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Found 133 results

  1. Hi all, :unsure: Just wondering do uk mobile phones which are open to all networks work in Oz, Im sooo confused, should I take it or should I leave it behind. Would it be better to buy a new one when I get there???????????? Cheers Ang x
  2. Hiya just a quick question, Does anyone know of any mobile tax accountants near the Pacific Pines area Thanks in advance Sarah x
  3. Guest

    Think Mobile 10to1

    Hi Guys I'm about to move to Sydney and have been looking into the best way of phoning the UK on an Aussie mobile contract. I came across the 10to1 offer from Think Mobile which sounds way better than anything else I've seen. Basically you pay $50 a month for $500 of credit which can be spent on anything (ie. all on international calls if you want). Has anyone used this / know if it's as good as it sounds? Cheers
  4. Guest

    mobile crane jobs

    anyone know for any jobs with sponsors for crane ops, also can i get a skiled visa with my job for emigration, i heard the mines may be looking, also would i be ok with my uk cscs card and nvq for quals or will i do the co and c6.:skeptical:
  5. Hi all, just wondered if any one knew what the demand is for mobile telecomms personnel. I have around 7 years experience in the industry, in two areas. Firstly mobile network quality testing and secondly mobile handset field testing. I would be open to doing something else in a related field. Mobile telecomms is a pretty big and "important" industry, but there are only a few companies that are involved in it. I would need a 457 sponshorship, as I am over 45. Would appreciate any help. Thanks a lot Chris
  6. shaza

    Mobile phones???

    I was just wondering if our mobile phones would work in OZ? Is it just dualband you need in oz or would it need to be triband?
  7. Guest

    Mobile Problems =)

    Hey Thinking of getting a new mobile phone:unsure:. Could anyone please tell me what networks they have in Oz. Please help. Confused 11 year old Callum :mask:
  8. Guest

    Need to by a mobile phone?

    Hi I have a very small dilemma about a mobile phone (this isn't my only dilemma but am working through them in alphabetical order :goofy:). My OH had a work mobile phone which he has given up, I was going to go and buy a 'pay as you go' phone just so he has a phone for the next few weeks (we leave on 6th Sept). If I buy a phone in the UK - can I then just get an aussie sim card and put it in when we arrive or will the phone not work. Sorry - not up with this technology :chatterbox:
  9. Hi My DD will be staying in the UK to do her degree so I need a good way to communicate with her, we will have msn and I think I have sussed out landlines but I am hoping someone can tell me the best/cheapest mobile company for call to Oz from UK especially text we are used to texting each other so a good price for texting would be helpful At the moment both DD and DS are on a really good contract with no monthly line rental, they only pay for calls but I know that texting or ringing Oz is probably going to be really expensive so we are looking for an alternative. ta chooks Karen X
  10. Guest

    Mobile Broadband in Perth?

    Hi All Need some help please..... Does anyone have mobile broadband in Perth area, and if so how is it. Which provider are you using and how much is it costing you? I will be working remotley and need to be able to access broadband asap, but it needs to be reliable. Thanks guys Emma
  11. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Can anyone tell me which is the best pay-as-you-go SIM card to get in Perth once we arrive and what is the minimum amount you can get on a SIM card / top up? I think this is going to be a more cost effective way of keeping in touch with friends / rellies who we need to meet up with while we're there. Thanks Karen x 2 sleeps til we fly off to Perth ... and counting :goofy:
  12. Guest

    Mobile Phones & Sims

    Hi Everyone, We are going to Brisbane in 11 days for three weeks. Does anyone have any advice on getting a pay as you go Sim card to use while there, also my daughter wants to text home, does anyone know of any deals on any of the Australian networks? i have looked at Vodafone and they do sims with a topup of $20 upwards. but for $30 you can also get 60 free text.... Also will out unlocked phones work over there if we take them. Hope some one can answer me..... Regards Steve
  13. :jiggy:Hi I have two young kids so not at work at the moment. But used to do mobile beauty. Was thinking about starting up again when the youngest starts school, which will proberbly co inside with us moving to Perth. Would any one use this service or know others already there, that do? Thanks for any ideas all a help when trying to decide what to do.
  14. immy21

    Mobile Phone Set Up

    What will I need to get a mobile phone when UI arrive in OZ Daft I kow but I have had the same mobile phone contract for 10 years so don't really think about it Will they need an address???
  15. Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend an Australian mobile phone sim provider before we get to Aus. We are heading for Perth. When we get there (eventually) we will also be getting broadband so any that go hand in hand would be great to know of, but we won't get brodband till we arrive. Thought it would be great to tell everyone our new number before we even leave the UK and knock another 'must do' off our list. Thanks in advance of any info. Glen & Shirley
  16. Guest

    Best mobile phone companies

    Which are the better(main) mobile phone companies in oz, we are going to buy payasyou go sims when we first arrive and wondered if anyone had any ideas. Ellie :wubclub:
  17. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Hi to everyone on this wonderful site,i have had a lot of great advise from people on here so please can you help with this one,OK my girlfriend is living in Mildura which im sure you know is in Victoria,well soon it is her birthday and i want to send her a new mobile phone,As i live in England will this be a problem,can you still use it over there,which would be the best,ie vodafone ect,i want to get her one with a radio which is FM so will she be able to use it there,Please give any help you can,Thanks for your time and enjoy that wonderful country,,,,,Bill
  18. Guest

    mobile phones

    Hi guys can any one give me any info about the network 3 just been offered a good deal if i stay with them ,but would like to know what 3 are like in oz .Should i stay with them or start again when i get there ? Thanks for any info eddie.:idea:
  19. Guest

    HELP Mobile phones

    Hi all This might be a daft question but the kids are already asking for new mobiles for Xmas which is fine whilst we are still in the UK. However we are hoping to get over to OZ as soon as the house sells. Can anyone tell me if thier phones will work over there?????:err: Cheers Joanne
  20. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Hi I was just wondering is it easy to get a mobile phone contract in Oz?!? If your credit is starting for zero? Thanks Rach
  21. Guest

    Mobile Contracts

    Is anybody else stuck in a contract for their mobile phone ? Anybody any ideas... other than paying up the rest of the contract....?? :idea: Kel.
  22. Guest

    Mobile Phones in OZ

    Hi everyone My mobile phone contract here has run out and we hope to go to OZ in February, so if I buy a new mobile here now with a pay as you go card, when i get to oz can I use my new phone from here and just get an Australian Pay as you Go contract to use with it? Hope this makes sense, and advise appreciated Thanks Lynda
  23. I have been pestering my Mum for a new mobile phone and would like one for Christmas. I would like a flip up one or a pink slidey up one, but my Mum says it might not work in Australia! Is she right???? Mum's not very up on mobile phone technology, can anyone help me??? Would we be best to wait until we get to Australia??:no: Thank you Roseanna xxx
  24. Hi, once our son and his partner have emigrated, we plan in a maxium of five years time to have 3-6 months in Oz and the other part of the year here in Kent. any experiences of buying/long term rental of what we call here mobile/park homes? If we decide to emigrate in due course, we will then buy a 'proper' house, but thought that by going down this route, if they have other visitors they can use it if we own it. a week or two with someone is nice, but good to have your own space eh?
  25. Guest

    mobile phones

    what band will mobiles work on because ive read that AUS are on GSM 900/1800 that is the same as ours! im ok with quad but will my girlfriends tri and there families dual band work out there with an australian sim?