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Found 133 results

  1. foy465

    Mobile Phone Contracts

    we are finally going to be landing in Brisbane 01/'03/11. One question I have, is that both the wife and I will be needing new mobile phones and would both love to have a iphone , does any one know how easy it would be to get a contract iphone plan for us both ? and how soon could we apply for a contract ? could we apply the same day as we arrive ? I have a job, so can prove that I will have income. many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  2. Cal2

    PAYG Mobile

    Hi, just wondering where we can get a couple of cheap PAYG mobiles in Manly/Sydney, which is best, just to use whilst we're out there initially thanks Cal
  3. Hi all, Hopefully someone out there will be able to help me with this one. Ages ago mum was on Poms and having a general read (she doesn' do it often and usually relies on feedback from us!). She thought she saw someone saying that they were going to do mobile hairdressing (again she thought it was the Brisbane area) and posting a price list. I have looked all over and cannot find the post she is referring to (mum can't remember which forum she was reading so it doesn't help much.) We are heading out to Springfield Lakes and I am already panicking about finding a reliable (not too expensive) hairdresser after all the horror stories I have read on here. Keep reading that Brit trained is best!! :unsure:Can anyone help? Thanks Sarah x
  4. Hi Can anybody please advise me as to where is the best place to get a mobile phone provider in Perth and which have the most reasonable tariffs please? I will be cancelling my Orange contract here in the UK and then looking for a provider just as soon as I arrive. Also, I am will be looking for a good broadband provider so I can start using my laptop as soon as I able rather than having to go to a Internet Cafe it will make life alot easier. Can anyone please advise me do they have the doggles like they do here in the UK? Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks Debbie:)
  5. Heathfamily

    UK mobile phone in OZ

    We are coming over to Aus in July to activate our visa, do a reccie and have a bit of a holiday. Can we use our Uk mobiles while we are there, both on Orange network? Dont intend to call or text the UK but thought they maybe usefull to have with us.
  6. Mobile phone numbers going public This is for Australian phone numbers REMEMBER: Mobile Phone Numbers Go Public next month. REMINDER: all mobile phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS Below is a link where you can enter your phone numbers online to put an end to telemarketing calls. Don't just delete those calls otherwise you will find that you have been signed up for all sorts of extra services that you didn't want or know about. Like special chimes, music etc. https://www.donotcall.gov.au/ My dear Bobj sent me this through in an email yesterday, I registered immediately.
  7. Guest

    Mobile Fones

    I see the evidence about mobiles causing cancer is starting to get serious with the WHO survey showing worrying trends, will fones be the next big health risk ?
  8. Guest

    Canberra Mobile phone providers

    Hiya We are flying out tomorrow! I am taking my old orange phone which is unlocked (am making pay as you go) and will buy a sim card when i get there. What is the best network in canberra? What should we avoid?! Thanks!!
  9. Guest

    Mobile phone help!

    Currently on an iphone contract which expires next year and moving to Melbourne in less than 2 weeks. Need some advice please people. 1. Do i sell my phone, pay off the contract and change my sim to a pay as you go so that people can still contact me on that number if they wish when i put it in a phone over there? or 2. Do i keep my phone and sim but then try and get a sim only deal over there so im not on two contracts (will only be using my phone to contact wife as we wont know anyone over there). Do any companies do sim only over there as i can't see anything like it on Telstra website? or 3. Cancel contract over here, sell phone and get a new phone and contract over there? What would be the cheapest way as i will still want to SMS some friends/family in the UK from over there. Is it cheaper to use my uk sim and SMS from Oz or use Oz sim to do it? ARGHHHHHHHHHH! Only 12 days left to do it in so somebody help before i lose the plot (if i haven't already!)
  10. I have got a quick question. I would like to give my parents a short call/send them an SMS as soon as I arrive in Oz so they don't worry. - Do you know if I can do that with a UK mobile (old-fashioned Tesco one)? I am aware similar questions have been asked already but I just would like to know if the UK mobile would work for one short call/SMS WITHOUT changing the SIM card. Any advice would be much appreciated.:wubclub:
  11. Guest

    Mobile Providers

    Who are the best mobile providers in the Melbourne area? Looking for the providers with the best coverage and although there are a lot of companies out there I don't have a clue which one will give the best signal in most areas. Cheers, Stu
  12. stelol

    Lube Mobile Information Req

    Hi All, Has anyone heard of Lube mobile, used them or know anyone that has worked for them? I have the opportunity to work for them but cant find too much information. Any information would be great. Many thanks Steve
  13. Hey everyone! Moving from the UK to Oz- I have sim free iphone bought outright- wondering what is best network to go on when i get over- suppose i use data roaming the most and will be ringing back home every so often- who has the best deals? Cheers :biggrin:
  14. Hi guys and girls, has anyone emigrated as a mobile plant operator i.e loading shovel, dozer driver, dump truck operator, etc? I know quit e a few states have Mobile Plant Operator on their SMPs, but i'm not quite sure where the best place for work is. I have done some research on WA and SA, and understand there is work in other places. I can't really firm up my plans until i have an idea of where the work is though.:confused: Anybody who has done this, or knows about it, and could offer advice, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers for now :biggrin: James P
  15. Guest

    Vodafone Mobile Broadband

    Hi, I was thinking about getting the Vodafone prepaid mobile broadband. I was wondering if anyone has used this before. I would be using this in the Melbourne area, the coverage looks good on the website. Can anyone comment on the speed and performance of the broadband and also coverage. Thanks
  16. Both the OH and I are with 3 for our mobile phones, which have approx. 18 months still to run. Anyone any experience of cancelling contracts and what we may have to pay to cancel. Thanks, The Hippo
  17. Guest

    Where to buy a Mobile Phone?

    Hi, just curious to know where to buy a PAYG Mobile, here in Uk or in Melbourne? wheres the cheapest. Gillian:jiggy:
  18. Phil & Vikki

    Which Mobile

    Today we went to get some mobiles but got a bit stuck. What we are looking for is a pre-pay that has got good coverage in Sydney (North) and what will not cost too much. We were hoping to get one that can be used with Skype too. Can anyone recommend any good phones, networks or sites that we can look at to read reviews?
  19. melaniecharlton

    Mobile Massage in Sydney

    Hello, I will be moving to Sydney later this year with my family. I think we plan on living in Hornsby. I am a mobile massage therapist who works part time around the family. I usually work evenings and I travel to my clients homes. Here is my website: DeStress Zone I would love to continue working in Sydney but I think there is a lot of competition out there. I might have to start working from home although people do prefer me coming to them. I think I might get lost at first however Do you think there is a gap in the market out there for me? Is massage popular in OZ?
  20. Hi Everyone, You know it's close when you start researching things like this! Had a quick look at a few websites but a little confused by all things technology wise. TV Do you get a few standard TV channels like you do in the UK - if so what do I need to buy to get it? Do they have freeview or do they only have satelliete? Internet Do you need a landline or do they have internet like Virgin Media here? Packages (TV, Internet and Mobile) Is there any good packages people can recommend (not bothered about landline if we don't need one).
  21. We will be moving to Peregian Springs in 2 weeks and my wife will be working at Nambour, What is the best mobile coverage in the area? We did take out Vodafone contracts on Tuesday but have managed to cancel the contracts as the coverage was shocking! So any advice would be greatly appreciated. JOHN
  22. redrobbersdog

    Mobile phones in OZ

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to tell me if you can take your iPhone with you and then take up a contract or pay as you go with any of the providers out there and keep your own phone? Thanks all. Dawn
  23. Guest

    mobile broadband providers

    Hi all Only 19 days to go!!!!! Can anyone let me know what is the best pay as you go mobile broadband in Oz, if it exists. In the UK there is only one, ie vodaphone, otherwise which would be the best pay monthly contract. I have 2 dongles already, so only require a sim card. Thanks
  24. twinkletoes35

    mobile networks

    Hi all I have been looking at mobile networks in oz and I sort of find it a little baffling from pay as you go to pre pay's to contracts, own phone to getting a new handset, can anyone give me an idiots guide?? lol thanks TT xx
  25. mr luvpants

    Mobile phone contracts

    How "easy" is it to get a mobile phone contract as soon as you get to oz? Whats the soonest that we could apply for one? Obviously we are not going to have any credit history so I think that may cause a problem? JOHN