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  1. Hi everyone, Im flying into Melbourne on my own on the 4th of Feb 2015 and getting there on the 5th. I’m now unfortunately travelling on my own because my friend who i was meeting in Australia has let me down and decided to go back to the UK. The basic outline of what i wanted to achieve while over in Australia was to see beautiful things and meet lovely people. starting in Melbourne i wanted to work my way up the east coast like most people do (possibly flying over to tasmania while I’m there for a few days), hitchhiking if possible and living cheaply, staying in hostels or sofa surfing. i want to see as much natural beauty as I possibly can. Im up for near enough anything, camping, hiking, biking, hitchhiking, possible car rentals. I’d like to be able to meet some people in Melbourne or anywhere further along the line to make friends, hopefully travel with, because its starting to sink in that I’m travelling there on my own, and its getting very daunting haha. My budget isn’t massive, so depending on how long i decide to stay (i have a years visa) i will probably just try and travel over a couple of months up the coast. i may spend a couple of weeks working, maybe fruit picking just to get a bit of the culture in me. I hope i can get into contact with a few people in a similar situation! My names Sam Oxley and I’m a 21 year old male. i would really like to get to know some people over there or who are going over there before i get there. Private message me on here. Many thanks, and i look forward to hearing from you. Sam Oxley
  2. Hi guys, I made an Excel spreadsheet that I'd like to share with you. I would appreciate your comments on the costs that I estimated based on the information below however, my intentions are to share this so everybody can adjust it to their own situation. * I started this spreadsheet with one that was here, I can't find the link now. * This cost of living was estimated for a couple without children living in Melbourne with a PR visa. * We will arrive at Melbourne in March/2015 without jobs, I hope I can find something full-time and my wife anything part-time. I tried to estimate a low salary just to prepare for the worst, and hoping to get anything around month 8 after we arrive. * We are trying to live with moderation, specially while we are living only by our savings. * We hope to bring at least 30000 USD, but you can adjust this. With some luck we can arrive with 40K. * There are some subjects with an estimation of zero, like car registration and EA membership. Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/roypnnfwvjyz4eb/Expenses%20%28Shared%20PIO%29.xls?dl=0 I also attached it to this post. Enjoy! Screenshots: P.S.: There might be some Spanish words even tough we tried to translate everything into English. Expenses (Shared PIO).xls Expenses (Shared PIO).xls
  3. Came to Melbourne a month ago and I have been staying with family ever since I've found it hard to get out there and spark conversation with random people, given the environment I know there wouldn't be an issue I am a naturally talkative Person I think it's the fact that I'm away from people in a similar situation and I'm living in one of the suburbs where the average age is around 80 aha, thinking of moving to Sydney for a while going for an explore ect any suggestions would be great, x
  4. HarrisonBell

    So I'm here!

    Been a tad hectic and haven't been on for a while but I'm here in Australia! Arrived 10 to 6 in the morning on the 13th October (local time) and haven't looked back since. It was kind of daunting at first but fortunately started off with some family friends in Kew, which is probably an half hour tram ride just out of the CBD. After a few trips back and forth between Kew and the city, the lone tourist was ready to find a hostel and meet people. Typical me leaving it last minute and the same time a massive Jehovah witness convention was happening, it proved to be difficult securing a hostel. I found myself one called The Exford Hotel, cheap and cheerful (pub with rooms) but a hostel nonetheless. Right in the center of ChinaTown you were never short for takeaway haha. After a few days on my own and couple of trips into the city and St Kilda, I was a bit down that I was doing all these cools things but on my own. The problem is don't be afraid to talk to people guys. Then one night an English lad and a Canadian girl whom were travelling together turned up to meet a lad who was staying in my hostel, now these two were about to check back into the Exford the following day. Now to cut a boring story short, a box of 'goon' later and numbers exchanged I'd just made two new acquaintances haha. Since then so much has happened already, from beach trips, doing the great ocean road trip together, the eureka skydeck, plans of the east coast. All it takes is a simple hello. Unfortunately after a drunken injury on cup day, I'm back in Kew with my leg In cast. (Don't ask!) - A broken ankle will cause a lot of problems with plans of travelling. Not that anyone's probably still reading but after Christmas I'm good to go again, fingers crossed and will be catching up with friends. I'm also looking to meet new people and will love to hear from anyone on here who's nearby? I promise to to be more regular on here and more careful in future haha. Harrison
  5. Western Health is currently recruiting Critical Care Registered Nurses – Intensive Care, Coronary Care and Cardiac Cath Lab (CCL). Full Time and Part Time positions available​. Visit westernhealth.org.au/nursingdownunder This is an exciting time for Western Health Critical Care departments as they expand their services to Sunshine Hospital in early 2015. This is an opportunity to work in friendly and supportive teams where your contribution to excellence in patient care is valued and recognised. The Intensive Care Service at Western Health will open a second ICU at the Sunshine Hospital in early 2015 to work in conjunction with the current ICU located at the Footscray Hospital in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Both Units are specifically designed and equipped to provide physiological monitoring and life supporting therapies to patients with a critical illness in an open, team-focused environment. The Footscray Hospital ICU has a very high functioning multi-disciplinary team that provides care to a mix of non-surgical cardiac, general medical and general surgical patients. Western Health has the only Intensive Care Service located in the western suburbs of Melbourne and is currently admitting over 1000 patients each year. The Sunshine Hospital ICU will open with the same philosophy, practice and leadership and will work with the current ICU to expand and further develop the Service. Western Health Cardiology provide a range of services in the diagnosis, intervention and treatment of acute cardiology patients. The Cardiac Care Unit is an integrated CCU and Cardiology ward and manages all acute coronary syndromes, arrhythmia disorders and provides the cardiac monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation and resuscitation service for the hospital. The Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory provides diagnostic and interventional services, a 24 hour on-call service for AMI which is one of the busiest in Melbourne and an EP service. With the commencement of critical care services at Sunshine Hospital, a state-of-the-art CCU and CCL suite incorporating a day procedure unit will open in early 2015. We offer: Orientation and professional development opportunities Flexible rostering, with a focus on supporting work/life balance Salary packaging Onsite car parking at affordable rates. Essential criteria: Eligible for registration to work in Australia Successfully completed a Post Graduate Critical Care qualification (ICU) Recent critical care nursing experience in the area applying for. ​Highly desirable criteria: ​Demo​nstrated commitment to own professional development. Contact the Service Managers to obtain further information or discuss your interest Fiona Gray, Acting Intensive Care Services Manager, fiona.gray@wh.org.au, 61 3 8345 6069 Kath Cowie, Cardiac Services Manager, kath.cowie@wh.org.au, 61 3 8345 6818
  6. Jonathan Prince

    I want to live the dream

    hi all, I have recently (this past weekend) returned from my second holiday to Melbourne. I love the place so much that i want to get back there on a permanent basis. I am a 35 yr old from Shropshire. I work within the IT industry having worked on Government, Telecommunications, Defence, Education and many more areas within my role as a Software Tester / IT Consultant. Can anyone please advise me what my best options for making the dream come true would be. does anyone have any contacts within the IT industry they could share with me. Thanks Jonathan
  7. Hi I'm supposed to be moving to Melboune at the end of this year. I've never been to Australia before and I'm currently in the UK and I'm not looking forward to leaving my friends and family behind and the whole idea of it just scares me even though i am excited at the same time. Obviously I'm upset that I have to move at this time because I've just left secondary school and am supposed to be attending college in September with my friends so I'm sad to be missing out on that. It would be great if there's people my age who are going through/been through a similar thing and could give me some advice ? Also, it would be great if someone could tell me about melbourne and if it's actually any good? I'm really into art and I've heard melbourne is good for that? Thanks
  8. ValentineDavies

    Its really happening....

    Hi, making that first post on the forum after reading for what seems like forever. We are just waiting for our medicals on Friday and will hopefully be on our way to Melbourne with 189 visa before christmas. We are making the move with three children aged 16, 10 and 1. We have so many questions re schools, suburbs, work and probably a million other things we haven't even thought of yet, but thought the first step was to say hi !! Anyone already made the move to Melbourne that would consider taking us under their wing Anyone with similar aged children that can offer any advise on moving with children? Hope to get to know some of you soon Gemma x
  9. Hey NEWBIE Pom here guys! Decided to finally bite the bullet March this year and applied for my first WHV, after a bit of time and saving have now booked my flight for the 13th October! (Nervous but excited.) Unfortunately am currently travelling alone but Id hope to meet other people once out there. Lucky enough to be starting off with some family friends in Melbourne but after this I would like to quickly get out there into the hostels and meet other travellers. In terms of a 'plan', there are many things I would like to see and do, this would involve travelling from Melbourne up the east cost to Cairns. Babbled on enough now, come say hey! :cool:
  10. Hi I am travelling the East Coast for 4 weeks before planning to settle in Melbourne for a couple of months to work and earn before travelling again. Does anyone know the best way of finding a more permanent accomodation as staying in hostels for 3 months while working obviously isn't ideal. I'm thinking flat or houseshares - or are there specific letting agents that cater to those on WHV? Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi. I'm going to live in Melbourne soon, and I was wondering if there are any anime conventions in around the city. Also suggest some that are in Sydney. Maybe if I run out of options I'll carpool or something. Anyway, thanks for looking at this.
  12. loads of work for our trade out in oz, would be good to get a pomy gang together, the only trouble is there plasterboard is 6 m long :!: :!: shouldn't be talking about doing to much work as iam trying to get away from the rat race 8)
  13. UserName

    Adelaide or Melbourne

    hey guys, I planed to make a Work n Holidy trip to australia, traveling the eastcoast upward to the north in one year (enough time... i hope ). I´m asking myself were to start.... Melbourne or Adelaide?! Were would you starting the trip? Which one of these cities/territories has more intresting sights (heard Kangoru Island is awesome)? Were is it easier to get a job? ...and which one would you personally prefer? ...thanks previously for your answers and sorry for my bad enlish skills :cool::wink:
  14. Hi all, I'm flying to Sydney on September 2nd to start my one year working holiday. Does anyone have any tips on finding jobs? I thought Sydney would be the best place to start but I have friends in Melbourne so I may move down there if it's easier to find work. I have good experience in Law, Hospitality and retail, but i'm really not fussed what work I do, would happily work in bars, shops, construction, regional etc. My main concern is finding a job quickly as I only have limited funds! Staying in a central hostel for the first week or two (probably should book that), but after that i will be looking to move into the suburbs and get a houseshare or apartment if I find work in Sydney. If anyone is in Sydney or Melbourne from September then let me know, would be good to hear your thoughts and discuss all things Australia! Paul
  15. I'll start at the beginning but it could be a long one! I lived in Melbourne from aged 2 until my parents divorced when i was 13. My mum and i returned to Oldham in the UK. I am now married with 2 girls aged 16 and 11. I have always wanted to return to Australia, but having kids and buying houses there always seems to be something else to pay for. In 2005 my dad (who is still in Melbourne) offered to pay for us to come over for a month in the August. This would give me time to show my family around and decide what we wanted to do. It was the wettest and coldest august with snow and everything but we all loved the way of life. That was the start of our application. We returned and looked into how we could get there and discovered that because my parents had not got me citizenship when i was a child we could apply for a 47SV Former Resident Visa subclass 151. This involved us gathering evidence of my relationship with dad and other family and friends to show i still had close ties to Australia. It also said that i had to have returned and visited which i hadn't. We then discovered that my husbands naughty past was also in the spotlight. When he was a kid he got into a lot of trouble and went to Youth Offenders more than twice. We also found out that we should have declared this on our arrival card in 2005. We thought his convictions were spent. The good thing was he had not murdered anyone and that it was nearly 20 years ago. Back when the kids were younger i phoned agents in Australia - NONE of which frequent this forum - and was told that we did not stand a chance of getting in. Well, i don't know if i was just determined or just out to prove them wrong but in August 2008 we decided we had enough evidence to apply. I had letters from my old schools, photos of friends and family going back to me being 4 years old. I had phone bills from 2002. I jumped through every hoop or it felt like it anyway. We got references from higher standing people in our community regarding my husbands convictions and he did a 4 page letter explaining what went on. It took me 3 weeks to compile the application and it was not for the weak hearted. To be honest i could not have done this without the forums. I had decided not to use an agent for a few reasons, mainly that all those years ago noone had any faith in us. But when compiling the application i really did doubt this decision. I didn't have anyone to say i was doing the right thing or that everything would be alright. This was our one chance and i didn't want to blow it. I sent the application on the 10th of August by DHL and tracked it all the way to Canberra. 3 weeks later we didn't have an aknowledgement letter and i began to panic. I phoned Canberra and discovered that i had sent the wrong currency in my cheque!!! OMG could you believe it? The guy from immigration - D, was fantastic. He emailed me and told me he would keep hold of the application until i returned the cheque in $$$. DHL saved the day again and i tracked it all the way to D. I phoned him as arranged when it arrived and he took it to the correct section in residency. We had front loaded the policechecks and medicals as this was the advice on the visa application so the waiting began. Just off to the beach so will continue later :wink:
  16. Grace5

    Transition into HR

    Hi I would like to transition into a career in HR. I have already had visa 189 granted and am going to be moving to Melbourne. I was wondering if anyone had advice on the best way to go about it. I understand that I will need to start as a HR Assistant and then work myself up. Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks Grace5
  17. PityTheFool

    Melbourne - One year in

    Started this as a reply to another thread but it became a vent so though it best to start a new thread! Anyway, we moved to Melbourne a year ago from England (East Midlands) and are not sure we chose the right place, here's why; The weather is pretty bad, summer was nice but not for long, the was a week of 40+ which was a shock to the system but other than that it's been pretty poor. I'd say in the last year there has been prob 2 months that had the weather we expected, the rest of the time it's been very similar to England just not as cold. Saying that it's colder at night coz the houses just aren't insulated like in the uk, if it's cold outside it's cold inside!! Based on my experience the work situation is very bad! (I'm an electrical engineer). Very, very small industry and almost impossible to crack - I was refused one interview because I was from England!! Everyone wants local experience but no one wants to get you the chance to get any. Melbourne may be big but everybody knows everybody, not what I expected and very different to the UK, very much who you know not what you know!! Work life balance, what's that all about, Aussies are very happy to work all week and in some cases the weekend, 12 hour days are normal and in most cases necessary to cope with the workload they expect you to handle. Beaches - nice but nothing special. Our favourite is Mt Martha which is very nice, although I'm sure there are far better around Oz, well, I know there are coz we've been to some of them. People - not as friendly as we'd have hoped. We are 33 and 30 with two boys 8 and 7, being young with children of our age is pretty much unheard of in Melbourne, people in the city are either single or couples without children, however they are the same age as me and my wife. The vast majority if the parents at our boys' school are mid to late 40's, with children the same age as ours. Not saying this is a bad thing, just very different for the UK, generally speaking Aussies don't have children in their early to mid twenties like people do in the Uk. I commute an hour each way to work on the trains - which are shocking!! I thought public transport in the UK was unreliable, this takes the biscuit!! Melbourne is great for sport. Our boys love the AFL, which is far more accessible to the average family than English football, a family ticket to a big game at the MCG is $50, about £25-30!! The boys play way more sport here than they ever did in England, especially basketball which they love. In terms of money; cost of living is higher but then so are salaries (although they make you work for it!) we are far better off now than we were in England. We don't have to be careful with money like we did in England and still have some left over for savings. The outdoors is amazing, national parks, wildlife, etc. I'll never get bored of seeing kangaroos and koalas!! The prob with Melbourne is it's always to cold or raining to enjoy it!! our experience hasn't been all negative, just not as expected. Would we go back to England - no definitely not (despite the above Australia is much better), would we conserved anywhere else in Oz - definitely! We've started to discuss other cities, possibly Brisbane but the boys and their experience, i.e. changing schools too often is a big concern, we feel we can prob get away with one more move so who knows!! Anyway commute over....comments / experiences would be appreciated....
  18. shotterygirl

    Teenager in Melbourne

    My parents are moving to Melbourne the year I start at university in England but I'll be going to stay with them every holiday for a few months. I'm stuck on where to meet people my age when I don't go to school or have a job. Any ideas?
  19. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum... I'm moving to Melbourne Australia in August. I'm just wondering if anyone has more information on arriving into Australia on a 417 working visa. I applied for it on the 30/08/14, and a year later, I'm starting to worry that everyone was all too easy... Can it really be so simple that all I need to do is fly into Australia, get a job and move into a house? I feel like most people I've spoken to have found the process much, much more difficult. Please could someone with experience of this VISA give me some extra info about what I'll need to do? I need to book flight tickets this month. Cheers!
  20. Melissa Jones

    Farm work :-)

    Hi there so I came to oz in January on WHV and came back to the UK at the beginning of the month ( bit home sick !) but my plan is to come back in October and do my 3 months farm work so I can apply for my 2nd year visa ! Any one have any tips on where's good to go?! Or anyone who is going to be doing their farm work around about the same time ? ( travelling alone always good to have a buddy !!) Thanks guys !!! X
  21. Hi Pet air - Were booking flights London to Melbourne with Singapore airkines as they have the shortest stop over time - What happens to the pets in the cargo during this time (which will likely only be 1.5 hours) Who transports them? What if our flight was late from london and we miss the next flight? what then becomes of the animals in the hold? Ta Mogs&Rovers
  22. If anyone is after a reliable, clean and solid car then take a look at my Saab on Gumtree below and drop me a message. I'd rather it go to a good home than have to flog it to some dodgy second hand car dealership at the last minute. Cheers all. http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1049181311
  23. So my wife and 3 yr old daughter will be arriving on Thursday in "Melbs" to activate our 189 visa and to enjoy a 6 day reccie. We're keen to get a flavour for South Frankston as it seems to tick a lot of boxes including affordability. The only downer is we're arriving when the weather isn't going to be so pleasant. Any advice what clothes we should bring at this time of year? Also, what outdoor activities can we get away with this time of year in Melbourne? Excited and nervous, as this will likely determine whether we really make the move from Switzerland.
  24. Hi, Hello..... First post here... :biggrin: Just looking for some advice really. I'm over here working as an IT Developer on the company sponsored VISA after being transferred from the UK. My girlfriend is qualified as a primary school teacher in Scotland, and chose to come with me to Australia rather than do her probation year there. She's registered to work in Victoria, but, despite lots of applications, has never been offered an interview for the graduate positions. We were under the impression that teachers were in high demand in Australia, but we've had feedback that she's up against 30-60 applicants for each role :frown: Queries: I wondered if there were any other expats out there doing teaching jobs... Whether they've had similar problems getting a job... Whether anyone has any ideas how she could make herself more attractive to potential employers... (e.g. tutoring, volunteering as a teaching assistant, doing a local course???) We're at our wits end really - She's been registered for a couple of months, and submitted 20-30 applications all over Melbourne with no luck. Any ideas ? 457ScottishExpat
  25. ajcooper

    Looking to move North

    Hi, We're expats who've been living in Melbourne for the last 9 years. We're now looking to finally get the sunny lifestyle we moved down here for and are contemplating a move to Queensland. My wife is a teachers aide and I work in IT, but the reliance on me getting a job in IT isn't really high, I'll happily work at Bunnings if it means we get to be near the beach! The boys are 8 and 10 years old. The two areas we're looking at are Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay. Looking for any recommendations and info about both, including good areas to live etc. Like I said, proximity to the beach is a must! Thanks Aidan