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Found 177 results

  1. Hi all, I'm just asking for a bit of clarification on whether I need a medical or health insurance when applying for the 457 visa? My partner and I are both from the UK, a low risk country. My partner will be sponsored as an electrician and I will work as a dive instructor. Does anyone know whether we will still be asked to have a medical examination or an Xray? If so we'd rather do it before we lodge the application to save time. We also have a valid medicare card. Will this be enough in terms of medical insurance, or should we look for more comprehensive medical insurance? Thanks very much in advance for your replies! I'm new to this!
  2. Hey Guys, I'm a Pom currently on a 457 visa but I have some medical issues I have been carrying for a while that I need having a look at. Can anyone recommend a 'Good' GP in the Sydney City area (I.e one that will actually listen to your problems instead of just turning you through the door?) Also one that bulk bills so I can at least get some usage out of my Medicare Card? Thanks, Ruddy
  3. After being in Australia for three months on a PR visa, I am finally starting work tomorrow :-) I am trying to plan my personal finances and wondered whether I pay tax on my full salary (80k), or the cash amount (ie after Super is deducted, 73.5k)? My new employer has a default superannuation scheme, but I wondered whether there are others might suit me better. My main priority would be the possibility to transfer it to the UK one day as I am probably only going to be here for about a year. Also, I registered for medicare as soon as I arrived but only just received the card. It also had a leaflet with details about registering for private hospital cover in the first 12 months of being here. The whole thing has left me pretty confused. I have private cover in the UK and it would be something that I would consider here depending on cost, but do we not get any special allowances for being UK citizens since all my Aussie friends in London enjoyed the benefits of the NHS!? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey guys, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I will keep it short and sweet Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National on a 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One particular issue is ongoing with my stomach Infection and so I went to the Docs as I have been carrying this with me for over a year now.. They sent me for Blood, Urine and Stool tests and thank god I asked the price before I went ahead and did them! $760 Just for the tests! My question is, is this a normal price for someone who is supposedly a temporary resident?...and if so, What options do I have with regards to getting Health Insurance that will cover this?...Is there no reciprocal agreement? (Other than The 'Visitor' Medicare card I have that seems useless apart for discounts on consultations!) Can anyone give any advice and what I should do? Cheers!
  5. Hi Poms Im really hoping this post will stand out to anyone who has had IVF treatment in Australia as I really need some advice. Me and my partner have been her for 2.5years, we have a sponsored 457 visa valid for 4 years from next month (just transferred as partner starting a new job) and have recently found out that in order to conceive, our only chance is to have IVF (ICSI). We were initially advised that to do this it will cost us $12,000 and that Medicare do not cover any of this. However after speaking with a Patient Liason Advisor today at Melbourne IVF she advised that there have been quite a few couples over time in our situation and gave me some 'item numbers' to quote to Medicare so they could tally them up with the system with our details to see if we would be able to claim any cash back through Medicare. At first the lady at Medicare was adament that we wouldnt be able to but when I pushed and asked her to check the item numbers I was given by MIVF she said they were all covered....:jiggy:She actually seemed as surprised as I was! But obviously couldnt deny what was in front of her. Im hoping to hear from anyone who is also here on a temporary basis and has gone through IVF that can give us some information on your own experience? Im extreeeeeeeeeeemley happy if we do get help because let me tell you $12,000 is a massive financial burden especially with the success rates being 30-40% per cycle. Im hoping and praying that what I have been told today is correct but I cant find any information anywhere about it (I personally think they are trying to keep it under wraps and not advertising the fact which is fair enough really...) Anyway look forward to hearing from anyone soon, im not sure where is best to post this so apologies if you see it popping up all over the place! Thankyou Lindsay X :hug: PS our Medicare card is the reciprocal agreement with 'Visitor' stamped at the bottom...
  6. Son10

    Medicare Help

    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me. I have just arrived in Australia and I need to sort out my Medicare card. I have had a look at the Australian Government website but I am confused. We have the form, what do we do then? I am here with my husband. Do we get a card each? He is here on a 457 visa... I have heard that you need to pop into a medical centre with ID? Can someone please provide me with some information on what we do? Thank you.
  7. Hi We are travelling to Perth this Sunday and looking at travel insurance. I am aware of medicare but didn't look into it much. I have now seen on some posts that there is no need for travel insurance. I will be working on a whv and my gf will be on a tourist visa. If things work out we may stay on and hopefully get sponsored with the construction companyill be working with . Please accept my apologies if this has been answered umpteen times - but we just need to know if it worthwhile forking out a couple of hundred pounds each for the annual cover? If not please can you confirm the medicare procedure and level of cover we would be granted. Thanks for any of your help Paddy
  8. Ladyw

    Medicare - stupid question sorry

    Hi Ok I feel daft asking this as I previously worked for a health insurance company, but my husband and I have just moved to Perth on a 176 permanent visa and I need to sort out Medicare cards. I have found the application form online which I need to fill in and take in to a Medicare Office and I understand what it covers you for, however I dont know how much it costs ie is it a monthly DD? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks Lisa xx
  9. Hi, i am going to be coming out to Australia on a Subclass 676 Tourist visa soon and I can be in Australia for up to 12 months (for periods of 6 months) but I can't work. Can I get a Medicare card if I'm only on a tourist visa? Thanks, Phillippa
  10. Guest

    457 to 856 medicare question

    Hello there I'm wondering if someone can help me out here. I am currently on a 457 visa and have just made an application for the 856 (hooray!) after two years. My 457 visa is still valid for at least another year. One of the conditions of this visa is having medical cover(reciprocal medicare or private insurance). I am covered by private insurance; However I have heard that Bridging Visas to Permanent Visas would entitle the holder to Medicare here. It says on the Confirmation to my PR application that I "may" be eligible to medicare. Anyone been in a similar spot?
  11. cartertucker

    An idiots guide to ~ Medicare

    Please help ~ I know that once we arrive, we need to register But what im confused about is: What are we expected to pay :confused: Say for an example (all I can think of) How much would a typical 10 minute Doctor appointment about a possible throat infection cost?
  12. Guest

    461 Visa - Medicare Advice

    Hi there, I moved to Melbourne last May with my other half who has dual UK/NZ citizenship (he was born in Dunedin). I arrived on a visitors visa and was issued with a Medicare card under the reciprocal agreement with the UK. A few months later I obtained the 461 (NZ family relationship visa) and am now experiencing difficulty renewing my expired Medicare card. I have been asked to produce an NHS card, in my 38 years of living in the UK I have never been issued with such a card. I'm not sure why my residency status has been brought into question now that I'm on a 461 visa. My partner and I have lived in UK (Yorkshire) for the best part of our lives and the temporary nature of the 461 visa in itself means that I am still a visitor here. So where do I reside - I am lost! Can anyone out there help me please.... Karen
  13. Guest

    to medicare or not to medicare?

    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has any advice - we are heading to OZ in January, but we only plan on staying for 6 months (a long validation trip!) this time. I know we need to be covered with regard to medical costs, but have read a bit (not everything) about the Lifetime Loading Charges, and am not sure what we shoudl do. Should we sign up for medicare, and then when we leave do we have to keep paying while we're away (probably around two years), or can we sign up, then take a break? OR should we have some other cover for the first few months and then sign up to medicare when we make the move proper? Sorry if this is a bit garbled, but any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I have received an ATO demand for the Medicare levy - is it normal for most Australian taxpayers to pay this as a lump sum after submitting their tax return? I assumed it would be deducted from my pay via PAYE (though I work for a large bank so I assume our payroll know what they are doing). This is my first full tax year as a resident. No objection to paying it - but I don't want to be paying it twice over! Note this is about the levy, not the surcharge (which I don't have to pay as our income isn't high enough). Also we are thinking of selling our UK house, which I bought in 1999 and lived in it until Sept 2009, when I came to Aus. It is now let to tenants. I have had it confirmed by HMRC in the UK that there will by no UK capital gains liability if we sell it within 3 years of leaving OR have five full UK tax years after leaving the UK before selling. So if we sell before Sept 2012 we are OK - but what is the situation with the ATO concerning CGT? I assume any liability would only be on any increase in value since 2009 (which would be slight in any event...). Thanks Alex
  15. BrownEyedGal

    IVF/ART and Medicare - Help?

    Hi all I'm seeking ANY information on having IVF/ART in the Sydney area. Myself and partner are now taking the plunge and would really value any help. I know it it a little cheaper with Medicare but I want to know if I can claim as I am on the Temp Partner visa? I am enrolled in Medicare. I also understand that you can claim some things on private health insurance but that does not kick in until you've been with the insurer for about 12 months. I can't wait that long - clock is ticking! We are definitely going down the IVF route and hopefully I will not need donated eggs but wait and see. Any thoughts, ideas and constructive criticism would be valued. Regards
  16. dalejaneaustralia

    Medicare on 176 SS

    Hi, I am sure this has been explained before but I cannot find a link to it. Can someone enlighten me about how Medicare works? My take is that you sign up on arrival and you are covered to a certain level as we are on a PR visa. You have to pay for certain treatments and you can then also pay for private health cover for things that are not covered. I've read somewhere about employer contributions? How does this work? Are they contributing to private healthcare or towards the cost of Medicare treatments that are not included? Sorry its a bit vague but this is baffling me, have been on the Medicare website, but it's still confusing me! Thanks Dale
  17. Guest


    one you pay into by means of a wage contribution (UK) one you pay privately for (Australia)-so what comes out the best,and which system in your view serves you the better--i mean when new immigrant from the uk comes 2 australia they may find private health insurance,and paying 2 see a doctor as a bit of a shock--so hence the question--for me its the NHS
  18. Hi all, I have just lodged my application for PR last week. As I understand, I am now eligible for Medicare. However my company has been paying for private health insurance on my behalf for the last 3 1/2 years. Question is : Do I have to let them know that I have lodge for PR and they can cancel the private health insurance? Or can I wait till I get PR granted to enroll with medicare and pay for my own private health insurance? Bottom line is I would like to keep enjoying their good health insurance cover as much as I can, but not sure if I can?? Cheers Lili
  19. Hi, Where to go to register for Medicare and Centre link soon after arrival. :chatterbox: :eek::wubclub: many thanks, horizone
  20. paulswin

    Medicare registering?

    Hi guys me again lol!!!! Another question do we have to register with medicare straight away as hubby won't have a job to start with and don't want to start paying out money if we can help it at least not for the first 2 weeks anyways!!!!
  21. Hello everyone. Is there anyone who is a UK passport holder on a 457 who has enrolled with medicare recently. If so, please can you tell me what documentation and information your were asked to provide? Thanks. MD1
  22. Hi, I've lodged my e457 application (yay!!!) but haven't attached all the supporting documents yet. I know we're going to need Medicare cover before the application can be approved. Had a look at the Australian Medicare website and it seems I can only apply for Medicare if I'm applying for a permanent visa...but the 457 is a temporary long-stay visa. Help! How do I apply for Medicare? Which form do I need? (Ideally family cover) Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I came over a year ago with work on assigment. I am on a 457 visa. I have recently changed jobs and no longer have the benefit of my old employers great private healthcare. Now I have a medicare card but want to understand what "top up" private healthcare I can get. I have been onto iselect and they say I can only get 457 specific policy (which seems to give little over and above hosptial care) and seems very expensive. Can anyone give any advice - the sorts of cover I am looking for are dental, heart and possibly preganancy cover. Cheers.
  24. Surfy Brit

    Confused about Medicare?

    Hey! I was wondering if I could ask for some advice? Im totally confused about the medicare v the insurance issue:eek: Im coming on a 457 visa, my sponsor says I have to provide proff of medical insurance...... but when I look at the medicare website says beacuse I am from the UK I get free healthcare under reciprocal agreement :unsure: Which is it? I spent a year on a working visa and had to go to the emergency room once (fairly impressive surfing related injury) and just had so a passport! What do I do?
  25. dapstar970

    Medicare for Kids?

    Hi I will be moving to Sydney in December. I understand that you can get Medicare card from showing your National Insurance card (from UK). How does this work for children under 16? Both my daughters are under 6 years old... Anyone know?:err: Cheers Dan