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  1. thekevjones

    12 months since medical?

    Hi All, This isn't actually the case with us. We did ours back in Jan 09 so we had them 5 months ago. My understanding and question lies with the fact that we as applicants apply for a visa, in my case a 175, then send police checks and medicals when requested or front loaded. Because applications are currently taking longer to process, possibly 12+ months and you need to visit Oz to get validated visas 'stamped' within 12 months from medicals....this may overlap? I had banked or rather hoped on getting my visa during the British summer and was planning a trip to Oz around Oct/Nov to get the visas stamped (within 12 months from medicals) Now it seems it could be next year before we really hear anything if rumours and magazine reports are anything to go by? So what happens then? Let's say we got the visas next Feb/Mar - how long would DIAC then give us to plan a 'validation' trip to Oz? Any comments from anyone? Cheers
  2. I've had a look through other threads and can't seem to find much mentioned about declaring items that have been brought in the past 12 months. I am moving to Oz in a few weeks with Doree Bonner - grew up there but have been here in the UK for nearly 14 years. Now I am going back (quite sudden) and have to pack up everything. But as it was sudden, I am stumbling on the declaring items brought in past 12 months - I can't remember when I brought most stuff, and I don't have the receipts for everything (I only keep receipts for electrical etc and none of that is coming) - and what about gifts? I got an expensive gift from someone fairly recently. What did everyone else do? And can they prove that you have had it less than 12 months if it is clearly used?
  3. Guest

    4 months today.....

    It's now 4 months since we landed in Perth. Things are still going well, we still love it here. I often wander into the garden have a look around and feel really lucky to be here. The lifestyle is different - and better, for us. My spare time actually feels like quality time here..I'm having beach withdrawal symptoms..its been a few weeks since we got there! If I'm honest it's all still a novelty I guess..I'm still awed by everyday sights..The sun makes me smile...the simple things give me so much 'contentment'. We keep finding 'new' areas/sights/walks every week and it's just beautiful. Many many times more beautiful than where I came from. I love the Aussies..the ones I've met so far..I work with a great bunch..mostly Aussies, they are accepting of me and supportive. The OH and kids feel much the same. We will not return to Britain willingly. On the negative side I am starting to miss people a lot more, mostly my Mum, however she will be out to see us in September so thats something to look forward to. My Aunty and best friend Cheryl38 and her family will be joining us here before Christmas if all goes to plan..I think that will be a major factor in our long term happiness here. I don't think you can move thousands of miles away from your nearest and dearest without some sort of plan to see them at reasonably regular intervals..I suspect I would feel less happy here if I didn't know I would see my family at some point. I'm more optimistic about our long term happiness/goals here than I could ever hope to be in England..maybe that's because we have to work at it here..I don't know. I do know that this was the best move we could ever have made..and we got here just in time too..no more 457 visas at my place of work for the forseeable future. Thanks for sharing my journey with me and being here to listen. PIO is a good family/friend substitute xx:wubclub: Advice? Make the leap of faith if you have the opportunity...as one members signature says 'better to live with failure than regret'..I like that...
  4. Hi, haven't been on in a while! We left the UK 21st March. After not selling our house we rented it out in order to make our visa deadline. We have come out on a skilled visa and hubby is an electrician and up on the Sunshine Coast. The journey was very good with Singapore air, who were great with the kids (kids meals good). .Gave us double allowance for perm visa (40kg) Stopped over at Changi Village and thought it was a great stopover as we had a nice beach walk. (Booked via the singapore airport website). Had a great roof top pool. However, we decided that we probably wouldn't stop over again as the further 7 hours wasn't too bad and went pretty quickly. Goodbyes to the family were awful. I finally felt at that point how I hadn't accounted for how everyone else was feeling and felt huge guilt. I will never forget my nephews crying. Anyway, it is everything you could want here incredibly lush green, beautiful beaches, fantastic shopping centre and of course the sun. Lifestyle is great and so much for the kids to do. It has everything you could wish for, build your own house/land etc etc. Family is the biggest wrench however and as I am sure alot of you know, and now we are two months in, the holiday bit is over and a huge panic sunk in! For those of you thinking of coming, think carefully about how you will feel about that it is huge. I wouldn't let anyone talk me out ofcoming here whilst in the UK and hated to hear anything negative, but reality has sunk in and it feels more overwhelming than I imagined! (sorry to sound heavy but just being real). Another issue is that after hubby did the Vetassess skills assessment the ARTC have failed him and want him to do further trade test in Brisbane. No one seems to want to employ him here without his liscence. So he is still out of work, cutting into savings and wondering how long this will go on, he has appealed and waiting for an outcome today. Looking for jobs and not alot about. Hopefully something will come along!! Feels demoralising when he ran a successful business and is a very good electrician grrrr! After all the visa, skills test evidence etc etc, its a bit frustrating. Kids started school and enjoying it so far. You won't be disapointed when you come but be prepared that leaving loved ones is big and yes we did think it through sooooo much but still didn't prepare us for it!!!! Take care all.... Bernie :cute:
  5. Guest

    6 months for a new life

    To all you folks waiting to get here, and those just arrived, I would say it takes about 6 months before you feel like you have real life again. The first few months are hard work and stressful but after a while you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. Personally I don't agree with those who say that you know straight away if Australia is for you or not, it took me 5 months. I know some people know within 2 weeks (lucky them!) but don't be too down hearted if it takes you a little longer. At 3 months in if I'd had the option of turning the clock back I would have, but I'm glad now that we had to see it through. I love Australia, warts and all. Emigration is such a huge thing, most people say it takes 2 years to settle properly, and I can see that that makes sense now. I'm 7 months in so I guess still relatively new. However it does feel now like every month is getting easier. Good luck to all the newbies:wubclub:
  6. Guest

    17 months then VISA!!!!

    Finally opened mail yesterday morning and there it was VISA GRANT. What a feeling! After 17 months, we are relieved. Thanks to all members with your support in this bumpy road. To those still waiting, all the best. Regards Ochie
  7. Guest

    Got 175 Visa in 5 months

    Hi Someone must be doing some work at the DIAC as we have just recieved our 175 in 5 months!!! Can you believe that, so quick! My wife is a clinical nurse specialist and we front loaded everything, that must help a bit i suppose? Good Luck everyone ! Jon
  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was granted this morning! I just cant quite believe it yet. Need to get the car in Autotrader now to fund our reccie! Its happened so quick... I so thank my agent.
  9. Hi We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children. We have a well behaved elderly dog (no chewing or barking can get a reference). We would be looking to rent somewhere from middle of June til end of Sept. Can anyone help? I need to know soonish as i have to give the real estate agent our signed lease in 14 days. It is for 6 months and they wont do any less for us which means we would have to break lease. Hence looking for short term. It also means we can send our furniture back to UK before we leave OZ. If anyone can help can you pm me asap. Thanks Georgina
  10. We are trying to plan our one-way trip at the moment, first of all getting some quotes off removal companies. It seems that it takes, on average, 8 to 10 weeks before you get your stuff back on the other end (Perth in our situation). So, how does everyone else do this? Where do you stay when you don't have your stuff? Do you send your stuff before you go? Stay with family (not an option for us, unfortunately)? Being a fairly big family (me, Mervyn and three very boisterous young boys), nobody can put us up really. We were thinking maybe ship everything a month before we go, stay in a caravan here during that time, and a month in holiday accommodation in Perth. That still doesn't cover all of it, though. Stupid question maybe, but if anybody can help, or share experiences, that would be really helpful. Cheers, Karin
  11. Haven't posted a lot for a while but A BIG THANKS to everyone who has supported us over the past two years! (Yes two years!) We were one of the August 2007 applicants who got stuck in the Capital Investment Fraud scandal in December 2007. Most of you 175/176's won't even know what we're talking about! Anyway, after being "on hold" since Dec 07, we finally got our visa -first last Wednesday (but a clerical error on the validation date took away any sense of excitement - leaving only panic) but now officially re-issued today with a November entry. We will be arriving exactly 1 year after we thought - we've lost thousands on our house and certainly won't be mortgage free - BUT we are ready for another adventure - (we come from a cross-cultural marriage and look forward to notching up another country on to the family tree!) Now - the fun starts....You would have thought with two years to sort everything out we would have (HAAA!) Bank holiday car boot - here we come!:jiggy: Liz, Andrew, Charis 12, Josiah 10 and Daniel 5
  12. Hi All, We've been in Perth for over 3 months, so I thought I would post some photos from our original recce trip in September and some taken since we got here. I thought they might be of interest to anyone considering coming to Perth or the south west of WA. Pictures are here: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/members/5x4_inches-albums-perth-south-west-wa-sept-08-apr-09.html We love it here by the way!
  13. twinsmom65

    Been in Australia 6 months today

    Well time sure flies by. We have been in Australia exactly 6 months today. Six months ago, we left Autumn in Canada and arrived in Spring in Perth. Our journey took almost 3 days to get from Toronto to Perth. We spent the first 5 weeks in a furnished rental in Clarkson. Hubby found a job within 3 weeks as a Project Manager in Malaga for an Air Con company. I managed to find a job within 3 weeks working at The Vines. We moved from Clarkson to The Vines, as it was closer to work for both of us. I lost my job in December due to restructuring. I have found another job in Landsdale, after looking for almost 7 weeks. My 15 year old twin girls have now done 2 months of school here (they attend Ellenbrook Secondary College). They are in year 10, and are ahead one year than they were in Canada. We are slowly but surly getting settled here. We were one of the ones that came over with no furniture, no job to come to and having never been to Australia before and knowing nobody. Has been easy, no... it has been up and down, but we are determined to make it work. We are just in the process of applying for a mortgage so that we can buy our first home here. Life for us is not that different than it was in Canada. We don't go out alot, but we never did back home in Canada (always been homebodies). We are definately enjoying the weather here much better than back home. It was especially nice to tease people back in Canada during their winter, telling them how hot it was here when they were enduring snowstorm after snowstorm. Well looking forward to the next 6 months in the chapter of our new lives. Cheers Karen
  14. Guest

    3 months in Perth

    Well it's now 3 months since we first arrived in Perth. Things have gone very smoothly, I have settled well into my new job as a nurse at the RPH. The kids are settled, both enjoying more time outside. Courtney loves her school, so far we have been very impressed with the educational system out here. No job as yet for Pete but he's working on that, hopefully something will come up soon. We have been shopping and buying new things each week to spread the cost. The house is taking shape and looking really nice now. I LOVE IKEA!!. We bought loads of plants from the Quokka today from a very nice Australian man, absolute bargain 20 or more established plants some in glazed pots all for $19! The garden looks more 'lived in' now, I do like my plants. We have found the Aussies to be a generally friendly, laid back and helpful bunch, the stereotypes are not far wrong. There is a more 'patriotic' feel to the country too. Done some exploring this week as I am off work for a week, the Swan Valley is beautiful and very different to the coastal/city scenery. Very green and peaceful/pretty. Hope to go down to Mandurah this weekend for a look around. We have done everything on a very tight budget and have bought either 2nd hand or cheap new...you wouldn't know though and we are more than happy now with how the house looks. Starting to get cooler now at night..even had to wear long trousers today for the first time, lol. Must admit I hate these dark nights now that daylight saving has ended, seems wrong to not be sitting outside just after 6. Overall things are going swimmingly, feel very content with life and optimistic for the future. Our families are all planning visits in the coming months so that's something to look forward to. My Aunt who I am very close to has also secured a job and will be flying out (house sale pending) in September to nurse at the RPH (same as me) NO signs of homesickness...lets hope that it stays that way. To all contemplating the move..If you do your research, are both equally up for the challenge and are prepared for hardwork/stress and have a firm job offer I would say you have little to lose and much to gain!:wubclub: Good luck xx
  15. How long to take?15 m:nah:nths gone and noting!!!This is ......!!!!
  16. Guest

    3 months countdown!

    I cant believe i go in 3 months the time is going by really quick now, im going to Perth and would love to meet friends simular age to me over there (28) i also have a 2 year old son, be great to meet some people going through the same things as me!:hug:
  17. My boyfriend and I moved out here on the 26th Jan 2009 on a defacto spouse visa. I'm English, he's Aussie and after 15 months living together in the UK and 8 in Aus before that we've made the move to the Central Coast where he is from. We've been staying with his parents up until now but we're FINALLY moving out this Saturday which can't come quickly enough as far as I'm concerned. His parents are nice enough but it's really been stressful for me as his mum is very fussy about her house and won't let anyone but her get food, cleans our room and basically treats us both like we're five years old! Because the visa was so expensive we didn't really have much money saved up for when we got here, just a couple of thousand dollars. We found a rental in Gosford for $300 a week but because neither of us had jobs we are having to pay 4 months rent up front. It also wasn't available for another 6 weeks which is why we've been stuck at his parents longer. it's worked out good in a way because we have been able to get a bit of money now since I'm temping and my bf has youth allowance as he's at uni. Not ideal but better than nothing.At the time I think we were just so desperate to get any sort of rental to get out of his parents that we took this place but now I'm thinking we could have got better for cheaper. It doesn't really matter though. It has a 2 bed, 2 bath, a walk through wardrobe and a balcony with water views so will be nice better than what we had in the UK that is for sure! We have had such a massive struggle to find any sort of work over here. It took me two months just to find a really rubbish temping job doing data entry! We're located on the Central Coast so I'm having to travel 2 hours there and two hours back every day meaning I'm leaving at 7am and not getting back until after 7pm! It's also a longer day here. It seems that it's a 37 1/2 hour week here as opposed to the 35 hours in the UK that I've been used to! Pay is better here though so can't complain. I'm getting $20 p/h for something that would be minimum wage in the UK! There don't seem to be many jobs at all on the Central Coast and all the general ones have at least a few hundred people applying for each one; more if its a good job! I'm looking for something on the coast but for the time being it looks like I'm going to be stuck commuting. My boyfriend has also struggled finding part time work. None of the big companies seem to be employing. Whilst work has been a shock to me and the fact that during the week I pretty much just get up, go to work, come home, have something to eat and then go to bed, the weekends more than make up for it. There is just so much to do! This past weekend for instance, we had a look around the shops since it was a bit miserable and went to the cinema that night. Yesterday we spent the day at Terrigal watching the big waves, walking around the rocks and just had a really nice day outside. Every weekend we are doing something different. Even if we just hit a ball outside its just so much nicer here that you're not just looking out the window at the rain pouring down outside! Nightlife here seems very lacking. i'm not sure if that is the area that we're in but there is not that many bars and clubs around. I do like the few there are they are just different to what I'm used to. We don't have a car yet which has been a bit of a struggle. Buses here are not that great compared to what I'm used to. They run between the major places like Gossie, Erina Fair and Terrigal but don't really go down the streets that often which can be a nuciense! All in all, I wouldn't go back to the UK for anything. I'm not really missing my family that much as they've been ringing a lot and once we move I'll be able to get Skype and webcam set up. I think once we get settled, get a good job and make some friends then I'll love it even more than I do already! There are some things I miss but not enough to move back!
  18. Where has the time gone? its six months to the day since i stepped off the plane at Brisbane airport! I was going to write a long post detailing my journey but i'm pretty sure i'd just bore people lol. So here's to another 6 months and more of living the dream and i can honestly say that although yes there have been ups and downs, Australia is for me an awesome place to live!!! :cool:
  19. Hi everybody Its been a while since I have posted anything but I have been trying to check in every now and then. I have the internet set up now so I am ready to go again. We arrived in Brisbane 23rd Aug and stayed with my Sister and her family for over 2 months. It is too long to have 2 families living together in such close quarters but luckily we are still on speaking terms. We flew with Singapore Air and they were great we checked in 170 kg in Dublin airport and were expecting to pay for the excess we were only entitled to 140 kg but the lovely girl just sent all the stuff through with a smile. The flight was good long and tiring but no big hassles considering we Had a 6 yr old and an 18 month old on our lap. We were all set to live by the sea either Redcliffe area or Cleveland but have decided to stay in The Gap about 8 km north west of Brisbane, its where my sister lives and has a network of friends and some in-laws , I never realized how much we would miss our family and friends, It is very hard to start again . I read all the posts of people previously who have said exactly the same that you don’t know till you get here and all along I thought I’d be ok as I do have family here and it does help enormously but it is still difficult. Dermo, who was always the one pushing for us to come here, has not settled . He wants to book a flight and go back home…….ARGHHHH…. We are going to stick to our original plan which is 2 years and decide then what we want to do, our kids will be still young enough to up scuttle again. He found it hard in the beginning to get work what with not having Blue card, Licenses and ABN no but that is all sorted now and he is working with people he seems to like and getting paid a decent wage, I just need to get him a social life…. Anybody play golf ?????, he has joined a club but is still waiting to get his handicap approved from Ireland but he would love to have a round or three before or after work… I have started Callie in the local school which she loves and I do too. I am meeting other Mum’s for coffee which is great. Callie is 6 and started in Grade 1 and they initially thought she wasn’t going to be ready to go to Year 2 next year but she has caught up and is doing really well. I didn’t fancy her having to make new friends over again.. We are renting a fantastic A/c house with pool it has 5 bedrooms (well they say here a study and 4 bedrooms but the study is bigger than some of our bedrooms in Ireland.) Its 500 dollars a week a bit more expensive than we originally planned but we decided to splash out initially to get us settled and through the hot summer that is coming up. My parents have booked to come over next Mar so there will be loads of room for them. Just need to get furniture now. We didn’t ship our furniture cos a lot of it needed replacing anyway but we did ship 80 odd boxes through a friend who could do us a deal. You’d think I’d have learned by now these things never work out cheeper…… The people at quarantine took loads of stuff off me and cleaned loads of stuff that we had already cleaned and charged us 500 dollars for the privilege. The shipping company this end charged us 1500 dollars for handling fees and the shipment from Ireland cost 1500 euros. I t was supposed to be mates rates and cost only 500 euros.I have prattled on for long enough now so I will sign off. :unsure:Cheers Allie,
  20. With the global financial crisis very much a reality now i just wondered which country people think will fare better over the next 12 month`s?
  21. Hi everyone, We are now looking to move out sooner then expected. We are looking for a fully furnished, one or ideally two bed apartment. Not too fussy about location, and size. Needs to be a 1.20 minutes max drive to Mel' we only have a very max of $470 per week. Must be suitable for a child. We really will consider any area, city, town, semi rural or coastal. If you hear of anything please pm me. Thanks:laugh:
  22. I will be arriving in adelaide on the 23rd of April and will be looking for a place to say long term (5-6 months) or a nice guest house. If you any information i would be gratfull for it. Thank you all in advance Steven&Nicola:wubclub:
  23. Guest

    Been here 8 months

    Hi Just thought I'd give an update on where we are 8 months later. We flew out on a lovely autumn morning from Heathrow and land in a very wet Sydney. It rained solid for 4 days - what had we done!! Only kidding. The weather improved and we spend our 6th wedding anniversary on the beach at Doyle's restaurant at Watson's bay watching the sun go down, very romantic and worthwhile. After that, it was back to reality, hubby was still working for his UK company but would be based in Detroit USA for 2 months so he left after 3 weeks and it was just me and the 2 kids. We had put in to buy a house before he left and it was down to me to get it all sorted. We moved in on the 18th October and the container arrived on the 19th and the packing guys were brilliant. We went with Allied Pickfords, who were fab at either end. The only things to get broken were a glass, a non essential plate and my garden pots which fell over in the container after the customs guys had repacked it all!!!! Customs were very thorough, thank god everything passed. My son had started his new school and settled in straight away, he made friends with the kids from over the road and up the road as they are in his year and he is really happy, he loves going to school. It took my little girl a bit longer to settle in as she'd got used to having me there 24/7 since July and was a little upset to have to go to preschool 2 days a week but now she loves it. I secured a part time job 15km down the road and only work 2 days a week which is great for the school run, I've trained to become a swim teacher for waterbabies which I would never have done in the UK. Hubby came back in time for Xmas which was great as the kids were off school, we went to sussex inlet for a holiday over Xmas/new year and had a really great time. Then hubby left again for Detroit for another 2 months. I must say after the 3rd month, I was starting to feel a little down and abandoned but knew there was only a month left to go before he came home for good. It was then that I think reality set in about how far away family and friends really are but I'm in the lucky situation of having hubby's aunt and uncle and cousins living here and they have been brilliant, absolutly great and I've made friends with some mum's from school, funnily enough all from the UK except one mum originally from China and they have been great too. We have brilliant neighbours, they walk my son to school and pick him up from school when I work which is a big help and have looked after him during the holidays. I help her out when I'm not working so it's a good situation for all of us. Hubby finally came home at the beginning of March and managed to secure a job within 3 days so I was really happy. We then started to get to some kind of normal life, he goes to work, the kids go to school, I go to work, just like we did in the UK. The differences are however that the weather is mostly warm and sunny, the people are so friendly and chatty and they make you feel really welcome. The things I would recommend is that you bring everything you can with you, if possible as you can't underestimate the feeling of well being when you have familiar things around you, and the fact that nearly everything works over here so don't believe everything you read about TV's and video's etc, unless they are really old and ready to replace anyway, I'd bring them. It would have cost us a lot more to refurbish a house that it cost to ship everything, but that's just my opinion. 2nd hand car's are not too expensive here but it will cost you about $1000 per year to get insurance, rego, etc for them so be warned. Petrol is cheap at times though which is very useful, again this is just my experience so far. Things I miss (apart from family and friends) are the decent shops like Next, M&S and T K Maxx for bargains. The quality of clothes over here is not so good, unless you buy designer and we can't afford that! Wait till the sales when things go to half price and buy then. Bed linen (called Manchester over here for some strange reason) is expensive so I would stock up and buy it before you leave and ship for stuff. They do have IKEA over here which will help as we all know what there stuff is like. Also miss decent supermarkets, woolworths and coles do not live up to ASDA, Tesco or Sainsbury's believe me, but you do get used to it. I've found a brit shop online that stocks Helman's mayo, colman's mustard and Bisto gravy granules which is fab, I'll pay the extra for that! Mostly we miss the curry! Only just found a decent one and it's taken nearly 8 months. All there takeaways are different and they are big into Thai here so take heed! The lifestyle itself is great, and we are planning to get out and about to explore, yes you have to travel 3 hours to get there but then you have to travel long distances everywhere over here. We feel that we have made the right move and at the right time for our kids. If you want to ask anything, feel free to PM me. Sorry I've rambled on A LOT but so much to say Jackie (Mrs Pasty)
  24. Guest

    MODL only few months behind CSL

    I have just spoken to DIAC and they tell me that the CSL is only a few months in front of MODL and doesn't really make that much difference. He also told me that it can take 12-15months for a 175 visa to be granted and that you shouldn't frontload your meds and pcc. They reckon that a 176 is a few months quicker than 175 but they said if you are certain that you want to live in an area for 2 years then its up to you. What do you all think of that then!!! I have friends who have had their 175 granted in 6months and frontloaded. I have frontloaded so I am a naughty girl! Our police checks have been received today and have been updated on our page so they are still working hard over there at DIAC.
  25. Wow its been 4 months since we arrived and since I posted here. Well 4 months ago we were living in your typical rough estate where youths constantly give me and my family grief. A place where we felt odd because we worked and where my kids were picked on because they had different accents. Where the cops broke down your neighbors door for drugs and you found needles in your garden in the morning. It was grey and no one seemed to smile. I thought about this last night while having a cold beer on my deck overlooking the pool and listening to the sound of the Cicadas as the warm breeze blew through our palm trees. My kids love it here, they already have more friends at school than they ever had in England and when they get home they are straight in the pool. I wish I had grown up here! Sure things are getting tough here with my job under threat due to the turndown but I've had a taste of this now and no way am I ever going back to the life I had 4 months ago. We love Townsville and its a great little city, the people are friendly and I feel very very lucky to be here.