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Found 81 results

  1. Hi all, I've finally passed the ielts, got all the paperwork photocopied & certified & I'm trying to fill in the QNC application for registration form & have got stuck immediately. I want to register & work as a midwife (although I have both nursing & midwifery registration with the uk NMC) but which box do I tick? 1 Authority to practice as amidwife 2 Restoration/endorsement (RN) midwife 3 Endorsement (RN) midwife Please Help :arghh: Ellie xx
  2. hi, I am new to this site and would love anyone to give me some much needed advice regarding my families dream to move to aus. I am currently a student midwife and my husband is also a student but works as a property manager also, we have two boys aged 5 and 3. We are just getting started on the road to looking in to moving and i would l;ove some advice re: visa's and agencys. I have read lots of interesting stuff on here and elsewhere however i am stuck as to the best path to follow. At what stage previous to moving do people recommend applying for a visa? Do nurses/midwives on here recommend going through an agency to help with resettlement costs ect? if so, any recommendations? is it recommended to contact hospitals directly in aus to apply for jobs? if so, at what stage do people do this? Im not planning on moving for three years but am well aware that getting things started early is important as the process can be a long one. Thank you so much for your help Rhian
  3. Guest

    midwife job !

    Hi Please see this link HealthJobs - Health Jobs View Brand new $250 million dollar hospital being built, plans to introduce caseload midwifery in the next 12 months, affordable housing and a country lifestyle in NSW. NSW has the best pay rates and conditions for midwives in Australia. This hospital has around 900 births a year - direct entry midwives VERY welcome, especially anyone with current experience of caseload or similar models!
  4. Hi Everyone, My Wife and I are looking into emigrating but we are struggling to find what sort of wage she would expect to get, she is a Fully qualified midwife, practising for about 4 years and is currently a band 6 in the uk, not 100% sure as to which area of Oz we like but possible Victoria region. Any help would be greatly appreciated, including job availibility, approx salary attainable, type of work. Once again many thanks Paul and Julie
  5. hiya does anyone have any information about what life is like as a midwife at the mater's? I have been told that as a midwife in aus its better to work in a public hospital as opposed to a private, as you will be able to work more autonomously and using the same skills as in the uk (i could be missinformed). As the mater is both a public and a private hospital, how will that work?? x
  6. Guest

    Midwife Band

    Could anyone please help with working out what a band 6 english midwife with 4 years experience relates to in the australian banding scheme, we seem to be coming across either Registered nurse midwife only or clinical midwife.
  7. Can anyone give me the pros and cons of working in a private hospital versus a public hospital as a midwife in Victoria please.
  8. hi i am a uk trained midwife, been working as a midwife a year in july 2010. we have applied for a 175 permanant visa, but wish to try for the sponsorship route, as really want to be living and working in australia asap does anyone know of any jobs in nsw area, or anywhere else for that matter. or is it a case of just forwarding cv to hundreds of hospitals and then await any replies.
  9. Hi, We are making the move down under in July 2010, on my OH's occupation (accountant). I myself was a chef before I had the kids, but have been a full-time Mum for the past 11 years. When we move to Oz I would really like to fulfill my lifes ambition of becoming a midwife. I just wanted to know if I will be able to go back to full time educaton and what I will be entitled to do. What will the Midwifery training involve? What will the child care resources be available to me? (my kids are 11 and 7). Melanie x
  10. Hi all, I need some advisa from you. I have just applied for reg with NBV I haveapplied for a permament visa already. but they didnt ask for that.. do I need to provide proof of it anyhow? done ielts and passed with 8! sent also how long does it take to register? also my transcipt didn't have any birhs or visits do you think it will be a problem? thanks for your advice!!
  11. hi im in the process of applying to nsw for state sponsorship. i qualified as a midwife in the uk last year. i have been working as a midwife for 3 months, as i have a temporary job until jan 2010. we have applied to emigrate on oh job as he is a boilermaker with 15 yr exp. have applied for nsw ss and asked them to consider both of our jobs. couldnt apply on my job as havent got enough exp. i wondered if i needed a set amount of experience working as a midwife before i would be able to secure a job over there. thanks nicola
  12. Guest

    QLD bound Midwife

    Hi all and may I say what a fantastic forum to have discovered,it is my new best friend. ME-Midwife(43).OH-Business owner(45),3 boys 14,12,6..........long story but we are British and living in South Africa for 16 years deparately trying to escape.We got a business visa 163 last year but due to the dreaded economic downturn have been unable to sell business or house.I returned to nusring in 2007 after a long absence otherwise we would have gone on my skills.Since we have not budged,I now qualify for a 176 hopefully and have done all the ANMC,IELTS,QNC things and currently in the looooooooong queue for SS.
  13. Hello everyone. Im 21, hoping to move to Oz in a year or so depending on what I find out. I have talked a lot of the last couple of years about moving to Australia once I qualify as a midwife, which is about a year from now (providing I pass everything - which I very much hope I do!!!) I really want to start thinking seriously about it now and weighing up my options. I have a lot of questions, and any help that anyone can offer will be greatly appriciated. I think I will just list them it's easier! Firstly where do I even start? Can anyone advise on sponsership by a hospital, agency work, using an agent for the move, just chancing it getting a working visa and seeing what happens when I turn up?? Midwifery in Australia - I hear it is very obsertric led and that a midwife is commonly more of an obstetric nurse rather than an autonamous practitioner? Salary? is it similar to that of a midwife in the UK is it a reasonable wage for someone to live on alone? I canno't decide weather to work in the UK for 6-12months then make the move or just jump straigt into the deep end and go newly qualified. Are there any good websites to look at which would give me any of the information I am looking for? I have many many more questions and everytime i get an answer to a question 100's more pop into my head. I think I am anxious about coming alone but this definatley wouldnt stop me. I really will appreciate any response to this thread. Thankyou all in advance. Marie
  14. Hi I am a second year student midwife and would like to move to Australia next October (2010) when I qualify. I am wondering if it possible to get a job when newly qualified or if I should work in England for a year or so first. Ideally I would like to move next year. I believe i will have to get a holiday/working visa first then apply for residency. Please correct me if i am wrong??!!! Also if anyone knows any agencies or hospitals I can contact in Sydney for help and advice that would be great. Thanks. Jemma
  15. heya I am a midwife that really wants to come and work in Sydney. It would be great if there are any other midwives that have made the move already and could give me advice. It would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Guest

    Midwife dilemmas!

    Hi all! I am a registered midwife and I currently work in an incredibly busy and large teaching hospital in Birmingham, UK. The hospital I work in is constantly short staffed and so work can be incredibly stressful. I would love to hear of any midwifes who have emigrated to Australia and their opinions of work in Oz. I am particularly considering applying to the Mater Mothers hospital, Brisbane due to their generous relocation allowances but I am concerned that such a large hospital will mean my job will prove as stressful as my job here. Does anybody have any advice on what I should do??? Thanks for the help...
  17. Are there any other midwives out there who are completely fed up with the fact that Oz (particularly QLD) refuse to move into the 21st century in terms of the midwifery we are 'allowed' to practice? There's a nurse thread, so I thought I would start a midwives thread and try and get views of other UK midwives and their experiences of practising here. Would be great if I could also get info on midwifery in other states across Oz. I have come from midwifery led care in the UK and as you all know,midwives are given a great deal of autonomy. However, despite researching the midwife led model in Oz I've still yet to find anything that would allow us UK midwives who have a great deal of knowledge and experience to actually function as autonomous midwives. Your views would be greatly appreciated :realmad:
  18. Guest

    Agency midwife in Oz

    Hi there I have recently been doing agency shifts in london on top of my normal hospital hours. The rates of pay have been very competititve, sometimes paying more than double bank rates in my own hospital. Just wondering whether there is scope to do agency work in oz (i'll actually be in brisbane) to boost earnings when needed. thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, Im Beth and im a direct entry midwifery student (i didnt do my nursing first) basically I need some advice, I am looking to get to Perth as soon as i qualify which is in Sep this year, is this possible?? some say yes and others say that i will need post grad experience of at least a year!! any advice would be great! Thanks for your help! Beth
  20. Guest

    Midwife needs help!

    Hi all, i am hoping that somebody may be able to advise me. I am a Midwife and plan to apply for a PR visa in August, i can't do it any sooner as i have only been working the required 20hrs/week since last August....been too busy having kids of my own prior to that! However i plan to get the ball rolling in the next few weeks by having my skills assessed by the ANMC and herein lies my dilemma!!! As part of the process i have to get a reference off my line manager BUT i don't want to tell her yet of my plans....i know i'm a wimp but i do have valid reasons, still want to apply for promotion etc and would rather wait until i actually apply for the visa before informing her.Would it be possible to get the reference off my supervisor of midwives? She is a senior member of staff where i work and she would keep my plans confidential as would the HR dept. I know it all sounds a bit cloak and dagger and generally i'm a very open person but there's loads of upheaval at work and i don't want to compromise anything just incase we don't make it out to oz! Hope this makes sense and thanks for reading, Natalie:wacko:
  21. Hi All, New to PIO so hello to everyone! I am currently living in UK. Have PR visa in place and have already validated. Registered with Western Australia but wish to transfer to Brisbane. My question is: Can I be registered in two different States? If not, is it a complicated process to cancel one (WA) and re register with Queensland Health? Sorry if this sounds a silly question. many thanks :smile:
  22. Guest

    Midwife in Brisbane

    Hi, i'm fairly new to PIO. i'm a midwife working in London who plans to move to Oz with my hubby in June July next year. Have been offered a job with Mater Womens Hospital, has anyone else. Would love to meet other midwives or other bris-alites out there.
  23. Guest

    midwife care in melbourne

    :cute:Hello everyone our family is movin to melbourne on 457 visa on the 26th of dec ive just found out that i am 2 months pregnant which i great only i dont know how to go about finding medical care .. i was wondering if id need to find privite healthcare ..how ..an who with. if anyone has any info to share that would be great Thanks
  24. Guest

    Midwife jobs

    Hi all... Does anyone know of any midwife jobs on the gold coast/sunshine coast??? Have looked on many sites but jobs seem to be concentrated in Brisbane with atleast a forty minute commute there and back daily to the coasts. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Regards, Dan x
  25. Guest

    Midwife dilemmas!

    Hi all! I am a registered midwife and I currently work in an incredibly busy and large teaching hospital in Birmingham, UK. The hospital I work in is constantly short staffed and so work can be incredibly stressful. I would love to hear of any midwifes who have emigrated to Australia and their opinions of work in Oz. I am particularly considering applying to the Mater Mothers hospital, Brisbane due to their generous relocation allowances but I am concerned that such a large hospital will mean my job will prove as stressful as my job here. Does anybody have any advice on what I should do??? Thanks for the help...