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Found 133 results

  1. If anybody else is, could you tell me how you are finding it and how it works....as im sure something is wrong with mine. Ive been here nearly 3 weeks, and so far its cost me $160!!! this equals nearly 10gb, but you have a bonus cap?? It seems whenever I use up the bonus cap I have to recharge the damn thing (that should make sense to anybody using it too). Ive spoken to the numpties in the store and they said things must be running in the background and uploading or viewing pics will eat it up, but ive only uploaded 12 photos on FB and made sure nothing is running elsewhere. What am I doing wrong with it? :arghh:
  2. JayBone

    Mobile Broadband

    First time in the Shed, does anyone come in here??:mask: Im looking for some advise on Mobile Broadband, dongle type! Ive browsed some sites, but there layout and information are not too user friendly. For example, i saw one tariff which was $60 a month, but the total yearly cost was $1600, work that one out!! I couldn't So, what i am looking for is a mobile broadband package that will alllow me to use skype, check facebook and upload photos onto a travelling website etc etc and general browsing whilst we are travelling around OZ for a year. 1. Who has the best coverage? 2. Who has the best package for what i need, preferably an unlimited download. Any advise welcome
  3. Hi, I have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that you could only get Telstra reception on Pacific Pines - can anyone confirm this? I will probably get a bundle with homephone, internet, foxtel etc but want decent mobile reception!
  4. LukeM

    Best mobile network?

    Hi all Wondering what the best mobile network is? I've only ever taken my phone out of the UK (which was on o2 at the time) to "roam" on the Gold Coast, and it ended up costing me heaps on PAYG!! I spent about £50 in the space of 10 days... plus it kept swapping between networks (Telstra and Optus) so I always had full coverage!! Which is the best network out of Optus and Telstra? I think Vodafone is overly expensive and no matter how cheap they are etc 3 are terrible and have been terrible for me in the UK!! I heard from my cousins who use 3 in Aus that it's terrible there too. My mum will want to get a new PAYG handset, my dad will be forced to buy a phone (as he only has a contract from his current job), brother should be ok and I will be unlocking my phone soon and looking at either Optus or Telstra!! Which is really cheapest/best value, and which has best coverage on the north side of Brisbane and Gold Coast? :biggrin: Cheers :jiggy:
  5. sleepywombat

    Mobile Speed Camera Locations...

    Mobile speed cameras Safe driving folks Cx
  6. terry & Melanie

    Mobile phones?????

    Hi guys! Can anyone tell me if our mobile phones will work in Oz. I am with Tmobile and Terry is with O2 (pay as you go). I would have thought that we will be able to use them (at a cost) but is there anything we can do or a sim we can use to transfer them over to an Aussie network, Or will we have to buy new when we get there???? OR will it work if we buy a mobile thats been 'unlocked'. I am a true blonde when it comes to mobile phones!!!!!!:laugh: ......and Terry is not much better!!!!:biglaugh: Melanie x
  7. I want to keep my UK mobile number active while I'm in Oz as I have had it for 15 years or so. Has anyone looked into the cheapest and easiest way to do this? 02 do a pay monthly SIM (no contract, monthly rolling) but the cheapest is still £10/month. Pay and Go is a pain as if you don't use it/top it up then it becomes dormant and you run the risk of losing your mobile number. Anyone any ideas or looked into this please? Cheers Rob
  8. Hi, not sure if i am posting this in the right forum so apologies if incorrect.... :confused: We are coming/going over to Oz in late May/early June (1 week in Perth and 1 week in Brisbane). I was wondering what the most cost affective way of making calls back to the UK is. I have an unlocked Orange mobile phone if this helps. Hope someone can help with this. Thanks.
  9. Hi Does anyone know of a really good mobile hairdresser in Newcastle that you could reccommend we live near Kotara and New Lambton????? Kind regards MariaL
  10. Hi fellow PIO's! Just wondered if anyone was in a similar position to me. I want to go onto a mobile phone contract eg 24 months or similar to get a new phone and better tariff but I am on a spouse visa so will not be a permanent resident until late next year. Does anyone know if I can get a contract whilst on a temporary visa? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  11. Guest

    Mobile charges

    I am using unlocked Blackberry 8900 handset. what would be monthly charges for using services with internet access and GPS.
  12. Guest

    Mobile Phones

    Hi Guys Hope someone can help. Moving to Adelaide on the 4th May heard on here that I need to get my mobile phone unlocked. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing this and how much does it cost, in total I will have to get 4 phones unlocked. Thanks Susan
  13. Guest

    Mobile phones - internet usage

    Hi all, Ive had a search through the forums and I cant see this question asked specifically. Ive got a HTC Hero mobile (like an Iphone) and Id like to take it with me. To get the best functionality out of it you need internet access at all times as it does small updates for checking mail, facebook and twitter. Whats the coverage for data 3G/HSDPA like in Perth? We'll be living NOR in Ocean Reef hopefully. Are contracts readily available from the mobile phone carriers that allow you to bring your own handset? Do they come with reasonable monthly allowances for data? Any help would be appreciated as it will help me decide whether bring it or ditch it here in the UK and buy new when I arrive Cheers Ad
  14. Hello all how is everyone, i havent been on for ages as we are just back from our reccie to Brisbane, We loved it and are now hoping to move out there next October. I was just wondering if any you ladies or gents in Brisbane or surrounding areas would be interested in a mobile Hairdresser. I have been a hairdresser for nearly 11 years and i am currently working my own clientel in Glasgow. I love it and i am worried that i am going to leave all my lovely clients/friends when i move and have to work in a salon again. i dont know how popular free lance mobile hairdressing is so any response would be lovely. You never know i could be your new stylist this time next year. Fingers crossed x laura x :wub:
  15. Hi i've got a BB on Orange in the UK but know it will be rediculously expensive to use things like my Blackberry Messenger and to look at my Facebook & e-mails etc. Just wondering if theres a service provider that lets you use these facilities as a Pay As You Go service and who the best providers are? Any help would be appreciated!
  16. Hi All, I want to speed up the process of getting more customers in does anyone know the best way to put yourself out there in Perth?? This is me Jai's Mobile Hairdressing and are there anymore meets in Perth anywhere soon?? Jai:notworthy:
  17. Guest

    mobile phone problem

    Hi I am a new member to poms in oz, I just wanted to know if a uk mobile phone would work with a australian sim card. What band will work in oz or does that not matter. Can you let me know if anyone has tried this and what was the outcome pls.
  18. abz123

    Understanding mobile phones

    Maybe it's my age... Can someone explain to me in British speak what the various different mobile tariffs are e.g. Cap, Post Pay etc. I'm presuming Cap is PAYG and Post Pay is a "normal" contract? What sort of thing would equate to my 300 minutes and 200 text messages per month in the UK? Can I go SIM only and bring my old but reliable quad band phone with me? Which providers have best coverage (Perth) and are calls to other networks still charged for in Oz or part of free minutes? Really trying to work out what the best thing to do is when we arrive at the start of March.
  19. simott101

    Should i hire a mobile home??

    Hi folks, my family and I are hoping to reccie Brisbane for a month, we are contemplating hiring a mobile home to tour and search for a nice place to settle. Has anyone used this method? and if so, what kind of price do these tourers cost or do you think we'd be better off renting a home and then searching by car? thanks, Si & Ange. :biggrin:
  20. abz123

    Mobile broadband providers

    Due to arrive in Perth late March and arranged short term rental property for 3 weeks in Connolly. Plan is to get mobile broadband access to do all the usual bits and pieces until longer term rental sorted out and we have a land line. Is any particular provider better / worse than any other for coverage e.g. Orange has a "black spot" in my town and is unusable. Are there free wi-fi hotspots that I can jump on at someone else's expense? I presume I can get a pay as you go contract but any particular "nasties" to watch out for in contracts? How easy is it to get a "proper" contract before having a job / utility bills etc.? Anyone any experience of Cherry Call (found a link on PIO)? Seems too good to be true that you can use free Oz minutes to call the UK (or anywhere else for that matter!)
  21. Hi All, I saw this company advertised on a bus the other day and just been on their web site to have a look, Looks like great value and thought i would share it with you all International Tariffs with Lebara Mobile
  22. TaniaColin

    Mobile hairdresser in Mornington

    Well we have been here for 10 weeks now, and my children are all sorted out at school, kinder and nursery so i am free to do mobile hairdressing. I have 24 years experience and cater for ladies, gents and children so if you would like your hair doing in the comfort of your own home, feel free to PM me. I am based in Mornington Tania X:jiggy:
  23. Guest

    UK mobile phones in Oz.

    Can a Uk mobile be used easily in Oz? (Mine has not been unlocked) And what would the usage charges be calling a another phone in Oz when in Oz? Would it factor in anything extra?
  24. Guest

    Mobile Phones and Sat Navs

    I have a Nokia mobile pay as you go phone, does anyone know if I can take it to Australia and just change the sim card? Also, we have a Garmin Sat Nav that has UK and European maps on, does anyone know where we can get new maps for Western Australia? or should we just sell it and buy a new one out there? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sue
  25. Hi everyone , just to let you know i have just recieved confirmation of my registration to work . so if anyone needs a mobile hairdressing in the willetton area, or near by suburbs let me know. lisa