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Found 133 results

  1. Guest

    mobile crane op

    still looking for a job offer to get sponsorship?? seems a bit doubtful at the moment?? anyone else looking or know of any vacancies or leads??
  2. Guest

    mobile and broadband

    we ae moving to the caboolture area in next 12 weeks, and idea on best mobile signal, also broadband options we hope to be within 30km of this area and want to get organised asap, any advice welcome , do we buy new phones here or once there, thanx neil:hug:
  3. Clackkit

    Mobile hairdresser????????

    Hello, I'm looking for a mobile hair dresser in Browns Plains area??? Please PM me if know of one or are one Thank You
  4. mullsey

    Mobile pay as you go broadband

    Hello I am bringing with me a mobile broadband modem. Can anyone tell me if I will be able to get a pay as you go mobile broadband sim card to go into the modem. thanks
  5. Guest

    UK Mobile Phone

    Does anybody know if a UK mobile will work in Australia. i am pretty sure i will need to unlock it, but is there anything else to know? I'm wanting to buy a new phone to use as a pre-paid in australia and i want to sort it before i get there. Also can i buy the SIM card from the UK ie. off ebay or ebay.com.au or something and get the phone up and running before I arrive? I want to be able to give my mobile number to employers ~ hope this makes sense!:laugh:
  6. Guest

    mobile phone records

    ok managed to go through all my mobile pay as u go phone bills(they are daily with top ups texts everything) and narrowed it down to just 7 days in a row per month to hand in to immi for prospective marriage visa. but there is still so much paper and numbers it is almost over whelming, shoul i cut it down to 3 days in a row a month, so they can see we are consistent daily and monthly etc etc.:arghh:
  7. I've looked through the various threads and can't find much about mobiles so thought I would ask this. I'm currently on the THREE network (in the UK) and very disappointed with the general service/reliability of the network. I wouldn't buy again in the UK. I'm moving to SA in September and I'd like mobile internet and would love to know what people in Oz currently prefer and what we need to know about mobiles. I guess this is likely to be one of my first purchases when we land and don't want to end up with a duffer. I also fancy the idea of mobile GPS/mapping as it would be really handy in the early days. I know the iPhone has full Google maps and mates over here that have them, think they are superb. I'd rather not pay out $69pm if I can help it so are there many alternatives worth considering? A quick look at the various networks/providers I note that they offer "Capped-plans", are these simply contract phones or something else? Many thanks
  8. Hi , Arrive in Brisbane next week and wondered if anyone can recommend the best Package for a home plan of Tv, Broadband, Mobile and Landline? Much appreciate your feedback thanks. :skeptical:
  9. mullsey

    Mobile phone contract

    Hi can anyone advise if it is possible to get a mobile phone on contract when you arrive. I don't really want to get PAYG. Thanks
  10. hi, does anyone know if they have mobile hairdressers in perth
  11. Hi, I hope someone can help!! My hair really needs a cut badly. Is there any young/trendy/fashionable hairdressers out there that can come and cut my hair for me??? I don't seem to be able to see any nice looking salons around here (no offence). I don't want a perm and colour for $5!!! I'm very fussy where my hair is concerned!! My niece used to do it back in the UK for me, but I can't afford to fly her over every 6 weeks!! Surely there's got to be at least 1 "with it" hairdresser out there that can make me look beautiful!! Well, as beautiful as I can be!! Look forward to all you hairdressers out there fighting over who's going to cut my hair for me!!! lol Lynn xxxx :hug:
  12. Guest

    mobile broadband

    hey all im due to arrive in wagga wagga nsw friday and am after some broadband advice. We wont be staying there for long (approx 6 months) and need broadband. I was thinking of the usb stick? what are people views on them and can anyone advice on any good plans? I have been looking online and getting confused, i would like a good speed as will be using it for skype etc thanks in advance
  13. mullsey

    New mobile phone contract

    Hi I will be arriving in Brisbane shortly. Can anyone advise as to how easy/difficult it is to take a new phone contract. I am looking to get an iPhone on the Vodafone network. Any advise would be great.
  14. Guest

    mobile phones

    Hi all, has anyone got any advice on mobile phones, can you take the ones from the uk and get another sim card............not sure what to do. Thanks. Beckyx
  15. Guest

    mobile phone sim cards

    in aug while in sydney i bought a vodafone payg sim card. . how long is that sim active for . i know there is no credit on it now but im hoping to use it when i revist oz next month ????
  16. Hi weve been here in the northern subs of Perth for a month now and my hair is getting to the stage of needing a colour and cut are there any mobile uk hairdressers in or around my area .Other wise any good hairdressers that anyone could recommend you know whats us girls are like with our hair .Also about how much are we talking for a good hairdresser I used to pay around the £60 mark back in the UK Any info will be a great help Julia :jiggy:
  17. I will be emigrating to the sunshine coast and wanted to know who will be the best mobile provider for that area:- yes optus, telstra or vodaphone? Also who offers the best deals, I have had a lokk on each ones websites but it's a little confusing! :wub: Thanks Emma
  18. Guest

    PAYG mobile boradband?

    Anyone know if you can get this from any of the suppliers? I need to sort something out for my wife just for 1 or 2 months until we get settled in a longer term rental. All the ones I've found so far want to tie you to a contract which I'm not interested in yet.
  19. Guest

    Laptop and mobile connections

    Hi there! I'm thinking about buying a small Dell notebook to take with me on my 1 year working holiday trip around Oz. I already have a large Dell laptop but this weighs too many kgs! I want it for the internet, skype and store photos with external hard drive. Does anyone know how I would connect to the internet and which ISP is best to use? Also, on the subject of technology, how can you call home without spending the earth on a mobile? Is it best to change your SIM card or buy a new mobile? Fi :confused:
  20. Guest

    Mobile phones (again)

    I did a search and most of the threads are quite old so I thought I'd try and get an up to date reply. My wife will be coming out first in March and we have a handset which will work so I'm looking at a SIM-only deal. She's not too savvy on this so I'm looking for a simple option for the short term, preferably that we can set up before we go out. Obviously she will be doing a lot of calling back to me in the UK. Moving Planet have a link Talk Down Under which will give you a number before you go and a number of tariffs: Talk Down Under - Mobile, Handsets, Cell, Phones, Nokia, Motorola, Service, Australia, International, Travel, Discount I'm considering the $45 / month deal which charges 30c / min to mobiles, fixed and international and 48c per international text. Is this a reasonable deal?
  21. Guest

    Mobile Internet Help !!!!

    The realisation that i am to be in Oz in a couple of day's without internet access has just hit home...! As i am going to be travelling about a bit i want to get a 3g plug into the laptop type thingy but have been looking into it and am now completely confused as what to buy and from where and how long will it take to get set up etc etc... Any help much appreciated... James... p.s. am goig to be landing in Sydney and then travelling north up to Brissy if that has any impact on coverage or anything..! :notworthy:
  22. Guest

    Mobile phones in oz/sydney

    can anyone tell me where i can get my mobile phone unlocked and how much this should cost in sydney. thanks
  23. Guest

    USB Mobile Broadband

    Can anyone tell me if the mobile "wireless" broadband is of any use in the Sunshine Coast, which provider for speed and reliability, value for money and I notice that most are contract based for the best prices, how easy is it to get a contract with these firms with no credit rating since we will be coming over soon? Virgin seems the cheapest, any good? Not too many questions there....... If anyone can help, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi Guys! My fiance is a Pom currently in the UK and in the not-too-distant future, we'll will be getting the ball rolling with a permanent residency arrangement in Australia. In the meantime though, I have a communications question that some of you British people might be able to help me with! Fiance has an O2 prepaid mobile. Now can I call him, even though he has absolutely no credit on his mobile? In the past, they have charged him about 50p to receive incoming calls - even though he is not roaming at all internationally. This is a British 02 prepaid phone, so when I call him, I'm calling it with the 0011 44 in front of it. It works well, but I'm confused as to why they would charge 50p for an incoming call from me. When I call his number now, it goes to his 02 voicemail, so that's got to be a good sign that the phone is on the air...just switched off at the moment as is normal for this time of night. Please can somebody shed some light on this for me? Thanks so much! Amelia Jane
  25. Hi, I'm a Mobile Hairdresser from london now working in perth so if any of you guys or dolls need me you can get on 0430 434343 or have a look at the site at www.jai-haircuts.com All the best!