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Found 177 results

  1. Guest


    hello i am coming out to oz in two months time on a working holiday visa i will be staying with my partner and her family. i wanted to know if i would be covered under their medicare or if i would need to take out insurance myself. thanks steven :biggrin:
  2. littlem

    medicare on 475

    Hi We are looking to move out on a 475 regional visa, i have been looking at medical costs and wanted some advise. Basically i have found on the mutual community site that we could take out overseas cover (because of the visa we are on) which is basic cover for a family and is apx $38.40 per week. plus we can take out extras cover for dental, eyes, etc for apx $11.20 per week. so far $49.60 per week for a family. I wasnt expecting $215.00 per month just for medical. On a side note I have also seen that we get automatic cover for emergency treatment through medicare and the agreement with the UK and i can take out annual ambulance cover in adelaide for $109 per year. So if i went down this route can anyone recommend cheaper cover for doctors and and dentists, or is $215 mth a good price,? The other thing i am wondering is it worth taking out annual travel insurance from the UK during the first year to cover us until we get settled and then just topping up with a detal cover. I am getting really confused so any advise other options would be appreciated. Michelle
  3. sleepywombat

    a MASSIVE thanks to RNS staff

    Hi All I made the unfortunate mistake of tumbling down a set of stone steps last week and making a huge mess of my shoulder. I kindly passer-by called for an ambo for me and I was whisked off to the Royal North Shore Hospital. I was operated on on Thursday arvo and then sent to recuperate on the orthopedic ward until I was fit enough to leave yesterday. I understand that the surgeon who took me on was one of the best in his field (which may have been necessary given the nature of my injury!) and he and his team were wonderful. I am now the proud new owner of a plate, a few screws, what looks like a tidy scar and a nice big box of Endone!!! I was completely amazed at the level of care that I received from everyone I encountered. The Ambo crew, the staff in Resus, Emergency and the ward, the operating team and even the boys trolleying me to x-ray - everyone was kind, warm, friendly, apologetic and patient. I have had many experiences of hospitals in the UK where I have felt I have been almost in the way and an annoyance.... Not here... Staff of all nationalities catered to everything I needed and made my stay an awful lot less distressing than it could have been. I only hope that as a holder of a reciprical medicare card, an Aussie-in-need in the UK is given the same attention and care as I have been lucky enough to have received here in Sydney. Medics - you are wonderful people - thank you....:hug: C x
  4. Guest

    Medicare Advise 457 Visa

    Hi we are due to move to Melbourne in Jan 2011. On a 457 Visa. Trying to get me head around the medicare system. We have to get insurance to get our visa accepted. The agent has suggested we use medibank. 1. Are we entilited to register for medicare? 2. Can anyone help me in undertsanding the system. For example I go to the doctors, need a priciption what is the procedure. 3. Everyone keeps going on about a Levy taken out of our wages, what is this? Is this the equilvant to or NHS deductions in the UK? Im really confused by what we entitiles to.
  5. Hello all! My name is Claire, and I'm an American who's relatively new to Sydney, Australia. A few months ago, I got my British passport (my father was a Brit), and I'm really excited because I've been told that Brits are entitled to a reciprocal Medicare agreement with Australia. Does anyone know how I should go about obtaining this? I currently have Medibank under my American passport, but that costs 100 dollars a month, so I'm keen to have access to Medicare if I can. Any advice/suggestions are appreciated. Thank you all so much! Cheers, Claire
  6. mr luvpants

    Medicare evidence?

    hi all I read on another forum that they needed evidence that they lived in the UK prior to oz. Is this true and if so what is acceptable evidence? JOHN
  7. JuliePaul


    Hi there Does anyone know what kind of evidence you need to provide to register for your medicare card on arrival in Oz..? Cheers
  8. We are coming over in the new year on our 138 sub-class visa and we were wondering if we will have to pay for medicre and school costs? We thought that the forum may be the best place to start out investigations into this.
  9. Hi, I am trying to find a GP who bulk bills for people with visitor medicare cards in Sydney. I seem to have hit a brick wall, and have rung lots of practices with no success so far. Does anyone know/use a GP who does this? Mosman/neutral bay/cremorne area ideal, but would be prepared to travel! Why there isn't a centralised website to tell you this info, I don't know. Thanks!
  10. Hello The end is in sight for our sub class 143 visa. We have just got our CO and medicals booked for next week. I wonder if anyone can explain how much you have to pay for prescriptions on Medicare. I am 71 my wife is 65 I am on medication for high blood pressure (rising by the day ) my wife needs prescriptions for coeliac condition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Hazo
  11. Guest


    hi there, ive just applied for a spouse visa and am on a bridging visa. Before i applied i was on a tourist visa- my question is am i elegiable for medicare? if not, what type of health service providers do people recomend? im just worried what will happen if i need to see a doctor out here! thanks
  12. twinkletoes35

    457 and medicare

    Hello all could any one tell me when you move out on a 457 visa are you entitled to medicare? if not how to you go about paying for visits to your doctor etc, or is it restricted on this visa? any advice much appreciated TT x
  13. 3 Piccos

    Medicare Card

    Can any of you new arrivals tell me roughly how long it takes to get your Medicare Card. We are flying out on November 30. I have been told by PBS Medication people that you have to have your Medicare card before you can get a prescription, but failed to tell me how long it took to get one. Many thanks in advance. ps I have been on the Centrelink site and it was 'down' for some reason.
  14. Hi all To cut a long story short I am here on a business owners visa and have recently being diagnosed with a tumour that they currently believe is benign but I need to see a specialist this week. I do not have private health insurance - I am kicking myself now but it is too late so got to get on with it. I have medicare but it is a visitors medicare so I cannot claim as much back as people with PR etc and it does not cover some things. I am extremely worried about the cost. We do not have much money as it has all been invested in the business and so have no savings left. Does anyone know how much you can claim back on operations etc? Or has anyone had any experience. I am worried on so many different levels right now!! I do have an english acct left open and since we left the UK I have still paid National Insurance etc - not sure why but just left it going for some reason. So I guess worse comes to worse I could go back to UK for OP although not ideal as my children would have to stay here with my partner. If anyone has any advice that could help me sleep tonight I would be grateful. I only found out last week so not had chance to call Medicare direct as its the weekend.... Thanks in advance for your help Zoe xxx
  15. dave and ange

    Do we get medicare??

    Hi all, we are coming to Oz on a 136 PR visa and was wondering if we need to take out medical insurance or are we covered by medicare. Also, how does medicare work and how much does it cost? Thanks in advance for any info.
  16. Guest

    457 & Medicare

    I am currently in the process of been sponsored to live and work in Australia (under the Temporary Business Entry - Class UC), and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship have requested that I need to show proof of my health insurance. However, when I look at Medicare webpage (Visitors to Australia - United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and Italy - Medicare Australia) it states that I need my passport and a valid visa in order to enroll. Now, me and my wife are British citizens, and are therefore eligible to receive some health care under the RHCA, and this is where I'm getting confused. How do I enroll into Medicare to prove I have valid health insurance in order to be granted my visa, if I need a valid visa to enroll into Medicare the first place? Can anyone advise me in what steps I need to take in order to get me and my wife registered and get our visa granted? I'm soooo confused right now!! Lol Phil
  17. Chezza66

    Medicare Question

    We recently got our Permanent Residency and wondered if the Medicare benefits change when you do. Originally we were on a 457 Visa. Anyone know?
  18. RachelS

    Medicare Levy Exemption

    Hi All - does anyone know if when you're on a 457 with a reciprocal Medicare card if you're able to claim any exemption from the Medicare Levy? I've read up on the ATO website (says if you're not an Australian Resident you may be exempt) & on the Medicare exemption form (says you can claim if you don't hold a permanent visa - but there's a note that if you came from the UK prior to Aus then you may not be eligible). Does anyone have any practical knowledge of this - has anyone done it? I would think that as we're temporary & hold reciprocal cards that in theory they'd charge the UK for any healthcare costs anyway - but I'm going round in circles now! :err: We've got private medical insurance anyway so aren't liable for the surcharge but I'd like to find out about the standard medicare levy. Cheers guys Rachel
  19. Guest


    Is there someone out there who can explain the vagaries of Medicare? We are fortunate enough to go to a doctors that does bulk billing so we do not part with any money. We recently had to a different doctors, we had to pay $50 and the we were immediately refunded $34 by the doctors. Why with bulk billing do we not pay anything when other doctors charge? This does not seem fare to people who have to attend a non bulk billing surgery. I understand that not all surgeries make the refund you have to claim it back from Medicare at a later date. I also understand the bulk billing surgerys are few and far between. can someone enlighten me to how this works and WHY....... KR Bonnie:goofy:
  20. Guest

    Medicare Levy Surcharge

    Hello, Does anyone know how much you may if you don't have Medical Insurance? We cancelled ours in March this year. Thanks Chloe
  21. Guest

    Medicare Levy Surcharge

    I have read most threads on this subject but am still unclear (how many threads start like this ). I have got platinum health insurance with HBA which states MLS = not exempt. My company arranged and pay for this insurance so i didn't get a say in it. I rang HBA and they said with my level of cover i do not need to use Medicare services? This can't be right can it? But even so, just because i don't use medicare or even register for Medicare doesn't mean i am not liable to pay the 1.5% levy and additional 1% surcharge does it?? plus is the 1% on any income above 73k or entire salary?
  22. Hi all, Can anybody please put me straight on a couple of areas of concern, I am heading out to Oz on a 457 visa on the 15th of June and would really appreciate some help. For the 457 application I had to take out a policy with IMAN insurance to satisfy the visa requirements. I was told by an agent that once I arrived in Oz I could cancel the IMAN policy and subscribe to Medicare. Does anyone have any experience of this that could offer any advice? IMAN are chasing me for a start date for my policy, but if medicare is enough wouldn't that be the better option??? Also is there a specific order things have to be done in? Also someone I met in Perth during my last visit told me about the working away from home allowance, and I wondered what was involved in applying for that from the employers point of view and the employees? Has anyone here gone for the WAFA? Thanks, Adam :spinny:
  23. Hi, We are moving to Oz on a 457 visa (still to be processed). I know there is a reciprocal healthcare agreement with the UK but I can't seem to find out if it will cover us for the following... One of our children has previously undergone cancer treatment, she has been in remission for 3 years and is in very good health but still has to have a hospital check-up every 6 months. Will she be able to get these check-ups under medicare or will we have to pay for it, and if so does anyone know how much this is likely to cost? She also gets yearly check-ups at the hospital audiology dept for a hearing impairment, though she doesn't get any treatment for this as it's really just to make sure her condition doesn't deteriorate. Any help or advice would be much appreciated - Cheers
  24. Guest


    hi all, what does medicare include, we are a family of 5 and are wondering whether or not to get private health care, we are aware that in vic we should have ambulance insurance, but what do we need health insurance for other than that, any info would be helpfull, and costs on private health care would be great also Thanks All Tracey
  25. For a start hello this is my first post! :biggrin: Ok I will be beginning the process of a possible move to Oz (WA) starting Monday with an interview with ARG (Australia Railroad Group). Now they will be providing myself with a 457 visa and a 2 year contract. I understand I have to purchase Private Medicare insurance. I myself am fully fit but my partner and my youngest boy have complaints... My partner has suffered with bad Asthma throughout her life and is permanently on inhalers to keep this at bay but, very occationaly she needs to be placed on a nebuliser as it can become very bad. My youngest boy (22months) had Talipes (club feet), and has had operations to help correct this and is currently in corrective boots. This means he may need medical assistance until he is possibly 12 years old. Leading me to a question. What sort of cost extra would be placed on us for these conditions? Any help, any `ball park` figures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tony :cool: