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Found 177 results

  1. Guest

    how is medicare paid for?

    HI We have seen medicare come up in a few posts now and assume its the same sort of thing as our NHS, but is it paid for automatically through your pay or do you have to take it out off your own back? Also how much is it likely to cost for 2 adults and 1 child all healthy. Thanks Steve
  2. Can somebody please explain to me exactly what a temporary resident is entitled to under the reciprocal agreement? And if taking out private health insurance what sort of thing do we need cover for?:wacko: I have had to buy a policy as it is in my contract of employment that we must have one (otherwise your employer has to meet your health costs-I understand that bit) But doesn't medicare cover us for basic GP visits and hospital treatment anyway? I know we have to pay for prescriptions..but then we did in the UK too..I can't really see the benefit of having a private health insurance policy. Don't really want to be forking out nearly $150 a fortnight if I don't need to Can anyone explain things to me in very simple terms please...many thanks in advance Fiona x PS: Can any of the ladies tell me the cost of contraceptive pills or jabs?
  3. Does anyoone no for question 85 on the 47sp form.for prospective marriage visa? It asks 'have you ever been paid any benefits or recieved any social services from a government agency? when i was on my second year holiday workijng visa or a bit before that i got a medicare card, and went to a proper medicare doctors i think the practice was.i went a few times for urine infections, bad cough etc, had a blood test once i think, and just given few courses of antibiotics . does this count , do i still need to declare it although medicar does have an agreement with uk and oz i think. but do i need to pay back medical expenses i don't know how it works help !!! i've never had a bill am i suposed to find out . i can't remember if i had signed up with an adress of a hostel where i was first living , oh i duno just another panicky stress thing hehe they want to know if you owe the government money or have debt to them.and wont be granted a visa til you pay back or make arrangements to pay back.pleaseplease,please if some one knows if using medicare for genral practises like that is fine . do i declare it on forms or leave it? they do have medicare as an example along with unemployment benefits etc.
  4. Guest

    Medicare and health care

    Hi there, i am after some input. since we moved to Sydney in January i have sorted medicare and got Private health cover with NIB. I am finding that visiting the doctor is costing me a fortune but i speak to other people who seem to pay either nothing or very little? I am quickly realising that healthcare is run as a business here. I pay $65 for a 15 minute appointment, from that i get $21 back but my husband gets $35. Other friends get almost all of their doctors fees back? Whats the deal? I have tried to read up on medicare and healthcare but it does not really help! I have to go far a scan next week that costs $270 and surprise, surprise it isnt covered my my health insurance. This coupled with problems with our estate agent and problems with anglo pacific i am finding living here quite draining and actually more expensive than the UK! I never expected this! Can anyone help me understand the healthcare system please??? Thanks
  5. I have a 175 visa, hat allows the holder to access medicare. But would this be sufficient? Should I take out extra health cover? Is Medibank (additional premiums tio get extra healthcare on top of medicare) be enough? I am very confused as so many different sources say diffeent things. PS this thread might be in the wrong place, but can't find subject heading where it would fit.
  6. Guest

    Medicare - charges

    My youngest had to go to casualty the other day at the Austin Hospital (Heidelberg, Melbourne). The service was fantastic, we were seen straight away by a triage nurse then within minutes seen by 2 doctors. We were treated really kindly and the hospital seemed fine and clean. We were charged for steriods and the bill came to day and it was $5. Bargain! They even gave me his inhaler and inhaler tube free as they said they wouldn't re use it. I was so worried we would end up with a huge bill but we had to take him. He is fine now, it's more a message to say that the service was good and that we were covered (apart from the cost of the prescription) under the medicare system. regards Michelle
  7. Guest

    medicare in melbourne

    Hello everybody, me and my hubby will be moving to melbourne 3rd May and I was wondering what you do to register for medicare. We have 175 visas. Does anybody know the easiest way to register and what this entitles you to?:wub: Cheers Hazel
  8. This may be a silly question, but if you have a 175 permanent residency visa, does this entitle you to free state schooling? Its just that in the course of my research into schools, I've seen mention of 'fees' for non-Aus residents - does this apply to 175 holders? Or is it just the more temporary visa holders? Also, as a holder of a 175 do we get medicare cover straight away? thanks Kath
  9. Check here for the medicare information that may be of use for all use temp visa people. Click Here
  10. krestsaf

    Medical waiver and Medicare RHCA

    Hi If a medical waiver has been asked to be signed by my employer on a 457 visa, does this then put all responsibility for all medicals costs to my employer? My query stems from the medicare RHCA. as a UK citizen and the 457 being a temp visa, then my understanding is RHCA is avail for ALL people visiting Aus except students who require their own insurance. Therefore I understand that RHCA will cover me for all emergency/medically necessary treatment in hospital. Other treatments such as GP, and prescription meds costs and dental are at the expense of myself, or if the medical waiver is signed by my employer then they are responsible for anything not covered by the RHCA??? OR Is my emplyer to be responsible for ALL medical costs regardless, and the RHCA is deemed invalid to me once upon a 457 visa with a signed medical waiver from my employer? I have researched this but only found grey areas, i just want simple black and white.:arghh:
  11. Guest

    457 and medicare

    Hi all, Hoping someone might be able to help with this, I'm just getting confused! Myself and my wife arrived from the UK last July and have been working in Sydney on a 457. We have yet to do a tax return and I am a little concerned that I am going to be stung with a bill for medicare. We have managed to get reciprocal medicare cover and I have LAFHA. The LAFHA has reduced my tax considerably. My questions are: 1. When I do my tax return will I be billed for medicare as my fortnightly tax seems too low to be inclusive of medicare? 2. Is the medicare levy (1.5%) on top of the basic medicare payment? (my salary is around $71k) Many thanks in advance, Giles
  12. Hello All ) Just a random one about Medicare I suppose. My mum has recently got breast cancer:shocked: (she is doing fine though on the radio therapy) It was caught early because of routine screening by the NHS in mobile units. I was wondering what the care for things like that is in Oz, do you get called up randomly for checks or just go if and when you find anything like a lump? This might be a tricky one. And I know I might not get it, but have to up the checks Thanks xxx
  13. Guest


    Hi all, I have just been on the medicare au website and it says about the recipricol agreement between the UK and oz, which is great. The thing I am wondering about, is that although I am a UK resident have been for over 20 years, I have an Irish Passport. The recipricol agreement between oz and ireland is not as good as the UK agreement. Will I get the benefit of being considered from the UK as I am a UK resident. Husband and children all have british passports. Technically I am not visiting from Ireland as I have been living in the UK for over 20 years. Does anybody have any experience of this? Thanks
  14. Guest

    Joining Medicare

    :v_SPIN: Lisa again. Can anyone tell me about Medicare. Is there a qualifying period before a claim can be made or before subsidised treatment is allowed. Roughly how much is it per month based on a salary of $42000.00 Medicare have still to get back to my email.:arghh:
  15. Can anyone tell me how i register with medicare and even if i can as im only here for three months? Im really unwell and need to either go to hospital or see a doctor but i stupidally havent registered. Any help would be great Thanks
  16. I thought some would be interested to know that I have spoken with Medicare Eligibility this morning, and am advised that: - subclass 475 visaholders from the UK are eligible for Medicare under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) between the UK and Australia - this (in essence) allows for the reimbursement under Medicare of treatment that is "medically necessary" (including attendance at doctors and medicines) - 475 visaholders can obtain a Medicare card; this is a slightly different colour to the standard Medicare card, and will have the word "Reciprocal" on it - there is no entitlement to exemption from paying the Medicare Levy on Australian assessable income due to an ability to access Medicare - it is recommended that private health care is obtained to supplement Medicare - there is less of a choice of private health care providers for those accessing Medicare under the RHCA: interested persons should feel able to send me a PM or an email so I can provide further details - once the application for permanent residency has been lodged individuals can obtain full Medicare cover: you do not have to await permanent residency visa grant before accessing full Medicare Best regards.
  17. Guest


    Hi All, Im full of questions lately, I know, and I want to thank everyone on PIO for the very valuable advice I have recieved over the past few months, you have all been a god send, its a good job yous dont charge..lol.....so hear goes... ***THANKS EVERYONE :hug:**** Right here goes for my next question. How does Medicare work? Do you pay per doctors/hospital visit, by prescription, by the stitch etc, I really dont know. Do you pay at the time or are you billed later. We have additional Private family insurance, but again Im not too sure why we have that if you claim your charges back, or is that just for P/R or for those not working. We are on a 475 visa. What does Medicare cover and more importantly, what doesnt it cover. I must apologise for my ignorance. I have left the important stuff like this on the back burner, whilst sorting out other important stuff,...like how big is the back garden, does it come with a pool, oh and the other one will my mobile phone work...doh:huh:..lol..stupid really its not until I stopped the clock and realised I leave in a fortnight with four kids and really dont know that much about the health care system. Can anyone fill in the blanks for me, or in my case the voids. Cheers Ang x
  18. Guest

    Sponsered 457 & medicare.

    Hi all, I have just had my approval for a sponsored 457 visa with my current employer. I am just trying to clarify the position with Medicare. According to what I have read my employer is responsible for all medical or hospital expenses, but UK has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement which means my family and I are covered. Is that all I need? I have the option of joining the company private health scheme, but at a cost to myself. Is that normal, or should my employer pay my private health contributions? thanks in Advance Mike
  19. hi there if we get recipricol who pays for emerg/medically nec treatment? on workign hol and applying for 457 - hosp said UK pay as we are UK citizens?? anyone know for sure?? cheers!
  20. Guest

    Parents and Medicare

    I am thinking of getting my parents (in their mid-60's), to move over to Oz and live near us. Visa issues aside, are they able to get any health care here (like the NHS at home), or do we need to budget for their long term healthcare/take out Private cover for them? TIA Mazza Loving it in Melbourne
  21. keily


    hi everybody can some one tell me if u go to ozz on a whv can u still get medicare ? and if so how do u go about it ? cheers keily ..
  22. We are having long conversations with elderly mother in law about the possibility of her and FIL moving over to Oz with us. I don't want to appear negative :unsure: but she is a bit bonkers :arghh: Anyway, surprisingly, one of the MAJOR factors in her decision is "will I be able to get my homeopathic treatments over there, and will it be covered by Medicare?" (where are the rolls eyes emoticons when you need them?) So...does anyone have any idea? She will NOT go to the doctor (except for essential checks but even then won't take their advice or medication). But has absolute trust in her current therapists. At present she has private medical cover which pays 50% of her annual £1,000 bill. (There, I need that emoticon again!)
  23. dave and ange


    I am hoping that someone can advise on medicare and existing conditions. My son is 16 and has crohn's disease. We are coming on a perm. res. visa and don't know if we need to take out private medical care for him. Any advise greatly appreciated
  24. degs


    Hi all, I have a student visa and have already paid for my medicare, do we recieve a card when we enter OZ or do we have to visit the office with my invoice, Thanks
  25. Guest

    Perth - Medicare ..Where?

    Hi There We arrive in Perth in November, can anyone tell me where we go to register for Medicare? and what we have to take with us? We will be living in Southern Suberbs.... Is there somewhere in Freo? Thanks All