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Found 84 results

  1. Finally felt like I was getting some where last week. I've been researching for about a million years now and finally settled on Brisbane as an area to relocate. Sent an expression of interest to the Mater Mothers, they wanted more experience (i'm just a year post reg). I went back to my agent at Geneva Health to move things forward there and she told me all the vacancies in QLD have dried up and are now primarily being advertised through Queensland health not being filtered through agents etc.... I feel back at square 1. Queensland is a very large area, has anyone else got similar information about the job situation in QLD? I've now started looking at NSW but i've never looked here before, can anyone give advice on areas? I'd like coastal ideally (but it seems so do many others) Being a brit I have everything crossed for warmer climates (hence being interested in QLD first and foremost). Any ideas/ suggestions would be great please........ I really don't know where to start :confused: thanks Marie :v_SPIN:
  2. Guest

    @jooby midwife in nsw

    Hi all hope im doing this right new to forums lol!!! Anyway thinking of moving to oz for a while now and looking to move to nsw, probably camden area, my wife is a training to be midwife and qualifies in september, and looking for people or hospitals to contact and get more info and see if they would take recently qualified or not etc? Obviosly from jooby post wondered if you have anyone we could contact or speak to? Thanks Mark:wink:
  3. midwifetob

    Newly Qualified Midwife

    Hi, I am currently a student midwife. I am wondering whether I would be able to get a job and a visa once I qualify. I understand that some healthcare trusts want 2 years experience, but, I have been told that I could join a graduate programme in Australia. Does anyone have any help with this. Thanks
  4. yumimumi

    pregnant midwife

    i am emigrating to australia in october. have been qualified as a midwife for 2 years now. I have applied for my midwifery registration through ahpra, and am currently awaiting this to be processed. sent it to them approx 1 month ago. i have just found out that i am approximately 5 weeks pregnant, and wondered if australian employers ie hospitals would still employ me as a midwife once they found out that i am pregnant, and if so, how long would i have to work for to qualify for maternity pay. i estimate that being approx 5 wks gone, by the time i land in australia i will be around 13 weeks pregnant. as you can probably gather, i am stressing a bit, wondering how i am going to get by moneywise. any advice would be great. thanks nicola
  5. We are moving over to perth next july & hoping to live in or around joondalup area. I am a direct entry registered midwife in the uk - any contacts/recommendations of hospitals that take direct entry midwives ? Thanks
  6. yumimumi

    midwife help re aphra

    hi what are the fees for midwives wanting to register with ahpra from UK. i am emigrating to australia in october and want this in place by then. it says on application form that there is an application fee $115, annual registration fee $115 and an overseas assessment charge of $220. it seems a bit steep. can any one confirm if this is correct please. also do i have to contact NMC to let them know i am going so they can send something to ahpra. and one last thing. as i have only been qualified 2 yrs. when it comes to doing my CV, will it just have to include everything i have done whilst being a midwife, or is it like a normal cv where you have to list all your previous employment and study whether it is linked to midwifery or not. sorry for all the questions, but i have heard how awkward they can be and dont want anything to go wrong. just remembered one final point. i plan to go and stay with my family in oz for a while, what address do i put on the ahpra paperwork, my uk one or my new oz one. many thanks nicola
  7. tomabbie

    Confused Midwife

    First post!! Hope someone out there can help. Me and my OH and 2 children are looking to make the move to Perth. I am a specalist midwife in the UK and have applied for employment with WA Health Board and they are prepared to sponsor me (not sure wether it will be the 457 or 121, hoping for the latter). Do I need to have my skills assessed by the ANMAC, or is that for independant visa applications? I realise this may have been answered in another thread elsewhere but can't seem to find a definite answer. Really appreciate all the great advice and help that the forum is providing :biggrin:
  8. Hello Appologies first of all because I am sure this will have been asked before but the site is so vast! Can anyone give me a list in lay mans terms what I need to get together, what I need to send off and to who in order to get my registration as a midwife in Australia. I am looking at the possibility of trying to get a 119 visa, anyone else looking or got this? Just seems to give more stability than a 457? I have my Irish registration in process, I have ordered my trancript of studies from my Uni. Re IELTS, I know I have to take the exam, is study necessery beforehand - as in classes?? Re jobs, does everyone just contact the hospitals directly? Have applied for a few through agencies but I don;t have experience yet so they don;t seem as interested :wacko: Please help!
  9. Guest

    Student midwife

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and have been trying to research Oz, as i wish to come live there when I qualify as a midwife over here. I am looking at living around the Gold coast. I have a hubby who will be transfering to their navy, 2 children (so far) and a dog. I am hoping to gain my elective placement over there next August but am struggling to gain a contact for hospital/uni over there to do this and also trying to gain sponsorship to fund it. If you guys have any advice or word of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Laura
  10. Hi Have lurked on here for a while and have become inspired to start the process of hopefully emigrating to Brisbane. There are 5 of us in total and would need to go out there on my skill as a midwife. So here comes the question! How much does it actually cost to make the move? Any Midwives or nurses who have made the move on a sponsored 457 visa could you give me an idea as to what costs are met by your employer? If you chose to go on a 175/175 how much does it actually cost and is it worth it? I would really appreciate any advice whether it be positive or negative so I am as fully informed as possible before we decide which path to take. Thanks
  11. Hello all. Would anybody be able to advise...? My wife is currently putting in the application for the registration to the AHPRA as a midwife, and she's just been offered a job in Melbourne (Southern Health). The thing is though, we were hoping to get some help with the relocation costs and Southern Health haven't actually offered anything. We were mainly hoping for the cost of the flights to be reimbursed, as this would help massively in us being able to move out there by the end of this year (family of 4). Does anybody know if hospitals in Melbourne offer help with the relocation costs? Any advice would be really appreciated. We're going to the London Expo in a couple of weeks so hope to find out some info there too. Cheers. Jamie.
  12. Hey all, I’m new to POMSinOZ so please bear with me. I am a midwife who has been qualified for almost 18months and my boyfriend is a math’s teacher at a secondary school. We are looking to make a quick escape from Scotland to OZ in the summer. Despite neither of us having ever been to Australia we have been drawn to Queensland and in particular the Brisbane/Gold Coast areas. I am looking for some advice from other midwives working in these areas (or indeed any areas of Australia) on the hospitals and the general midwifery practice. I am keen to work in the public sector where I hope to maintain my autonomy as a practitioner. ANY INFO/CONTACTS would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nat
  13. Hello all. Would anybody be able to advise...? My wife is currently putting in the application for the registration to the AHPRA as a midwife, and she's just been offered a job in Melbourne (Southern Health). The thing is though, we were hoping to get some help with the relocation costs and Southern Health haven't actually offered anything. We were mainly hoping for the cost of the flights to be reimbursed, as this would help massively in us being able to move out there by the end of this year (family of 4). Does anybody know if hospitals in Melbourne offer help with the relocation costs? Any advice would be really appreciated. We're going to the London Expo in a couple of weeks so hope to find out some info there too. Cheers. Jamie.
  14. hi as title states i am a midwife with almost 2 years post reg experience. I am hoping to be in australia by the end of this year. we have applied for a 175 visa based on oh trade (boilermaker/plater). when we eventually get there i want to be able to work as a midwife, will be either nsw or perth area. i havent applied for the ielts yet. numerous posts that i have read state conflicting information. some say you dont need it if you trained/worked in uk. THEREFORE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLARIFY ONCE AND FOR ALL. do i need to get this booked and passed. or would it be better to wait until we get our visa, get over to australia and apply for it over there. my second question is when is best to apply to APHRA. now or when i get over to oz. i really dont know what to do for the best. please help before my head explodes. thanks nicola
  15. Hello guys. This is my first thread on this site, so apologies if I'm repeating anything that’s already been posted. My wife is a registered midwife in the UK, a band 6, and has just been offered a job in Melbourne with Southern Health (after a telephone interview). We would be looking at moving out there near the end of the year, as my wife is just in the process of getting the paper work together for the registration. I was just wondering if anybody knows what the average salary is for a midwife in Melbourne, as I want to make sure that my wife is being offered the best possible package. We are going through an agency and they were pretty insistent when saying that best hospital to work for would be Southern Health. Also, one of my wife’s colleagues here in the UK is moving to Brisbane in a couple of months, and part of her offer from the hospital that has sponsored her is help with the relocation costs incurred in moving to Oz. Southern Health haven’t offered anything at all in terms of this and when we mentioned it to the agency we are using, they said they could try and negotiate, but it was doubtful they would offer anything. Finally, I read something that non-permanent residents in Oz have to pay school fees. Is this true? We have a 3 and half year old daughter who will be 4 when we move out there and ready to start school. I have tried looking some of this info up on the web, but it’s quite difficult to locate exact information and when I do, it seems dated. Any advice at all would be really appreciated… Cheers. Jamie.
  16. Hi everyone, I am doing a 4 yr BSc in midwifery and started my paid internship on 20th Dec. I was just wondering if anybody knows whether this will count towards my 12 out of 24 mths work experience? I don't actually qualify until Sept, get my Irish registration mid-Oct and by the time I get Australian registration it will be at least Jan 2012 and over a year. It will make a difference as to which visa I can apply for. thanks Anne
  17. Hi, Orange Health Service in central west NSW is moving to a new hospital next month. We have been funded for an extra 10 midwives and/or registered nurses with special care nursery qualification or experience (full time or part time). Brand new hospital, caseload midwifery coming - just need midwives! Google GWAHS website for more information on Orange/working etc. GWAHS may offer sponsorship for visas etc. to midwives. The ten jobs are currently being advertised, however the last time we advertised only one person applied as there is such a shortage of midwives, so if you're interested it would certainly be worthwhile even if you aren't in a position (eg. visa) to start work immediately. If anyone interested can reply to me here and I can organise for details/resume's etc to be forwarded.
  18. Guest

    sponsored residency question

    Hi, I feel like I'm going round in circles and getting no answers!! I'm hoping to go to Australia on a 457 visa in summer 2012 and am trying to find out if I can get PR once I arrive. I will be 44 when I arrive and a newly qualified midwife. Under the new points test I won't have enough points but if I go for a sponsored residency do I need to fulfil the points criteria and be under 45???? Thanks, Anne:confused:
  19. I'm sure this question has been asked 100's of times but we are gathering information on emigrating and the large amount of contradictory information available on the search engines is making us feel overwhelmed. We really want to emigrate to Australia, we haven't got a location in mind so looking at the popular places like Perth, Melbourne, NSW. We just want to live in a warmer place, with a good work/life balance. I doubt we would survive a day out in the sticks so it would have to be a town or city. I'm a midwife, but I've also maintained my nursing registration so I think I could easily get a job and I'm happy to be either a nurse or a midwife. My soon to be husband however is a serving British police officer and this is causing the headache. I've looked around all the police sites with no news on British recruitment and it seems like you have to have Australian citizenship. Are we kidding ourselves thinking we can emigrate to Australia or does someone have glimmer of hope for us? Thanks Hannah
  20. Hi, Am new to this website, but have a query that I hope you can help me with. I am due to qualify as a midwife this year here in Ireland, getting my registration mid October. I am 43 next month and have a husband and 3 kids, 16, 14 and 11. I want to try and get out asap but believe that I need a yrs experience to get a skilled migration visa. If I came out on a 457 visa how long would it be before I could apply for permanent residency? And does the 45 yr old limit still apply and the same points system as I would be 44+ by the time I arrive? I believe there is a new points system in July and am not sure if I'd qualify then... I have 3 siblings in Australia, any of whom would sponsor me. Questions, questions... Am open to area, but was probably thinking North NSW. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Anne
  21. family of five

    Student midwife

    Hello, I have read a couple of post's on here re nursing/midwifery but wanted to know if anyone has completed the graduate midwifery programme in Oz ? I will be a new midwife when we reach Australia and wondered how hard is it to get a place on one of these programmes, or can/has anyone managed to get work without experience? From what I read it will be almost impossible for me to get work without first having worked in the UK, so wanted opinions if it would be better to work in the UK for a year and then come over. However don't really want to do this as it will be another year till we will be able to start our new life. Am a bit confused about newly qualified midwifes working, as was planning to work in the UK. I had given up the idea of moving to OZ, but my otherhalf love so much when we visited he changed his mind and now wants to make the move!!! So playing catch up on the whole thing, any advice would be very gratefully recevied. Many thanks Tina from family of five.

    Advice for Midwife

    Hi I have just received a message from my sister-in-law who recently saw a migration agent in UK. She has 2yrs experience as a midwife and has been told for migration to QLD, 5yrs exp is required,WA 7yrs and Victoria 2yrs. I asked if this was for permanent res but they said it is a new law by DIAC and for sponsorship as well. Im not sure thats correct advice, surely if she found a local hospital that offered her a job and sponsored her it would be ok for her not to have 5yrs for qld?? Does anyone know? Thanks
  23. Hi all, My wife and I are hoping we will get our visa and move out to Brisbane area in summer of 2011. Claire got her skill assessment in august 2010 which allowed us the lodge the visa. I believe she now has to register with the AHPRA? But not sure? A few questions if you don't mind: 1) is it defo the AHPRA she has to register with? 2) can we apply for registration without having a visa and before we arrive in queensland? 3) how long does it take? Just want to be organised before we move, any further help would be much appreciated? Many thanks! Martin
  24. Hello, Hello folks! We're desperate to find an amazing job for my hubbie so that we can get out to join u all out there. He's a Development Engineer in manufacturing and I'm a Midwife. I'm thinking it might be better for him to get a sponsored job secured and then I can look for a job based in the same area and then find somewhere to rent. Can anyone recommend any forward-thinking manufacturing companies in Oz? We're off to an expo on sat and so might meet some companies there but just wondered if any of you expats knew of any tips??! Do the company if they sponsor you do all the visa's and paperwork etc? Any advice will be great as its like a mind field searching online!! Very exciting though! :jiggy:Thanks, Sam
  25. Hello, We're going to an Expo in Manchester this sat as seriously considering making the move to Oz as soon as we can. Has anyone got any info about Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering in Oz and the best states/areas that the best companies are based? My husband currently works in Manufacturing as a Development Engineer and would love to continue working in a forward thinking company in Continuous Improvement and possibly still with some robots as he does now. Cam anyone recommend where are the best places to find jobs advertised and are they keen to sponsor British people over for the job? Am I right in thinking that his job will be more difficult to find than mine? Any advice will be great as its like a mind field searching online!! Very exciting though!:jiggy:Thanks, Sam