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Found 66 results

  1. Hello people! I have a few questions for anyone with mining experience or anyone with some knowledge of the mining world. I'm a British soldier shortly terminating my service to try pursue a career in the mine, in WA. Below I'll list some qualifications I have and i would like to know if they would be valued In the mines. Moblile Crane license NPORS (experienced with Terex AC35 medium mobility 30T crane) Slinger & signaller Crane supervisor Self loading dump truck Full hazardous goods license. HGV licenses. I'd really appreciate any Info given it means a lot! Thanks in advance.
  2. Mining employment from Backpacker Trade News Australia: A report on the Australian Mining website has suggested that mining jobs are experiencing a boom in in Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland, with plenty of roles available. According to the report, engineers, electricians and safety professionals are expected to be in demand until later on this year.... .... However, when we spoke to Australian Mining a few weeks ago, they suggested that the industry was ‘slowing down’.
  3. Thanks for taking a look at this. I'm a 31 year old pommie thinking of doing the Diploma of Applied Geosciences at tafeSA. I have always wanted to get into this career and was wondering what experiences you've had or advice you could share. Cheers in advance.
  4. Karl Dyble

    Health and Safety

    Some hints and tips for anyone who is considering migrating as a Health and Safety professional or is currently working in that field in Australia already. The first point to note is that there is no national approach to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) here in Australia. They recently harmonised the health and safety legislation in all of the states except Western Australia and Victoria via the introduction of the new Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (WHS Act 2012). Why didn't they adopt this in WA and Vic? The best analogy is to see WA as the USA and Vic as the UK. They have a special relationship and are often reluctant to do what everyone else is doing in Australia just as the USA does around the world and the UK does in the EU. So, this is why there is no national approach to OHS in Australia. This doesn't mean that the introduction of the new WHS Act hasn't had an impact on both WA and Vic in terms of nationally recognised Work Health and Safety courses. Why does this matter, I hear you ask. It matters because if you are considering undertaking a course of study in the field of OHS in Australia or from overseas you need to know that the old certificate IV Occupational Health and Safety and the old Diploma Occupational Health and Safety have now been superseded by the following two courses: · BSB41412 Certificate IV Work Health and Safety · BSB51312 Diploma Work Health and Safety The point of this post is to make sure that you don’t throw your money away on now defunct OHS courses. Cheers. Karl.
  5. Hi everyone. I used this site so much before making the move and so i only think its fair I give a little update for anyone thinking of moving to Mackay Queensland. Mackay is alot better than we thought it would be. There is not a deal of information on this site about Mackay, but we are really pleased with it so far. We live in the "northern beaches" region and its lovely. Based in Blacks Beach Cove we are a couple of mins from the beach. The housing estate is nice and most of the houses are brand new. its about a 20 min drive into town but only 10 mins to a shopping centre called Mount Pleasant, which is like a mini town lol. It has everything we need. We have a 2 year old girl and are stuggling to find her a nursery. We can get her into a "long stay" nursery which runs from 6am to 6pm at a flat rate of $70 approx. its the same price even if she attends from 9am to 1pm. were not depending on childcare for work but are wanting her to go so she can interact with other children, there just seems to be no nurserys that do it on a hourly basis. We are spending on average $400 a week on food for a family of 3. Things are more expensive if your here on holiday but it im earning a good wage so its all relative. Im working in the mining sector (just like most people here) and there has been a slow down recently. If people have heard this and are worried here is my personal opinion simplified..the current labour goverement has impleneted a mining tax to the mine owners that basically means there paying **** loads per ton they get out the ground. I think that the mining companies have slowed production to give the labour party a message of who is actually running the country here in australia and in turn people have lost there jobs. Making people angry and upset. SO, along comes the oppostion to labour and promises that if it gets in power this september, they will abolish the mining tax that applies to the mine owners. Its predicted that the opposition party will take over in spetember, production will increases again, and in my opinion Mackay will explode over the next 5-10 years. Why else are they currently building the biggest coal terminal in the world right here in Mackay... all in my opinion ofcourse. We are loving life so far. Everything is so relaxed, theres no rushing round with people climbing over one and other to get to where they need to be. Its not all over the news how much the country is in the **** like back in the uk. If anyone has any specific questions, just reply and i will answer thanks everyone Ramsay
  6. We have been in Sydney now for 9 months and hubby has been working solidly since his PR came through. He drives a manitou and works 6 days, brings home around 1300 net per week. So it is not to shabby. He has always wanted to do the crane course and that will be about 2000 AUD and should increase his daily rate further. I am wondering about him doing excavator/loader type training also, again another 2000-3000 AUD. Paying 3000 AUD per month rent is killing us and I just want usto be able to buy somewhere 9and live the dream LOL). In Sydney where we are properties are around the mill mark!! I have seen places I like along the coast for half that. Childcare costs are extortionate in Sydney also and I have two under 4. I see loads of jobs advertised around QLD for excavators etc and even know someone working for Synergy on a FIFO from Sydney, was just wondering on the work propsects. Sorry this is all so disjointed. So assumig I can get another teaching job somewhere , what do you thing the best training options for the other half, to maximise employability and work chances. I have read the threads on here about mining slowing right down..... Cheers
  7. hiya, just joined this site and saw that a few people seem to have questions/misconceptions about FIFO work, so thought i might put my two penneth in ;-) FIFO is great, for me it's all about the swing/roster not being a long one. i've been here since '89 and have done them all. 6 and 3 (weeks), 3 and 1 (too long), 2 and 1 (quite good) etc. the best one is of course any 'even time' swing (normally 2 weeks on 2 weeks off) but these are mainly offshore and/or offered to those with rarer skill sets (because they demand it), but failing that, 9 days on 5 off is not bad at all. More and more mining co's are offering this, and, increasingly, 8 and 6 (days). simply because they want to avoid the very high costs of a 'high churn' workforce. with 9 and 5, by the time you've had enough you're flying home! to answer an earlier question about money: if you don't get over 80K something is wrong. as others have said, however, if you're working outdoors up in NW of WA you'll earn every penny, it's so hot from nov to march. having said that, precautions are taken, no one wants anyone to die. re: what tickets to get? i can only offer this tip: start reading the ads on Seek.com, what skills/tickets are they asking for? how many companies are asking for the same skill/ticket? how many ads per day/week? collect these ads as they have valuable contact names/numbers on them. also, i've found it useful to call any agency that you keep seeing (as you look through the seek.com ads) and chat to them. ASK for advice/help, you might be surprised how helpful these people can be. they love to tell you what they know about an industry. and, by calling around a few you will build up a picture of what's what and which of your current skills you can build on to get yourself in with a chance. also, the old 'right time right place 'factor is not one to be sniffed at. who knows what might have just come across their desk? one small tip along those lines: when the person answers the phone they will ALWAYS say their name, listen closely for it and ALWAYS use it. "oh hi Melissa, i was just wondering if you..." it works. the best thing to remember is this: if you have to do a long swing on your first job up there, don't fret, you will very soon find out which other companies are looking for your skills and you move. 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and all that.. ;-) one more thing: look into the tax allowances you get when you stay away from home for work. they can be significant when calculating whether this (fifo) life is for you. all the best to you all. ps: if you have any questions, feel free. though i don't know anything at all about visas or immigration matters. cheers
  8. stephaniepomroy

    HELP!! Plastering? Mining? QLD

    Hello, my partner is coming out to QLD sept on a WHV, hes staying with a family friend whos lives in the runaway bay region! hes currently a plasterer here in the UK, with 9 years experience! we no that plastering isnt done the same out in Oz but where do we start? would he have to become a labourer to learn the new skills?? whats the average wage?? were also lookin into the mining industry but with no experiance how difficult can this be? iv read lots of positives and negatives online but could do with some helpfull advice!! our main aim is to obtain sponsorship so that myself and our kiddies we have together can join him out in Oz. are we asking to much?? and how hard can this really be? .. T.I.A X
  9. Hello, Im a gas engineer from the UK, i have been in Oz for a few months now and looked for work since I landed. Ive applied for over 100 positions and get very few responses. Before leaving the UK I applied for a number of jobs but didnt get any resonse, I thought it was because I was not in the country. Since arriving things havnt changed much. Does anyone know of any trainee positions available? Im willing to do anything and work anywhere (FIFO, mining, relocate...) to get my foot in the door and show my true potential. Any advice would be a great help Thanks in advance Liam
  10. Hello, please can you help. I came to australia on the 16th may 2012 on a working holiday visa but really would like to extend my stay possibly permanent. i started to look for work straight away, i seem to be getting nowhere and agencies dont seen to be much assistance. in the uk i worked as a gas engineer both commercial and domestic. im in brisbane at the moment, but am prepared to work anywhere, do anything, along with f.i.f.o work. can you please help thanks in advance liam
  11. Just found this, did a search and I cant see anyone has mentioned it on PiO so here it is.... http://www.fifobids.com.au/ May help people looking for FIFO and mining roles in WA http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/new-solution-to-wa-skills-shortage/story-e6frg2r3-1226341562637 (News Article)
  12. Hey Guys Im in Perth, 25 English (of course) WHV 457 till 29th Nov 2012 Carpenters and Electricians TA for 6 Years Done several courses such as; Dogging Ticket Fork Lift Ticket High Risk Licence Australian C Class Driving License Senior First Aid Confined Spaces Working at Heights Manual Handling Hazadous Substances Electrical Switchboard Awareness Rio Tinto Inducted I have contacted a few companys, but not much joy as of yet.. Any Kind people want to put me in the right direction of where the serious $$$ is ???!! As i want to go home with some money :wink: All Help Appreciated Dave
  13. Hi all, new to this site though have been reading posts all day! My boyfriend and I are thinking of going to WA for a few years, as we have heard there are great opportunities if you are willing to work hard/in a mine, and we could both do with a change. Any help on the following would be much appreciated as we are only just starting to do our research - a lot to learn!! 1) Realistically, can unskilled/inexperienced people get a good mining job? We have heard so, but are not convinced! My partner is 27 and physically fit, but no experience. 2) What visa options are there for us? We are both mid twenties, but neither of us do a job on the In Demand list. He has a degree in Business Management and I am a PR/Communications Officer for a local authority, but have no degree. We know we could probably get a working holiday visa, but this means we could only work for an employer for up to 6 months max and I assume this would hugely limit our opportunities to get good, settled jobs. Perhaps I could apply as an Office Manager, but although I manage my department, I don't manage any staff! HELP - not sure if we are being very unrealistic to think we could get out there for 2 years and be able to work hard, play hard and maybe save some money! thanks x 3)
  14. We are recruiting for heavy diesel mechanics for Perth-based positions within the mining industry. Several positions are available and need to be filled urgently. These roles involve the maintenance and mechanical repair of heavy duty diesel vehicles at our client’s Perth-based workshop. Outstanding packages are on offer, including excellent rates of pay plus superannuation. In order to apply you must have the following: Approved qualification as a diesel mechanic and experience with heavy duty earthmoving equipment A good understanding of hydraulics and diesel engine fundamentals The ability to troubleshoot engine and hydraulic faults Sound written and verbal communication skills The ability to work well in a team A commitment to workplace safety Preferred (not essential): Permanent residency, permanent visa or other evidence of the right to work in Australia Experience with Caterpillar equipment Current truck driver’s licence Other advantageous traits (not essential): Safety qualifications Supervisory experience Open-cut mining experience Welding experience Although we prefer applicants who already have the right to work permanently in Australia, other applicants will also be considered. Sponsorship (457 visa) under the General Skilled Migration programme will be considered for the right applicants. Applicants on working holiday visas will also be considered. You don't have to be currently living in Australia to apply - if you are still in the UK it is no problem. We have a London office and will potentially be arranging interviews in the UK. To apply for this position please forward your CV without delay. We are recruiting urgently for these positions so if you believe your CV is not “up to scratch”, don’t let this delay you – as long as it shows the necessary skills and experience we will help you to polish it up.
  15. Guest


    does anyone know what is like for your family if you live in on site accommodation with the mining industry are there any schools on site and what is the social life like thanks for any replies
  16. Hello everyone:biggrin:. Just looking for and honest answer. I am looking for work in one of the mines in Au. Is there a career(FIFO) there for me? I'm a U.S. citizen with 25 years of experience in heavy equipment operating and management. very reliable and willing to travel. Any suggestions?
  17. Hi All, My company has secured overseas preferred supplier status with 2 major mining companies. We now have open roles in Queensland, Central NSW and WA. We need a Senior Mining Engineers (7+ years / Underground), Mining Engineers (upto 5 years / Open Cut) and a Senior Geotechnical Engineer (7+ Years / Metalliferous environment). Anyone interested, please drop me a line. Many thanks. Adam
  18. jen16

    mining CV

    Hi All, There has been lots of threads on here recently re mining so if this is a repeat apologies..Anyway I was wondering where to send my husbands CV to, is it the companies eg BHP, Rio Tinto etc or recruitment agencies? Also are companies still sponsoring or is there a down turn there too? Looking at WA as he has 11 years experience on open cut quarry (Iron Ore) so there seems to more of this kind in WA compared to QLD where there seems to be more UG Coal which he has no experience in.. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated thanks :biggrin:
  19. Is it possible for a Cabinetmaker who worked the last years as PM in the field of Fitout-interior move to mining jobs in WA??? And dont mean as Driver or something similiar, more like Site manager or similiar like that. Any advice?? Thx in advance
  20. Hi all I'm new to this forum our 176 was granted in July and hubby has been working on the mines in WA since August he absolutely loves his job but finds the weather difficult to work in..... Some days it's 46 degrees he currently works 4/1 and is on $150,000 my question is do you think this is enough to live on in terms of houses, food, bills flights back to Uk once a year ect? we are 24/28 and no children yet. We both feel so lucky he has landed a fab job but I am petrified of being on my own for 4 weeks at a time, I'm hoping to find a job when I arrive I'm currently in Uk finishing a nursing degree and waiting for house to sell :0( I know it's a compromise that will pay off and my hubby wouldn't do it if I wasn't happy, we spoke about the ups and downs before he took the job but I can't help but feel so up and down about it all the wobblers are getting the better if me at the moment is this normal xxx
  21. Guest

    Mining careers

    Does anyone have any information on companies that hire in the mining industry with noexperience or qualifacations?
  22. The Pom Queen

    Mining and Gas Expo in Cairns

    For anyone interested there is a mining and jobs expo in Cairns on Wednesday 2nd November at Cairns Convention Centre between 10am - 4pm. More info can be found here: http://www.skills.qld.gov.au/
  23. Hi All, We moved over to Australia about 9-mths ago, I am sponsored by my employer and my husband has full working rights on my visa. He is a carpenter / general builder and although he loves what he does and the wages are fine we keep hearing how much $$ can be made in the mines. Is this realistic for the unqualified jobs.....I am not really sure what type of roles he could do? Can anyone point us in the right direction? We are young and have no children so were thinking it was worth looking in to, at least for a couple of years to help us get set up with a deposit for a house etc. We live on the Central Coast so surrounded by plenty of mines. Thanks
  24. Hi folks, I'm currently waiting for an offshore spousal temporary visa. I have the oppurtunity to work in the mining industry. However, my wife is worried that the Immigration Dept may not grant us the Subclass 100 permanent visa after 2yrs as I would be working in rural Australia for 2 weeks on and flying back for one week. Are her concerns unfounded or would there be an issue here? I would love to work for 2yrs just to get a head start on our mortgage. All replies greatly appreciated.
  25. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/reccie-arrival-reports/125181-wdu-sort-reccie-perth.html