning on making the move with a young family are 100% sure before they do it. As other people have mentioned make sure you have enough finances before coming here as the cost of everything will be a massive shock. The cost of living is not cheaper than the UK and generally wages are lower. If you are coming with a young family think of how you would cope without the support network you may have in the UK. I am glad I came only because I would have always thought I had lost out on a fantastic opportunity to have a great life, but at least now I know the grass is no greener over here and the UK is the place where I want to be. I wish everyone luck who is making the move but just make sure you have no doubts before you do it.
  24. I've just got a job as a care worker, which I'll start next month, and because I don't wanna wait 4 yrs til after uni to experience Australia, I've decided to go next year before I start uni, during the summer holidays!! I'll most likely be saving about £250 a month, over a period of around 11 months, plus I'll get xmas and bday money to go towards it if I needed it. So will 2-3k be enough? I'm hoping to go from Sydney to Cairns and where ever else I can fit in afterwards if I can afford it. Would stay in cheap (but clean and friendly) hostels and get around by coach or train. What dya reckon? Is it do-able? I'll probably be going alone too.
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    5 months and counting..

    Hi I am fairly new to P-in-O and wondered ifanyone out there can help. Me ,my husband and our 4 kids and 1 labrador are moving to Brisbane in September. Most of his work/visa stuff is done so its just the practical stuff left. I really would appreciate any advice about 1) international removers 2) pet transportation and 3) the reality of migration. We are very lucky in that we came over for 12 months in 2007 and fell in love with QLD so we kinda know a bit but probably not enough... All pearls of wisdom gratefully appreciated! Cheers.:err: