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  1. Hi, Just wanted to say hello as we have logged on to the site today. Been in Oz since late last year and finding our feet. Only miss my cadburys whole nut,so doing okay. We are looking to find a person who is a chippy/carpenter who needs some spending money and is willing to do a small job at our home in Onkaparinga Hills. Studding upstairs and minor alterations in upstairs games area. All materials will be supplied by me. DIY project so bring your saw and hammer oh and a level!!! Agreed payment upon satisfactory completion..We know how hard it is to find work and we know how hard it is to find the right builder Anybody know of or anybody interested drop me a line and we can meet and discuss job and price Regards and thanks {email removed**
  2. Guest

    4 months in and ......

    Hi everyone...havnt posted for a while ...but today , 4 months after arriving on 457 visa we have put in our permanent ENS 856 visa yahoooooo!!!!!!!:biggrin: Have been told by DIAC that average wait is around 4 months so not too bad. We arrived in November and have had a few ups and downs but feel like we are starting to settle in and make progress now. we absolutly love Adelaide and we both have jobs, Ethan has settled in school and we are just about to move into a long term rental in Gawler. Colin's company are permanantly sponsoring him on the 856 and I feel really lucky as I know lots of people have struggled to find work. Just off to buy some furniture for our new house....thought Id just let you all know that things are looking rosey in the Jeremy household .:jiggy:
  3. Got the good news of having a case officer this morn, but have an email requesting A LOT of extra info-infact what seems to like be all the info I sent with my visa application ages ago!? Whys is this? Is it poss for me to conact my case officer? The email I was sent was from a man called Lee and it said it was sent on behalf of my case officer-is that how it is spoed to work? Shouldnt it be my case officer contacting me directly? I am sooo confused now!
  4. Guest

    Cant apply for 12 months!

    Going to apply for skilled migrant visa with my de facto partner and we've been living together for 7 months but have no proof as everything's in my name as he just gives me rent,what can I do? Otherwise will have to wait another year to apply:frown:
  5. Hi all, like everyone i guess we are starting to panic about money, as looks like will be unable to see property in Uk so will have to rely on savings (non excistant at present!!) . sooo..... just wondering, we want to give ourselves three months breathing space to qet qualifications recognised (hubbie electrician but will have done a lot of process) and find job, rental etc. we will be family of five, two adults, two under fours and a little tiny baby (due end june) how much realistically should we try to save to see us through those three months for rental, food, elec, internet etc etc really starting to panic!!!
  6. Hi All, Great forum you have here I'm after some advice, and hopefully to take some comfort from knowing that I'm not the only one in this situation.. I applied for my spouse visa (SP47) in August (5 months ago now) and so far the only action from immigration has been to take payment (no surprise there) and to send me a letter stating that they will contact me when a case officer has been assigned. Just before Christmas I phoned to enquire and was told that the waiting period for a spouse visa is 6 - 9 months and that I should wait for a case officer (I submitted it to the Sydney office if that has any bearing), however I keep reading on these forums about people who had there visa granted in a matter of weeks! I don't exepct my situation to be difficult, my Wife is an Australian citizen, I am already in Australia (I've previously been granted a working holiday visa and three 457's). We are expecting our first baby in April (woohoo), and provided plenty of proof with the application (Joint Savings, Joint Loan, etc). Is anyone else in a similar situation? Am I now worrying unneccessarily, or do you think such a delay is strange? Is there anything I could/should do to speed things up? Thanks in advance for any help or advice. Dan
  7. Hi We applied for Victoria State Sponsorship on 14th November. Our application was acknowledged on 2nd December and on 11th December we were asked to submit a signed declaration and give our reasons for choosing Victoria. We did this and had another email back on 23rd December thanking us for our response and saying " Thank you for your email explaining your preference for Victoria and your declaration. It sounds like you've been doing lots of research and I think you've made a wise decision (although I may be somewhat biased, being a Victorian!). We have updated your file and will let you know of the outcome once a decision has been made. " I asked for an update on 30th December and received their response yesterday "Thank you for your emails regarding the progress of your state sponsorship application. We are currently dealing with a backlog in applications and correspondence which is causing a delay in our responses to enquiry emails. We have not yet sent an outcome on your application to you. Currently, your application is being assessed by our Industry Panel - this can take up to ten weeks - and we will contact you to advise on the outcome as soon as a decision has been made." I'm beginning to get a little worried now - if they say no then we've "lost" 2-3 months. Also, OH skill was removed from the list on 12th Jan, though they have said applications submitted before 12th Jan will be assessed based on the previous list. However, if we are being assessed by an industry panel could they decide that there is no current demand for OH trade and so refuse us? Has anyone else had to wait this long? Has anyone been refused? I guess I'm just seeking reassurance. When we got the TRA result in Nov I thought state sponsorship would be the easy bit and we'd have our visa application in by Xmas Nicky x __________________
  8. Hiya, I found poms in oz really helpful before we moved to Oz. We have been here for 3 months now, living in Forestville, Northern beaches, Sydney. We are really enjoying ourselves and are starting to feel very settled and very busy!! If anyone has any questions or concerns about moving to Sydney, pls feel free to get in touch with me. For me the first few weeks were exciting, but hard - especially with two very young children. The renting situation was stressful, but everything fell into place pretty quick. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello has I haven't had chance to visit the forum since we arrived!! Marie x
  9. Guest

    Advice.. A few months on again.

    Hi, First of all hope everybody had a good christmas & new year. I posted here back in March 08 requesting some advice in relation to moving to OZ. (here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/32279-little-advice-please.html - I decided not to dig out an old thread) At the time I posted, I was 16, people may have thought it was just some crazy 16 year olds dream, however it has still been under serious thought. In relation to that thread, I stated about my parents also moving to Oz, they have said they'd like to but are unsure and will consider it in the future, however they are older than 45. A few circumstances have also changed which has changed their opinion. However, as I am currently 17, don't have much behind me; retail experience, running 3 businesses(current running a business), 11 or 13 GCSE's (can't remember) and currently doing A levels I'm looking towards my future as they've told me, whatever I do, don't let your parents or friends hold you back. So, My next step is university, I've decided I'm going to stay in the UK to forfill my degree level of education as I cannot afford the international student fees in OZ. With my course, Business & Marketing I have a placement sandwich year (Year 3) which I would consider working in Australia if the opportuntity occured. In that year, I hope to maintain a strong relation with an employer which are established in Australia or Canada (thats my second choice). Although, upon me just completing UCAS I have noticed the area I want to specialise in is no longer on their skills shortage list, however I hope within a few years time it will be, or I can HOPEFULLY with a lot of emphasis be sponsored to work out there. Also, I have decided I will try it alone, can't knock it till you've tried it if I get accepted. I'm fairly confident with talking to new people, not being big headed but I'd find socialising easier due to working with the british public. You may think I'm just telling you my future plans, however I want to bring Oz into this, I hope I can work my backside off to earn some extra cash to hopefully go there in the Summer this year. However with the purchase of a motorbike insight as I'm close to doing my Restricted Access, I could be held back. Boys & their toys as my girlfriend says. But I'm not sure where to go from now, I cannot apply for a Visa until I'm 18 in June, which, really is pointless until I get my degree in all fairness. I have no wife, which is to no surprise, I work at the low of end the scale stacking shelves! I have been offered a conditional Summer Placement with my employer Sainsbury's in London, UK, however don't think it will help me to move abroad as easy as I'd like. All advices, questions and anything else is muchly appreciated James
  10. Been here 10 months now. The day we arrived in Feb was dull and wet. Ok, so it's drier here than in the UK, but there haven't been many days where we have been able to sit outside without being wrapped up. So far we have only sat in the garden 5 times, partly because we have had things on, but also because a lot of the time it's not garden weather. I cycle to work every day and I still wear a fleece, as I have done every day. It seems that most days it will get warm at some point in time, but normally an hour later it will be cloudy and dull. We have only had 3 days in this time that I would consider as being 'hot'. We knew that Victoria wasn't great for weather, but we expected a "summer". It's hard to make out what the climate is like from word of mouth because some people's idea of good weather is different from others. The last few months have been awful weather, by anybodys standards, and we are now in mid summer supposedly. We keep waiting for the sun to shine but looks like it's not going to happen... i'm thinking we need to move further north!!
  11. Yesterday we hit our six month anniversary since we arrived and how much harder it has been than we ever expected. I actually hit a point where I felt like I was grieving. My head told me we'd done the right thing, but my heart wanted to run home to familiarity. I have never felt so isolated. A lot was probably to do with being alone with OH at work and kids at school. My parents came for 2 1/2 weeks end of November beginning of December and I kept crying the day they left. I wouldn't go back though because I feel priveleged to be able to live in such a beautiful country and wish I could bring all my loved ones to be with me. We got what we hoped for when we came here. More time as a family, more time out doors and a bonus of being/feeling much more healthy without the polution levels of the UK. We have found a wonderful school for the children and I could never take them back to the place we left. Yes, some things are a pain and the TV advertising drive me potty, but the hardest thing was pulling through the....homesickness I guess. OH is still struggling a bit. Misses his carp fishing and is struggling to find anywhere local where he can catch anything. If anyone knows of any good fishing spots in the Adelaide area that don't require a boat, would very much appreciate hearing from you! Cara
  12. Hi, Our meds were received in Aus on 23rd September, and the enquiry page was updated to say received on 8th October, but nothing since then! I would have assumed that they would have changed to met/finalized etc by now. Should we be concerned and contact DIAC, or is this fairly normal, and should we just sit tight?? Thanks.
  13. Yeah that is right, our boxes left our house in June and have finally arrived in Brisbane. After a lot of complaints we have finally been told that our stuff is in Brisbane but still not sure when we will get it.. ~Soon I hope, I have forgotten what I packed. I can't believe the poor service we got so my only advise is DON'T use bournes....lol We did get some compensation and they are paying for delivery but it is a case of too little to late. I hope no one else has the same problems with their shipping as we have had. April & Richard
  14. After 7 months in Oz. Number of months without wearing socks 7. Number of jelly fish stings 1 (Daughter aged 7, painful but otherwise ok) Number of giant spider sightings 2 (Those huntsman are huge) Number of times gone off road with 4x4 car 0. Number of times we've complained its too hot 600,007. Number of times we've gone in pool to cool down 600,007. Number of wild kangaroos seen 0. Number of wild parrots seen 976. Number of lightning strikes watched from the veranda 821. Number of times fell asleep in hammock on veranda 2. Number of tropical fish seen while snorkeling 57. Number of cockroaches squished 9. Number of times downstairs flooded by major storm 1. Number of cheap take away meals consumed 31. Number of times woken up by birds going crazy at 4:50 in the morning 76. More on the blog Emigrating to Australia Mike and Alison
  15. Guest

    We're three months in!

    Today is our anniversary, we have been on Australian soil for exactly 3 months. We arrived mid-august from England after a near solid month of rain. On arrival, we were initially in holiday mood awestruck with the beauty of Australia despite the jetlag, however, after the initial ‘up’ of arriving we soon came down to earth. All our preconceptions were dismissed and reality hit. My OH was offered a job only to be let down at the last minute when the work didn’t materialise. He struggled to find other work on the Sunshine Coast, our preferred area and we somewhat reluctantly moved south for the work opportunities. We found a rental in Ormeau and my OH got work on the Gold Coast. After discovering that tradie work was essentially casual and us struggling to cope with the intermittent periods of unemployment and fearing we might have to go back to the UK indefinitely, my OH found a permanent job with a local company. The money is on a par with England but not enough to support us, however, he has guaranteed work and is working with a fab team and getting lots of local experience. Things should improve when I go back to work after Christmas. We’ve struggled to cope with our new life, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, a constant learning curve. Some days the sun shines and you pinch yourself because you can’t believe how lucky you are. Other days you feel down for no reason. We do suffer bouts of homesickness. That doesn’t mean we want to go home, just that homesickness hits you in strange ways when you are least expecting it, a manifestation of all the inner turmoil of upping sticks and moving your life to the other side of the world. Australia is not what we expected. There are hints of colonisation but on the whole it is more Americanised that we thought it would be. That’s not bad, just different to what we expected. The Aussies speak a different language (believe me), their culture is different and we face challenges everyday that we wouldn’t have thought possible when we were in the UK. The country is a contradiction, in many ways years behind the UK but in others, in advance. So do we like it? You bet! Yes Australia IS different to the UK in ways that you wouldn’t imagine. It IS harder than you think to settle here and yes some things are better in the UK and some are better in Oz. Yes we miss the countryside, the culture and the character of the buildings. No country is perfect and Australia is no different, but and it’s a big but, the reasons we came here, the reason we moved our kids, our belongings, our life, to the other side of the world stay the same and for us, Australia is better. It’s not an easy ride and we won’t achieve what we want to initially. We need to be within commuting distance of Brisbane, so can’t live on the coast as we would like. My OH is working longer hours than we ideally would like and we don’t have as much disposable income as we want, but….. - The weather is better which means we get to spend more time outdoors and together. - There is less crime in general. - The standard of living is better. - Our kids are happier and so are we For most people coming to Oz iit sn’t plain sailing. I hope we make a go of it and hope we get a bit of luck to help us on our way. Australia is a wonderful country full of opportunities, but your golden ticket isn’t a key to an easy ride. If you want it to work, be prepared to be flexible and change your plans. I can understand that Oz isn’t for everyone, there is no unwritten rule that says you have to like it, but for us, we’ve made some fantastic friends and it’s starting to slowly feel like home, Australia is starting to seep into our bones. In short Australia is growing on us.
  16. Feel like we're going mad waiting!! Checking the status page every other day now as ten times a day was a little too obsessive I realised as it doesn't matter how long I stare at screen it still says the same thing. Agent submitted app. 13/05/08, day before OH 45th birthday hope this won't go against us. Front page says app commenced meds recieved and finalised 14/07/08 click on req. docs. and says required next to everything but all docs sent when lodged apart from pc's as we took them to agents door when we were in Perth on reccie in Aug'08 and she uploaded them then. Still no c/o feel forgotten got excited when clicked on entitlement box when it said visa details but it was just the travel ones we had to get for reccie, stress. Anyone else lodged in May and got a c/o yet need to share the wait OH too grumpy. Trying for 176, O/H a brickie.:arghh::arghh:
  17. Our family visa's arrived today.......Yeehah ! I was on the MODL list as a mechanical fitter. Our Agents were very professional ( OE Visa's Edinburgh ) We applied for state sponsorship 176 and applied online on the 4th June 2008. Our case officer was appointed 08/10/08 and meds took a little longer to process. Police checks were 10 days to be Met by the DIAC. Kids meds finalised 05/11 and adults were 15/11. VISA approved 18/11/08 Just hope everyone waiting gets a similar result. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL See you in Oz in January ! Daz & Les Cammy 8 & Kieran 8
  18. Well finally we got the phone call telling us that we have got our 175 visa, the feeling is unbelievable and all the moaning I have done the last few months and so sick of waiting felt like giving up has just disappeared and it doesn't seem that bad after all !!!! We first applied for TRA end August 2007 (hubby is a bricklayer) and submitted visa application 2nd January this year and just waited and waited and waited. Got our case officer 16th October. We had done our medicals and police checks beginning January too and fortunately our wonderful case officer has given us an extension until 1st March to activate our visa so hope to go to Perth in February and then decide when are going to finally make the big move. Anyway, congratulations to anyone else out there who has recently received their visas, such a fantastic feeling and for those who are still waiting, the wait reallly will be worth it in the end. Also if I can help anyone with anything on the rollercoaster of applying for a visa, please let me know. Good luck everyone. Amanda (38), Steve (36) and Maisie Jayne (2.5) and Hugo the dog (8 year old, 8 stone):smile:
  19. Hi we are looking for a furnitured house in the fremantle and surrounding areas for end of Feb 09 for at least 3 months maybe 6 months depending on price. We are a family of 4...... kids ages 10 and 15 NO PETS/ NON SMOKERS My OH has a job to start in March 09 and we need to be in this area (easier for transport) and schools. Thank you :jiggy: Tracey and Mick
  20. Guest

    3 months in and all set up

    Hey all, long time no see. Sarah and I left the UK on 10th August and arrived in Sydney on the 12th. We spent a couple of days in Sydney, seeing the sights (great city based on 2 days!). Then we spent 11 weeks in Tamworth. We weren't sure about being in a country town, but we both enjoyed it. It's known as a hick town, but we felt it had more of a pleasant country feel. There are some really nice surrounding towns (Nundle for example, a great little craftsy town) and it's got everything you need. Sarah has finished her emergency medicine rotation in Tamworth now though and we've moved to Warners Bay, into a really nice 3 bed, two bathroom, double garage house with a good yard and garden. Warners Bay is on Lake Macquarie and we're actually living only a hundred meters or so from the edge of the lake. Very nice. Not only all that, but we've got a dog! A beautiful 1 year old black labrador called Bella who's been fabulous so far. I was a little homesick the first week or so, which I wasn't expecting as I didn't really feel too much connection to the UK, but that settled down pretty quickly and now we're both almost completely at home. Sarah starts her second rotation, in General Medicine, at the hospital here tomorrow, so good luck to her!
  21. :jiggy: Hey Gday mates, yeah cant believe it we have a case officer, only just put a thread on poms the other day complaining that we did not have a CO. And if by magic a mail suddenly appeared!! Hubbie and I applied subclass 175 paper based without an agent. Received app 1st Feb. EMail arrived today and we have 70 days to gain police checks and medicals. ITS ALL GO!!!!!! Cant believe it, we now need to decide what were doing with the house. Do we rent or sell? It just all seems so real now, nervewracking and exciting!!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else there thinking about going to Newcastle NSW or is about to go? Were a youngish couple me 29 and hubbie 36 and would be nice to chat to people who are in same situation or about to move. Oh my goodness were nearly there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:radar:Kirstie and Marc x
  22. Guest

    3 months in, the latest

    Well this may be of interest to some and of absolutely none to others. I have been on PIO since August last year which is when we lodged our Visa. We finally got our Visa on 5 May this year and landed in Perth on 15 July 08 with our huge grins and tails a wagging! We have been here 3 months now and I tell you it has been one hell of a ride. Firstly I surprised myself (always been strong, never cried) to find that I was spending my first few weeks sobbing on the floor cyring for home and wishing I had hugged my friends and family for longer before leaving. Now, I have family here, my sister and her family and my Dad and Step-mum. My OH left his entire family behind but he regularaly puts me to shame and has been the rock in this family and has said that no matter what we are not going back. It took him 3 months to find a job (bricklayer by trade but did not want to do that) he trawled the internet, phoned people, sent off his CV on a daily basis, until finally he has now got a job as a Field Assistant working for a Geology company. He is based in Newman and does the old FIFO, 2 weeks on one off. He desperately wanted to work in the mines as an Excavator but they do require at least 2 years experience. So he then thought he would fall back on his lorry driving but alas, his lorry licence could not be transferred to his WA Licence. Anway he now has a job and is really enjoying it. I also now have a job, just cleaning, but it is $20 an hour which is good money and I only do one day a week. Our kids are now settled at school, but be warned, as well as buying uniform we had to supply all stationery and school books etc. However the kids can wear trainers to school and any socks so my youngest proudly wears his Bart Simpson ones to school daily! We joined a private health insurance company too. Really chuffed about that, then my eldest needed a crown on a tooth and they would not cover the hospital care as we had to be with them for 12 months. You pay for dentistry for children here but I have to admit the $3500 I have just spent was money well spent because the dozy dentist in the UK did not pick up the fact he had a huge cavity in one of his permanent molars. So he went into hospital yesterday and had it all sorted out by a peadiatric dentist as Michael has a real fear of dentists. As Micheal was in surgery I at sat in a park and looked across the river at Perty city and realised I am in a most beautiful place. My OH who I speak to every night says his job is really cool as he has never seen scenery like it and daily sees camels and kangaroos. The heat gets up to about 40 but he copes just fine. On a hot day when the sky and sea are so blue and the palms are just waving in the wind it is like heaven on earth. I will be honest, this is not the land of plenty but when the sun shines and I see my kids playing outside with their brown cheeks looking healthier than ever, I forget who and what I am missing in the UK and agree with my OH that we are here to stay! By the way we are in Kallaroo in Perth, just in case anyone wants to know. I know many people have mixed feelings of emigrating. It is a huge thing to do and is not something to be taken lightly, just remember when you do leave the UK for the last time, hug your friends and family for that extra bit longer. If anyone every needs any positive advice or help if coming to Perth, just send me a pm. 3 months down the line I have a pretty good idea of what to expect now. Claire
  23. hey im Michael Son Of Nurse Sue Im 17 Nearly 18 I've been here 6 nearly 7 months i have a few friends here n theere but they just dnt understand the english humour well just really on here to meet new faces, build new frinedships n to help others and my self feel settle Im Called Michael But known As from my rents Mc N at Skwl i am known as Uk , Pommie Dude or Ukid Kid Im into sum crazy as bands n enjoy goin to gigs with mates erm so yh thats a little about me so if ur the same as me wantin to make friends then ill be lookin forward to chattin Mc xx
  24. AnxiousMum

    5 months to go

    Ok so its 5 months and counting until our rekkie to Melbourne. With all the stuff being said about getting even more strict on immigration into OZ I am starting to panic slightly here. We were gonna wait until Jan to send out C.V.'s to all and sundry in banking and I.T. fields around the Melbourne areas. BUT maybe we should be starting to send them sooner. Our plan was to try and get employers interested in the fact we would be in Melbourne in March, then hopefully get some interviews lined up and just introduce ourselves really. Dont know what to do for the best. Should we stick to the plan and wait til Jan to send C.V. etc off or should we start now???????????? Any advice greatly appreciated.:arghh:
  25. Guest

    in oz two months and settled

    Hi all, Just an update for those who remember me from the few posts I sent before we left. Myself, hubby and 16 year old daughter and 10 year old son came to perth on hubbys 457 visa in the middle of August. Hubby settled in work. 10 year old happy and settled in school and in Australia. 16 year old daughter working full time in a child day care centre near home getting full time wages while working towards her certificates and qualifications. She is struggling a bit missing her friends, family and boyfriend but coping really well and I am proud of her. We are all so much happier here than the UK if not missing people. I certainly miss people but not the UK. If any of you remember my hubby is to old to get us the pr visa so it is my intention to study to hopefully get us the pr visa. I start an aged care course on Monday and I am really looking forward to it. It is my intention to go right through to diploma level which will take about 2 years and then hopefully get us the pr visa. Have been looking at the visas and when I qualify I will be a welfare worker or a community worker. I have always wanted to work with the elderly so now I am selfishly thinking the move here is my time to do what I want for a change, kids are older now and it's my turn to have a career. My problem with the pr visa may be that I do not have enought points. In 2 years when I qualify I will be coming up for 43. I am also studying at a regional campus but do not know if I can get the extra points for this as I do not live in a regional postcode I don't think. Anyone any ideas on this. If I am short on points can I do the ilets test for them. I have tried to work the points out but I do get myself confused. Hubby and I were wondering if we need to engage an immigration agent now or when I have finished my course. Again any help and advice will be appreciated. I am so looking forward to the start of my course though. It should be very interesting and very rewarding. Thanks for reading my post and gollywobbler if you have any advice on visas and points i would like to hear your views. Thank you and good luck to all still trying to get thier visas.