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Found 176 results

  1. Hi i have a couple of questions i'm just a little unsure about on the form 47sp spouse visa; 84. Have you ever been given written permission by the department to work in Australia? -Does this include the working holiday visa I was granted for one year? 85. Have you ever been paid any benefits or received any social services from a government agency in Australia? (for example, unemployment benefits, public housing benefits, Medicare, or free or subsidised education) - I went to the doctors once because i was feeling a bit ill, he told me to go to bed and drink lots of fluid..does that count as using medicare?
  2. Guest

    Medicare or medibank!?

    We are confused about whether or not to take out a private health plan with medibank or just stick with medicare (as we've been told to by ausssie friends!),we have just recieved a letter telling us about the 2%levy you acrue for every year over 30 yrs of age and you have 12 months from when your medicare card was issued to get private health cover then this levy becomes nil... can anyone explain this in plain english please :wacko:.Is it better to take out health cover and do you really get taxed that much more if you don't !? Any advice would be welcome :goofy: thanx Abi x
  3. In the recent budget the Oz government increased the level at which the Medicare levy surcharge (1%) kicks in to $100K for singles & $150K for couples, good news for any one on above average earnings.
  4. Guest


    Now I might sound like a bit of a twit and like I don't know what's what, but that's only because it's true! I need to have my eyes tested. At this moment my nose is practically touching the screen. I've got a medicare card (I was told to get one so I got one). There was an opticians today which said that if I got my eyes tested that they would bulk bill and I would pay nothing. Would that apply to me? How does that work then? Even in England I would have to pay to have my eyes tested. If they then said that I needed new glasses, would I pay for them? Any wisdomisms appreciated.:notworthy:
  5. woodpud

    Medicare & Tax

    Hi all Was just wondering if you apply for Medicare and your tax number when you hit Australia or you can do it before you leave the Uk once obtaining your visa? Also the wife and kids are Australian do they apply now or when we get there? Can any one help? Does anyone know where to get the forms? Nic Jase Emma and Owen Hopefully Perth by Christmas!
  6. Guest

    How does Medicare work?

    Hi Guys, My mum for some reason thinks that health care in Oz is expensive, and if i was pregnant for example i would have to pay for all my treatment?? I was under the impression that medicare is basically collected from your wages like national insurance and pays your medical expenses? Is this right? Or are there some thing excluded or needing extra payment? Thanks, Meg x
  7. Guest


    not sure where to put this thread! does anyone know if you have to have employment before you can apply for Medicare? i have read their website and the online form seems to state that if you are a migrant with a perm visa you or your spouse must still have work.
  8. aharcall

    Coverage of Medicare

    There doesnt seem to be a forum for Healthcare queries so I thought i would put this questions on the finance page. My eldest son (14) has a cleft lip and palate and i was wondering wether anyone knew if Medicare would cover the costs of operations and orthodontic work connected with this. I noticed on the Medicare website a Cleft lip and palate scheme but it didnt seem to say what was covered. He is at the stage where he may only need a couple more operations but they would be quite big ones and obviously we need to consider the financial implications of this. We have been granted permanent residency as a skilled independent and we are hoping to move to Queensland in 2009. Any help or points in the right direction would be gratefully received. Thanks Ally
  9. Roberts13


    Just a quick uestion would we be entitled to anything health wise on a 457 visa? We have a 3 year old and a newborn and although we're not going out for 6-8 months or so i wouldn't like to think that healthcare isn't available to us for them. Are we entitled to it if we take the skilled visa route? I know it will take longer but if we have less restrictions on it then it may sway me towards waiting a bit longer and going for that one instead Thanks in advance
  10. Reading a thread on doctors has brought up some questions of my own. Does anyone have medical insurance and if so how does this work and what does basic insurance cover? Do they cover the bit that isn't reimbursed by medicare? Also, do they cover dental care? Come to think of it, is dental care private or covered by medicare in the same way as doctors and hospitals? Just wondered whether it is worthwhile getting the extra medical insurance or just putting some regular savings aside to cover the extras that medicare doesn't.
  11. Guest


    Just wondered if anyone knows about Medicare and wether you are covered for all health etc, we are applying on 138 skilled visa, we have seen some info on this but unable find a lot of detail etc. any help would be apprec:unsure:
  12. my OH will be paying the 1.5% medicare levy on his salary. What do we actually get for this?? Also anyone living out there who feels need to top this up with private healthcare policy?? What is ambulance,visual etc?? As usual I've found lots of different explanations and experiences on a trawl through the search on site. Do local goverment workers have a subsidised private health scheme on top of medicare? ( I mean like I can discounts on some Health insurances because I work for a City Council in the UK?) any peeps or agents can set me right ( we're going out on a 457 in Jan to NSW) cheers ann
  13. All being equal we should be out some time next month:) Noticed on another forum someone being advised not to bother with private health insurance as they were earning a figure where they would have to pay the extra 1.5% medicare. The replier also said that they would be pushed to get decent private cover for less than $1600 a year for two adults that would give cover equivelant to medicare. (So god knows how much it would be for our big family!!) Now I have scoured the medicare site and a number of posts here and seen that you can pick and choose your private insurance. We dont have private health insurance in the UK and have always just taken waiting lists as the norm so see no real difference between NI contributoins and medicare levi and the service they provide. Is private insurance necessary - am considering if anything just ambulance cover, optics for kids broken/lost glasses and dental just in case we lose some teeth:jimlad:, anyone have any thoughts on this? Do the rules about taking out private insurance within the first 12 months of arrival to avoid health insurance loading for us old gits still apply and if so how do you sort that cos looking at iselect there didnt seem a way to take that off the price of the policy? Any thoughts personal experience appreciated we are going to Perth on a PR visa. Cheers!!
  14. Guest


    Hi this is proberly a silly question but is everyone that moves to oz intitiled to medicare . I read in a magazine that on certain visas you have to pay for private medical insurance . Were going on a skilled visa ........ thanks karen :unsure:
  15. Guest

    Medicare advise please

    Hi, we have out visas and are coming to Oz on the 4th October. I was just wondering if we need anything to register for Medicare and is there a best time to do it after landing? I have both of our vaccination record booklets but we have also been given copies of lots of our doctors notes but obviously do not want to take these over unless we need them. Thanks, Leanne
  16. Guest

    Temporary visas and medicare

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone who has moved over to Queensland on a temporary business visa i.e 163 or 165, has any experience about what you are and are not entitled to, with Medicare and do you get reciprical care. Anyones experiences of the above would be greatly appreciated. We are going over early January on a 165 Investors visa, but would like to hear of other experiences on these particular visas. Many thanks Christine
  17. Guest


    Hi, Could anyone please let me know what the medicare covers? And is it advisable to take out the private medical cover, also roughly how much is the private cover for 2 adults. I haven't been able to find out much info on this and i know you will know on PIO. Hope to start TRA soon.:arghh:Still trying to get OH's boss to finish letter to start form filling. Many Thanks
  18. oldgit


  19. samozsoon

    TFN, Medicare etc

    Hi good folks of PiO I have a few questions I was hoping some of you could answer pleeeeaaase. We are going to validate visas in June and are looking (hoping) to move around end of year. So when we go in June can we: 1, Apply for our Tax File Number? 2, Get our Oz (qld) Driving Licenses? (and what happens if we end up in Mel?) 3, Register for Medicare? Eerrmm, I think thats it for now. Thanks. Sam xx
  20. Hi All, Due to arrive in Oz in August, after 2 months travelling in SE Asia so lots to sort out right now! Top of the list is insurance for SE Asia, but not sure whether I need to extend that for Oz too or whether we're automatically covered by medicare. When I look on the medicare website it says we're entitled as we've got a permanent residency visa, however it also asks you to provide proof of residency which I'm guessing is going to take a little while to do. If anyone has any info on what they did when they first arrived I'd much appreciate it. Watersports P.S. Hope the weather is good where ever you are out there.....England is selling herself well at the moment, it's gorgeous over here! Maybe she doesn't want me to leave?!
  21. Guest

    Medicare .v. NHS

    Hi everyone to all you lucky peeps who have escaped A question - which is better Medicare or NHS? or the pros and cons :wub:
  22. noel2538

    Medicare Insurance

    Hi Hope somebody can give some advise:err: I take Thyroxine, hormonal replacement for underactive Thyroide Gland, its free on NHS in Uk. Can I get it prescribe Free in Oz, or how much will it cost:idea: Is is true that the waiting list in Oz for basic Dentistry, crown etc is very long, hows does Medicare work? Thanks Debbie
  23. Guest

    HELP Medicare

    Hi When we arrive in Brisbane how do we go about applying for medicare we have a 136 visa, where do we go. Many thanks Karenx
  24. Guest

    When to apply for Medicare??

    Can you apply for medicare in advance of arrival or do you have to wait until you get there...?
  25. Guest


    Help, i'm new to this .I am in the process of getting the ball rolling.we are trying to move to Queensland.I am currently taking three prescription medicines,and need to know if i will be able to get them on prescription in oz.Also will it cost me alot.THANKS.