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Found 31 results


    £100 million

    i was hoping this would get your attention i know there is alot of us in the same boat , waiting for a buyer to come along so we can get off to oz asap !!! so i was thinking :goofy: there is £ 100 million up for grabs on the euro millions on friday maybe we should do a syndicate any thoughts welcome !!! here are some of the things i thought should be included anybody who wants in should purchase a ticket and put there numbers on the thread ( if we go ahead with this) before friday 7.30pm we will only be sharing it out if we win the big one or a share of the top prize as it has to be won this week so it could mean 5 numbers and 1 star wins or shares the top prize ( so any other prize you keep on your own ) you must keep the ticket you purchased to prove you logged your numbers into the syndicate to get a share of the winnings im thinking if we got 50 of us i could happily share £100 million with 50 people or how ever many we get for a £1.50 stake we might have a better chance of winning i dont know how this would stand for leagal terms but im hoping people would be 100% honest ( anybody who has any info on this would be great for your advice ) if you want to add any rules or comment on this or even just to tell me im mad and to stop dreaming please fell free to do so look forward to your repleys IAN
  2. Health boards could lose £85 million because of rising inflation, Labour has warned. The party made the claim on the assumption that inflation would outstrip the SNP government's budget increases at 4.4%. All health boards and the Scottish Ambulance Service would suffer under the scenario. Labour called on health minister Nicola Sturgeon to find extra funds, warning that patients could suffer from real-term cuts. But the SNP attacked the claim as "absurd and inaccurate". A spokesman said when the government made their NHS budget increases they were above the projected inflation rate at the time. Margaret Curran, Labour's health spokeswoman, said: "These are not just efficiency savings, but real cuts to the health service totalling over £85 million. I am very concerned that patient care will suffer as a result. "If Nicola Sturgeon doesn't want to be branded the Minister for Health Cuts she must make the NHS a genuine priority for the SNP and find the money to fund it properly." The government allocated an increase in funds of around 3% - adding £257 million to health board and other health service budgets. Labour claimed 4.4% inflation would lead to real-term cuts of between £300,000 in Orkney to £21.7 million in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Grampian would face cuts of £5.9 million and Lothian would lose £8.7 million. The ambulance service would lose £2.2 million, Labour said.
  3. Guest

    $50 million lotto

    Fancy getting myself a little bit of tomorrows prize money of $50 million:jiggy:Can't quite work out how to play it though. What are divisions and how much does it cost? Can anyone give me any help? Cheers Karen
  4. Hello people. Firstly I must say wot a great and informative site this is. Like many of you my hubby and I have discussed emmigrating sooooo many times but for one reason or another it always seemed to be a pipedream - mainly due to me leaving my family and friends. It has now got to a point where my hubby and I are seriously considering emmigrating to Australia, we have 4 children ranging from 15 down to 1 year and with us nearing our 40's, our ever increasing non-contentment (is that a word?) of living in England and our priorities changing in favour of ourselves and our children alone we realise that there is nothing wrong in wanting a better life for ourselves. On that basis we goggled emmigration last night and took part in a criteria questionaire for visas and it came back that my husband and I had passed the Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment. My husband has been a diamond setter for some 20 plus years and I am a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, although I didnt enter these details due to the fact I havent practised in a few years. My first question is - would it be better for my husband to be offered a job and then applying for the sponsored visas that way or is it pretty much a muchness if he just got a skilled worker visa and hunted a job when we got there. Obviously I am yet to research the areas in Australia that are the heart of the jewellery industry and this would obviously determine where he applied for work / we lived. Secondly - how long does the process take? I have no idea at all - not that im bothered how long it takes and is it really difficult to be accepted???? Thirdly and most importantly - can you recommend a site where there is an "Idiots Guide To Emmigrating To Australia". We are total virgins on this subject and have no idea how the process works. Many thanks for your patience in reading this lengthy message - hope I never sent anyone to sleep whilst reading it. Im sure there will be a million more questions from me for you to muse over in the future. Bye for now. Tinks :wacko:
  5. Guest

    Million Dollar Question

    Hi guys Can anyone give me a rough idea how long it will take to get skilled independent visa. OH is due to take practical test in July and his occupation on MODL, not sure if that makes any difference when demand is huge. Thanks Lisa
  6. Is the grass REALLY greener is Australia ??? I do hope so :roll: regards, Lee