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Found 177 results

  1. Guest

    am I eligible for medicare ??

    Currently hold 485visa ,but already submit 175 visa application before got 485, am i eligible for medicare ??
  2. Hi, I have an "breathing condition - asthma". At times it only gets worse when I am down with cold / fever. This may require medicines through a nebulizer equipment as an outpatient in the hospital. I think i am short of time to purchase / carry one with me now, as I am sure that this would be available in Oz as well. But can someone let me know if medicare covers asthama patients who have a PR ? If not should I pick up any insurance to cover this ? I should first admit that I am still very been ignorant (because of a very hectic schedule) about understanding what medicare covers and if there are any clauses associated with the coverage ? My apologies, if this topic has already been discussed here. Greatly appreciate if you can provide any links to any of the threads. Thanks in advance, Deep
  3. Do we just get holiday insurance for the first few weeks and to cover the flight or, is there a special kind of insurance that will cover us, also ive heard you can get insurance to cover flights if something bad happens to one of your family members in the uk, does any one know where i can for look for this and how it works, Thanks Tracey
  4. Hi we have been issued a medicare card, could someone tell me what this entitles us to? do we pay for treatments, prescriptions etc? and what if i was admitted to hospital does this cover the cost, or any of it? do people also get private medical insurance aswell? im a bit confused. any help greatly recieved. Lou.:huh:
  5. Hi, Can anyone advise what documents I would need to take with me on my reccie, if I wish to apply for a TFN, register for medicare, and open a bank account whilst there? I will have an address, as I can use my sister's address. I thought I read somewhere that I should take EHIC cards for registering for medicare and I have those, but what else is needed? Thanks in advance, Shaz
  6. Hi guys im stuck. Leaving on Monday, arriving in Melbourne on Tuesday, really need to get something finalised tomorrow or Friday latest. What should I do about travel insurance? Should i purchase a full year from a UK company, like a cheap package thing, or should I get 30 days to cover me and then I can go and find out about the Medicare services? I'm on a 417 visa and dont plan to be doing anything too drastic, but I know accidents can & will happen, especially where i am concerned lol What do you think, what have you all done? thanks ever so ... x
  7. Guest


    Hi everyone, just wondered if anybody could help me with my questions about medicare:confused:. We are hopefully moving to adelaide at the end of april on a pr visa. I just wanted how medicare works for all of us. I will be working but my partner won't because she will be looking after our 18 month old monster:arghh: and we also have 2 more children that will be at school. So if someone could possibly help me i would be very grateful. Daniel,Kelly,Abigail,Nathan and Callum
  8. Hi As I have an ETA and no stamp or anything in my passport can I still apply for Medicare as it says need passport and visa. I haven't even got the reference no. for the ETA application tho trying to get that off travel agent. thanks lela
  9. Guest


    I have just been looking on the medicare website & i am a tad confused.. What documentation do you have to provide to enroll? Do you have to pay monthly like we pay National Insurance in the UK? What does medicare actually cover? I might be sounding thick but i cant find any of the information anywhere... Any information would be good thankyou!! :wideeyed:
  10. Guest

    Reciprocal Medicare question

    Just have a quick question. For countries that have Reciprocal Medicare agreements (Netherlands in particular), what comes under "immediately necessary"? Would eye tests be covered? Thanks
  11. Guest


    Hi. Could someone please help with the answer to the following question? If I am employed and not on low income and without private medical insurance, would I qualify for free treatment on medicare, including scans, consultant's fees, medication, x- rays, out patient services, hospital stays i.e basically everything ? Is there anything that is not covered by medicare? Would the answer depend whether you are a child or a pensioner? thanks Cruise
  12. Guest


    hi all, can anyone explain to us how the medicare system works? are we entitled to free health care like the UK or do we have to set up a monthly payment plan? My 4 year old son will soon be starting starting speach therapy classes as he has been referred by health visitor to be behind his age group in speech. just wondering how this would work in Australia.
  13. Hi All Myself and family hope to move over to Perth early next year as house is on the market and time is ticking on our permanent residency visas. I due a baby next June and mostl likely we will be in Perth by then and was wondering where we stand as regards hospitals fees/aftercare when having a baby on a permanent residency visa. I have recently found out that there is a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between the British Isles and Australia which covers visitors for healthcare while over there free of charge. I understood that if on a residency visa that there is a waiting period to avail of Medicare Cover and that you had to take out private health care insurance but was wondering if this agreement covers us for anything. If anybody knows about this i would love to hear as we want to organise private health care if it is a thing we have to get it when we get over there. Thanks
  14. Please can someone tell me if i'm entitled to medicare and centrelink benefits if i have WA sponsorship?? I thought i wasn't entitled to anything for 2 years, but now i have all my paperwork and everything approved.. it doesn't say anything about it now?? Thanks!
  15. Guest

    Medicare - 176 application

    Has anyone onshore filed a 176SS application and applied for medicare? Were you eligible and how long did it take for approval? Regards Robert
  16. Hi Everyone, First post, so please be gentle For Info: I will be working in Geelong and my visa is Class BN Resident P Sub Class 136 I have just received a job offer and we now considering our options and need some help with the following Medicare: How much would I expect to pay for Medicare for a family of 3?? our son is 14. I have looked on the medicare web site, I've read about how good Medicare is but can't find what it costs?? Is the medicare payment deducted at source like NI is here in the UK or is like an insurance payment. Dentist: My son had a full brace fitted around 6 months ago, this will need regular checks and work carried out for the next 18 months, I know no insurance will cover this, does anyone know what would expect to pay for this?? Living & Schooling: My job will based in Geelong and I prepared to traval a 50 miles radius for the right school and rental/home, What I'm looking for is some honest and upfront comments and advice on the good areas for housing and schools and also the places to avoid. Working: My job offer is a 12 month contract position in Geelong, I've been contracting here in the UK for many years and have my own limited company for obvious tax & earning reasons. Can anyone advise the best person or company I can talk to about Oz taxation & PAYE to make sure I'm maximizing my earning potential, the agency who have offered me the position have advised there is no benefit in either hourly rate or tax reasons in setting up my own company on the simular bases of either a sole trader or Ltd company. Getting about: On arrival I intend to hire a car for a short period so I'm looking for a good cheap car rental company and also a recommended secondhand car dealer and what if any are the hidden costs into owning and running car in Victoria. Please accept my apologies if the above questions have been asked before, I have searched the forum but can't the answers I'm looking for. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks
  17. Guest

    medicare v private?

    Hi all, moving to perth in september and a little confused about medicare. I know if we decide to go private then we get a rebate. Do we join medicare as soon as we arrive then if we decide to go private change things over? Is it worth going private? What about the things that aren"t covered with medicare, do you take insurance out for those if you decide to stay with medicare? Or do you just pay for those? any advice greatly appreciated....thank you. Also we have permanent residency, are we entitled to our equivalent to family allowance? :arghh: Tracey.
  18. Guest

    Broken leg - medicare

    My friend is relocating to Perth in 6 weeks time.(PR Visa.) Her son has broken his leg and has a full cast on. Does anyone know if they will be elligible for Medicare when they arrive? Many thanks in advance. :smile:
  19. stacybird123

    child benifit, medicare?

    hi, finally got our visa at last. We are looking to go soon. Do we still get child benifit from australian goverment or are we not entitled to it until we are citizens? Do we get medicare hospital treatment in an emergency or do we have to have medical insurance? Can we sign up with a local doctor as it is here in england?, or agin do we need medical insurance? we have a full permanent 175 visa, just unsure to what we are entitled to. Please advise. Im currently getting my green card before i land so i can go straight into self employment. many thanks
  20. Guest

    Medicare Question

    HI All .... :hug: We are getting all the final bits in place for our flight to Perth on the 14/08/09. One question I have is regarding the Medicare - on their web site it states: To enrol in Medicare you will need: 1) your passport with a valid visa 2) to provide, in some cases, identification showing you are enrolled in your country’s national health scheme. Silly question but - what can you take to prove that you are enrolled in the national health scheme? (UK) Thanks for your help in advance :notworthy:
  21. Diane333


    Hi just wondering if anyone can clarify the medicare system for me. We are Australian PR holders (validated August 2008) my son at the moment is having treatment for cancer (diagnosed after our validation trip). He is hopefully nearing the end of his treatment now and we still hope to emigrate as soon as all is well or as well as it can be under the circumstances! My question is concerning the costs with medicare. My son will have to have follow ups for the rest of his life and especially for the first three years he will need doctor consults and scans every few months. I am enquiring about whether you have to pay for these in Australian (obviously free here) or have to pay some of the cost? I have read a lot about medicare and looked it up on here but it is all very confusing and contradicting. If anyone knows the answer it would be much appreciated as we will have to budget for that too! Thanks!!
  22. Hello all, This is my first post for a while on here following our move to Brisbane earlier this year. I was wondering if I could get some advice & guidance on tax returns....I will explain my situation. I am on a employer sponsored 457 visa. As part of the package I also receive full private healthcare cover. Am I right in thinking that 1) the medicare levy is deducted by my employer each month from my gross salary and 2) given I have private healthcare I would be exempt from the medicare levy charge ? I started work here in March so only have the first few months earnings/deductions to declare but just wanted to get my head around how it all works. Would be grateful for your thoughts! Cheers - DG
  23. janine the party queen


    Where will I find a list of what is covered by Medicare. Also do you need to be referred through a G.P to access other medical practitioners i.e physiotherapy,chiropractor etc. My card came through the post but there was nothing else with it.
  24. Hi I wonder if you can help. We obtained a skilled migration visa three years ago (full skilled migration, with sponsorship by a relative - subclass 138 - sponsored). We are moving to NSW in October and are wondering whether we will be entitled to medical care under medicare when we arrive. I thought there might be a clause saying you needed to have been resident for two years to claim, but am not sure (is this just social security benefits). If this clause exists, I also wondered what classified as residence and how this was tested (i.e. what documents you would need to indicate residence). We made our first entry to Australia 18 months ago but have not been living there. Any help (links) with this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew
  25. Hi All I'm hoping that someone might be able help in regards as to what order super, income tax and medicare get taken out of your gross take home pay? For example does my gross pay have the 9% super taken out and then the income tax and medicare kick in or is it the other way around? Also is there any other deductions that might come out of my pay that i might not know about? Thanks for your help.... Matt.